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  • No. The movie's script was written by Jason Smilovic. Edit

  • Most likely older than he appears. In the early scenes showing his family's murder, Slevin (Henry) looks to be approximately ten years old. These scenes took place in 1979, as shown in a caption when Goodkat begins explaining the events to Nick Fisher. Assuming the movie takes place in 2006, when it was released, this would mean that Slevin is approximately 36 or 37; older if he was eleven or twelve when his parents were murdered. Actor Josh Hartnett, meanwhile, was born in 1978 and would have been 28 when the movie was released.

    Goodkat mentions several times that this is 20 years in the making, so one could surmise that Slevin is in his late 20s or 30, at the most. This would make Josh Hartnett's age at the time of release appropriate. Edit

  • Even among gangsters, drug lords, and the most hardened killers, there's a very strict honor code: children are untouchable. Many of these men who kill for a living will still refuse to harm young children. This becomes the main story hook for the whole movie, as even Goodkat finds the deed too repulsive for him to follow through on, and instead spends over twenty years helping young Henry plan and execute a brutal revenge on his family's killers. Edit

  • "After Laughter (Comes Tears)" by Wendy Rene -- when Slevin goes for coffee after sleeping with Lindsey

    "Kansas City Shuffle" by The Rumor Mill -- Ending credits. Edit

  • Wu-Tang Clan - "Tearz" Enter the 36 Chambers - 1993 Edit



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