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10 Comedy Directors Who Went Serious, From Jay Roach to Todd Phillips (Photos)

  • The Wrap
10 Comedy Directors Who Went Serious, From Jay Roach to Todd Phillips (Photos)
Why so serious? While some filmmakers get their start making cheaply made B-movies or horror films, there’s a new crop of directors emerging who previously cut their teeth making classic comedies. And while most haven’t abandoned their sense of humor entirely, they’ve finally been recognized at both the box office and awards circuit by veering into prestige pictures. The latest example is Todd Phillips, the director of “Joker,” which as the darkly disturbed origin story of the iconic Batman villain is no laughing matter. Here are some other directors who have re-emerged as more than just funny men.

Preston Sturges – Comedy Classic: “The Lady Eve”/Dramatic Turn: “Sullivan’s Travels”

Preston Sturges, one of the signature directors of Old Hollywood, would likely still be admired today based solely on the success of his screwball comedies like “The Great McGinty” and “The Lady Eve.” But he took a
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New Riverdale Season 2 Details Revealed About Veronica’s Evil Ex Boyfriend Nick

  • OnTheFlix
Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat it up with Riverdale showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and he delivered some new intel on what we can expect to see from Veronica’s ex boyfriend Nick St. Clair when he arrives on the scene. They also revealed who will be playing him. So, we’ve finally got a face to go with the character. He will be played by actor Graham Phillips. He’s pictured in the above photo for this article to the left of Veronica. As previously reported, Nick is going to bring some trouble to Riverdale. He’s will bring out the darker side of Veronica and do something very bad to her that will have all the ladies of Riverdale banding together to fight it! In this new article, we got a new set of details from Sacasa. Nick is described as being one of Veronica
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The Top 5 Uses of Zz Top Songs in Movies

You know when their sound hits that you can’t resist tapping your foot and getting into the music. In films Zz Top is just as addictive. It’s easy to see considering that they’ve had such a prolific career and have seen their songs used for TV and film alike. There was even an episode where one of them was linked to a King of the Hill character through family. Their unique sound is infectious in a way that makes a person want to sing, dance, and just have a good time in general. 5. Evan Almighty – Sharp Dressed Man

The Top 5 Uses of Zz Top Songs in Movies
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‘The Big Sick’ Producer Judd Apatow: Inside His Unlikely Comedy Empire

‘The Big Sick’ Producer Judd Apatow: Inside His Unlikely Comedy Empire
Editor’s Note: This article is presented in partnership with Amazon and Lionsgate’s release of The Big Sick – opening in theaters June 23rd in New York & Los Angeles and everywhere July 14. Find out more here.

Kumail Nanjiani is about to become a movie star. His film “The Big Sick” was the hit of this year’s Sundance Film Festival and quickly became the best reviewed comedy in recent memory.

Nanjiani is an unlikely star. A Pakistani-American stand up comedian – best known for playing the straight man in supporting roles, most notably as Dinesh in HBO’s “Silicon Valley”. Instead, the way he got his breakout role in “The Big Sick” was writing it himself. Under the mentorship of producer of Judd Apatow, Nanjiani and his wife, co-writer Emily V. Gordon, spent three years developing the story of their unusual real life courtship and Nanjiani’s conflict of keeping his
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Soldado: Actor Matthew Modine Thinks Sicario Follow-Up Could Be As Good As Original

It’s no surprise that Hollywood loves its remakes, reboots, and sequels. We live in an era of filmmaking that truly epitomizes that ideology. Between every damn cinematic universe we currently have, it’s easy to see why they’ve grown so dependent on it, but those are films that lend themselves to franchises. Hollywood also has a bad habit of taking films that have no business in getting sequelized…and sequelizing them.

Look at films like Grease 2, Evan Almighty, Speed 2, and a healthy host of others, and you have to wonder just what some folks in the industry are thinking. Of course, sequels aren’t Always bad, but we’d be lying if we didn’t think each film had some inherent potential. This leads us into another film that we never thought would get a sequel.

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Back in 2015, audiences saw the release of Sicario,
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Lauren Graham Talks About the Future of 'Gilmore Girls'

  • Yidio
2017-05-13T07:41:28-07:00Lauren Graham Talks About the Future of 'Gilmore Girls'

“I will never get tired of talking about this. I will be doing panels until I’m 95 years old,” Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham told audience members at the Netflix FYSee panel held Thursday night in Beverly Hills.

The panel moderated by Graham’s former Parenthood costar, Mae Whitman, allowed Graham to reflect on her time on the show that grew to become a pop culture phenomenon.

When discussing the success of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival on Netflix, Graham noted that the show continues to be a dark horse for television success. On the red carpet, Graham told The Hollywood Reporter, “Netflix was like, 'We knew people liked it, but gosh we had no idea!’ We came back because of mainly the women who loved it and
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Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn do some serious bonding in the new trailer for Snatched

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

It’s always nice to see a Mother and Daughter combo doing some serious bonding but Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn take it to the next level in the new trailer for Snatched. In this new film the pair give their kidnappers a run for their money while on an exotic holiday.

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Snatched marks Hawn’s first role since 2002’s The Banger Sisters and this new film features an odd couple who have only their comedic roles in common. So whose bright idea was it to team up the once well known sex symbol actress Goldie Hawn and the outspoken, controversial comedian Amy Schumer as a mother and daughter bad-ass duo? That would be Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters director Paul Feig – who acts as producer on Snatched – as well as Schumer herself who co-wrote the outrageous comedy alongside her sister Kim Caramele and Ghostbusters and Spy writer,
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Minecraft: Is Steve Carell About To Join The Film Adaptation?

  • LRM Online
I have to admit something: Minecraft has gone over my head and under my radar.

I know the game has become quite craze in recent years, and I see merchandise for it everywhere. I know it's insanely popular, and I hear it's a lot of fun. I, personally, have no experience with the game itself or how it works. So I'll share this news with you as someone who's a total Minecraft noob.

Variety is reporting that Steve Carell (40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Evan Almighty) is close to signing a deal to star in the film adaptation of Minecraft.

My initial response to hearing there's even a Minecraft movie is a big shrug. But as I peer at the talent involved, and make inferences as to what kind of movie it will be, I become increasingly curious. 

If Carell signs on, that's pretty great. Carell, who's been relatively quiet on
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Morgan Freeman Talks Hollywood's Limitations & Working with Clint Eastwood Again

  • CineMovie
When Morgan Freeman speaks you listen. After all, Freeman has played God twice (Evan Almighty, Bruce Almighty), and the United States President (Deep Impact), but foremost he is one of the most respected and revered actors in modern day cinema. So you would think this Academy Award winning actor would have his choice of roles, but the 79-year-old actor tells CineMovie that is not the case. He also reveals his Million Dollar Baby co-star and director Clint Eastwood hope to work together once again and they're looking for the right fit. Listen to our interview with the actor.

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Noah’s Ark Gets Modern-Day Reboot from Robert Zemeckis and NBC

Noah’s Ark Gets Modern-Day Reboot from Robert Zemeckis and NBC
The tale of Noah’s Ark is headed back to the screen. But before you dismiss this and think it will be a boring retelling of the biblical story, this time it has a galactic new modern-day twist. Per Deadline, NBC is developing a high-concept drama titled “The Ark,” which takes Noah to space.

The project originated from 20th Century Fox TV and Robert ZemeckisImageMovers and is written by Daniel Kunka. This new series will center on an engineer who, after the death of his wife, has a vision to construct a ship capable of sustaining life in space. When the build happens to coincide with the coming end of the world, the engineer realizes there may be a larger story at play.

Zemeckis and Jack Rapke are set to executive produce alongside Jackie Levine and Madhouse Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner & Robyn Meisinger.

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Key lessons learned from this summer’s blockbuster movies

Matt Edwards Aug 30, 2016

From Captain America: Civil War through to Ghostbusters, what did we learn from summer blockbuster season 2016?

If it wasn’t for summer blockbuster season it would be a nightmare for Den of Geek to maintain our chic pale complexions. We’ve seen so many films this summer that we look like porcelain dolls (the shine comes from popcorn grease).

It was never our intention to learn anything other than imperative information about Jason Bourne’s backstory. None the less, 2016 had proven to be such an interesting year for cinema that we couldn’t help but be struck by the following observations.

A quick note before we dig in. We’re counting summer blockbuster season as March to the end of August. We know that’s not how seasons work, but that feels like a tidy set of dates to use to capture the films that are part of the mid-year blockbuster flurry.
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Here’s Molly Shannon’s Secret to Long-Term Success In Film and TV

Here’s Molly Shannon’s Secret to Long-Term Success In Film and TV
Molly Shannon’s post-“Saturday Night Live” career is a diverse one: supporting turns in festival favorites like “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” and “Life After Beth,” memorable roles in studio comedies like “Talladega Nights” and “Evan Almighty” and plenty of off-beat television for small screen fans. Later this year, she’ll co-star in the much-hyped HBO comedy “Divorce,” starring Sarah Jessica Parker. If it seems like she’s casting her net all over the place, it’s at least partly by design. For Shannon, the key to both Hollywood success and creative fulfillment is simple: Working hard and always looking for something different.

Every now and then, the industry takes notice. At the recent Nantucket Film Festival, Shannon accepted the Compass Rose Acting Award. While there, she also supported first-time filmmaker’s Chris Kelly’s Audience Award winner, “Other People,” which opened the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year,
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6 Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows Hitting HBO Now in July 2016: ‘Vice Principals,’ ‘Looking: The Movie’ and More

6 Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows Hitting HBO Now in July 2016: ‘Vice Principals,’ ‘Looking: The Movie’ and More
Summer is officially here, but thanks to HBO’s latest releases, bingeing TV shows and movies on the couch may be preferable to a day at the beach. New original programming includes the premiere of “The Night Of,” a gritty new New York based miniseries, and “Vice Principals,” a dark comedy about feuding administrators.

Returning programming includes Dwayne Johnson’s “Ballers” and “Looking: The Movie,” which sums up the story of gay men in San Francisco that was explored in HBO’s recently canceled series.

Read More: 5 Things We Know About The ‘Looking’ Movie

Theatrical highlights include “Straight Outta Compton,” “Suffragette” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Also be sure to catch “Ali” and celebrate the life of the boxing legend before the biopic leaves HBO Now at the end of July.

Below are all of the titles hitting HBO Now in July 2016, plus IndieWire’s picks on what to stream.

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Morgan Freeman Voices New Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad (Video)

  • The Wrap
Morgan Freeman Voices New Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad (Video)
Hillary Clinton is hoping Hollywood’s “Voice of God” will woo voters in a new campaign commercial release Friday. Morgan Freeman, who played God twice in comedies “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty,” narrates the spot debuted during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” “Her life’s work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency, which is why for every American who’s not being paid what they’re worth, who’s being held back by student debt or a system tilted against them, and there are far too many of you, she understands that our country can’t reach
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Morgan Freeman Open To Bruce Almighty 2, But Only If Jim Carrey Returns

With that signature (and soothing) voice coupled with a cool and calm demeanour, Morgan Freeman portrayed God with such compelling gravitas across Bruce Almighty and its middling spinoff Evan Almighty that he could fool us into believing that he actually is the all-powerful deity – ice-white suit and all.

It’s been almost a decade since Freeman last played the role in 2007, though while speaking to /Film, the esteemed actor revealed that he would be game for returning for Bruce Almighty 2, but only if Jim Carrey joins him. Said he: “I think I would have to if they did it. If Jim Carrey plays his character, and if I was called on, I would feel obligated.”

Carrey and Freeman first united for the original sleeper hit in 2003, where the former took on the role of Bruce Nolan, a struggling field reporter who is imbued with divine powers capable of reversing not only his own fortunes,
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Morgan Freeman Would Return For ‘Bruce Almighty 2’

Morgan Freeman Would Return For ‘Bruce Almighty 2’
Morgan Freeman met with the press of the Television Critics Association after his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. During the interview, /Film asked Freeman if he would return for Bruce Almighty 2. Freeman played God in the first film, and the spinoff Evan Almighty. “I think I would have to if […]

The post Morgan Freeman Would Return For ‘Bruce Almighty 2’ appeared first on /Film.
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So, 'Kung Pow: Enter the Fist' is Getting a Sequel...

So, 'Kung Pow: Enter the Fist' is Getting a Sequel...
Steve Oedekerk's 2002 dubbed comedy Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is one of those comedies I'll always have to regret liking when I was around nine-or-ten years old. It's a sophomoric, slappy-happy rip-off of Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily written with all the sophistication and charm of two middle-school boys riffing on a copy of an old 1970s martial arts feature. It probably had to do with my love of kung fu -- something I still adore today -- and being of the right age. This is all to say, it's one of those black marks in my film-loving life from which I constantly atone for. It didn't make a dent in the box office, but I suppose it had a modern following on home video who clamored up its irreverence in a pre-YouTube era as I did then. Does that warrant the need to have a sequel
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How to fix a failing movie franchise

Paramount tried a few approaches in the new Terminator reboot. But if a franchise hits the doldrums, how can a studio resurrect it?

Fingers are being crossed at Skydance and Paramount Pictures that the critical mauling handed out to Terminator: Genisys last week won't be reflected fully in the box office numbers. So far, the plan for a new trilogy of Terminator films is arguably just about alive, courtesy of a total gross for the new film of $131m worldwide. That's below expectations, but if it can eventually crawl its way to $400m, that's probably enough to move ahead with a Genisys sequel (it'd be more than the hugely-acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road).

But even if a new film gets greenlit, it's clear that things have to change again. As many have pointed out, the consensus is now that there have been more bad-to-middling Terminator films than good ones,
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Morgan Freeman To Host & Produce ‘The Story Of God’ For Nat Geo

National Geographic Channel and Revelations Entertainment are partnering on The Story Of God, a new global series exploring mankind’s quest to explore the divine. Morgan Freeman, who coincidentally played God in Bruce Almighty and the sequel Evan Almighty, will host and produce the series. It’s slated to air on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Mundo in 2016 in the U.S. and globally in 171 countries and 45 languages. Each episode will center on one big question…
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StreamFix: Must-watch 'Daily Show' correspondent movies on Netflix now

  • Hitfix
StreamFix: Must-watch 'Daily Show' correspondent movies on Netflix now
Thanks to the news of Trevor Noah taking over Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" desk, we remembered something: Wow, "Daily Show" alums have basically taken over the world. If they're not landing primetime sitcom gigs, they're scoring Oscar nominations and populating romcoms. To celebrate Noah's new post, let's take a look at five Netflix picks starring the friends, colleagues, and cronies of Jon Stewart. Watch 'em now.  "Trevor Noah: African American" If you haven't been introduced to your new "Daily Show" host's brand of observational humor yet, check out his comedy special where he discusses his home country of South Africa and why racial relations there, even during the age of apartheid, are/were less complicated than in the U.S. His bit about Oprah Winfrey's leadership academy is particularly inspired. And a little unsettling! "Bruce Almighty" Oscar nominee Steve Carell wasn't always scarring you with his fake "Foxcatcher" nose and deathly "Foxcatcher" stare.
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