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What's all the fuss? This is a fine movie.
mbritt121626 September 2006
It's strange how people are reacting to this movie. I'm not sure what they're expecting. This is simply a fine, fun movie for the 4 to 10 year old set. I brought a group of kids with me that were in that age group and they all loved it. They were cheering at the end. As a parent I also found it quite enjoyable. It's no "Shrek" I suppose, but few movies are. This is just a fine animated film with a good plot, a good moral, and no bad language. Some reviewers are upset because some things don't make sense - like whether there could be lights on Wrigley field, or whether "Seabiscut" was around at the time this movie was supposed to take place? Please. Who cares? Certainly the kids don't. What more could you want in a fun animated flick for children? Take your kids to see it and enjoy.
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For Love Of The Game...
Cel_Stacker15 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yankee Irving (Jake T. Austin) was born to New York fans with a love of baseball. His hero, of course, is the iconic Babe Ruth(Brian Dennehy). His biggest problem is that he can't actually play. Things are still pretty cool for him, though, because his dad works at Yankee Stadium and, just about anytime he wants, Yankee can imagine himself batting in a major league game.

After what looks like his final game, Yankee finds an old baseball under a wrecked car. He takes it home and soon finds that it can speak only to him and be heard only by him. (Yes, it's a stretch, but hang on.} The ball, named Screwy (Rob Reiner) is as done with baseball as Yankee, having begun and ended his career on a foul. They both find that baseball is not done with them, however, when they discover that the Babe's legendary bat, Darlin' (Whoopi Goldberg), is missing and presumed stolen. Now with the World Series and Mr. Irving's job on the line, Yankee and Screwy begin a wild journey to Chicago to make things right again.

This movie, while it seems typical on the surface, is not. It's not just a sports movie, a buddy movie, or a road trip movie, but all those things, and a little more. Make no mistake, there is a target market. Baseball fans will definitely dig it. I'm not really a fan--I played in high school, and we never won. But baseball, while prominent to the plot, is one of the skins wrapped around the substance; at its heart is a story about the importance of family and persistence, making it a nice tribute to the Reeves. A few surprises abound, such as Yankee's exposure to a Negro Leauge team, who are front and center to teach the kid how to bat. Arguably, the best part of the film.

While the general flow of the script is pedestrian, the acting, presentation, and overall look are enough to hold the interest of most movie lovers. The characters have great, well, character, and that helps to put it over. Even William H. Macy's take on villainous Chicago pitcher Lefty MacGinnis is goofy enough to be lovable. At the bottom line, there's nothing wildly innovative, but there is an entertaining film. You'll have a good enough time, even if you hate baseball.
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Good, clean, joyful fun for the whole family!
patrick-bennett-123 September 2006
My wife and I took our 3-year-old to see it and all three of us enjoyed it very much. The animation was incredible...the story was very great and the awesome message that the movie gives is applicable in not only children's lives but it's something that we (adults) could adopt as our own "motto." I had no idea that Chris Reeve directed this movie until the end credits. I see now that he died while working on it. His wife and son did voices in it too. It certainly was refreshing to see a story like this after being bombarded by all these animated animal movies that seem to be a dime-a-dozen lately. I think we need more family shows of this caliber. I can't wait to see it again.
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Great Movie
gzinger15 September 2006
Great story. Makes you laugh often and makes you cry sometimes (well, maybe the most sentimental of us). Brings the warm feeling of old-days-baseball. I am not big fan of the game but still loved the mood of the picture. Nicely drawn characters. Was pleasantly surprised to see good computer-animation that is actually Not coming from Pixar. You recognize the actual actors behind the characters not only by voice but their look as well, which is always fun. Richard Kind is carbon copy of himself. I would change the title as it doesn't reflect main idea of the animation, but other than that excellent movie all around. Both of my children (5 and 8 years old), my wife and me loved it.
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this was a good movie, some of you siskel and ebert wanna-be's need a real job
mckracker13 February 2007
"I lost Interest at the talking baseball."? "It wasn't realistic"? If you went to an animated KID's movie expecting "Citezen Kane" You're loony.

I liked this movie, it was quite fun. Not everybody likes every film, but some of the reasoning here escapes me. Babe Ruth stuff was cool, the nod to the negro leagues was neat. The characters were interesting. I watched it on pay-per-view with about 7 kids who stayed up late to watch it, everyone had a good time. It seems that some people go to the movies mad at the world, and it's the film's fault they have a bad time.
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A few funny moments in an otherwise disappointing movie
jwrtjp28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I should have walked out of the room when I realized the premise was that the 1932 New York Yankees were the hapless victims of a plot by the dastardly owner of the Chicago Cubs. When this movie was being made, Cubs fans were looking back at nearly a century of futility. The decision to go with that plot is the first sign that the creative minds behind this project lack sensible perspective. I am not a Cubs fan, but a much better movie (and message) would be about a Cubs fan trying to help his team in the face of tough odds.

The many glaring historical and factual errors in this movie also made it difficult to watch. Even my ten year old daughter noticed that, in one scene, home plate was oriented the wrong way. During a World Series game.

I am not going to go into the problems with the plot, the mixed messages given about the challenges children face and how they might overcome them, and bizarre perspective on risk--other reviewers have covered that. I will say that the characters of the parents were presented with less depth than found in the Sunday comics. And for some reason, the worst villains in the movie are redheads.

I laughed at some of the visual comedy. My son laughed at the snot jokes.
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Beautifully animated film is let down by a weak script
dbborroughs24 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The plot of this film concerns the son of a janitor at Yankee Stadium named Yankee Irving, who has to go off to rescue the stolen bat of Babe Ruth. The bat was stolen by a pitcher on the Chicago Cubs who would only be allowed to pitch if he retrieved the bat so the Babe wouldn't be able to hit in the World Series.

Its a weak story. The problem is that the story is trying very hard to have a point, that anyone can be a hero, that it loads itself up with clichés (For example the hobos with hearts of gold) and pat moments (there is no racism) that you never really fear for our hero or his quest. The plot completely falls apart at the end with a twist that is so dumb that it breaks believability (guess who hits a home run in the world series?). Its a disappointment.

The sad thing is that this film does have some pluses. William Macy's villain is absolutely vile. He's one of the great bad guys in years. You really do hate this guy. He's a fantastic antagonist for our hero and in a better film he would have been dynamite, instead he's wasted in a series of cheap gags who's punchlines are telegraphed way in advance. Yet its because he's the perfect evil force to Yankee Irving's hero that you continue to watch, just so you can see him get his just desserts.

The film also has a design that is beautiful to look at. Say what you will about the recent glut of computer animated films, this is possibly the most realistic of the lot. Its shot, for the most part like a live action film and it adds a nice dimension to the film. This is the first of the lot that really should have been made into 3D. I am in love with the idea of the train sequence in 3D.

Ultimately its a miss fire. Its a film with some good stuff and some bad stuff, that some how manages to trip itself up.

Wait for cable
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Plain and forgettable kids-only animation
rust3711 November 2006
Oh, yes, EH's language is safe for kids. No f-, d-, b-, s-words at all. General ideas of taking care about parents, and believing in yourself are OK. Yes, Finding Nemo or Bug's life were about the same points, but that's the only thing, which they have in common.

Animation is visually plain and poor in design, nothing to compare with Pixar's production. The most disappointing thing about EH was animation of stunts. When animators didn't have a clue how to solve a stunt they just added supernatural abilities to realistic heroes. Stretching limbs, twisting spine, etc. Dialogs and lines were at level of that garbage animation on Nickelodeon, times inferior to Pixar's scripts.

There is one thing I found weird about the Hero as a parent. 7 year old 3D-boy easily jumps between moving trains, dangles at 20-meter height, runs from home, talks to homeless people, and this is served as right things to do, no doubts or warnings. As my 6 y.o. son likes to repeat after heroes I'm not sure it's perfectly safe to show him this flick. No, I'm not a cuckoo parent obsessed with safety. While watching Incredibles or Harry Potter he knew that they were supernatural, so he didn't want to repeat after them. But together with EH's finale message of "despite of you're small, you can do everything" I'm not that sure.

And the last point - it's absolutely not enjoyable for adults, so calling it a family movie is a big exaggeration.
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Thank you Hollywood for making a GREAT rated G movie!
cstubblefield-116 September 2006
Finally - a movie that I can take my four year old to that doesn't have any "bad" words! I think I heard one or two of the "s" words like shut up and stupid. But, otherwise, it was truly clean. I always heard that Christopher Reeve was a "good man" and I think this movie reflects just that. This is a wonderful movie that even adults will love. It had a great plot, action, and even a couple of "I didn't see that coming" scenes. There are two or three really good lessons that even the youngest of kids can learn from. Please go see this movie so that Hollywood will see that many folks still want wholesome entertainment. We need more Rated G movies like this!
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I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see this movie
hurleygirl-122 November 2006
If I had paid, I would have asked for my money back. I am living in on a Navy base in Japan and we don't always get the newest releases. So when I found out that this movie was going to be played for free at the theater, I figured "Hey, Christopher Reeve was involved, I'll give it a shot" But I soon regretted that choice.

This movie lost me within the first 10 minutes as soon as I saw the baseball speak and it just got worse from there. Nevermind that the story is meant to prove that no matter how big or small you are that you can make a difference if you just keep trying, because there is way to much going on that it distracts you from that point.

I'll say that the kids in the theater seemed to like it and that's great, but even they were getting antsy after the first half hour. I would suggest waiting till this hits DVD. There are some amazing actors in the movie and it's saddening that they chose this particular flop to try and showcase their talents.
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Certainly not FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, regrettable animated movie that kids can barely enjoy
Doctor_No17 September 2006
On the basis of most animated movies with a heart warming cast and story that is just so great you can take everyone, regrettably this is not that movie. Although I am a fan of baseball and the actors this movie is too shallow to enjoy for my taste. It has a lame story of a young kid who travels many miles to help out Yankee ball player Babe Routh. And I doubt some little five year old has the capacity to take in all the knowledge of who Babe is along with the Yankee history. This film was soggy and disappointing I was not impressed at all. And even the animation wasn't done well enough to make it nice to look at. I honestly fell asleep, I am sorry Mr. Reeve, you are still one of my favorite celebrities - *1/2
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Well-intentioned, computer-animated Depression-era baseball yarn sets bad example for kids
Turfseer5 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Partially directed by the tragic Christopher Reeve, the computer-animated Everyone's Hero was released in 2006 and featured parts voiced by such luminaries as Rob Reiner, William H. Macy, Brian Dennehy, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Wagner, Joe Torre, Mandy Patinkin, Forrest Whitaker and Reeve's wife, Dana.

While primarily aimed at children, there are enough references in it to keep adult baseball aficionados happy. The story focuses on Yankee, a kid who lives with his parents in a tenement in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium in 1932 (the clever animation replete with the reproduction of old newsreels provides a panorama of the depression era, palatable to a pre-pubescent audience).

After Yankee discovers a talking baseball (Rob Reiner) who eventually becomes his pal, he visits his father who's employed at Yankee Stadium as a maintenance worker. At the behest of the rapacious owner of the Chicago Cubs, a Cub pitcher breaks into the locker room and steals Babe Ruth's (talking) bat Darlin' (Whoopi Goldberg). Yankee witnesses the theft but his father doesn't believe him and back at home sends him to his room. Soon afterward, Yankee's father loses his job as he's held responsible for the theft.

The rest of Everyone's Hero focuses on Yankee's sojourn to Chicago in his attempt to recover the purloined bat and return it to the Babe. Along the way, he meets baseball players from the Negro Leagues who give him a ride to Chicago where the Yankees face the Cubs in the 1932 World Series.

While well-intentioned, the films' scenarists strike more than one wrong note in trying to please both children and adults. The biggest sin is casting the Cubs (represented by their maniacal but goofy owner) as the bad guys and the Yankees as a group of sportsmen who can do no wrong. By taking sides, Chicago's baseball team is unfairly maligned, which sets a bad example for kids, not only because it's untrue but it also promotes an aura of unhealthy competition for kids to emulate.

Another sin involves the introduction of the Negro Leagues into the narrative. On the surface, it appears the films' scenarists should be commended for making the Negro Leagues' players part of the story. Their disgraceful exclusion from the national pastime prior to World War II is a sad chapter in American history that all Americans should study and at the minimum, be made aware of.

Unfortunately the whole idea that Negro League players were excluded from baseball is not made clear in the film and the depiction of the players being "happy-go-lucky" does a disservice to the historical reality. Perhaps it was felt that children would not be able to digest the ugly history but in some way the screenwriters should have found a way to communicate the reality of racial discrimination without offending juvenile sensibilities.

Finally, the narrative takes a turn at the denouement that perhaps only younger children will enjoy but will effectively turn off more sophisticated kids and accompanying adults. I'm referring to the absurd turn of events where Yankee is allowed to bat in a World Series game and hits an "inside-the-park" home run, winning the game for the Yankees. While talking bats and baseballs may be interpreted as a figment of a kid's imagination, no such interpretation can be made on the silly conceit of a boy being allowed to bat in a major league baseball game.

While very young kids might enjoy Everyone's Hero, anyone older should be turned off by the overwhelmingly goofy tenor of the characters' machinations. Mix that in with the rather ugly turn of favoring one team over another and surprisingly you have a children's' film that is pretty much unfit for children.
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A fun enjoyable road trip
hcalderon11 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really like baseball movies like Bad News Bears and Rookie of the Year and this movie was right up there with them. It was fun for the whole family, it was wonderfully witty and wonderful animation. The film takes place in New York City at the time when Babe Ruth was big in baseball. A nine year old kid named Yankee Irving discovers that Babe Ruth famous bat has been stolen, and his dad has been framed for it. Yankee and his talking ball set out to retrieve the bat. When they finally stole the bat back, Yankee, talking bat and ball set out on a road trip to get to Babe Ruth, with the thief not too far behind their trail, let's hope they can make it before it's too late. All I can say is go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.
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I'm a Cubs fan, so what am I supposed to say? ;)
Smells_Like_Cheese11 September 2007
OK, I know it was a kid's movie, but couldn't they have picked another team to be the villains of the movie? LOL, OK, but other than that I watched Everyone's Hero last night, wasn't too sure what it was about before I watched it, and I checked out the rating on IMDb, 5.4 isn't that good for an animated film that usually gets 6.0 or above. But I can understand why, Everyone's Hero didn't really blow me away or got me excited. I'm not basing this on the fact that I'm a Cubs fan, just the story was alright, it's perfect for a kid's movie, it's just a good clean cut story, but for adults, it doesn't really give anything for them to enjoy it with their kids. But while this movie was probably aimed for the kids, it seemed like the writer was maybe expecting like another Shrek or The Incredables, where the whole family could enjoy it, but it ended up being just a kid's flick.

Yankee Irving is a young boy who isn't that good at baseball, but he has big dreams to play as a New York Yankee. It's 1932, his hero is Babe Ruth, and Babe Ruth has a lucky bat, Darlin', but Darlin' is taken by the Cub's pitcher, Lefty, to win the World Series. Yankee's dad is fired from Yankee Stadium, he's the janitor, so it was his job to make sure that everything was secure. Yankee finds a ball that can talk to only him; together they go to look for the bat, they find it, but want to take it to Chicago to give it to Babe Ruth himself. But Yankee has to make sure to keep it away from Lefty and the Cubs manager.

Everyone's Hero isn't a bad movie by any means, it's just a kid's movie, I guess I was expecting more. Not to mention the Cubs bashing was hurtful, sorry, I'm from Chicago, if you're a Cubs fan, you can definitely relate on this subject, you must be faithful to them, LOL. OK, back to the movie, the movie is cute and has a charming story, but it wasn't anything that stood out for me. I could understand the 5.4 rating, I'm sorry to the writers and cast, but Everyone's Hero is just a kid's movie, nothing more.

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Swing and a Miss
mystic_cat24 April 2007
Usually, i am pretty forgiving when it comes to rating movies, but this movie deserves no forgiveness. This movie is utter nonsense. Like most other baseball movies, it does cover the idea of never giving up no matter how bleak the odds look, but unlike other baseball movies, the message just does not ring true. The message about not giving up is not a constant during the movie, and is instead replaced with slapstick comedy, and booger and fart jokes. This movie could have been very funny, but instead, fails at delivering time and again. The animation is fairly decent, and it is a clever idea for a story, but in the end, every part of this movie falls thru. All in all, not even a good movie for "just the kids". Oh, and if you are a Chicago Cubs fan (which I am, seeing as that I am from the windy city) there is a TON of slandering in this movie, making the Cubs out to be cheaters, thieves, and idiots. If you are a Cubs fan, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. This movie will just make you mad.
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Fun AND Heartwarming for the WHOLE Family!
unremarkable_me23 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My six year old niece and I saw Everyone's Hero today because it was the only kid's movie playing in our small town that we had not seen yet. I am so glad that we did see it.

A great story on the surface of a boy who sets out to help his hero, Babe Ruth, as well as his father. There was much more depth to the movie than most critics are giving it credit for.

There are lessons on bullying, (Yankee Irving, the main character is bullied) cheating, (The owner of the other team sets out to steal Babe's bat so his team can win the World Series) even racial and social acceptance. (Yankee gets help from band of hobos and a Negro League team)

There are no pop culture references, although a few historical inaccuracies,(like bobble-head Babe Ruth) but come on, the bat and ball talk for heaven's sake, so I think the inaccuracies are minor.

Although Everyone's Hero had a great message and was wonderful for families, I would not call it a Disney-material movie. It wasn't scary enough for that. (Be honest, who WASN'T terrified by the witch in Snow White, the whale in Pinocchio, or even the death of Bambi's mom?)

Go and see it and enjoy it for what it is. Great family fare.
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Wonderful family movie
sacoody3 October 2006
I went to this movie with my daughter expecting to NOT like it. But I loved it. It had funny parts, sad parts, cute parts, the whole she-bang. Babe Ruth has been a hero to kids for years and a movie based on him was something new. Especially in the light of coming from a baseball, and his special bat. This movie is definitely worth seeing if you have children. Its clean, funny and thoroughly entertaining. In fact I would probably go watch it a second time just to make sure I didn't miss anything. The little boys adventure is something you could imagine if you were seven years old or so. Definitely a good movie to see.
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Who am I kidding I loved this movie!!!!
Reckno6414 December 2019
Far from a masterpiece, but boy did I love this film. Liked it when I was 8 when it came out, and I still like it 13 years later at 21! There's just something about it taking place in the 1930s and all about the ballgame that I love. Sure it's goofy and unrealistic but it's a kids film, and it does touch on some bigger topics.

All I can say: This movie is a guilty pleasure. I think it's way better than people give it credit for and I really wish I hadn't lost the DVD for this movie..... :(
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Doesn't have enough to be worth getting on base for
TheLittleSongbird6 October 2017
With a co-directing credit for Christopher Reeve (yes that Christopher Reeve), a great subject matter (not the biggest baseball fan but it's fun to see film and television revolving around it every now and again and a voice cast that includes Whoopi Goldberg, William H. Macy, Mandy Patinkin and Forrest Whittaker, 'Everyone's Hero' promised a lot.

Unfortunately, this promise is not fully lived up. 'Everyone's Hero' is not awful, it is a little bit better than has been said but the criticisms against it are to me not hard to agree with, and has elements that make it worth a one-time watch, but not enough to be worth fully getting on base for. It could have been much better, the cast deserved better and while there are things that Reeve has done that were worthy of him and worth remembering him for (like his iconic portrayal of Superman) his posthumous co-directing credit for 'Everyone's Hero' is not one of them sadly.

'Everyone's Hero' is watchable, despite major short-comings. It is a very well intentioned film, not giving up in the face of adversity (an everyday struggle to overcome) is not a new idea but is a very easy to relate with one for particularly anybody who has been there like me. The positive messaging is not always subtle to put it lightly, but they were very much appreciated and are important values for anybody regardless of gender and age and regardless of how many times they have been dealt with in media.

Some of 'Everyone's Hero' is funny and touching in equal measure, the baseball setting is beautifully realised and fun to watch. There are some interesting ideas and some colourfully portrayed characters, especially the relatable lead characters and a truly enjoyably vile villain. The animation is bright and colourful with some nice attention to detail, the soundtrack is dynamic and uplifting and the voice acting is enthusiastic and fitting, especially the barn-storming turn of Macy who truly relishes the film's juiciest character. The target audience is clear and the film does its best to attract a wider audience, including those not big on animation but are die-hard fans of baseball.

For all its good things and good intentions, 'Everyone's Hero' to me was heavily flawed. The story does tend too often to be too formulaic and lacking in spark to stop blandness from creeping in, it too is rather too pat and nice for any conflict to be convincing and there are elements that are under-explored or not made clear enough, coming over as strange instead. The twist agreed is too ridiculous to be taken seriously, one of the most unbelievable twists personally seen in a film seen recently.

Despite some moments, there are too many cheap and predictable gags that one can see coming from miles away. Complete with references that really don't hold up well, and would go over the heads of even much older audiences who lived during the period the film is set or close to it. Even they are likely to be unfamiliar with who and what some of the jokes are referencing or find them too mean-spirited to be clever and funny (that Eleanor Roosevelt joke was a good example).

Although the clear target audience and attempts at wide audience appeal are to be applauded, it's almost as if the film tried too hard to cater to fans of old-time baseball that are the most likely to completely get the portrayal of the sport at that time and some of the jokes and even they may question the strange choices the film makes and the lack of accuracy. While most of the animation is good, some of the character designs are crude, stiff and lack focus and generally it's all very striking and competent but not always imaginative.

On the whole, watchable and laudable for its good intentions but uneven lacklustre. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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I had to be reminded that I saw it,it's that dull.
SmileysWorld3 November 2006
I say this with all due respect to the memory of both Christopher and Dana Reeve,as this was obviously a project that they both believed in,but this movie is profoundly dull.So dull in fact,that I had actually forgotten that I had seen it,until coming across one of the ticket stubs as I was cleaning our bedroom.No movie in recent memory has done that to me,and I have seen my share of snoozers.The animation is terrible,an the story is just not interesting whatsoever.Even my kids had trouble staying interested,and they are very easily entertained.I give it credit for being well intentioned,but in my opinion,I doubt this is something Christopher Reeve would want to be remembered for.
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too heavy handed in its message
disdressed1210 December 2007
while i don't think this was a horrible movie,i did find it disappointing.just thought the message(persevere no matter what life throws at you)was too heavy handed.it is a good message,but i thought it could have been more subtle.there are some good things about the movie.one is the physical comedy,which van be quite funny at times.the other is the exciting action sequences.but most of the movie just seemed a bit hollow for me.the story just seems lacking.the message just becomes overbearing,and ends up dragging the rest of the movie down.it feels more like sermon on life,than an entertaining animated feature.anyway,for me,Everyone's hero is a 5/10
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I'm 49, and I LOVED this movie!
mikeferguson13 November 2007
First, let me begin by saying that I've read every comment about this film that had been posted to IMDb as of 11-12-07, and it seems to be one of those polarizing works, that folks either love, or hate - not many in the middle on this one. Personally, I loved it. Saw it about a year ago in the theatre, and again just tonight on DVD (in widescreen, of course). I even watched the "making of" featurette, and was amazed to see that absolutely NO mention whatsoever was made of Robin Williams' contribution to this film. He was absolutely hilarious as the "opposing teams" owner, and I'm really surprised that no one seems to have recognized his voice...and that there is no mention of him in the credits, or even in the "making of" feature. That's a mystery I'd hoped to see solved by my visit to IMDb tonight, but it didn't happen. I know he had become close friends with the Reeves before they died, and perhaps it was his decision - sort of a quiet, private gift to them. But fortunately, it was one we all get to enjoy, too. Hey - if you like movies with heart, and enjoy beautiful animation (many great spots to freeze-frame in this, and just enjoy the still life for awhile), great comic voice performances, inspired animated character movements (Bill Macy's character on top of the train, dodging all of the overhead signs? Priceless.), and a story that will either tug at your heartstrings, or, for the "other half" of you, have you reaching for something sour to suck on, just to get your mouths back in their proper positions, then you can't go wrong with this one, which helps to prove my theory that we are, indeed, in the midst of another Golden Age of animation in this country. Lastly, "thanks" to the team behind this; I agree - Chris would have loved it!
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best movie i've seen for a long time for children
littleretreat7 October 2006
Everyone's Hero was an awesome movie and was even more profound when I saw that Christopher and Dana Reeves had produced/directed it. The characters,story line, and music were all great. I especially liked the fact that it was truly a children's story and not made for adults with underlying hints of adult themes. movies recently attended supposedly for children had underlying adult themes of sex, cussing and violence. My 4 year old grand son loved it, followed it, laughed etc. The only question I had as a life time Cincinnati Reds baseball fan was why the Cincinnati team was called the Cincinnati Tigers.

Hope many will see it, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to stay long in theatres.

I plan to purchase several DVD's as gifts.

Thanks for your time.
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Fun fantasy
ctomvelu16 November 2011
Cute, fast-moving kiddie cartoon, loosely based on a true story, about a kid who comes into possession of Babe Ruth's missing bat and treks from New York to Chicago to return it to him -- right in the middle of the World Series. Since this is a cartoon, the bat and the kid's baseball both have faces and talk. Whoopi Goldberg is perfect as the the old bat (heh heh). The animation is simple and the action never flags. The finale is a real crowd pleaser. And this review comes from someone who gave up watching cartoons a long time ago, especially CGI cartoons. Maybe it was the baseball angle that kept me watching this one. I am a lifelong Yankees fan, after all.
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Not as bad as it could have been
GSmith90721 April 2007
Everyone's Hero is charming kiddie fare. I didn't hate it but the story sorta screamed straight to video. However, for a film about a talking bat and baseball, I think I was a little more entertained then I expected to be.I like others thought the premise was a little ridiculous, but it gives the feeling of a Saturday morning cartoon where inanimate objects talk for no reason. Fair enough. The premise was still box office poison. Still, the film has some characters that aren't gratingly annoying, and of course the exaggerated one dimensional villains that you would expect. Aside from the lukewarm story, I was a little disturbed by some of the sequences involving young yankee irving in situations that are quite dangerous, aside from the realistic overall film. There is a looney tunes-esquire train segment where characters are jumping from train to train at full speed, and the end where yankee seems to acquire superpowers. Also, the very idea that he travels across half the country and it's kind of downplayed, it just doesn't mix well with the "you can do anything" theme of the film. It suggests to young children that they can literally do anything. It just doesn't seem like the best message to convey. Other than that, it's cute and not terribly original. The animation reveals obviously that this film wasn't done on an 100 million dollar budget, I think what they came out with matches the tone of the film. I'd recommend it to anyone with young children who enjoy baseball or for anyone who needs just a fun little film to pop in the DVD player to distract the kids for a little while.
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