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Season 7

24 Sep. 2010
Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
Allison is approached by Gary Durant who wants something done about the harassment directed at his elderly father. Someone has been posting videotapes of the old man, now a street person, performing humiliating acts for a few dollars. Both Allison and Bridgette dream about him but are soon having their own 'Freaky Friday' of sorts when they wake up to find that they are inhabiting the other's body. As a result they have an interesting few days where Allison goes to school and Bridgette goes to the office. Their dreams reveal more of the mystery about Durant's father ...
1 Oct. 2010
The Match Game
While investigating a rash of murders, Allison sees floating symbols above people's heads, signs that she thinks could match them with their perfect mate. Also, Joe is put in a tough situation when one of his employees accuses another of sexual harassment.
8 Oct. 2010
Means and Ends
Scanlon is haunted by dreams of his late brother, leaving Allison concerned about her colleague. Also, while making her final preparations for college, Ariel has visions of missing young women, past and present.
15 Oct. 2010
How to Kill a Good Guy
While investigating a missing girl's murder, Allison experiences more friction with Scanlon after finding a possible link to his late brother. Also, Ariel deals with her siblings' reactions to her leaving for college.
22 Oct. 2010
Talk to the Hand
When Allison gets a skin graft on her hand after a burn, she is puzzled when the same hand acts with a mind of its own, gesturing uncontrollably. Also, Bridgette keeps her real role on the soccer team a secret from her parents.
29 Oct. 2010
Where Were You When...?
After an earthquake, Allison gets a premonition that Phoenix is going to get another ground shaker of sorts. She knows that the event will occur at 9:18 a.m. She doesn't know the exact day but sees several everyday events that will occur just prior to the event: Det. Scanlon will spill coffee on his shirt and she sees the headline on D.A. Devalos' newspaper. She also dreams about it, realizing that someone will place a car-bomb in the underground parking garage of a downtown building. One of her dreams also shows husband Joe defacing a neighbor's garage door with ...
5 Nov. 2010
Native Tongue
Allison wakes up unable to understand a word anyone says. She can speak and be understood by everyone but when they speak, all she hears is gibberish. That is until she overhears a woman, Jane Livingston, speaking on a cellphone. Allison can understand her perfectly but Jane isn't speaking English but Navajo. She and Jane soon form a friendship with Jane acting as her interpreter. Her knowledge of the the Navajo community also comes in handy as Allison has had two dreams where Navajo men were killed by someone searching for something. Her dreams don't reveal all ...
12 Nov. 2010
Smoke Damage
Allison dreams of a teenage girl caught in a room with a fire raging around her. In her second dream she sees the girl being saved by a fireman and so relaxes a bit. In her third dream however, she sees the same fireman receiving a large amount of money to kill someone, who just happens to be DA Manuel Devalos' principal witness against a major drug dealer. When the witness dies in a hotel fire, Allison thinks the fireman may have killed the girl as well. She isn't quite ready when she learns the relationship between the two. Yet another dream explains it all. Devalos...
19 Nov. 2010
The People in Your Neighborhood
When a convicted sex offender moves into Allison's area, her neighbors are up in arms, but Allison's visions leave her questioning his guilt. Also, a potential career opportunity for Joe puts his and Allison's professional goals at odds.
3 Dec. 2010
Blood on the Tracks
The police are investigating the death of a man who fell, or was pushed, in front of a commuter train. There were no witnesses and the only thing other commuters remember was a street person who reeked of urine but no one can really remember what he looked like. At the scene, Allison has a vision of the body with a fast food name tag on his lapel but as Det. Lee Scanlon points out the man is wearing a suit and looks a bit too old to be someone who worked in a burger joint. He's eventually identified as Adam Talmadge but they find little else. When Allison dreams of a ...
7 Jan. 2011
Only Half Lucky
A dream causes Allison to become suspicious of her brother's recent success. Meanwhile, Devalos' campaign manager takes an interest in Bridgette's abilities.
14 Jan. 2011
Labor Pains
A man desperately seeks Allison's help to determine the true nature of his wife's disappearance. Meanwhile, Joe and Allison become concerned when Marie breaks down during a spelling test.
21 Jan. 2011
Me Without You
When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed.

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