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Season 7

10 Jan. 2016
The Alfea Natural Park
Faragonda shows Roxy and the Winx the Alfea Natural Park, which she created to welcome the last specimens of Fairy Animals in the Magic Dimension.
10 Jan. 2016
Young Fairies Grow Up
To save the Digmoles from extinction, the Winx and Roxy use special items given to them by Faragonda called the Stones of Memories. They are able to travel back in time to when Digmoles were abundant.
17 Jan. 2016
In the Alfea of the past, Kalshara, a fairy with dark intentions, manages to have access to an old hall of the college. Crossing a Wild Magic source, she becomes a shapeshifting creature, the first step to obtaining the Fairy Animals Ultimate Power.
20 Sep. 2015
The First Color of the Universe
Back to the present, the Winx organize the inauguration of the Alfea Natural Park, where now there are many Digmoles, saved by the Winx in the past. The Digmoles hide a mysterious enigma.
24 Jan. 2016
A Friend from the Past
Brafilius can now use the stone stolen from Roxy to travel back in time, and he also knows how to find the Animal with the First Color, thanks to the information that the fairy accidentally gave him. The six fairies teleport themselves into the prehistory of Magix, looking for the Animal with the First Color.
24 Jan. 2016
Adventure on Lynphea
Roxy calls the Winx in her room at Alfea, because she knows that the MagiWolves species is in danger on Lynphea. The fairies go to the native world of Flora and meet her parents, who are healing two Magiwolves.
31 Jan. 2016
Beware of the Wolf
Miele comes to help the fairies, using the antidote to replace the fungi with beautiful magic orchids. Noticing that nature is spontaneously reacting, Flora gets the idea of helping nature itself with her own Butterflix special spell.
31 Jan. 2016
Back in the Middle Ages
After a few attempts to make Squonk and Amarok become friends, the Winx use their Stones of Memories to travel back to Medieval Italy, where a very special animal species called Quillcat used to live.
7 Feb. 2016
The Fairy Cat
Brafilius uses his magic to scare everyone, then lets the Winx get the blame for it. The guards would like to send the fairies to prison, but Orlando, the minstrel who knows how to summon the Quillcat, helps the Winx to escape without raising any suspect.
7 Feb. 2016
Winx Trapped!
Brafilius didn't manage to catch the Quillcat, nor to find out if the animal has the Ultimate Power. Kalshara goes to Alfea alone and abducts Critty. The Winx find out too late about the abduction, and they follow Kalshara led by the telepathic communication between Musa and the Quillcat.
14 Feb. 2016
Mission in the Jungle
Roxy asks the Winx for help. On the Earth, the Sumatran Tigers are in danger, because they are hunted by shapeshifting poachers, contaminated by a source of Wild Magic.
14 Feb. 2016
A Fairy Animal for Tecna
At Alfea, Shiny and Amarok damage one of Roxy's techno-magic spheres. Tecna suggests the Winx visit her parents on Zenith to repair it. Meanwhile Brafilius, in the ancient Zenith, analyses one of the Techquirrels (which feed the planet's core with energy) to understand whether it has the Ultimate Power, but his action makes the core unstable.
21 Feb. 2016
The Unicorn's Secret
The Winx are at Roxy's Animal Rescue Park to help her, when they receive an emergency signal from China: the pandas are in danger. The Winx go to the Qinling Mountains and meet Mei-Li, a girl who chose to live in the forest with the pandas. Mei-Li joins the fairies to carry out their mission.
21 Feb. 2016
Tynix Transformation
After finding the magic harmony among them, the Winx's six Fairy Animals find out they are the Keepers of the Ultimate Power, and they give the fairies the Tynix bracelets, which they can use to explore the MiniWorlds.
28 Feb. 2016
The Magic Stones
The Dragans are getting weaker and weaker, because the fire of Pyros has been absorbed by the Vampire of Fire. Kalshara could call it back, but she demands to be let go in exchange. The Winx don't believe her words, so they transform into Tynix fairies.
28 Feb. 2016
Back to Paradise Bay
A peaceful trip to Paradise Bay between the Winx and the Specialists turns into an occasion to accomplish a new mission. Roxy warns the Winx that the entire ecosystem is in danger for an unknown reason, so the girls and the boys work hard to solve the mystery.
6 Mar. 2016
Lost in a Droplet
Chloe explains to the Winx that Paradise Bay was kept alive thanks to the lymph of the Leaf MiniWorld and to the water of the Drop MiniWorld.
6 Mar. 2016
Banana Day
As the Winx take a group of lemurs back to their natural habitat, a sudden attack by Kalshara and Brafilius transforms all the bananas into monsters, which attack monkeys and the Specialists.
13 Mar. 2016
The Magix Rainbow
As an important ball is taking place at Domino Castle, Kalshara and Brafilius are at Graynor Ruins to catch the Creature with the Rainbow Coat, in order to absorb its magic power.
13 Mar. 2016
Baby Winx
Kalshara and Brafilius think that the Animal with the Ultimate Power is one of the Fairy Animals bonded with the Winx. After setting a trap, Brafilius casts a time-reversal spell on their Stones of Memories, making the Winx turn back into little girls.
20 Mar. 2016
It's a Crazy, Crazy World
The Winx decide to go back to Alfea with their Fairy Animals. In order to catch them, Kalshara has to find a way to enter the school for fairies. But suddenly, the Winx are called by Roxy for an emergency.
20 Mar. 2016
The Kingdom of Diamonds
The Digmole the Winx show to Faragonda says it's bonded with the Alfea headmistress, but Faragonda has vague memories about it. Bloom explains that this could be due to the fact that the previous headmistress, Mavilla, cancelled all the memories of the Alfea fairies about the Fairy Animals.
3 Apr. 2016
The Secret of Alfea
The Fairy Animals arrive to save Flora and the Winx, magically appearing in the Adamantine MiniWorld. For the Winx there is no time to waste, because the Ultimate Power Diamond has flown out of the MiniWorld, looking for a keeper...
3 Apr. 2016
The Golden Butterfly
At Alfea, the ongoing battle between the Trix and the Alfea fairies escalates in intensity. Meanwhile, the Winx use their Stones of Memories to reverse time and visit a historical Alfea. The Winx encounter Mavilla and a young Faragonda, who are able to assist them in their search for the Golden Butterfly.
10 Apr. 2016
New Magic Harmony
In the Flower MiniWorld, Bloom is rescued at the last moment by Elas. The Golden Butterfly soars in the air, spreading fairy dust all around the MiniWorld, forcing the Trix to run away. The serene atmosphere is broken by the unexpected arrival of Kalshara.
10 Apr. 2016
The Power of the Fairy Animals
Kalshara wants to save Brafilius, who is in the hand of the Trix. The Winx have to put the Ultimate Power to safety, so they temporarily ally against the witches. The shapeshifting fairy leads the six fairies and their animals in the underground world of Magix, following her brother's magic trace.

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