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Season 1

2 Jun. 2006
Charging It
Surf champion Justin Healy just got a great contract on Hawaii, training the high-profile young wave-riding talent for his sponsor WaveSync; putting them up in his house makes it even more heavenly for his teenage assistant Shoe, who has a crush on one of the girls. When Lacey Farmer sees a TV report on them, she leaves home where her mother's bossy boyfriend rules the roost and steals his credit-card to fly to Hawai and ask a sponsorship from Justin, who was her first surf teacher when he dated her ma years ago. He pleads for her, but his boss Scott Worthington ...
2 Jun. 2006
Charging It: Part 2
The girls on the official team go on with their relatively easy lives, training and turning down boys, while Shoe happily plays free mechanic, even paying for a new carburetor himself, for Dawn, the seductive rich ingrate of his choice. Lacey, who still wasn't eager to ask Justin properly for emergency assistance even after he gave her his business card without knowing her full predicament, finds herself knee-deep in shit, now the motel-owner has called the police after her ma's boyfriend's credit card she stole was canceled.
9 Jun. 2006
Sleeping with the Enemy
Shoe was uncomfortable enough when Birdie shared her suspicions about Dawns background given the way she spends money, but then the new surf boards disappear just after some local girls bitched when re refused them a try run; but the police arrests tourist suspects. Lacey is desperate when Bailey Reese tells her it's time for rent, but relieved when he doesn't accept intimate payment 'in kind' and allows her on the couch; then Justin accidentally finds her there and warns Bailey who's insulted to be automatically suspect of abusing a minor.
16 Jun. 2006
The First Test
The WaveSync girls' first competition tests whether they've got what it takes, in the water and inside themselves.
23 Jun. 2006
Wing Chicks
Kai's lifelong crush has his eyes on Lacey, while a hot GI wanders into Birdie's life.
30 Jun. 2006
Party Wave
The team has to introduce themselves to the WaveSync suits at a corporate party, but Dawn gets the party started early when she meets one of the moneymen in his hotel room.
7 Jul. 2006
Vin, Lose, or Draw
Kai admits to Lacey that she loves Vin. So what's Lacey doing hooking up with him on the beach?
14 Jul. 2006
The Big Hit
When Kai complains to her friends about Lacey and Vin, Mily and Lani decided to teach the haole girl a lesson in local etiquette.
21 Jul. 2006
No Guts, No Glory
While Lacey tries to cope with her pain, Kai tries to cope with the guilt of what her friends did to her teammate.
28 Jul. 2006
Bird and the Bees
Kai goes after Vin, Bailey goes after Birdie, and Shoe goes after Dawn, but Dawn wants nothing to do with him.

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