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Impressive slasher flick
mjw230521 October 2005
As a lover of the horror genre, i found House of Wax quite refreshing. It is a cheesy style remake of a classic and doesn't really do anything that i've not seen before, but it has an Ora about it takes sets it apart from a lot of the mediocre horror flicks in recent times.

The build up, although slow is well paced and introduces the characters well enough so that we 'the audience' develop a liking for them; and when the killing's start i'm sure you'll agree the wait was worth it.

Overall, House of Wax has a decent cast, adequate story, great tension and wonderful over the top death and violence that make it a must see for cheesy horror lovers and a safe bet for any horror fan.

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Great Friday night horror entertainment
grillmasterj15 May 2005
I like a horror movie every now and then. There's been a dearth of acceptable ones lately.

This one was different. The setup's the same, and you know when somebody's about to get killed, but I didn't end up hating the cast. Usually, horror movie victims, they deserve to die either for being too stupid or too unlikeable in the first place.

These characters just showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time. I wanted them to live even though most of them don't make it.

Elisha Cuthbert's performance was excellent, just as Jessica Biel was in the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Chad Michael Murray's role I liked as well. They both play ordinary characters dealing with a dire situation, but doing so in a credible, intelligent manner (e.g. they don't run around screaming for the duration of the money, only parts of it). The movie starts out slow but picks up the 2nd hour...there's a lot of moments with chilling, atmospheric intensity.

and I have to say...I thought they ran out of ways to creatively kill people in this genre, but I saw a variation yesterday. And it was nasty enough to keep me awake last night after the film, thinking, "that's got to be such a horrible way to go."
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Beautifully twisted. Satisfyingly gross.
Artistic_Differences16 July 2005
I do not think that this movie deserves the low rating that most will give it. It's one of the best "teenager" horror films I've ever seen; and that's saying a lot. Nothing is left without an explanation to back it up, the characters and plot break countless horror movie stereotypes, and it has got nothing to do with some other horrible pieces we've been submitted to lately. (A clear example is the mindless "Saint Ange".) The first 30-40 minutes might be downright boring with the exception of the beginning, although some minor light mistakes can be easily spotted. After the arrival to the village, though, the horror -a different, twisted kind of horror- begins.

With the plot and the details, goofs are minor; the characters are this movie's strongest point, given that so many clichés are broken in it. For example, the two main male characters, Nick and Wade, are not by any means the idiotic types we're used to; although Dalton might fit better in this stereotype, not is he the only one to pay for this lack of consciousness. Some scenes are truly, satisfyingly horrible, making up for tense moments scattered around all the film. And, in the end, and although everything is decorously explained, it's easy to see that things won't go so easy to the surviving characters.

The only errors I can see, and which do not imply continuity (IE, Carly not finding her own cut finger in the unconscious Bo's pockets) is the illumination, which is somehow annoying during the first, boring 30 minutes. Although, plot and effects-wise, everything is drastically and cruelly twisted with the arrival of the main characters to Ambrosia, that little village in the midst of nothing, so I'll give it that. It's been pretty much argued that about 70% of the movie is illogical; "How can two people build an entire house of wax?", "Where do they get all the wax from?". These wouldn't be uprising questions if people would have paid more attention to the movie. The Sinclair brothers did not build the House of Wax; their mother worked making actual wax figures, and they were exhibited at the museum. And the scenario where Paris Hilton's unfortunate character meets her untimely death is the answer to the second question; what is with all the personal objects (mobile phones, cars, clothes) of the dead people? Using their third brother as a connection with the exterior, it's pretty much arguable that the Sinclair twins should obtain the money necessary to buy the wax, in a WWII-type fashion.

So, that aside, I think the movie deserves a lot more than it gets, and nobody should lose the chance to watch it. So go see the House of Wax. Right now.
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A guilty pleasure of mine, a fun and entertaining slasher.
lbabe292 May 2010
House of wax is a typical slasher in many respects but that does not take away from the certain charm it has pretty much everything you would want in a horror film.

The plot is simple and standard for the genre. We are introduced to a group of young adults on their way to a football game. Carly Jones (Elisha Cuthbert) a sweet yet sassy girl who is nervous about moving to the city for a new job. Her trouble-making bad-boy brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray), supportive best friend Paige (Paris Hilton). Along with Carly's sweet and protective boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki) and rounding off the cast Dalton (Jon Abrahams) proving comic relief, and Blake (Robert Ri'chard) Paige's boyfriend who is really just a token character. whilst hoping to score tickets to the final football game of the season. Along the way, they run into some car trouble, and are forced to camp in the woods where they enter a desolate town where nothing is what it appears to be.

What's nice about House of Wax is its relatively slow burning, sure there are some jump scares and creepy moments but the real action does not start until around the 40 minute mark, some might call this dull but for me it only makes the third act even more impressive.

Despite the little character development, the acting is surprisingly good and helps make the characters likable. Jared makes a sympathetic turn as Wade but the real stars are Elisha and Chad. Elisha gives a great performance as Carly and is one of the better lead actresses I've seen in recent horror. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time, portraying fear very well indeed. Chad despite his pretty boy image does a good job as the bad-boy and unlikely hero of the film, he is strong and protective and you root for him as he tries to save himself and his sister. The only problem i had with this paring was the high sexual tension there seemed to be between them. There were many moments where you felt as if they were about to kiss and its almost better to just picture them as girlfriend and boyfriend during the final act.

The film is of course not perfect, the dialog was weak and the big "twist" was hardly anything surprising as you could have predicted it from the start.

The ending tried to give you another "twist" which again failed in the same way the previous one fact the whole ending was a let down. The characters make very stupid choices through out the film such as not making sure the attacker is dead, splitting up etc and whilst these are also a given in slasher films it never stops being annoying.

The third act was pretty intense though if a little short but all in all the film is a great fun ride full of scares and tension....also great kills and leads you want to live instead of hoping they would die.
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Entertaining horror movie
davispittman23 November 2015
At first, when I saw the name Paris Hilton, I wasn't too sure about House Of Wax (2005). But I decided to give it a fair shot anyways, and I'm glad I did. House Of Wax was actually an entertaining well made horror film. The plot was cool and intriguing. The actors were well casted, and I enjoyed all the characters and the actors playing them did a good job, yes, even Paris Hilton did a pretty good job. The movie was never boring, it always kept you interested and on the edge of your seat. The violence was a bit too graphic at times, but overall it wasn't that bad, other horrors have been far worse when it comes to carnage. Now it's not like the movie was flawless, it did have some flaws. The acting in a few scenes was kinda lackluster, could have been better if they would've just tried again I'm sure. I know a lot of people thought Paris Hilton was going to just be terrible in this movie, in my own personal opinion, I actually thought she did pretty good In her own respective role. She did get to dance around in her lingerie in 1 scene, so you straight guys out there, there you go. For the ladies and gay guys, do not despair, there is definite eye candy for you as well. Chad Michael Murray is one of the main stars here, who actually acts well and looks hot in his role at the same time, hard to find in a horror movie! So does Jared Padalecki, he does well in his role, and looks good doing it. This movie is just a good time for horror movie fans. It's not poorly made or cliché, or cheesily acted. 7/10 for house of wax.
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Pretty Realistic, Intense Violence.
BigHardcoreRed11 May 2005
House Of Wax is pretty much everything I like in a horror movie. The killers were creepy and freaky but not too over the top. The murders were genuine and realistic looking while the cinematography was great! Carly Jones (Elisha Cuthbert) and her boyfriend, Wade (Jared Padalecki) are going to the big college football game with a group of friends and her brother, Nick (Chad Michael Murray). Along the way, they get tired and look for a place to camp out for awhile and get some rest. As you can imagine, car problems end up keeping them from getting out of their hidden campsite. Carly and Wade head for the small town of Ambrose, which seems strange on the surface.

This is where the real action begins. While I admit that the movie took it's time getting to the good stuff, it was well worth the wait. The special effects department have outdone themselves. Especially when it comes to the house made of wax, itself.

I was very surprised by the low rating given by the IMDb users. I should not be, but I was. Do not be fooled. If you are into horror movies, then this one comes highly recommended. In fact, it has inspired me to see the original and will do so first chance I get. 8/10
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Great Slasher!
jakewill7814 May 2005
I wasn't expecting to much of this movie when I went into the theater but I had been waiting for it for many years. To sum it up, it was pretty damn good! Chad Michael Murray was pretty good, I thought he was going to be another Chris Flynn from Wrong Turn but I was wrong. Elisha Cuthbert was also good but the best performance has to go to Brian Van Holt. He played the bad guy too well, I mean he was sick, sadistic, and very cruel. The back story between the brothers was good, plus I liked how no killings took place until about 40 minutes into the film. It gave you time to pick the character you wanted to see live and the one you wanted to see die. Jon Abrahams was pretty good as the goofy best bud of CMM. I liked how Chad kind of cried when he found him dead, it was better then just him being like, "Whatever, my buddy is dead, who cares". It showed how he really cared. So overall, this was a darn god slasher with some great effects. Bravo!
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...and we all cheered
daman264229 April 2005
A lot of people are flaming this film for the presence of Paris Hilton, but this is not a fair reason to object to the movie. The reality is that Paris has a fairly minimal part, she spends the vast majority of the movie off screen. The film also makes fun of her on several occasions, usually involving a camera and at least once in night vision. For those who enjoy Paris Hiltons stage presence, this may be a movie to see at home when its released on video, because at the screening I was at, we all laughed at her misfortunes through the movie and she is portrayed as a "woman of questionable values".

The movie itself was pretty good (unlike the recent flood of weak horror flicks), it has everything a good horror should; a creepy villain, excessive violence, acts which make that average person cringe...this movie hit all the bases. It is definitely worth a watch.
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Not bad for a remake (which isn't saying much I know)
stalkingwolf8324 September 2010
The words 'remake' in combination with the name 'Paris Hilton' should be enough to make me puke, but when I caught this movie on TV late at night I noticed this movie wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. Unfortunately I could not finish this movie entirely so I rented it later on and I must say, I was pretty surprised. Of course it isn't anywhere near Oscar material but compared with other remakes you can do a lot worse than this.

As you already might know, this movie is a remake of the original House Of Wax from 1953 (which was also a remake of an earlier I've been told), starring the legendary Vincent Price. As with all horror remakes, the original cast was removed and replaced by a group of adolescent bimbos who get lost and get killed for no reason etc. I have not seen the originals so I can only judge this movie on it's own merits.

Once you ignore the predictable and cliché story (group of young people get stranded and lost etc.) and focus on the overall mood and seting you'll be in for a pleasant surprise. The wax house itself and all the dolls are well made and the suspense is nicely built up. Only the ending is a bit lame but did not stop me from enjoying this movie.

Like I said, for a remake you can do a lot worse than this.
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Surprisingly violent, and lots of fun.
baumer18 October 2005
While HOUSE OF WAX will never be mistaken for Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE or HALLOWEEN, it does try and ultimately succeed in being a worthy addition to quality horror film making. There is enough tension and enough implied gore in here to please the young audience of today and there is also enough explicit gore to please some of the purists of yesterday. Overall, it is quite a well done film that should do okay on DVD.

Six kids on the way to a football game get stranded in a DELIVERANCE like setting and what ensues actually looks like it may have been taken out a discarded Deilverance sequel and the backwoods hicks seem to taunt the group. Eventually the group has to break up and half of them head into the desolate town to get some car parts. The other half of the group stays behind at camp and this sets up the second half of the film.

House of Wax has many strengths. The first is that it is blessed with a very likable cast. Paris Hilton is fine in her role but she is far from the focal point. Chad Michael Murray, Elisabeth Cuthbert and Brian Van Holt are three very charismatic actors and their presence in the film adds some panache, some credibility and some flair. I had never really heard of Chad Michael Murray, only that he was a pin-up type teen heartthrob. But he has a presence to him. He imbues an intangible to him that seems to translate into his performance. He is instantly likable and he possesses a strong character trait. I enjoyed his performance much more than I figured I would and when he was on screen, the film flowed.

The question now becomes, "Is this film a worthy horror film?" And the answer to that is a resounding YES. As I mentioned off the top, it is not in the same class a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, or even THE RING, but it is relatively tense, quite graphic and there are some very inventive death scenes. This is not the HOUSE OF WAX that your parents told you about. Vincent Price is nowhere to be seen and when you start seeing fingers being cut off and hot wax covering comatose bodies, you realize this film is a little on the edge.

I'd like to see an uncut director's X rated version. I bet there is one out there somewhere that would be much more violent than this one. Be that as it may, this is a very good entry into the horror genre and it is heads and shoulders above weak films like I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and DARK WATER and a few others. It is definitely worth a look.

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Creepy and gory horror movie professionally by the Spanish director Jaume Collet -Serra,
ma-cortes1 April 2013
This is a chiller flick with grisly horror , genuine thrills and shocks . This eerie story contains bit good fun with grisly killing , relentless horror and lots of blood and guts . The chiller version packs scary chills and terrifying deaths such as a horrible stabbing , quartering and beheading . It deals with a group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit . One by one, the entire group ends up falling prey to two murderous brothers , the creators of the town's local 'House of Wax'. Carly (Elisa Cuthbert) and Wade (Jared Padalecki) decide to go to the nearest town to get a new fan belt while the rest of the group attempts to go to the game , while Paige (Paris Hilton) and Nick (Chad Murray) stay on countryside making love . They discover that two brothers have expanded upon the area's main attraction , the House of Wax . They enter house of wax suddenly closes itself and they encounter trapped inside and soon supernatural creepiness begin frightening the hosts . Then they'll spend a ghastly time in the spooky house with killings-laden history .

This terrifying film contains chills , thrills , violent scenes and lots of blood and gore . From start to final the frantic horror images and fast movement is unstopped . It's a silly but amusing horror story and with abundant use of computer generator FX and special make-up in charge of Howard Berger , among others . The wax figures are the real stars of this production , being rightly realized by means of an excellent make-up and magnificent special effects . Some scenes are clumsily shot but the movie has some good moments here and there , the illogical parts in the argument are more than compensated for the excitement provided by the creepy wax models , eerie killers and many other things . Gorgeous actresses as Elisa Cuthbert and Paris Hilton along with young male actors as Brian Van Holt , Chad Murray , Jared Padalecki , Jon Abrahams accompanying efficiently to female starring . Colorful cinematography by cameraman Stephen H. Windon , using Steadicam . The musician John Ottman creates a stirring , moving soundtrack fitting to frenetic terror . Lavishly produced including spectacular scenes by the successful American producer Joel Silver who along with Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler created ¨Dark House¨ , a production company specialized on terror genre ; both of them have produced successful terror movies dealing with eerie tales about horror , grisly killings and lots of blood and gore such as ¨House of haunted hill¨, ¨Return to house of haunted hill¨ , ¨Gothika¨, ¨Ghost ship¨, ¨House of wax¨ , Whiteout¨ , ¨Splice¨ , ¨The reaping¨ , ¨Orphan¨ , among others . The flick was compellingly directed by Jaume Collet-Serra . Collet is an expert director of terror movies as ¨Orphan¨, ¨House of wax¨ and for TV as ¨The river¨ , his greatest success was the action movie titled ¨Unknown¨ with Liam Neeson . Rating : Better than average, well worth seeing . The picture will appeal to terror fans .
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Hot Wax at Tribeca
rcavellero1 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure why this film is averaging so low on IMDb when it's absolutely everything you could ever want in a horror film. This is the definition of being a horror film. I consider myself to be a big horror fan and I must say that this house delivers the goods. House of wax Is the story of a group of college kids on their way to a football game whom decide to camp out for the night and have a run in with a local weirdo. Upon waking the next morning they make a gruesome discovery and decide to go into town for a broken car part. The town is creepy and I'm just gonna stop there. Because thats when the truly gruesome mayhem begins. trust me when I say if your looking for a horror film go see this you will love it. It's wonderfully diabolical and inventive with it's killing scenes, the story is interesting and the characters are decently drawn with the actors giving them gobs of personality. Paris Hilton included whom does quite well with her part. the film lies a little on the shallow side but it's so much fun and who cares. This movie should eat up the box office and all horror fans should have part in it. Go see House of Wax the film that features skin being peeled, super glued lips, dead animal carcasses, hot wax sprayed on a still living person, a finger being cut off, a decapitation, a pole through the head and much more. I was lucky enough to witness this film at the Tribeca premiere and all the actors were on hand to promote the film. And boy do they have something to be proud of House of wax is the scariest roller coater ride of the year! 9/10
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Home Sweet Home
robertrosado9 May 2005
I do not think I am alone when I say that 2005 has not been particularly kind to the horror genre. While "Cursed", "Hide and Seek", "The Ring Two", and "The Amityville Horror" all showed glimpses of interest and potential, there have been more misses than hits. For proof, see: "White Noise", "Boogeyman", "The Jacket", "Mindhunters", and "Alone in the Dark". Imagine my surprise when "House of Wax", tightly written by siblings Chad and Carey Hayes, turned out to be... well, a surprise.

Carly Jones (Elisha Cuthbert) is a young woman, traveling with her trouble-making brother, Nick (Chad Michael Murray), and boyfriend, Wade (Jared Padalecki). They are, along with Paige (Paris Hilton), Blake (Robert Ri'chard), and Dalton (Jon Abrahams), hoping to score tickets to the final football game of the season. Along the way, they run into some car trouble, and are forced to enter a desolate town where nothing is what it appears to be.

Upon hearing of this, a remake of the classic Vincent Price B-movie, I rolled my eyes. I did not even want to think about what disaster freshman director Jaume Serra had cooked up for his audience. In a time when most high-profile horror films are disappointments, latent with bad writing, static direction, and amateur acting, I consider myself lucky that Serra and the Hayes brothers took it upon themselves to make a good, old-fashioned, spook fest. Unlike the disappointments that I named before, this flick pulls no punches, and uses every cinematic trick in the book to give everyone exactly what they came for.

I am happy that the Hayes' actually took the time and effort to create likable and believable characters, thus making the events that much more urgent. It also gives the young actors portraying them something grip on. As she did in "The Girl Next Door", Elisha Cuthbert proves to audiences what a skilled actress she really is. In the 2003 remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Jessica Biel silenced naysayers by delivering a raw and emotional performance, one that put the viewer right there with her. Here, Cuthbert does the same. Chad Michael Murray ("A Cinderella Story"), in one of his first more mature roles, is no slacker as Nick. Murray exudes charisma and a hard edge, as well as some impressive athleticism on top of it. Murray and Cuthbert gel perfectly, and have tangible, familial chemistry.

More so than anything else, the press and the American public have made a field day about Paris Hilton's major acting debut. As I expected, Hilton does not embarrass herself. In fact, she is just as good as anyone else in the movie (do with that what you will). Like Cuthbert and Murray, Hilton has screen presence. She is sexy and playful. I cannot think one of reason why she's gotten the worst of the film's harsh reception, other than they are simply picking on her. Jared Padalecki (TV's 'Gilmore Girls') memorably manages to overcome his underwritten role. Robert Ri'chard (TV's 'Cousin Skeeter') and Jon Abrahams ("Meet the Parents") do not have much to work with, but get the job done. With only one scene, Damon Herriman ("Soar") makes an unforgettable impression, and his presence hangs over the rest of the film. Finally, Brian Van Holt ("Basic") is superb and threatening in a dual role.

Once more, kudos must go to the screenwriters for avoiding clichés whenever possible. Despite popular opinion, "House of Wax" is quite unpredictable for a majority of its running time. Take this for example: It seems as if the killer is down for the count and Carly bends down to retrieve something from his pockets. What do you expect to happen? See the movie, and you will understand what I mean. It is also refreshing to see a horror film in which the characters show even a modicum of good sense.

Unlike most horror scores, John Ottman's exhilarating work never distracts. However, as with Dark Castle's other releases, the visual aspects of "Wax" are award-worthy, and lift the film above its genre trappings. The talents of cinematographer Stephen F. Windon, production designer Graham Walker, art director Nicholas McCallum, and editor Joel Negron highlight the ghoulish imagery. Speaking of imagery, I believe that the gore hounds will be thrilled with the many makeup effects and tricks in store here. Each death scene is more stomach churning than the last. Considering his past in music videos and commercials, it is obvious that Jaume Serra has a great eye for style. His "in-your-face" approach is a great asset to this film's success. Just when you think the camera will turn away, it does not. He is also particularly good a building thick layers of dread and atmosphere. One standout shot is our introduction to the killer, as he slowly emerges from a trap door.

In a case like this, I would usually admit when I am in the minority (Shut up, okay? I liked "House of 1000 Corpses"!). In this case, I firmly that the detractors have gotten it wrong. I am not sure why people are so hard on this film, considering it's much better than recent genre entries. Maybe they're afraid to admit that a horror flick starring Paris Hilton could possibly be worth watching... Who knows? This is a horror film, and a commendably stylish and effective one at that. As a lifelong horror fan, all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed "House of Wax", in all of its lurid and sadistic glory. I safely consider it a great accomplishment in modern horror, as well as (along with "Sin City") the first completely satisfying release of 2005.
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Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert are the best of the film really underrated Horror R-rated film
One of my favorite horror films of all time, House of Wax a 2005 offering from producer Joel Silver (Die Hard) is a remake of Vincent Price 1953 film. This version works quite well as a group of young adults find themselves stuck and the small town of Ambrose may be there only hope to find the repairs they need for the broken down car. But, the curiosity of some of the group gets the better of them as they stroll through the town and begin to disappear one by one. The mysterious and totally wacked out town mechanic turns vile and a freakish zombie like dude begins creating his "house of wax" out of the living.

House of Wax starts off like some up-dated friday the thirteenth movie where the drinking, sex starved youngsters will get whats comming to them for these atrocious crimes. But it changes quickly into a very good horror flick with some really creepy characters. The acting is quite good, Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert are the best of this film. Paris stays with what she knows best... a little strip tease. I love this film to death. Chad Michael Murray as Nick, Carly's brother is a bad-ass in this movie. Elisha Cuthbert is so hot and sexy and I am in love with her. I watched her in 24 (2001) with Kiefer Sutherland in tv hit show as Kim Bauer. I love sex, drinking, I love these group of friends who becomes attacked by a serial killer Vincent (Brian Van Holt) who makes wax figures out of his wictims.

My all time favorite bad-ass horror film i love it.
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A nice surprise
JiomXL12 December 2005
I really didn't expect too much from this movie. What started off as filler before some movies I was more interested in either came out for home viewing or were available at the rental place ended up being a highly entertaining flick. Paris Hilton's acting was about as good as can be expected, which is adequate, and she by far has the most boring death, but with that exception being stated, some gnarly bloodshed ensues which had me, a relatively jaded horror aficionado used to the standard issue death scenes, saying "Damn-that's harsh!" It's one of those movies that has you (at least I hope I'm not the only one!) putting yourself into the victim's shoes, imagining both their pain and mental desperation. Of course, it didn't get good reviews by more popular raters, but then again, what horror movie EVER has? (Other than in Fangoria magazine...)
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Very Entertaining!
CarolAE7164 May 2005
I've never seen the original "House Of Wax" so I really didn't know what to expect when I went to a sneak preview of the new film. After a somewhat wobbly start introducing our young characters, "House Of Wax" shifts gears and becomes an extremely effective horror outing.

The plot really doesn't matter too much here - I think most people know upon seeing this that these stranded kids are going to meet up with a nasty killer and find some awful things in the titular house of wax. It's all about the special effects here, and they are top notch. Viewers who like their horror movies with lots of blood will be satisfied here, but there are other ghoulish effects as well. The production design and sets are excellent, and the cast makes the most of their under-written roles.

Of course, many people are probably wondering just how Paris Hilton's performance is. To be honest, Hilton acquits herself quite well, and she doesn't portray "herself," as so many people are predicting. Her character is sexy and sweet, and I think her good work will hopefully change a lot of people's opinions about her. Elisha Cuthbert is also good, moving up from her previous movie, the atrocious "The Girl Next Door." Her character is put through a lot, and Cuthbert proves to be a feisty heroine. Chad Michael Murray, like Hilton and Cuthbert, is pretty to look at, but unfortunately is not very convincing as the "bad boy" of the group.

I predict good things for "House Of Wax," as the audience at the screening I attended hollered, screamed and clapped through out many parts of the movie. Congrats to the cast and crew for a job well done.

And a congrats to Paris Hilton for proving a lot of people wrong. Like she always says - "That's hot."
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Scaryy as hell!!
jawwwl8 September 2009
This movie was just a scary festival! it was full of frights gore and stuff you expect to be in a good horror movie! it has no clichés that i have saw and has such original deaths and killers in it. also the actors were chosen carefully and Paris Hilton did surprisingly good in this! the movie went in the right pace, the killing order and was just a great horror movie the best and scariest i've seen in a while. the ending was awesome and i found the start quite entertaining. It was sexy, scary and hot. It is full of action and the start where they were being like friends and wasn't scary was great. the characters were young, sexy, suspicious and were all great actors.
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Great Gore & suspense....but NO Paris touching wax and saying THAT'S HOT!???
noazrk5 May 2005
I saw a sneak preview of this Tuesday night with a group of friends and we had a blast! After seeing sneak peaks for BOOGEYMAN (Horrible! 3/10) and Amityville Remake (so-so 6/10) I enjoyed this a lot more! As seen in the trailer, one knock I had was believing that a whole town could be "forgotten" but this is a cheesy popcorn horror movie so I accept it for what it is.

My only major complaint is I assumed Paris Hilton would touch wax or get dipped etc. and moan "that's hot" but they didn't do that (how could they resist???).

There is NO nudity from the 2 girls although Paris looks great in her lingerie! I'm surprised they didn't put a 3rd "hot token victim" in the movie for some needless nudity which is the norm for this type of flick! I won't list any death or plot spoilers BUT I will say that Paris & Eliza both get roughed up good!

The characters are developed decently and are somewhat likable (not like Cabin Fever where you wanted them to die) and the movie has a decent pace although nothing happens in the 1st 30 minutes like most horror films.

I give it a 8/10 as it delivered good scares and gore and I had low expectations going into it. If you go with some friends that like cheesy horror movies you'll have a good time.

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A Guilty Favorite of Mine
FlipThePrinceCharming24 April 2007
OK, maybe it doesn't deserve an Oscar. Or a Golden Globe. Or any award, for that matter. The acting isn't outstanding, there's no reason to give credits to the directing, and its really just another semi-gory 21st century slasher flick that MOST people will consider just decent. Or maybe even dreadful. But in my opinion, all of this doesn't matter a bit. And thats because i had a great time watching this movie.

Sure, the first 40 minutes are pretty slow, but as the movie progresses, something in it you will like, if you are like I was, and anybody else should be when watching this movie. And that is: looking for 2 hours of fun, mindless violence. (And a kick-ass ending, which i won't spoil.) Yes, there are many flaws in this movie, but don't let the cast list on the front cover fool you. Hilton delivers a decent performance that nobody saw coming. Even her greatest haters like me and my friends had to agree that she surprised us greatly with her barely believable acting skills and a strip-tease that wasn't as nasty as anything an online pop-up would promise of her, but still not so unbearable as to fast-forward or turn off the DVD.

The violence in this surprised me; nobody at school or on the horror board was talking about it like they were about "these new movies called 'Saw' and 'Hostel'" but I could safely say that "Wax" was more graphic than Saw, and some death scenes were actually quite disturbing.

In conclusion, I'm not surprised House of Wax didn't make a place on the IMDb Top 250, but it is definitely worth a look.
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Best horror
anyakiss2 June 2019
Best horror movie I've ever seen. Nice film history. Old but nice.
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I expected a lot worse
elitt17 November 2005
Horror films are like comedies. If you have a comedy, and you laugh a lot, the film works. With a horror film it's the same. If you're scared a lot, then the film worked. House of Wax scared me a lot, so therefore, I must have liked it. Don't get me wrong. This film isn't anything special and by no means is it not without loads of clichés and problems and stupid teenagers. But it is scary, entertaining, gory, and fun.

I barely remember the original Vincent Price film. I think I saw it when I was 5 or 6 years old on TV. This film has a group of teenagers, one of them being Paris Hilton, on their way to a football game and stops at roadside to camp for the night. The next day they realize that their car has been tampered with and naturally they do everything stupid to try and get it fixed including trusting every creep that tries to help them. They separate and end up in a town that looks like something out of a Twilight Zone episode which includes a house made out of wax. There is a legend behind this town that involves some wax sculptress and her freaky twin boys. Are they still lurking around? You just know that all our teens will find out.

House of Wax has a real creepiness to it. The actors, which many of them are from The WB network and the other from Fox, seems to fit right into this genre. I like these kind of films if done well, and this one is done pretty well. I was scared a lot and if I'm watching a horror film, that's OK with me and therefore i'm recommending the movie despite all it's clichés you've probably seen 100 times before. (**1/2)
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Come for Paris Hilton - stay for the surprisingly good movie!!!
jtindahouse18 December 2005
I'll admit I rented House of Wax mainly to have a good look at Paris Hilton because I figured I was in for just another clichéd horror film. I was wrong. It starts of sort of making to guess who the bad guys are, who the good guys are, what the bad guys are up to, how the good guys are going to start being killed etc. This is good as keeps you interested and concentrating on the movie (you'd be surprised how many horror films leave out this element). Then you get in the more classic horror scenarios, first person dies without the others knowing so they have to stay because they can't leave their friend. This part of the movie is done well because originality is used in very unique ways as you'll find out towards the end.

During the movie I was constantly comparing it to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because they are very similar. The only thing I could find that the Chainsaw Massacre had in its favor was that it claimed to be based on a true story. Think about what you're opinion of House Of Wax would be if it claimed to be true story when you are watching.

But whatever you do, don't miss out on House of Wax because you think you're just in for another modern day horror film - you're not.
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"Wrong Turn" meets "Texas Chainsaw massacre". Still the fakest thing is Hilton's acting
EvLauster8 November 2005
**1/2 Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt, Paris Hilton and Jon Abrahams. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

Yet another classic horror film remade with dunder-headed teenage acting despite grizzly and creative deaths. Based on the 1953 Vincent Price film House of Wax where a maniac kills unsuspecting teenage hooligans and turns them into priceless wax figures. Still with the fantastic set design to make the whole house into wax the movie is a typical classic horror remake like Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre later remade, despite creativity and so-so acting the movie was still just a gore picture. Director Serra showed mild enthusiasm with his directing but still worth watching. My final rating 7/10.
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Yet another remake
Ace-386 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Most of you who keep track of my reviews know my opinion of remakes. If you can't take the existing material and improve on the original idea, then don't waste the movie going public's time. Naturally, when I heard that a remake of the 1953 Vincent Price camp classic "House of Wax" was being made…..and starring Paris HILTON for God's sake, I naturally assumed that this was going to be an epic suckfest just as every other remake for the past few years.

I couldn't have been more wrong. The 2005 version of "House of Wax" is a suspenseful, savage, overly gory horror film that really packs a wallop. Director Jaume Serra has created an atmospheric film that, once it gets going, is relentless in it's goal to scare the hell out of you.

Plot line is fairly simple, by the book horror film. Group of kids go on a trip (in this case, a football game), stop to camp in the backwoods and end up running into a vicious killer. In this case, a man and his separated Siamese twin take over the work done by their mother, turning an entire town (which, conveniently has been forgotten by the world) into wax. Once the somewhat stereotypical characters wander into this town after having car trouble, the viciousness begins and never relents.

The lovely and talented Elisha Cuthbert leads the cast as Carly, a young woman who is about to begin her new life in New York interning at a popular magazine. She heads off to a football game with her boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki), his friend Blake (Robert Ri'chard), and his girlfriend Paige (Paris Hilton). Also along for the ride is Carly's troublemaking brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray, in a great characterization) and his buddy Dalton (Jon Abrahams). Nick steals the movie, but Carly more than holds her own, especially given the extreme brutality she endures during the last half of the movie. Blake and Dalton's characters were really throw away, I could have easily lived without them, but Paris never detracted from the film at all. In fact, up till her well publicized death, she got very little screen time.

As I stated earlier, this was an extremely gory film. The death scenes are not only very creative, but very explicit in their on-screen execution. In fact, this movie's savagery is rivaled only by "Saw" in terms of graphic.

I went into the theater expecting this movie to be horrible, I walked out two hours later feeling drained and breathless. Surprisingly good remake, and not for the squeamish.

3 out of 5
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Nataleeallred8 February 2019
I dont care that paris Hilton was in here or not, it was actually a great horror film and it's in my fav top 20 horror films. I recommend everyone seeing it once!.
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