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12 Apr. 1999
The Beginning: Seeds of Change
An era of prosperity, optimism & invention rings in the new century as every American becomes aware of electricity, automobiles, motion pictures and even powered air flight.
12 Apr. 1999
1914-1919: Shell Shock
Americans' innate isolationism delays entry into "The War that Will End All Wars." Despite the tragedy that eventually envelops an entire generation of young men, America emerges uniquely positioned to benefit from the global post war boom.
13 Apr. 1999
1920-1929: Boom to Bust
In the prosperity of the 20's Americans begin to question their traditional values. Prohibition is enacted, minorities begin to better see themselves, women gain the vote and Americans enjoys their newfound wealth until the inevitable contraction.
20 Apr. 1999
Best Years: 1946-1952
At war's end, the GI's return home. But after four years of war, that home has changed and there lies ahead the task of rebuilding a war torn world. As the only major nation to escape widespread destruction that task falls to the U.S.A.
21 Apr. 1999
1953-1960: Happy Days
Americans revel in their newfound prosperity amid McCarthy Era witch-hunts. Rock N Roll dominates the airwaves and blacks begin to make progress in their battle to end segregation.
26 Apr. 1999
1971-1975: Approaching the Apocalypse
From Nixon's inauguration to his resignation, this episode details the developments in the American psyche from the first moon landing to the end of the Vietnam war and beyond to disco and Attica and the Watergate scandal.

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