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1 Jan. 2015
Kauai Part 2
At the last sets of weigh-ins, JJ is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Jordan joins Scott at Comeback Canyon. The remaining five contestants spend their second of two weeks on the island of Kauai, primarily in the jungle as opposed to the first week which was largely on the beach. Beyond the workouts, many of the activities are symbolic of rebirth and renewal and/or letting go of fear. Dolvett wants Rob to let go of that fear, which Dolvett feels has held Rob back from accomplishing so much more in his life, with his symbolic activity being to ...
8 Jan. 2015
Makeover Week
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Jordan is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Woody joins Scott at Comeback Canyon. This week proves to be the most divisive yet at the Canyon, as Scott wants retribution for Woody having voted him off the ranch. The stakes are high as the biggest loser at the Canyon this week will be Bob's contestant heading back to the ranch. The remaining four contestants at the ranch have made it to Makeover Week, where they will get fashion styled by Tim Gunn, and their hair done by Ken Paves. Their rewards include an entire new wardrobe, being in ...
15 Jan. 2015
The Comeback
As there was no one eliminated from the ranch after the last weigh-in, there are four ranch contestants remaining: Lori, Rob, Sonya and Toma. Those four will learn about the existence of Comeback Canyon, the return of Bob who has been training the Canyon contestants all season, and Bob bringing one contestant back with him who the four thought was eliminated, namely Woody. This twist in the game throws specifically Rob for a loop, he who cannot control his negative emotions about the issue. Dolvett has to help him focus on what is important. Bob's return as a trainer ...
22 Jan. 2015
End Zone
With Lori eliminated at the last weigh-in, there are four contestants left at the ranch vying for the final three spots in the finale. Jenna Wolfe, seven months pregnant, comes in as this week's guest trainer, she who wants to show the contestants how to work out at home with no equipment. Meanwhile, Bob trains the three trainers to show the contestants that their journey is a never-ending one, where trainers too have to put in effort in their workouts time and time again. The four contestants go back to where it all started seventeen weeks ago, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum...
29 Jan. 2015
Live Finale
Alison introduces the theme for the season - athletes trying to regain their former glory - before she introduces the four trainers, Jen, Jessie, Dolvett, and Bob, the latter who provides his thoughts about the concept of and atmosphere at Comeback Canyon. While Jen and Jessie talk of being the new trainers this season, Dolvett talks about what made this season special compared to previous seasons. The at-home contestants are introduced and Alison describes a little of their journey on the show and after leaving the ranch before they each weigh-in for the final time ...

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