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Good points and bad
the_frog_princess2 February 2010
Before listing the numerous bad points I have to say there is one point about this show that is so amazingly good it almost makes up for the bad ones: it demonstrates with no doubt whatsoever that nearly ANYONE CAN BE ACTIVE no matter what their weight. A good deal more active than most people believe is possible. This is so important. It shows that change is possible. It also shows how people who do eat well and exercise can accomplish amazing things well before they reach their goal weights, that there are rewards for changing your lifestyle throughout the journey, not just when you reach that magical number you've been striving for on the scale.

Among the bad points are the cheap psychoanalyzing that goes on, which appears to be more for making drama moments than actually accomplishing anything constructive, product placements (especially for products one strongly doubts the trainers actually encourage the contestants to use), the necessity for some contestants to lose more weight than is healthy in order to win, and raising unrealistic notions of what constitutes an appropriate rate of weight loss or level of intensity of exercise would be safe for viewers at home without strict medical supervision.
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I'm commenting on the person who says this isn't a healthy way to lose weight
bphillips198327 January 2006
OK. Heres the thing...A handful of people in the whole American population says this isn't a healthy way to lose weight. OK. I'm sorry but I always assumed that diet and exercise was healthier than drugs that can overall give you a stroke or heart attack or surgery that can leave you in a vegetative state and brain dead or kill you on the spot. Maybe thats just me though. These few people claim that it is only short term and can come back even faster but what about the contestants from season 1? TWO YEARS AGO. NONE of them have flabby skin and none of them gained the weight back. This show is not about losing weight. Its about CHANGING YOUR LIFE AND LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF, which everyone has done successfully. This show is so motivational and inspired me to get up and hit the gym (I have lost 35 pounds from Jan 1st-Jan 27). This is a great show to watch even as a family as opposed to all the other shows that SCREAM sex, drugs, bad language, violence, and murder is whats in.
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Biggest Loser is a Total Winner!
Innuendo884 January 2005
What has reality TV come to these days with shows from Real World to Apprentice picking stereotyped characters to appear on them week after week and season after season. The Biggest Loser, however, is a different make-up entirely, featuring normal yet overweight contestants to compete to see who can lose the most weight and be...THE BIGGEST LOSER.

Two teams train and face-off each week in different challenges. Some of the challenges focus around their improvement, such as seeing how far one can ride an exercise bike for a set number of hours. Other challenges focus on the contestants' weaknesses, such as having them build a tall tower out of sugary food. It sounds cheesy, but it's fun to watch as the two teams try their best each week in the competitions. Host Caroline Rhea and trainers Bill and Jillian also provide a nice distraction from the contest and contestants. Caroline even has exciting lines such as "It's time to...CUT THE FAT!" Where do these writers come from...?

After the competition (and watching the winning team with their prize), we then have the weigh-off where each team member sees how much weight they have lost that week. Sometimes inspirational, other times boring, the weigh-in is one of the best moments of reality TV for me. Each week I get to watch as each team member works to try and lose weight and the real payoff comes in these moments. Afterwards, the team that loses the least weight has to vote a team member off, Survivor style. It can be somewhat cheezily intense.

Sometimes the game seems a little appears that every week, whoever wins the challenge for that week gets some cushy prize. The team that loses the challenge stays home and gets extra workout time. Does this seem like cheating to anyone else? It always seems to be that the team that wins the challenge loses the weigh-in. Hopefully if this show sees a second season (which I hope), this problem will be addressed.

While some have complained that the show should focus more on maintaining a low weight instead of just shedding the pounds, the fine print at the end of each episode says that they trainers and show mentors DO address this! As well, each contestant, as least as far as I can tell, is dangerously overweight and needed to shed that many pounds, so I don't know where some reviewers on here get off saying that the contestants should be focusing less on rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss is dangerous for people of AVERAGE body weight. As well, each contestant has been medically consulted.

Lastly, it is important to note that the show is also inspirational in many aspects. It shows that people who are overweight can still achieve things they would not have normally thought were possible. Each and every contestant has stated this, and I feel it is important to reinforce on here. The Biggest Loser shows how much can be achieved in diet, exercise, and self-image, which is important to an overweight America. I highly suggest tuning in!
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The Biggest Loser-inspirational, but could be so much better!
whysyourhatwet2 January 2006
I agree with the comment that the format needs to be changed. It's amazing that when the weight loss involves "famous people" they stay thru the whole show! As the people involved in The Biggest Loser know, some weeks are better than others because you've had great weight loss in a prior week or weeks; men normally lose weight faster than women; someone weighing 220 pounds will have a tougher time losing "big numbers" than someone weighing 320 pounds - and I noticed most of the women are under 300 pounds! While the team idea is okay, it should be put together by weight - trying to put together, at the beginning an equal amount of weight. But the final competition should be individual and the very final prize should be a year later - who has kept the weight off! In addition, I agree that there should also be a lot of stuff about keeping the weight off in a healthy manner. It has been inspirational to see how well most of these people have done and there is a lot of good about this - showing people they need to combine exercise with dieting.
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The wrong idea for a "health" show
Asteri-Atypical28 October 2004
Hey! Let's watch and see who gets voted off this week!


The format of this "new" show demonstrates the inability, or at least unwillingness, of TV show creators to move beyond established paradigms and old modes of thinking. Why is it that all so-called reality shows have to vote someone off? For this show, the old "Survivor model" just doesn't work and is, indeed, quite out of place.

This whole show, while it has some appeal to the TV watching population who empathize with the need to shed pounds, has some serious challenges which are not addressed. The participants have been split into teams and the team who loses the least total weight is forced to vote a member off. The number of pounds lost, in itself, in a given week is a poor indicator of overall weight management. Weight control is a longer process than a single week and should be measured over a longer time. There also is the fact that losing weight too quickly is NOT necessarily the most healthy way to lose it and often losing weight too quickly tends to result in temporary results! Lastly, I will mention that in a health program, a person may lose fat but gain muscle which results in a lower NET weight loss. Focusing solely on pounds lost is a recipe for poor health.

Most importantly, any dieter will tell you that the challenge is NEVER to shed pounds but to KEEP them off! While this show talks about "healthy lifestyles", the only measure of success in the team competition is pounds lost. The single biggest challenge to weight loss, keeping weight off, becomes an afterthought.

Participants should not be voted off. A new format was needed here. They all should have remained until the final weeks of the show where their overall results and HEALTH, based on medical indicators, fitness and other factors is measured. There could be athletic competitions as well in the final weeks when you finally begin to eliminate those whose overall health has not improved as much. You can never tell each week whose overall success will be greatest in the long run. Also it would be ideal if the finale of the show could have been filmed months after the completion of the initial program to help measure how well people have kept it off.

As it stands, this show only reinforces the notion of crash dieting and scale watching to temporarily lose the greatest pounds without regard for true health or permanent results. An abomination of a show, considering.
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Should be more popular than it is now.
batudingin25 April 2009
Bob and Jillian is the reason the show is so great, but Jillian is more watchable, period.

DO understand that I am not overweight, but I am concern with a few of my friends who are. That being said I do think that the show is interesting even for those who are NOT overweight or obese or just damn skinny, healthy, or even an athlete.

The only thing that is sometimes missing is the trainer's point of view in challenges or in the activities that the contestants is engaged in. There should be more of Jillian, Bob and Kim, or a new trainer, because the workout with all the drama and physical endurance is damn worth watching.

At the end of the day, they are all winners, or dare I say, The biggest loser.
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A great show and inspirational in some aspects.
boondock_saint_la19 January 2009
Biggest Loser, is a show where overweight people go to place called "the ranch", to compete against each other to lose weight. The winner wins $250,000. There is also a prize of $100,000 for the person that loses the most weight at home.(more on that in a second) On the show there is something called "The yellow line." Basically everybody weighs in at the end of the show. The teams/two people that fall below the yellow line are up for elimination. The remaining people in the house, vote them off. The person voted off goes home and is eligible for the "at home biggest loser," which is the $100,000 prize.

also while on the ranch, the contestants are not able to talk to their families by phone, letter, or anything unless its a prize they win through a challenge. A challenge is exactly what you think it is. All the contestants compete and the winner/winning team get a prize. The prizes vary from phone calls home, packages from home, money, vacations/cruise, immunity for the weight in, a 1 pound penalty to use on anybody they chose, and etc and so forth.

Another thing Biggest Loser does is something called Temptations. The contestants are placed in a situation where they can eat food for a chance to win a prize. Its a test of will power. basically a temptation means you are willing to sacrifice your hard work/weight loss for a material possession, if you go through with it.

Biggest Loser really is a great show. its inspirational, because it shows people you CAN lose weight. And the people that get voted off and lose the weight at home show people you don't have to be on the show to lose weight. It can be done at home.

You also learn a lot about the people on the show. You learn about how bad obesity really is and being overweight really can be and what goes along with it. Some people on the show admit them being overweight is due to unhealthy eating habits, a rough divorce, a traumatic experience, etc. But it is something people watching can relate to and probably went through a similar thing.

I highly recommend watching this show.
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The best part of "The Biggest Loser" is the title
cmcrazy813929 June 2014
You know you're in trouble when the best part of your TV show is the title. Remember a few months ago when I said "The Big Bang Theory" was the worst sitcom I'd ever seen? Well, guess what? "The Biggest Loser" on NBC is officially the worst TV show in existence. This show is a representation of everything that is wrong with television today. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for letting a project as unpleasant and mean-spirited as this for getting on the air. A reality competition show in which obese contestants have to lose as much weight as possible is a completely idiotic idea. How can anyone take a health-related show of this nature seriously if the challenges are nothing that normal people would have to do in the real world? I'm not kidding when I say I recall seeing an episode where the contestants had to walk on a wire several feet high to practice their balance. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't do anything like that in his prime!

Now the implausibility of these challenges wouldn't be as big a deal if the contestants competing in them were even remotely interesting. But they're not, and that's only part of why the contestants are the show's most fatal flaw. Each of us have different priorities and paths that we take with our lives. We're not going to be the same no matter how hard we try. Some of us may be so busy with work that we won't have time to exercise. Does that mean we're bad? No. It just means there's only so much that we're capable of doing. Not everyone will approve of this theory, but that's just the nature of reality. I say this because "The Biggest Loser" is clearly missing something important: human decency. Deep inside, I want to believe the people on this show may be nice in real-life. But basically what the filmmakers did was edit the show in a way that makes the contestants either too whiny or too boring.

The show seemingly wants us to think that the coaches are always right and the contestants are always wrong. There's an episode where a handful of contestants eat at a restaurant outside of camp just to have a little fun. And considering how hard they've worked, they're entitled to do what they want because this is a free country. But when they get back to camp, let's just say they're punished for that action by the coaches. It's as if the show not only doesn't care that life for them is hard enough already, but they also don't seem to care about their problems. And considering that this is a show about their "redemption", I think it would be important to know their strengths and weaknesses. We never get to know who these people are other than the fact that they eat too much. We just see them being humiliated on camera and undergoing pain and misery all for the sake of losing weight. And frankly, that is very unpleasant to watch.

If you think things couldn't possibly get worse, it does. The editing is awful. Reality TV shows generally have the laziest excuse for editing, but "The Biggest Loser" takes the cake as the worst. When the contestants have to get on a big scale to check their weight, the tackiest Gladiator-style music is used to build-up the revealing of the weight. Because when I think of measuring how many pounds I am, the first thing I think of is "God of War"! I mean, no. Just. No. Of course, you've also got your fair share of god awful reality TV clichés including the procrastination rule and the brief meltdown (both of which I've addressed in my reality TV editorial). The brief meltdowns in this show are particularly abysmal. The editors didn't even try to make it all flow naturally. It all felt phoned in at the last second. I'm not sure if this was a result of strict company policies or audiences not being open to shows varying their style. Regardless, the only way you could have made it watchable was to not have it in there at all.

The pain doesn't end there since "The Biggest Loser" is literally, LITERALLY THE PREACHIEST SHOW EVER! The product placement on healthy foods and items that will guide you to enhancing your health is through the roof. All the contestants are ever allowed to talk about is figuring out how to win this competition and maintain a healthier lifestyle. All the imagery of the contestants working out, all the imagery of the coaches constantly pushing them, you could look at just a single frame of the show and you would immediately be able to conclude that obesity is bad. You would think that this is their way of staying focused on that message. But the problem is it's focused on ALL THE TIME! This message is practically being shoved down our throats to the point where we question if films or shows with important messages were really a good idea to begin with. To say its preachy nature is exhausting would be an understatement. To say that it's unbearable would still be an understatement.

This show may still be on the air, but I'm done with it forever. Out of all the TV shows I've seen in my life, "The Biggest Loser" is easily the very worst. Hands down. No contest. Regardless of the other horrible stuff that's out there, I know in my heart that there will be nothing worse than "The Biggest Loser". I'm sorry for everyone that was forced into making this cinematic equivalent of bullying, and I'm even more sorry for the audience that embraced it.
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Entertaining.. Interesting..
mirosuionitsaki222 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Reality shows have grown. Gradually, but they have grown. Another thing that has grown is the weight of the people that were sent to these ranches. Now, they have to work off the weight. The Biggest Loser may not be the best reality show, but it is quite interesting to see what people can come up with. No, this is not anything original. There have been reality shows in the past based on weight loss, but this is only a little different. A little different and entertaining like the other shows.

What this show basically is about is that overweight people struggle to lose weight in a ranch. They are told not to eat fatty foods, and they are also instructed to do some activities to work off the weight. At the end of the week, one person from a team will have to go back home. They determine this by how much everyone as a group has lost weight. The person who lost the less weight goes home. While this is going on, people from different places of the United States and perhaps elsewhere are struggling to lose weight to make it to the ranch. Once they do, the people already at the ranch are usually so mean to them. Well, I've only seen this show a few times.

The goal of this reality show seems pretty interesting, but also a bit rude and mean. People are given star treatment to lose weight, and if they mess up somehow, they will have to leave the team. Once they are home, who knows what can happen to them? They could be back to eating food. That's horrible.

Overall, this show is pretty entertaining and interesting. At times, you may find yourself feeling angry, and at times you may be a tearjerker.
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A great inspiration.
peaceloverasta274 August 2009
I despise reality shows in general and all they have to offer. But I just couldn't say no to the Biggest Loser. I think it's great that they focus on making a healthy individual and motivate them to get in shape rather than watching fake idiots on the Bachelor or Bachelorette trying to find their soul mate by making out with every contestant and contracting mono.

For those who think it's unhealthy to lose weight so least in the show it's accomplished by diet and exercise. Sure you can lose weight with pills in just as short of a time but it's extremely unhealthy that way. To be honest, I was a bit surprised to find this show has a 5.8 rating on IMDb. I was expecting more from an inspirational show such as this.
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Kelly is hot!
psmith6814 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
No matter the weight, she's got a phenomenally beautiful face. And she curves where she should...just a stunningly attractive woman with a very sexy body. I'd love to see her win the whole thing (and get offered a shot at Playboy!). She's got a good attitude as well. Lisa got kicked out this week (10/14 episode), and was whiny the whole time she was "under the yellow line".

Looking at the opening credits, you can tell they were looking to cast people who would look great after the weight loss. The reunion/wrap-up episode for this show should be quite remarkable.

Tonight's episode featured one of the better challenges: they had to run a quarter-mile with all the weight they had lost strapped into a vest. It was kind of like the NFL's playoff system, where the worst are teamed up with the best. I was shocked by the results. Obviously, Lisa was one of the forced nominees, by virtue of her meager weight loss. The other nominee was the shock. But that person has survived another week.
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Loser is right!!!!
darin-wissbaum29 September 2009
When all we have anymore is pretty much reality TV shows with people making fools of themselves for whatever reason be it too fat or can't sing or cook worth a damn than I know Hollywood has run out of original ideas. I can not recall a time when anything original or intelligent came out on TV in the last 15 years. What is our obsession with watching bums make fools of themselves? I would have thought these types of programs would have run full circle but every year they come up with something new that is more strange then the one before. OK so people in this one need to lose weight...most Americans need to lose weight. I just think we all to some degree enjoy watching people humiliated. Maybe it makes us feel better when we see someone else looking like a jerk. I don't know but I just wish something intelligent would come out that did not insult your intelligence.
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Proof that Television sucks these days.
fireblazer66610 December 2010
This show is AWFUL. Reality TV is AWFUL. I was hoping Reality TV was just a fad and would pass, but sadly it hasn't. What's worse is crappy shows like this are putting GOOD quality shows, and good actors who deserve the work and fame OUT of work. Terrible Awful Bad Atrocious Why is it on TV Why has it lasted 11/12 seasons... If there were a god getting rid of reality TV, curing world hunger and bringing about world peace would be his or he top 3 goals. The whole concept of the show is stupid and pointless. I don't mean to rip on here but seriously, what has the television industry come to. There ARE good shows out there. So why watch crap like this? Perhaps people need a lobotomy before they will clue in as to how awful reality TV is... or MAYBE, the problem is, they've ALREADY had a lobotomy and reality TV is the only thing that can entertain their dim and dull witted minds...?
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The biggest loser is you for watching this trash.
TVSeriesFTW26 July 2006
Awful, awful, awful times a hundred still doesn't begin to describe how crappy "Biggest Loser" is. Picture this: take two fat couples with nothing interesting to say, humiliate them, and let them work to lose weight, all on prime time television. Am I the only one who thinks that this isn't something people with IQs in the 3-digit area WANT TO WATCH? Everything drags on forever, with the lumps of lard whining on about how losing weight is going to mean so much for them and their lives. Does anyone care? Do they think we care? Do they care if we care? Probably not. I think I'll videotape myself doing crunches and sell it to some major television corporation. If this passes for television, then so can my workouts!
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Biggest Loser is a winner!
OllieSuave-00722 February 2017
This is a rather good reality TV show about celebrity trainers helping dozens of obese contestants lose weight, and to ultimately achieve a monetary prize toward the end of the show and claim the title of "The Biggest Loser." This show is inspiring for it demonstrates that anybody can be active, exercise and improve one's lifestyle health-wise. This show also demonstrates how losing weight and/or improving upon one's health could release those inner demons inside you and lift a great deal of burden off your shoulders, and also help you gain self-confidence and face life's challenges with more endurance and ease.

The series does also get intense quite a bit. In addition to the grueling workouts, the gamesmanship kicks in as the show progresses, as contestants begin eliminating each other off, sometimes at the expense of broken alliances, to become one of the finalists. This shows the selfishness and deviousness in some of the contestants, which does at times take away the pleasure of the show, and makes you rooting for his/her elimination from the program. Also, some of the contestants can be quite cocky or overly dramatic in a "whoa is me" attitude.

The team challenges are entertaining stunts to watch, and the weigh-ins toward the end of each episode are definitely a nail-biting experience.

There were a number of trainers on the show, but the two original ones, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, were the highlights. Bob was OK, but can be annoying at times, and his excessive tattoos were a turn off. Jillian can be brutal, but is a no-nonsense trainer whom I thought was the best on the show.

Overall, it's a good series - quite inspiring and entertaining.

Grade A-
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Mind Over Matter in Reality Show!
ShelbyTMItchell19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sure the people want to lose weight. And live healthier lifestyles. But also it is about winning the prize money. Hence the title of the "Biggest Loser" in losing the weight.

As they arrive on the ranch over in CA. As they have to face a lot. Like not to eat unhealthy foods and workout at the gym and also take outside the gym. To running among other things. As well as pulling stuff like a car.

The trainers Jillian, Bob, and Dolvett want to see the people strive and it is not just physical. But mental and emotional. Due to the fact that they give them tough love. And not cut them slack.

But in the end, it will pay off as they take it home to their families. Jillian always seems to win despite being over the top at times. But that's because she and the others care.
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