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bux20 June 2008
This show is great fun for two reasons. first of all, it is always neat to see which side of the bed Matthews woke up on today. The guy must be bi-polar, as he is never consistent on any two days on the same issue. The second reason to watch this show is to count how many times spittle will erupt from Chris's mouth.

As with most political talk shows, this one never delves into the real issues but goes for topics sure to attract viewers...like weather or not Cindy McCain bakes her own cookies, or if Michele Obama really is proud of America.

A total waste of time for those hungry for real news talk.
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But does Chris Matthews ever Shut Up?
RNMorton29 August 2004
I don't know that I'm completely qualified to review this show, I'm not sure I've ever been able to make it all the way through. They usually hit on the hot topic of the day. And they interview knowledgeable folks, even if they seem to trot out too familiar faces too often. But does Chris Mathews ever really shut up?? It seems just when one of the guests is about to get to the heart of the matter, Chris cuts them off mid-sentence with his own take. Now I know there's a danger of losing viewers with long-winded guests running on and on, but you have to at least let your experts talk for more than 10 or 15 seconds without butting in. I guess Matthews' style attracts a lot of people but it turns me off. I think he's far more effective as an analyst than 'interviewing' others. And his underlying liberal agenda, which surfaces at odd moments, just isn't appreciated. He recently made an off hand remark about the 2000 election. Hey, Chris, it was ten years ago, and oh by the way I think the right result was reached. (This from the same guy who even more recently said the Supreme Court decision "defines" constitutionality, in the context of Obamacare). Get beyond it and pretend you don't have an agenda.
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This 'Professional Anchor' Gets Tingles!
ccthemovieman-129 February 2008
This guy finally was exposed recently as the ridiculous far-Left loony we all knew he was. When Barack O'Bama speaks, Mr. Hardball admitted he "gets a tingle up and down my leg."


This guy is so pathetic. He's been a shill for the Democratic Party for so long, and is so desperate to have a winner again and is so enamored with a ultimate political correct candidate - the most Liberal senator, voting-wise, in the country - that he's apparently sexually aroused by a candidate!

Wow, folks, this a real professional journalist. And MSNBC wonders why about 15 people watch them each night, beaten easily by CNN and totally trounced by Fox News.

Matthews is not only the political anchor of this network but a wonderful symbol of how inept, biased and stupid MSNBC has gotten in recent years. It's a shame because he, along with even a bigger wacko in Keith Olbermann, have taken a decent network and plummeted it into the dumper. It's no surprise the ratings are so low for this show and the ones that follow each night on MSNBC.
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Chris Matthews is no Tim Russert
PoliticalJunky14 July 2008
Chris Matthews seems to put down his guests when they are not in complete lockstep with him. He immediately interrupts them with "I hear ya", or "uh-huh" meaning he's no longer listening to what they have to say. He usually has interesting and knowledgeable guests that he loves to talk over and try to show his superior intelligence. He filibusters trying to make his point and then asks them to agree with what he said. Most of the time he makes little sense or tries to make a point that seems to be meaningless. A good example is his love affair with Obama that is unbelievable but understandable because he loves to talk in circles and so does Obama. Matthews has indicated that he would like to be the Washington news bureau chief as well as anchor "Meet the Press". Based upon his commentary and conduct on "Hardball" NBC cannot possibly consider him to be a replacement for Tim Russert with all of his biases and his inability to listen to opposing viewpoints.
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Generally Unwatchable
Ethereal-Cloud23 June 2010
Putting the obvious political bent of the show aside, is it informative or at least watchable ? The answer is usually no. Someone commented that the host must be bi-polar and after thinking about it I have to agree. Matthews runs so hot and cold from minute to minute you can almost see the smoke rising from his ears. The word disjointed comes to mind. As of this writing there are several other liberal shows on the same network and I suggest any one of them. This one stays around for the same reason the 82 year old blind janitor is still working at your grade school you attended as a child, nobody has the heart to tell him it's time to pack up and go home.
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Tell me something I don't know. You are a boor.
worstcompanytoworkfor30 August 2017
I suppose the show could be good if Chris Matthews stopped interrupting his guests. We'll never know because none of them has a chance to say more than a few words before he cuts them off. Many of the other MSNBC hosts also interrupt their guests constantly, but Chris Matthews is by far the worst. I wish his show was on at 6:00 EDT because then I could watch the local news instead during that time.
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Chris "the interrupter" Mathews
glowe-2315824 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really like Hardball with Chris Mathews but I can not watch it because of the number of times Chris interrupts his guest. One night he was talking to a female guest and he said he would not interrupt women. He then ask the female guest a question and immediately interrupted her. I would like to know how many times per episode does he interrupt his guest. I am guessing it has to be close to two dozen times per episode. The main reason I watch the show (when I do not get to aggravated with his interrupting) is to hear what the guest have to say. However, invariably I can not hear the guest finish a thought because of Chris "the interrupter" Mathews interrupting the guest. Usually I am good for about four or five times of his interrupting after which I just watch something else. This man is just so very rude!!!
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