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6 Jan. 2013
Week One: We're Back... and So Is Jillian
In front of a live studio audience, Alison introduces the season's theme, childhood obesity through the Challenge America program, with three young people being the faces of the challenge to reduce childhood obesity by having them go through a weight loss regime at home. Each will have one of the three trainers to work with, those three which includes the return of Jillian Michaels. Alison then calls out the names of the fifteen people who will be this season's contestants and who have no idea they have been chosen until their name is called. Each contestant gives a little background...
7 Jan. 2013
Week Two: Get Moving
With Nikki voluntarily leaving the ranch and the competition, and TC falling below the red line at the first weigh-in meaning that he was automatically eliminated, the white team, led by Jillian, is already down two members after week one. Their problems continue as Jillian seems unable to get through to her team members. All thirteen remaining contestants learn that at this week's weigh-in, there once again will only be a red line, meaning that the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team is automatically eliminated. For their first workout...
14 Jan. 2013
Week Three: Cut the Junk
The white team is reeling as Nathan is eliminated at the latest weigh-in, he the third member who the team has lost in only two weeks, with theirs being the only team that is no longer at the full complement of five. Alison gives the teams a trivia test on childhood obesity, the losing team which is given what they consider the worst punishment: having to spend four and a half hours every day this week locked in a typical childhood obesity room filled with junk food, televisions and video games. As that time takes away from their workout time, the trainer of the ...
21 Jan. 2013
Week Four: Pay It Forward
The contestants learn that Cate, who was eliminated after the latest weigh-in, is not the only person leaving the ranch this week. Bob, Dolvett and Jillian will all leave for the week to visit Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny respectively, they who don't know their trainer is coming. The trainers will return to the ranch in time for the last chance workout. The three trainers want to inspire their child ambassador by choosing an activity that they will deem fun, to check to see if they are following the nutrition rules told to them by Dr. Joanna, and to uncover the emotional...
28 Jan. 2013
Week Five: Waist & Money
Pam's elimination at the latest weigh-in raises issues for all three teams for this upcoming week. If the white team loses the next weigh-in, not only will their one and only remaining team member, Danni, leave the ranch, but her trainer, Jillian, will as well. The red team, who has won three of four weigh-ins thus far, feels like a target is on their backs. And the blue team, the only one with a still full complement of five members, believes the percentages are not in their favor this week. Never having faced an elimination yet, that fear of losing the weigh-in ...
4 Feb. 2013
Week Six: Lead by Example
The elimination of Lisa at the latest weigh-in marks the half way point for this season's competition. In this week's theme of leading by example, the remaining contestants learn that only one person's weight from each team will count at this week's weigh-in, with those three literally chosen by a roll of the dice immediately preceding the weigh-in. This news leads to a "clearing of the air" between some of the trainers and their team members who are scared to be one of the chosen. The trainers want their team members to embrace being chosen. The contestants soon ...
11 Feb. 2013
Week Seven: Tough Love
After David is eliminated at the latest weigh-in, Alison tells the remaining contestants that the teams are being disbanded and they are now playing as individuals. It's Valentine's week, and their temptation challenge is something they may face on Valentine's: cupcakes and other such baked goods. Without being able to see what the others are doing, the person who consumes the most calories in ten minutes wins a two pound advantage at this week's weigh-in, with the winner also giving a two pound advantage to another contestant. Jillian in particular chastises those ...
18 Feb. 2013
Week Eight: Work Together
Michael's elimination at the latest weigh-in has put some people on the defensive in how the vote went down. The remaining contestants learn that they will will have to work together as one cohesive unit this week as Alison tells them that if they as a collective can lose 70 pounds this week, they will all be provided immunity from elimination at that weigh-in. They are provided two opportunities to lower that 70 pound amount. The first, which potentially could drop that number by up to 10 pounds, is through a pop challenge on nutrition knowledge and surpassing ...
25 Feb. 2013
Week Nine: Face Your Fears
In Face Your Fears week, Francelina, the latest eliminated contestant, is not the only person leaving the ranch. The loser of the latest pop challenge, success in which is dependent upon help from the other contestants, will also face one of his/her biggest fears: leaving the ranch, if only for the week, to live life without the gym, the trainers and a properly stocked kitchen. That pop challenge loser will also bring with him/her one other contestant of his/her choice. Conversely, the pop challenge winner receives a one pound advantage at the weigh-in. This challenge...
4 Mar. 2013
Week Ten: Make a Difference
There are five contestants remaining after the elimination of Alex, those five who are going into makeover week. Fashion stylist Tim Gunn and hair stylist Ken Paves are not only making over the five, but also the three childhood obesity ambassadors. All eight get to share the experience with their family and friends at home, where they will spend the next two weeks. There, they are given two challenges. The first is to pay it forward by leading a group fitness session. The second is a personal mission to lose at least five percent of their body weight within that two weeks, which ...
11 Mar. 2013
Week Eleven: Down to the Wire
The joy the final five feel at the latest weigh-in by all making it past that weigh-in is slightly deflated by the news that at the next weigh-in, the penultimate, there will be a red line, the contestant falling below that being automatically eliminated, and a yellow line, the two contestants falling below that being possibly eliminated from the competition based on a public vote leading to the finale. That means that the top two for the week automatically make it into the final three, with the winner of the public vote being the third finalist. The childhood obesity...
18 Mar. 2013
Live Finale
As those that fell below the yellow line in the penultimate weigh-in, Jackson and Joe find out which of the two the American public has voted for to join Danni and Jeff as one of the final three contestants. Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett provide their thoughts about this season and their interactions with the contestants and with each other. Interspersed with other segments is the story of each of the three childhood obesity ambassadors, each who has a special outcome from their journey thus far. The at-home contestants are introduced and Alison describes a little of ...
15 Oct. 2013
Episode #15.1
Inspiring contestants, including the show's first celebrity player, Ruben Studdard, an uplifting "second chances" theme and powerful new roles for the trainers highlight Season 15.
22 Oct. 2013
Episode #15.2
A roll of the die determines whose weight will count at the weigh-in.
29 Oct. 2013
Episode #15.3
The first eliminated contestant, Fernanda, provides an update of her weight loss journey at home. The teams, all with the same amount of resources, learn that their workout this week will be determined by an auction of gym equipment, each piece which is available to the entire team if they have the highest bid. Strategy is to make other teams pay as a high a price as possible for the equipment that they want, while paying as little as possible for what one's own team wants. It is the penultimate item on the auction block that has the potential to be good or bad: a ...
5 Nov. 2013
Episode #15.4
Tanya feels extra pressure on herself this week as Dolvett used his one and only trainer save of the season at the last weigh-in to keep her on the ranch. The fourteen remaining contestants compete in their first temptation challenge - a Halloween themed one - the winning team which will receive immunity at the next weigh-in as long as none on that team gains any weight. In a patch of one hundred pumpkins, the contestants, one by one by team, have to choose a pumpkin, one which contains the immunity ticket. The other ninety-nine pumpkins contain either a cash prize ...
12 Nov. 2013
Episode #15.5
Ruben's elimination at the latest weigh-in, he who was seen as the heart of the ranch, brings the reality of the competition side of the equation into focus for the remaining contestants, and not just his red team mates. Dolvett brings his team to work out with the Beat Cancer Bootcamp. This experience motivates the team, but has the greatest emotional impact on David, whose first wife died from cancer. Jillian takes her team's workout into the pool, where she helps Craig overcome his fear of water, that fear the result of not knowing how to swim. Bob knows that the ...
19 Nov. 2013
Episode #15.6
It's a busy week at "The Biggest Loser" ranch, which kicks off with a fun bouncing ball challenge that will award members of the winning team a welcome cash prize.
26 Nov. 2013
Episode #15.7
Bob using his only trainer save on Matt at the last weigh-in puts all the teams on equal footing with no trainer saves left. Bob's decision weighs heavily on Matt, who has a chat with Tanya, who was also a previous "savee". Being Thanksgiving week, the reward challenge hits home for the contestants more ways than one. The challenge has the teams filling trucks with boxes of Thanksgiving food that will be delivered to the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. The team who fills their truck first of forty boxes average per team member will have family/friends flown in...
3 Dec. 2013
Episode #15.8
The remaining contestants learn that Holley, who lost the latest weigh-in, is not the only person going home this week, as one other will be spending the week at home. That person will bring along his/her trainer, and his/her weight will be the only one counting for his/her team at the next weigh-in. The person chosen to head home is determined by luck, based on the spin of a wheel. That trainer believes this situation is bad for all on their team as it takes away from the workout of the team members still on the ranch, and that the time at home for the chosen one ...
10 Dec. 2013
Episode #15.9
Ruben, the most recently eliminated contestant, is shown in his post-ranch life. The remaining contestants meet at a diner, where Alison holds a pop quiz on lifestyle and obesity. The quiz topic and the locale are appropriate as the team that loses the quiz will return to work for the week - something that most of the contestants are dreading as "no time" has always been an excuse for not having a healthy lifestyle - not at their regular jobs, but rather at this diner, where bad food temptations will be immense. The losing team decides to bring some of their work home...
17 Dec. 2013
Episode #15.10
The 10 remaining contestants reach a milestone this week, as the competition goes from teams to singles. Wearing their new individual color shirts, the players meet host Alison Sweeney for a night-time "ring of fire" endurance challenge that involves holding a percentage of their individual weights. Alison also shares exciting news about an upcoming event that will be a "Biggest Loser" first for contestants, and sobering news that this week's weigh-in will end with a double elimination. Now that the teams have been disbanded, trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett are ...

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