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Almost as stupid as its main character
Borgel_426 March 2006
The local library just acquired this DVD. It looked interesting, so I checked it out and watched part of it. This movie has a great premise: a collection of George W. Bush's most hilarious and idiotic mistakes. Every second the president is on the screen is hilarious as he bumbles his way through the English language with quotes like "I believe that humans and fish can coexist peacefully" and "The literacy of our children are appalling". He even makes up words such as "misunderestimate" and "subliminable". It's great fun for anyone who isn't a complete Bush Fanatic.

However, the way it's presented falls flat on its face. The camera will show a five second clip of the president to make you laugh. Then it follows up with some text just in case you didn't catch what he said. Then it shows some snobbish liberal talking-head that makes INCREDIBLY STUPID sarcastic remarks about what the president said, and then makes some more sarcastic remarks to mercilessly beat the dead horse of a joke. By the time it gets to the next title slide announcing that you are about to see another clip of George W. Bush, you will be screaming for mercy from the horrible, horrible boredom. I turned it off after about 15 minutes.

As if that isn't enough, the film is interspersed with silly gimmicks related to the jokes. When the President said "You work hard to put food on your family" the viewers are suddenly subjected to a music video with "The George W. Bush Singers" in which a bunch of people dance around and put food on each other, trying to stretch the humor for 20 minutes longer than it should have lasted. For some reason, they also stuck in a few Bloomsbury comic strips by Gary Trudeau making fun of the president. (Newspaper comic strips just don't make a great transition to the big screen...) In conclusion: 3 stars for an attempt to make fun of George Bush. Too bad it was a big, overblown waste of time.
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Bushes mistakes are laughable but they overdid the comedy in this one
ostryjak23 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The president is quite amazing. When he messes something up in what he is about or trying to say - instead of making light of it - or saying something compensatory he comes to a grinding halt - like circuits have overloaded somewhere - then he looks all the world like he is taking a dump in his pants - that sort of look babies get when they are messing themselves. Finally a circuit breaker closes somewhere and you can see his brain bootstrapping and coming online again. It is amazing to watch. What is not so amazing is this attempt to turn the supposed leader of the freeworld amazing verbal blunders into ridicule. This just does not pull it off. The commentary is sledge hammer like and for the most part uncalled for. The singers just plain got on my tits. I ended up , much to my surprise , almost having some sympathy for Bush and I detest almost everything the man has said and done. As I watched this I became quietly convinced that Bush has some sort of brain related illness that is getting progressivly worse. I think this movie does more harm than good no matter which perspective one looks at it from. The ridicule is so over the top it left me detesting the folks who made this movie.
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