The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Video Game 2003) Poster

(2003 Video Game)

Dan Castellaneta: Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Mayor Quimby, Groundskeeper Willie, Hans Moleman, Others


  • Homer Simpson : Barney, you know that cooler I gave you for your birthday? Well, Flanders wants it back.

    Barney Gumble : Now what am I gonna use for a toilet?

  • [Homer destroys the surveillance cameras at the power plant] 

    Homer Simpson : Finally, I can get some sleep.

    [the whistle blows] 

    C. Montgomery Burns : [over P.A. system]  Mindless drones! Return to your ugly families!

    Homer Simpson : D'oh!

  • Homer Simpson : C. Montgomery Burns! I know you're guilty! J'accused! Sir.

    C. Montgomery Burns : Fine, I'll admit it. I had Amelia Earhart's plane shot down. That hussy was getting too big for her jodhpurs.

  • Homer Simpson : Here's your science project.

    Lisa Simpson : Thanks for delivering my model of the digestive system. Hey! Where's the gall bladder?

    Homer Simpson : I got hungry and... it was a fig?

    Lisa Simpson : It was modeling clay!

    Homer Simpson : Oh.

  • [last lines] 

    Kang : At least our show was a success.

    Kodos : Why did we go to Earth Heaven when we died?

    Kang : At least we don't have to sit through the stupid video game credits.

    Kodos : [Kodos points down at the credits coming up] 

    Kang : Noooooooooooooo!

  • Homer Simpson : [after hitting something]  Bart did it!

  • Homer Simpson : [singing]  I am evil Homer! I am evil Homer!

  • Hans Moleman : [when a camera flashes in his face]  I see a bright light - is that heaven?

  • Homer Simpson : I'm a lean, mean... speed thingy!

  • Homer Simpson : [chanting]  Two, four, six, eight! You suck! I'm great! La da! La da! You I hate!

  • Marge Simpson : Homey, you're late for work, and today's your workplace evaluation with Mr. Smithers!

    Homer Simpson : Ahh! He'll find my scorpion farm, then where will my scorpions live?

  • Comic Book Guy : If my knowledge of sci-fi movies is correct, which it is, the black car is an advanced probe for the mothership. Now, if you're through, I'm going to spend my last hours on Earth complaining about movies on the internet.

    Homer Simpson : The gift of life is wasted on you.

    Comic Book Guy : Yes, I recommend you obtain a zombie car. It will protect you well but it runs on human brains, a slight drawback.

    Homer Simpson : I've got plenty of those.

  • Homer Simpson : Can you come and pick me up? I'll pay you in back rubs.

  • Homer Simpson : Hey Zombie. You working for the DMV now?

    Zombie : Brains. More Brains.

    Homer Simpson : Thank You. I do have nice brains.

  • Homer Simpson : And people say I'm slow. Wait a minute! That was an insult!

  • Homer Simpson : Now, what can I use to board up the windows? I know! Boards!

  • Lisa Simpson : Dad, I'm so proud of you for stopping the alien invasion.

    Homer Simpson : Did that really happen? I thought it was a bad dream from eating too many raw hot dogs.

    Marge Simpson : No, Homey! You're the town hero!

    Homer Simpson : Really? And what about the ninja babysitters? Was that real or a hot dog dream?

    Lisa Simpson : Hot dog dream.

  • [Homer notices a security camera at his workstation] 

    Homer Simpson : How can I sleep with that camera? Ooh, sexy girls could be watching me on the internet!

  • Homer Simpson : Flanders, give me your first aid kit.

    Ned Flanders : Well, I was hoping to save it for Rod and Todd to bandage their brain-eating boo-boos.

    Homer Simpson : Just rub a bible on them.

    Ned Flanders : Will that work to fend off zombies?

    Homer Simpson : Who am I, Doctor Science?

    Ned Flanders : Okely-dokely, here's the first aid.

    Rod Flanders : Daddy, if the zombies are dead, why aren't they in Heaven?

    Todd Flanders : I hope my brain feeds a hungry zombie.

  • Homer Simpson : Homer hates losing.


    Homer Simpson : Homer smash!

  • Homer Simpson : Oh, I forgot my mission.

  • Homer Simpson : Look, I need to get some barrels of radioactive waste to save Springfield from the aliens!

    C. Montgomery Burns : I agree. Illegal aliens are a nuisance.

    Homer Simpson : Not *leaf-blower* aliens! *Tentacle* aliens!

  • Homer Simpson : [after crashing and wrecking]  Marge will clean that up.

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