Lucky Number Slevin (2006) Poster

Mykelti Williamson: Sloe



  • Elvis : [Sloe grabs Slevin by the throat and moves him into the living room]  The Boss wants to see you.

    Slevin : Who?

    Sloe : The Boss.

    Slevin : Who's the Boss?

    Sloe : The guy we work for.

    Slevin : [Sloe let's go of Slevin's throat]  Jesus!

    Elvis : Come here and sit your punk ass down.

    Slevin : [He attempts getting up but is kept down by Sloe]  I'm not the guy you're looking for. I don't live here.

    Sloe : Yeah, well you look like the guy who lives here.

    Slevin : Then you don't know what the guy who lives here looks like.

    Elvis : What he means to say is that you look like you live here.

    Sloe : Yeah, that's what I mean to say.

  • Sloe : You got some id?

    Slevin : See, the funny thing about that is I got mugged this morning...

    Sloe : [interrupting]  Look, look! Tell it to the one-legged man, so he can bump it off down the road.

    [Slevin gives a blank stare] 

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