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Season 1

19 Jun. 2004
An Unexpected Event
Bloom becomes involved in a fight between a magical fairy Stella, and a gang of trolls headed by Knut the Ogre. Stella introduces Bloom to the world of Magix, where the College of Alfea for aspiring fairies is located.
26 Jun. 2004
Welcome to Magix!
Bloom and Stella arrive at Alfea and meet Flora, Musa and Tecna. They form a club named "Winx" and have their first encounter with the witches of Cloud Tower.
3 Jul. 2004
Alfea College for Fairies
It's the beginning of the school year and Alfea and Red Fountain will be having a school dance, and all the girls are excited. Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna all have dresses to wear, but Bloom is desperate when Icy, Darcy, and Stormy come in to sabotage the Dance! What will Bloom do with her Winx?
10 Jul. 2004
The Black-Mud Swamp
The aspiring fairies experience their first outdoor exercise at the Black-Mud swamp.
17 Jul. 2004
Date with Disaster
Stella receives what she thinks is an invitation for a date from Prince Sky, but it's actually the witches up to their old tricks.
24 Jul. 2004
Mission at Cloudtower
The Winx sneak into eerie Cloud Tower to get the ring back, but they find the dangerous Crypt of the Magic Archive.
31 Jul. 2004
Friends in Need
The Winx girls and the Red Fountain guys have a cleaning party as a "punishment" for going to Cloud Tower. When the witches conjure up a minotaur to take them down, the party ends up being crashed.
7 Aug. 2004
A Friendship Sundered
The witches cause Riven to have an accident and make it look like Bloom is the culprit.
14 Aug. 2004
The mysterious voice that saved Bloom at Cloud Tower continues to torment her in her dreams. Finally, the voice discloses its face - Daphne, one of the nine legendary nymphs of Magix.
28 Aug. 2004
Bloom Tested
During Bloom's midterm exam at Alfea, Darcy sets the Simulation Chamber to the highest level of difficulty to analyze her power.
28 Aug. 2004
The Monster and the Willow
For the potion exam, Flora must find a rare flower that inhabits the Black-Mud swamp.
4 Sep. 2004
Miss Magix
Instead of preparing for her midterm exams, Stella plans to compete in the Miss Magix beauty pageant.
11 Sep. 2004
A Great Secret Revealed
Bloom goes back to Gardenia for a school break, when terrible things start happening there to her parents.
18 Sep. 2004
Bloom's Dark Secret
Bloom, Tecna, Timmy and Brandon attempt to enter the Crypt of the Magic Archive to find out more about Bloom's magic.
25 Sep. 2004
Honor above All
Bloom runs into Professor Wizgiz, Who drops a sealed envelope containing the answers to a test.
2 Oct. 2004
Cold Spell
The Trix send a Nightmare monster to distract the Winx as Icy and the Trix try to steal the Dragon's Fire from Bloom.
9 Oct. 2004
Secrets Within Secrets
Bloom accidentally discovers that Brandon is not a simple squire to Prince Sky, but that he is the real prince.
16 Oct. 2004
The Font of Dragon Fire
The three witches attack Bloom again, and she loses all her powers.
23 Oct. 2004
The Fall of Magix
With the Dragon Fire power the three witches take possession of Cloud Tower and imprison Professor Griffin.
30 Oct. 2004
Mission to Domino
Bloom and the Winx to go planet Domino, hoping to recover Bloom's power.
6 Nov. 2004
The Crown of Dreams
While searching for Bloom, the Winx discover the castle. Bloom learns about her past.
13 Nov. 2004
Storming Cloudtower
Bloom, Stella, Sky and Brandon try to enter Cloud Tower in order to find Bloom's powers. Riven regrets his behavior and rejoins the fairies' group to help save Magix.
20 Nov. 2004
Power Play
Bloom and friends release the imprisoned "good" witches at Cloud Tower, who join forces with the fairies to fight Icy, Darcy and Stormy.
27 Nov. 2004
The Witches' Siege
The witches destroy Alfea and are close to controlling Magix. Bloom is guided by Daphne's voice.
4 Dec. 2004
The Ultimate Challenge
The Trix are all set for a final battle against Alfea as they rally their greatest army yet. Bloom has a heart to heart talk with Daphne. Will it help get her powers back?
11 Dec. 2004
The Witches' Downfall
Fairies, witches and specialists of the Magical Dimension join their powers one last time against the Trix in the final battle.

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