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Season 1

8 Jun. 2005
New Girl in Town
A psychopath removes faces from women that were new in town. To replace his defaced agent, the FBI profilers leader hires a new female agent from another city. She appears to fit the victims but has a hidden past which starts to haunt her.
29 Jun. 2005
Everything Nice
Eight year old Henry Olsen from the Hidden Harbor gated security-conscious community is found by his mother face down in their pool. A postmortem shows that he had been gutted before being dumped in the pool. Rebecca and Paul are the lead in the case and they quickly arrest grounds-keeper Teddy Bunch based on evidence supplied by Henry's friend Madison St. Clair. But Rebecca quickly notices that Madison is putting on an act and lying about the events of the night and sets about proving it but she hadn't figured how much a psychopath Madison really is.
6 Jul. 2005
Loneliest Number
The team investigate a string of apparent suicides which are now ruled as homicides. Rebecca's investigation leads her to a suicide hot line and determined to find out about the staged suicides she goes undercover as a potential suicide victim.
6 Jul. 2005
Thief of Hearts
Lisa Aaron is found dead in her bedroom with a .38 caliber shot to the head and with her heart removed and a small romantic card inserted in her mouth. Paul is convinced that it is the work of serial killer Billy Ray Pope (and his first case) but Web tells him that he was in prison at the time of the murder. Investigations into the case puts Paul's initial case in jeopardy after a witness recants their initial testimony and the case is set aside. Paul is taken off the case and does his own investigation and finds out that Web framed Pope for the initial killings as he...
13 Jul. 2005
Superintendent Glenn Terry talks to the team but they are decidedly unresponsive to his overtures. A female body is found in the Los Angeles River at Lincoln Heights with her fingernails removed, needles and kaleidoscope shapes stuck in her eyes and stun gun marks at her neck. The killing is an exact replica of a previous killing. When a third victim is found they find that it points to an elderly attacker who is eventually identified as Max Stern. Unable to apprehend him and requiring guidance Rebecca goes to see Web. Unknown to her she is photographed leaving and ...
Point of Origin
The team investigate a series of arson's which lead them to suspect Louis Salt but the cases trigger events in Rebecca's past life as Becky George.
Cheryl Anne Monroe, a pregnant woman, is found dead in Studio City after suffering systemic shock and her baby cut from her - but it is not thought the baby survived due to the brutal way Cheryl was cut. The team's investigation lead them to Betty Scarwid - who miscarried two months previously - and who was in Cheryl's yoga class. The increasingly delusional Betty attacks another pregnant woman and takes her baby son and goes to meet her boyfriend Scott Bossi who's back from Iraq. When Scott confronts her about who's baby she has she stabs him and goes to the house ...
Little Girl Lost
Rebecca and the team probe the disappearance of the Anderson and Presley families who went missing in the Angeles National Forest along Highway 39. The team quickly arrest Karl Robie Jr. but on the way to find the Presley family the helicopter carrying Danny, Rebecca and Karl crashes and so ensues a frantic bid to find Rebecca before Karl does. Rebecca is haunted by visions of her past abduction by Pony Man.
The Perfect Couple
Rebecca is used as bait at the Pyramid Nightclub to lure a serial rapist and murderer who's victims were last seen there. Rebecca begins a relationship with Pyramid bartender Corey Hall but events nearly put a halt to their relationship.
7 Apr. 2006
The team investigate the origins of a snuff slasher film which surfaced at a children's birthday party and the disappearance of the actress in the film Angelica Sandavol. Meanwhile, Rebecca hesitates about going on a date with Corey.
14 Apr. 2006
Skin and Bone
Whilst investigating pro-anorexia websites and linking them to missing women on her own Rebecca is lured by a false lead, drugged and imprisoned by a morbidly obese man named Ronald Ewing. It's now up to the team to get to her before Ronald kills Rebecca like the previous missing women.

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