Annapolis (2006) Poster


Vicellous Shannon: Twins



  • Jake Huard : He's right you know.

    Twins : Can I borrow your starch?

    Jake Huard : Look, I don't get it. Why are you still here?

    Twins : You want to know why I stay in this room?

    Jake Huard : Yeah.

    Twins : Cause Jake, you're my Mississippi.

    Jake Huard : I'm your what?

    Twins : People who live in Arkansas, you know what their favorite state is?

    Jake Huard : No.

    Twins : Mississippi. Cause Mississippi's the only thing that keeps Arkansas from being the worst state in the whole country.

    Jake Huard : I'm Mississippi.

    Twins : Well you sure as hell ain't California. Listen, Cole and Whitaker are so busy tryin' to run you out they forgot about me. As a matter of fact, they've forgotten about every other plebe in this whole company. That's why I stay in this room Jake. Cause if Mississippi quits, then all of a sudden Arkansas is the worst state in the whole country.

  • Jake Huard : What are you looking at? Porn?

    Twins : It's not porn.

  • Estrada : Hey, you guys looking at porn?

    Twins : Yeah.

  • Twins : Hey, Huard? I said, I'll see you after leave.

    Jake Huard : Sir, yes, sir.

  • Twins : [on "North" Beach diet]  Not only am I the president, but I'm also a client.

  • Whitaker : Come on you Butterball move it!

    Twins : Sir, I'm trying, Sir!

    Whitaker : Stop trying and do it!

    Twins : Sir, yes, sir!

    Whitaker : You know what, I'm gonna start calling you Twins, do you know why, Twins?

    Twins : Sir, because I carry the weight of two normal people, sir

    Whitaker : Oh you're smart too, so you can realize that if your fat ass doesn't make it up that obstacle your fat ass will be separated! Do you understand Twins?

    Twins : Sir, yes, sir

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