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love it
mgn_redfern2 August 2006
It is the most drama filled summer television series yet.With a great lesson to the end of every show.That shows what many teenagers go threw to achieve their dreams and to find love out of life.With out a doubt the most compelling, drama filled,intense, show on The-N. A show to interest every teenager and young adult.The characters where wonderfully picked. The actors put a lot of reality into making the show a believable presence.An addictive drama for any teenager.A show of love, treachery, defeat, harm, and teenage problems.It shows that sometimes our lives may be a bit easier than we think.The most addictive show of 2006. Sure to interest many young adults of today.
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Being from Hawaii, I see many t.v. series being filmed over
surfandswinghawaii14 September 2006
here. Beyond the Break seems to be targeting a teenage group, but my mom and dad even like to watch this show. They say its because they can pick out and name all the spots where they shot the show at, like Makaha Beach, the Resort in Makaha and Richard Chamberlain's old house. (The house where the girls live) But they surf, and they also really liked the water shots, so do I. BTB also has many of the local actors in it, not just ALL mainland actors and actresses like most other shows use. Hawaii has a lot of talent here, and it's good to see this show has been smart enough to tap into the talent pool locally. I read they will be airing the second season in early January, sure hope they decide to continue 3 and 4th seasons....who knows, Maybe Kai wins the Pipe Masters (although that's all guys, but hey, look at Michelle Wie, u never know). But I think Lacey can rip too. Not too sure about Birdie, she looks kinda awkward paddling her board, like she doesn't know what she's doing. (But I think she's just learning anyway, so bravo to her for her courage). And Dawn is a trip, Ms. Paris Hilton big time. LoL Ross Thomas sure is cute, my mom thinks their all cute. Anyway, I really like the story lines and can't wait to find out what happens next. Aloha Kakou!
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beyond the Break is the Best!
surfer_chick10324 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best TV series I've ever seen in my entire life. This is by far the best show in Television history. Vote 10! If any of you have seen a show that you liked, and watched it over and over again every night it came on? That's how i am with Beyond the Break. This show is so dramatic, funny, suspenseful(not as in scary), and awesome. All of you out there who think that Jackass is better than Beyond the break, just watch. it i guarantee you'll love it. And if you don't i will personnel give you my apologies. Okay. maybe not. But just watch it. . Just watch it. It's really cool. Like in the premiere of the series, when Lacey takes her mother's abusive boyfriend's credit card and goes to Hawaii after her gives it to her while being drunk. That's cool. Lacey is always on the run, but now she's out to get one thing and one thing only, a surfing censorship. Make that more than one thing.
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good show
emily6249425 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This show is pretty good. The whole cast is really good. I love the relationship of Lacey and Vin. It's very dramatic. I'm kinda annoyed though because Kai is mad at Lacey because shes having an affair with Vin. Its not her fault. Kai was too afraid to go for Vin and Lacey got to him first.All in all,this show is good.I love that the show is set in Hawaii. Hawaii is very pretty. My favorite character is Dawn. She is sooooooooooooooooo good at surfing. She is so pretty. I love her hair. I think that and her eyes are her best features. Kai is pretty too. I love her brown hair. Everything is good about this show. They should keep playing it.
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