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3 Aug. 2008
Bad Blood
Dil has gotten a hold of a one of kind, reportedly real alien autopsy tape. He and the gang can't wait to watch it, but their plans are impinged upon when both Grandpa Lou and Grandpa Boris decide to baby-sit them. The two grandfathers end up arguing the entire time and dragging the kids into it.
10 Aug. 2008
Brothers Grimm
Sick of her family acting like zombies, Didi decides to get rid of all the TVs in their house. Tommy and Dil are distraught over this; as are their friends when their parents also decide to get rid of their televisions. Tommy encourages his friends to try and have fun without TV in order to show their parents that they can handle it. But it is proving very hard to do.
17 Aug. 2008
Golden Boy
Tommy breaks his plans to go the Big Ball Game with Grandpa, so Grandpa decides to take Dil instead. Upon seeing how well Dil and Grandpa are getting along, Tommy worries that he is being replaced as favorite grandson. On their annual fishing trip with Grandpa, Tommy challenges Dil for position as favorite grandson.

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