Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Video Game 2004) Poster

David Kaye: Clank, Blondie


  • Captain Qwark : [Skrunch grunts]  I thought we agreed to put that jungle business behind us!

    Captain Qwark : [Skrunch grunts]  It was mating season, how was I supposed to know she was your sister? Errr... how long have you two been standing there?

    Clank : Too long.

  • Ratchet : Uhh... hi, there, Skidd. Is Sasha there?

    Skidd McMarxx : Sasha and Qwark are meeting up with the president, they left me in charge!

    Ratchet : And Al?

    Skidd McMarxx : He's out for lunch.

    Ratchet : Helga?

    Skidd McMarxx : In the sauna!

    Clank : Qwark's monkey, perhaps?

  • Courtney Gears : [after being defeated]  No, my fans can't live without me!

    Clank : One disposable pop star... disposed.

  • Clank : [while the president holds a speech about Capt. Qwark]  What a load of bull...

  • Ratchet : We can't go without Qwark! He would have waited for us... I think.

    Klunk : Good for him.

  • Maximillian : Your luck is extraordinary sir, but do you lose as gracefully as you win?

    Clank : I would not know Maximillian. I never lose.

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