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Showtime matches HBO's content
susanhu1 February 2005
Like HBO's The Sopranos, Showtime's HUFF shows us as much about the interior lives of its characters as it does their exterior relationships and problems.

Azaria is brilliant as a well-known, highly paid psychiatrist whose practice overlaps into his family's life in countless ways, often at the expense of his own interior self-expression (except through fleeting appearances of a phantom character) and his family's safety and security. The rational approach he has to display at all times -- in other words, is practiced in displaying -- almost becomes his downfall.

Oliver Platt -- as Huff's longtime friend and successful, raunchy attorney -- and Blythe Danner -- as Huff's mother -- practically steal the show because they're both great actors and they've both been given off-the-wall, fascinating, likable characters. Platt and Danner provide some of the funniest moments. Swoozie Kurtz guest stars as the mother of Huff's wife, and is compelling in her struggle with cancer.

Drama, marital conflict, mother/son problems, unmet needs, occasional frightening violence, drugs, teen sex, kids acting more mature sometimes than their parents: HUFF has it all. And it's relieved by quirky, sometimes laughing-out-loud comedic moments. As well as the consistent solid acting and interesting story lines.

I'm not sure I can wait a year to see what happens next. The last episode left me on the edge of my chair.

Frankly, I signed up with Showtime so I could get the Sundance Channel. But, I'd keep subscribing just to catch HUFF.
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Fantastic show
TheDivineMizzM29 December 2004
Incredible writing, fantastic performances. Padget Brewster and Hank Azaria are finally getting the spotlight they both deserve. Oliver Platt's character Russell Tupper is the most entertaining character on television today. And Blythe Danner, nobody does it better. In just a few episodes,this show has renewed my faith in today's television. TV is getting creative again and it doesn't involve eating bloody gasoline soaked pig rectums or a reality show about being on a reality show because you were the winner of a dumb reality show! It's a little melancholy, a little mysterious, and sharp witted. It's one of the best shows on TV right now and definitely the best show on Showtime.
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Let's hear it for Showtime On Demand!
Rogue-3224 March 2006
I recently discovered this show and I've been watching the first season all week now, 2-3 episodes a night, thanks to Showtime On Demand. This is the kind of series that's been growing on me, more so than something I've loved from the get-go, like say Queer As Folk or Weeds. But grow on you it does, and now I would say I am addicted and when ya get a chance, I think I might need therapy, Dr. H.

The characters are all deeply flawed and also deeply human, and you grow to understand and even love them as the episodes go on. I like the son, Byrd, in particular; as portrayed by the incredible Anton Yelchin, he's sensitive and not afraid of being so. And there's Teddy, Huff's mentally-challenged brother, magnificently brought to life by Andy Comeau. The show ALSO features a tour de force weekly performance from Oliver Platt (as the insanely drug/sex addicted lawyer Russell), and even though he provides a lot of the series' comic relief, he's not a caricature either, he's a genuine person with genuine feelings, genuine pain.

Hank Azaria and Paget Brewster get the pleasure of portraying beautifully-drawn characters week after week as well, of course, 3-dimension people who are coping the best they know how with the monumental challenges of their lives, and Blythe Danner (as Huff's mother) is equally blessed, with a sublimely conflicted character whom I couldn't stand at first but now I think I wanna give a big hug.

Last night I watched the Christmas episode, "Christmas Is Ruined", which I would say is one of the best family holiday episodes I've ever seen. It felt true, pure and not in the least bit derivative, which is a huge compliment considering how many family holiday episodes on TV and holiday films there have been in the recent past.

If you're a feeling, intelligent human being on this planet, and you are currently subscribing to Showtime, there's no excuse for your not checking this series out. If you don't have this channel available to you at this time, I have one word for you: DVD.

Added on 6/28/06: So Showtime cancelled the series, after only 2 seasons, citing 'low ratings'. Is this exasperating or what? Isn't the entire point of premium cable supposed to be to run programming for reasons OTHER than ratings? Hopefully another more forward-thinking network will pick up this brilliant series. To leave the show in the lurch, the way they're doing, is tasteless, tacky and pathetic, in my opinion. Showtime viewers and everyone connected with the series deserve better, much better.
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Huff has all the stuff
halfpint772225 June 2006
Wow. The best series yet since the first season of Soprano's. This series has story lines that happen in everyday life but with wonderful twists and witty commentary. All the characters fit in perfectly with each other and each individual character brings a life to the show that keeps you watching.

The actors are talented and strong so it leaves you wanting more. Each week I have never been disappointed with the concepts and ideas the show produces. Again, the actors are very talented and the script is perfectly written for each of their character's leaving the viewer to thirst on what will happen to them next. The show in it's entirety is by far outstanding and commendable.
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It was brilliant, but the cancellation was the right move
serious_cineast4 January 2009
The show stars Hank Azaria as psychiatrist Dr Huff(stodt). Without revealing too much, I'll just say the show basically revolves around his work and his personal life and all the trials and tribulations the characters face.

Right from the start, you realise, "this is quality television". The characters are interesting and appear convincing, the script is brilliant and everything is pretty well executed. At the end of most episodes you get that burning desire to watch the next one ("oh, what's going to happen next?!"). That's always a good indicator for a good show.

Hank Azaria is convincing in his depiction of a troubled psychiatrist. The actor who plays his kid is brilliant, as is Oliver Platt in his portrayal of the libertine lawyer who always seems to get into trouble of his own design.

For those of you wondering why there have only been two seasons: I can't quite fathom why the execs decided not to renew the show for another season. But I do know this, though: often it's best to quit while the going's good. Otherwise, by trying to top something that's already peaked, you run the risk of ruining something special - take Nip-Tuck, for example. By just going on and on they've ruined a great show that, after season 3, I think, was a mere shadow of its former self. So, don't worry about the cancellation of Huff. The end of season 2 was the point to stop, and by so doing the show was wrapped up admirably and with a good resolution at the end.


I can recommend 'Huff' wholeheartedly and without reservation. This show, albeit largely unknown, is certainly a gem among television shows. Though I must say: It took some getting used to seeing Hank Azaria in this role after having seen him as Agador, the hilarious gay waiter in 'The Birdcage'. The contrast between the two roles is so stark, it'll make it even more enjoyable watching him in 'Huff'.

This show is likely to grow on you if you enjoyed 'Six Feet Under', 'Nip/Tuck' or 'Californication'. All these shows are somewhat brutal and unrelenting in depicting harsh realities and unusually offensive (for American television) language. It'll definitely keep you interested and you may enjoy it with a clean conscience as it is intelligently made.
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Accomplished character studies from a masterful ensemble cast
AnIdealErnest7 June 2005
Sometimes US TV shows just click, and produce something that goes beyond the slick, expensive productions and network push that define such forgettable water-cooler 'classics' as Desperate Housewives, Lost, and most reality TV. Here, Huff brings together a fascinating set of actors who are really allowed to flex their abilities on this riveting, passionate and touching show.

Despite the development of plot generally feeling slow and episodes ending with slightly over-the-top and shocking twists, the dialogue in particular is expertly written and interpreted in standout performances from all of the leading cast, from Hank Azaria in the lead to the delicious extremes of Blythe Danner, Oliver Platt, Paget Brewster and Andy Comeau, with a full introduction to a remarkable young talent Anton Yelchin. The only shame so far has been the under-use of Kimberly Brooks as Huff's secretary, given how much fun has been had with her opposite number in Platt's character's office.

Destined to be cruelly overlooked throughout its run on television as a 'cult show', this is a real treat for fans looking for something original, made by people who care about their work and perform it with mastery.
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Let's hear it for Andy Comeau
kely-423 October 2006
"Huff", a truly excellent show, contains some of the best acting you'll ever see on any screen, large or small. Every one of the cast members is astonishing in their ability to illuminate the human condition, and those on the show who won awards prior to cancellation - the peerless Blythe Danner, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, et al - deserve all the praise that has been heaped on them.

That being said, can we please hear a HUGE round of applause for Andy Comeau? Mr. Comeau's embodiment of the nightmare world of schizophrenia - the euphoric highs, the paralyzing lows, the terrible logic of a psyche at war with itself - has been such that, when he's on screen either alone (as he's been required to be a great deal given the nature of the role) or with others, he is such a convincing vortex of desperate, heart-rending activity that you simply can't look away, no matter how painful. His changes, his reactions are so subtle that he becomes the centre of every scene he's in, no matter what else is happening.

In short, his portrayal of Teddy Huffstodt is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations, Andy. May significant roles be yours for years to come. I suspect that I'm not the only one who noticed - not by a long shot - and predict that plenty of people will be watching whatever it is you choose to do next.


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Fantastic, quality TV - watch it or stay as one of the uncool!
eldrinod8 May 2005
What a great TV series Huff is. Hank Azaria plays the part with extreme reality and never shirks displaying the many foibles which makes a character leap off the page and onto the screen. Huff has odd hallucinations - I guess you could call them daydreams- where he imagines what might happen or he will see an odd refugee who keeps popping up to judge him. The refugee is like one of those cartoon angels or devils that sit on a character's shoulder in judgement. Huff's wife played by Paget Brewster is in my opinion the best actor in the ensemble and this is from a superb group cast. Page's take on Beth is so realistic you feel like a nosey neighbour peeking through their windows. Oliver Platt plays Russell Tupper, Huff's lawyer friend and he too is a fine actor. I started out disliking his character but soon warmed to him as he has a childlike quality but in spite of some of the foolish things he does (such as drugs and hookers) he can then turn things around and go out of his way to put the world to right - usually with the help of his faithful assistant. Izzy, Huffs mother, is played by Blythe Danner and it is the first time that I have seen her playing a part that isn't subservient or slightly ditsy. She actually play quite a determined, opinionated part but even so, like most of the cast, has a tender side - just takes a lot more for her to reveal it. Anton Yelchin plays Huff's son Byrd and that boy is gonna be big! Huff's younger brother Teddy who is mentally troubled is played to perfection by Andy Comeau. Huff also has a great receptionist played by the sassy Kimberley Brookes. If you are not too keen on extreme cursing stay away but personally I think it is the cursing that makes it so very real, so believable and I hope that it gets enough attention and doesn't get cancelled because that would make me angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry (oops - slipped into Hulk mode there!)

Paul King
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great show!!!
ncleveland200011 February 2005
I started watching the show to get me through to the next major shows, i.e. HBO Sundays. From the first episode, I was hooked. Not to mention the line and sinker that goes along with being hooked. You love characters... You hate the characters.

By next season... this show will rival any on television. Many Emmys and Golden Globes to come.

I don't know which I love the most.

Huff's Nobility

Izzy's Prejudice's and Flakiness.....(she great!)

... Russell's .....what can I say? (Oliver Platt continues to be one of best actors I've ever seen).

Nigel Cleveland
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Stunning -- well written and well acted
raisinmama16 June 2006
Psychiatrist Craig Hoffstodt (Hand Azaria) confronts the horrific suicide of a young patient in his office, then re-considers everything in his life. His complex and beautiful wife, complex and outrageous friend, complex and adolescent son, complex and manipulative mother, and others who come and go through his office, add to the challenge of setting his life's course. Oddly, this series is hugely funny, even when tragic, as it often is. Oliver Platt and Blythe Danner are both brilliant -- funny, heartbreaking, infuriating. They are magnetic. Azaria, too, is great in this part. Let's hope this excellent series doesn't deteriorate, like Monk.
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I love Huff!
mga194428 August 2006
I love this program! Then, last night when Blythe Danner deservedly won the Emmy for best-supporting actress announced there would be no more Huff, I was mightily disappointed. That was an amazing cast, excellent writing (though at times it had you jumping a bit), had me falling on the floor laughing one minute, crying my eyes out the next. What more could you ask from a Comedy/Drama? Seriously. And how could Showtime leave its devoted fans up in the air like that with so many unanswered questions? I honestly do not believe HBO would have done that to its fans. Showtime, make amends! Give us back Huff!!! Give us back the lovely Blythe Danner as the amazing, funny, crazy Izzy, the strangely endearing, chaotic Oliver Platt as Russel, and Swoosie Kurtz -- I've missed her so much! And, of course, Hank Azaria was perfect as Huff, even though I wanted to throttle him (or the writers, because I don't think Huff is that calloused) when he gave in so easily with a prostitute. And Andy Comeau was fabulous as Teddy. I'll never know what happened to him. Anton Yelchin played a wonderful Byrd, though I have a bit of a bone to pick with the writers of his part. I don't think you warned us quite enough what he was turning into. It didn't feel real somehow. But I forgive you. And kudos to the rest of the cast. Excellent work! Someone somewhere pick up this wonderful show. Please, keep it on the air. Huff deserves to be seen. And it deserved to be nominated for several Emmys.
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Amazing first season - good thing it was canceled... (mild spoilers)
lhhung_himself9 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The first season of Huff was one of the most daring I've seen since the Sopranos. It took things beyond just saying the 7 words that can't be uttered on regular TV, by having characters do the (more than 7) things that can't be done on regular TV. We have a charming and functioning drug user that has *fun* with sex and drugs. We have a smart, nerdy teenager who respects his parents but also has casual sex AND doesn't go blind. We have parents that aren't Ward and June Cleaver but run the whole gamut. Huff's parents, are both decent people that happen to be not very good parents. The mother, Lizzie, in the first season was one of the most real characters I have seen in a long, long time. Her relationships with Huff, his wife, and non-relationship with Teddy, a schizophrenic son were spot-on. In short, the show tried to depict life as it really happens outside of Falwell's Pleasantville.

But then the barbarians caught up and started pounding at the gates. The second season backed off on every innovation. The functioning drug user morphed into a tragic figure and his drug use had to have consequences like death and pregnancy, (neither done in a believable manner btw). The story arc which I'm positive was leading to the use of medical marijuana abruptly ends with a faith healing by the suddenly born-again and incredibly annoying PTL secretary. The well adjusted sexual teenager began to act out by committing felonies (obviously - this is what blow jobs lead to...). The eccentric but harmless schizophrenic brother suddenly became a danger to society. The beautifully narcissistic mother suddenly develops a conscience; her drinking becomes a *problem*; she courts more age suitable men; and she is given a nice pat excuse for disowning one of her sons. Huff's marriage suddenly becomes an issue - (I'm not sure why - but it probably has to do with him being a liberal humanist...).

The second season was the worst dumbing down of a series since House. I don't blame Azaria - I can see the blood spatter in the second season as he resisted as much as possible the clueless and gutless executives' imposition of "family values" to make the show less offensive to the prissy lady in Peoria who didn't watch it anyway. So the cancellation of the show was a mercy killing before the it became a complete zombie. I am grateful for the fond memories of Russell's horsie, Lizzie's martini lunches and catty remarks, Huff's Hungarian musician and of course the rainbow parties from a show that Showcase was not ready for.
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Bolesroor4 November 2004
I got a chance to see the pilot film for Showtime's new series "Huff". The film is about a psychiatrist (Hank Azaria) who deals with the violent suicide of a patient while managing his wife, son, and overbearing Mother. There was less going on here than meets the eye... a good pilot should set up a series' premise and leave you wanting to tune in next week. Even after watching the entire episode I could not understand exactly what the "premise" of the show was.

Maybe in future weeks they will improve on the format of the show, but in the pilot the events surrounding Huff at work, home, and play had little to do with one another and left me wondering, "So what?" On the plus side the acting in the show is great... Hank Azaria is the rare leading man who knows how to convey the full range of human emotion. He is the glue that holds the whole thing together. Paget Brewster is g r e a t as his wife... she is one of the rare actresses who can be both funny and dramatic, sometimes at once. Oliver Platt I do not "get". He's always got this half-drunken smirk on his face and he tries so hard to act hip that I lose interest very quickly. Blythe Danner- a usually lovely actress- is wasted here as the "outrageous," ball-breaking, suffocating mother of her adult son Huff. She needs to stop speaking lines that would get her thrown out of a biker bar and start becoming a real human being.

In conclusion I think this show has a lot of potential... they have the heart, they have the soul... now all they need are stories that will highlight the characters, especially Hank Azaria's Huff. In the final scene of the pilot Huff goes to visit his brother, and while I will not ruin the story by going into detail, it is one of the most touching scenes you will ever see. Good luck to Hank and "Huff"... I hope it gets the audience it deserves.

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One of a rare breed, and probably soon cancelled
Stefanie13923 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
So far I have not seen all the episode of season one, but I am sufficiently impressed by the story, the actors and the overall setting to give my opinion.

First of all I love the opening credits, very compelling. The story about a psychiatrist who himself could be diagnosed as having vivid hallucinations, struggling to find a balance between reaching out helping people and remain sane and keep that needed amount of self-preservation, self-esteem and self-centeredness one needs not to loose oneself (I think I relate because I am a physician too) is to me unknown so far in American TV shows, especially since it is not centered around piety. Also I really think the relationships for the most part are written and portrayed very human and believable, I like most of the characters. Huffs mother, wife and brother are very well written. Oliver Platt got a really good role where you cannot decide if you hate or love him (especially after ep 5) . I cannot relate to the son, he is too weak, too understanding for his age, but maybe it's the actor, the voice is very soft-spoken, I don't know any teenagers that act that way. The humor is good, I find the patients that are shown very believable, and it is shown that psychotherapy cannot cure everything - but sometimes it does. And that's true. I have seen many movies and shows where realism and credibility are third or not in consideration at all anymore, and that's alright if the y achieve to entertain us. It is refreshing for me to see that there are still some attempts to create an intelligent, humorous and credible show to entertain us and maybe get a little more tolerance towards our fellow people. Too sad that I fear I am one of few, at least not enough to let this show last very long. Might as well enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. 10/10
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villi_romeo22 December 2007
The pilot episode was great , the other episodes after it , even better , the plot of the story is so well made , the characters are so real , they remember of people i know , people i would like to know.Hank Azaria acts so well , it is amazing how he can act the character so well.As for Anton Yelchin , one of the few teenage actors i like , he has that involvement with a girl in the story , that also seems so real , Anton Yelchin , plays the innocent character very well.All I can say is that these are my favorite series so far.Oliver Platt , Paget Brewster , Andy Comeau who plays magnificently in this series , i got so surprised and sad that they canceled the show , such a good series , i hope Fox takes the idea.
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Comeau's "Teddy" a valuable contribution to understanding "mental health"
Moxie12 March 2007
What gripped me about this show was the authenticity and three-dimensionality of _all_ of HUFF's characters. No one-note stereotypes. Conflicted. Mixing irritating irrationality and perversity with endearing and respectworthy qualities.

I _cared_ about these people!! I wanted to know more about them, and what happened to them next.

Their lives were a revelation to me. Probably, for artistic license, each individual character was packed with somewhat more complexity than any one person you'd usually come across in daily life. But for me, that was a bonus.

Finding ways to "decode" others' behavior and internal workings has always been an urgent need in my several decades of life beleaguered with Attention Deficit Disorder (especially long before ADD was "discovered" and validated). Thus, for me the show has provided not only engaging entertainment but also an education in some of the many conditions the fellow humans I meet may be living through.

For this I want to especially praise Andy Comeau. For me his contribution is the most significant in the show. Through insight and skill he managed to convey the _humanness_ of a character the average viewer would see only as "some kinda nut".

Huff's brother Teddy is one of the few in the show identified with a specific mental disorder – in his case, schizophrenia. Comeau acquaints us (superbly!) with not only the dysfunctionality but – more importantly,I think – additionally with the _normality_ and _commonality_ that is ALSO part of Teddy's makeup.

He shows that Teddy is not "merely a nut case" but is also _a human being_. Like we ALL are, in one way or another -- as we can se, IF we care to LOOK.

Most people divide the world into two camps – the normals (themselves and people they like) and the crazies (people they don't understand and therefore put down). Comeau's brilliant and sensitive performance helps us see that EVERYONE is a mixture of, or somewhere on a continuum between, these two endpoints.

When more people understand that, the world will be a much better place -- for ALL of us.
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Fantastic Show!!!!
SnowWhiteSal7 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
For anyone interested in watching Huff, let me tell you, it's SO worth it!! It's one of the best, if not THE best shows I have seen in a while. It has a fantastic cast, brilliant story lines and a whole mix of things to think about and look forward to in each episode. I have written a small summery below on what the show is about (so warning if some people see that as a spoiler)

The show is about Huff, a psychiatrist who has spent his entire life helping others find peace and clarity while his own state-of-mind is in constant question. The suicide of one of his patients has now forced him to re-evaluate everything. We watch as a midlife crisis erupts into brief outbursts of delusion. The series is interspersed with fantasy sequences which expose Huff's take on his family and work as he struggles with his daily life.

Seriously, you wont regret watching this show :)
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when will there be more
asutherland-11 February 2005
I have been on a one-woman mission telling all who will listen how wonderful Huff is. Just when I thought that they could not possibly top last week's episode, we had the finale last night. I was riveted, crying over Swoozie Kurtz, stunned by Lara Flynn Boyle's madwoman and the part with Rusell and Izzy, oh my lord. I have been a huge Hank Azaria fan all the way back to Mad About You, and his turn as the Guatemalan maid in Cage Aux Folles was for fainting. I am so glad he finally has been given some terrific material to work with and such a fine cast of characters.

I did see that a second season was ordered by Showtime, does anyone have any info on when it starts and any tidbits about what happens? Honestly, what a cliff-hanger. I cannot wait for season two.
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huff ending?????????
jimjungle421 September 2006
I really enjoy this show too. I watch it on the TMN network in Toronto,Ontario. It is on demand too (no commercials and can pause and fast forward) WOO HOO. The last episode i seen was # 13 of season 2 . It was cancelled! But have they already filmed part of season 3??????? I want to see it!!!!!!!!

Shame on the network for cancelling!!!!!!! It is a great show! dang it not 10 lines. this is a silly rule . Is there anyway around this????????/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jim please send this I'm not a writer lol 10 lines is hard when iv'e said what i wanted to say!
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CreoleInDC13 June 2006
I truly, TRULY think this show is the best thing on television. I'm sick of reality shows and nothing else makes me feel and / or think. I hate what Huff and Beth are going through right now but hate even more what Bird is doing. I just wanna grab that young man and shake the crap outta him. But...I understand where the kid is coming from. He's hurting. I wish Izzy would stay the way she is with Beth right now. Really gentle and supportive. I was as stunned as Beth was when she went to the grocery store for her and told Beth to continue creating. Wow. Awesome. Huff being intimate with the stripper? Well...I hope Beth doesn't find out and I hope Russell's "baby mama" hasn't had the baby while he's been out partying.
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One of the GREATEST shows i have seen!
Scott_fa_heath20 December 2005
Many people may have seen Frasier and think, "theres no where you can make psychiatrist based show that beat Kelsey Grammar's," and in the comical aspects this show doesn't, but in the entertainment basis it FAR out ways anything we have seen with Psychiatry before! This is simply a masterpiece, gripping from beginning to the excellent and enticing finale. The characters each have their own idiosyncrasies, that often conflict in very visual and effective ways! My personal opinion is, this is the GREATEST show i have seen in a long time; its original, entrapping and most of all, it makes you sit back, and enjoy the chaos of someone else's life (helping you forget that which is in your own)
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Best Show Ever!!!!
religionofmoocow14 April 2007
This show is amazing! The acting is phenomenal and the story lines are amazing. Hank Azaria has aways been one of my favorite actors and this just proves my point that he is an underrated actor. The story lines are amazing. In this show you can laugh an cry in the same episode. Very few shows can accomplish this well. It also adds to the realism of the show because real-life isn't just sad or funny it is both. Most of my friends have seen the pilot episode of Huff and they all came to the same agreement-this show is awesome. Anytime my diverse group of friends can agree on something it is cause for celebration. The only bad thing about this show is that it was canceled much too soon. Bring back Huff!!!!
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An awesome program.
gj_jus17 September 2006
Please tell me Blythe Danner was wrong at the awards when she said this show has been cancelled.

It has been my #1 favorite show since day one. It is everything a show should be. It has the perfect cast who jell exactly as a family should. The writers are brilliant. Hank Azaria has been at the top of my super actor list since The Birdcage, and his performance as Huff has only reinforced my opinion.

This is such an excellent show I tell everyone I know they should order Showtime, just to watch it.

Why would you take such a WINNER off the air? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue HUFF!!!!!
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Saving Grace? Platt.
Panterken16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to avoid the irony here by steering clear of pretentiously reviewing 'Huff', the self-aware trendy title that forebodes the show's predictability, lack of inventiveness and genuine emotions. Above all, 'Huff' remains the little engine that couldn't. One can experience the creator's (Bob Lowry) ambition and goals slowly fade away, likely due to an overdose of people putting in ideas. 7 directors? Really??!! "Huff" contains a lot of ingredients out of which a creative mind could fashion a great television drama. The first few episodes the faults are hard to find in a murky sea of outrageously over the top, contrived plot lines and a large amount of (intentionally?)unlikeable characters. But watching a great deal of episodes in a row quickly makes the concrete faults bubble up to the surface: semi-intellectualism and manipulation.

Faithful fans of the similar, horrifying and unwatchable 'Grey's Anatomy' and other air pollution, will certainly gobble this up, however I don't like to be spoon fed. Life is hard and if somehow you feel yours seems like less of a mess by watching talking props having an even harder my guest. But don't be naive and pertain to the notion that 'Huff' is genuine in it's emotional scenes or tasteful in it's attempts at comedy. 'Huff' never slows down long enough for people to realize they're conned into feeling something for narcissistic, overbearing, smug, hypocritical and - above all - cold characters. The writers opt for the use of new dramatic events every episode, instead of working out plot lines properly and letting characters evolve, it's like one of those car wrecks where cars keep slamming into one car and end up in a pile-up of twenty cars and you can't even tell what exactly happened but boy, if it isn't dramatic.

It's gratuitous nudity and other R-rated content doesn't help either. I have nothing against nudity in film, but who in the world ever thought a woman sticking her finger up a man's a.. is a hoot. If you want that kind of sexual, no boundaries humor, but executed with more taste and god forbid a sense of humor, watch 'Californication' instead. This is the last straw for 'Huff'. Even the flamboyantly funny Oliver Platt can't save it from being a train wreck. The only enjoyable moments come from him and the interactions he has with some of the other more likable characters such as his secretary or the clueless Kelly. His character and the schizo Teddy are the only two characters that made me want to watch the last season 2 episodes. 'Huff' contains just that handful of interesting stories to make me mourn the waste of them. Teddy finding love despite his illness aroused my interest, and Tupper's run in with Sharon Stone's character surprised me as well. Perhaps the most interesting segments of all were the interactions with Anjelica Huston's delightful (and wonderfully portrayed) character, the fellow shrink (who, I must say, is thrice the shrink 'Huff' is) There are plenty of terrible ones too that should never have seen the light of day. Who honestly cares about miraculous healing from cancer(which I'm sure angered a lot of people who had the bad luck of coming in contact with the big C), the badly acted character of Paula(the religious nut with her stone-age beliefs and the self-righteousness to boot), or the whole Mexico fiasco? Who ever understood the necessity of the spat between 'Huff' and his wife. They're both so unreasonable and demanding, how are they ever going to work their issues out in a healthy way? I feel the writers are almost blessed not having to solve those puzzles.
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Comedy, family conflict, serious situations
caribou-623 August 2005
It is a shame that the gentleman from Colombia missed the fact that Huff is not real life. The conflicts that appear on the show are fantasy, just like the Hungarian. In fact, isn't he a stereotype of what Americans think of Hungarian people? When the writers portray prejudice, Spanish or otherwise, they are doing that to show how we Americans sometimes treat Hispanics. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be written or said. In fact, treating stereotypes comically is a way of making all of us aware of these issues. Huff is just a show. It is comedy in its best form. It is not a portrayal of real life, but may be a caricature of life. It is an interesting story which is rapid-fire, intelligent, and acted by the very best actors. Hank, Paget, Anton, and Blythe give us an idea of a tight family. The formula works because each actor is seasoned by many great films and projects completed prior to and during the filming of Huff. None of them is weak. Huff is a great comedy conceived by talented writers. It doesn't need in-depth analysis. It is pure entertainment at its finest. J
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