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commanderblue23 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Very good game and it is fairly accurate while also adding some new things from Batman's point of view.

The graphics are an A as well as the voice talents.

The game basically follows Batman's role in the movie Batman Begins where he goes to the Himalayas to train and then returns to Gotham.

Batman is a ninja-like character in this game where you sneak up on opponents and use fear gadgets against them along with Batman's superb fighting style.

I only wish that when finishing the game, you could do a level select!!! Other unlockables that I remember are a costume change of different batsuits and two tumbler/batmobile missions.
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Awesome Batman Video game.
kyle-mcdonald9 January 2008
This is another awesome Batman video game and for all the same reasons it has lots of action in it the storyline is really good the computer generation is really good and they look just like what they looked like in the movie the levels are really fun they may get a little hard as you go along but that just makes it more fun. Also the voice over actors are really good such as Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Kaine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. Also the villains are really good such as Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow, Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard etc. So I am sure that you will not be disappointed with Batman Begins because it is an awesome Batman video game. So make sure that you rent or buy Batman Begins because it is just so great.

Overall score: ********** out of **********

***** out of *****
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More Fun than Challenging
BatStarIndyFreak10 June 2006
For the record, I fall under the "casual gamer" category and have played a total of seven games on the current run of consoles (sans X-Box 360). I've played the likes of this game in "Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb" and "Obi Wan Kenobi" (hey, this brings my screen name full circle with video games!) and love them for the sheer challenge involving coordination and problem solving. "Batman Begins" isn't quite at the same level in terms of challenge. It often uses visual cues to tip you off, while the latter games leave you mostly looking for the objects by yourself. But it makes up for it out of the sheer fun! One of the lesser things about Batman that I love are his use of the grapple gun, and there are plenty of opportunities to use it. Also the whole "predator" feel of it is very empowering. The drama comes out high as well.

Perhaps it's both naive and cynical of me to love the game out of theme (like you haven't caught onto that yet) and ease of wielding power throughout the game, but I think everyone is entitled to choose an entertainment genre they can play the simpleton to.
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Best Batman game yet
cameron-burn29 October 2007
While the Kilmer and Clooney movies left Batfans moping, the recent video games have been even worse. But, much like the film version, Batman Begins is a glorious rebirth for the tragic crimebuster.

Playing like a pacier version of Splinter Cell — with dramatic, movie-style presentation that puts Metal Gear Solid to shame — it's a stealthy action-adventure where players creep around the shadowy streets of Gotham City, solving crimes and ambushing mobsters.

Uniquely, Batman Begins allows players to scare their rivals witless; when you spot a crook a special meter indicates their heartbeat, and you can then hide in the shadows and kick over objects to make your opponent jittery and nervous, only making your grand entrance when they're quivering like a jellyfish.

The game also allows players to jump behind the wheel of the new tank-like Batmobile for hair-raising dashes across Gotham, sequences that are as shallow as Adam West's Batman TV series but just as much fun
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For God's Sake, Check Out This Batmobile!!!
rhiron7 November 2013
Before the 'Batman: Arkham' series of games came along, this was the epic Batman game and, despite those games, in many ways still is.

It's such an intricate and personal look at Gotham City and the Batman character and moves things along from the film in such a way that Batman fans will be both intrigued and rewarded.

It's not really a free-roaming game, but the locations are fantastic, comprising locations from the film, such as Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, the Gotham Docks, Ra's al Ghul's monastery and the monorail tracks whilst expanding on others, especially The Narrows and Carmine Falcone's club. At the same time, unlike the 'Arkham' games, Gotham in this game is not a sightseeing tour, which actually makes it better and, ironically, preserves the sense of scope that Nolan invested in 'Batman Begins' as this is a Gotham where anything goes!

Whilst Nolan's Batman trilogy has drawn to a close, this game seems more ageless than the films, as it has serious hints of Frank Miller's 'Batman: Year One' and Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's 'Batman: The Long Halloween' in there. It's modernistic, but not as tied down in a saga as Nolan made his films. There is a great sense of Falcone's stranglehold over the city, combined with the new threat posed by Dr. Crane and his mysterious partner in crime.

Stalking villains is quite fun, as is interrogating them, and takedowns are not difficult to perform. There are also some Bat-gadgets, albeit not too many.

There are two really stand-out sequences here.

The first is the entire Arkham Asylum sequence, which faithfully adapts locations from the film in building The Scarecrow's domain for gamers to enjoy. Although the asylum is devoid of housing costumed villains at this point (other than the more than creepy Crane, of course), it has the feel of a sort of Hammer Horror film about and is even referred to as being reminiscent of "a cheap slasher" film and gives the player a sense of this location as being as important as one of the key characters in the Batman entire mythos, not just in the events of 'Batman Begins'. Christopher Nolan's wife, Emma Thomas even gets a sly cameo here.

The second and equally enjoyable is (you guessed it) driving the Batmobile. It makes you feel like a kid again and, certainly, out of all the on-screen Batmobiles, this is the one that you'd really want sitting in your driveway!! You get to smash up enemy cars and trucks, use missiles to attack assailants and speed around the streets of Gotham, improving Batman's reputation with ordinary Gothamites by doing genuine good. Even though, like the rest of the game, the driving missions are not free-roaming and are usually time-restricted, they're just as enjoyable as the scenery rushing by looks good and up to the standards of the other locations, whilst the car looks and feels great! But, perhaps the most enjoyable feature of the Batmobile is its turbo- booster, which allows you to jump bridges and squeeze through tight spaces. If only they sold cars like this...hint, hint!

This game has real atmosphere to it and, prior to the 'Arkham' franchise, remained the definitive Batman gaming experience, taking Nolan's realistic Gotham and throwing in heavy hints of what it would be like to actually be Gotham's resident defender.

Added to this are not only cinematics from the film, but the film's main cast reprise their roles in the game as well, all except Gary Oldman (perhaps because Sergeant Gordon makes such a fleeting appearance here). Even Mark Boone, Jr and Tim Booth appear as Detective Flass and Victor Zsasz respectively. And Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow gets an even better treatment than he does in the film, adding to the character's durability, but not ruining his performance in the film itself.

It's just a shame that EA Games pulled their adaptation of 'The Dark Knight', which looked set to do just as great (if not better) work entertaining players as this.

A great game and a great Batman game!
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Batmans Back!
hellonearth96-110 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Christian Bale is brilliant in BATMAN BEGINS. In this new beginning of Batman we find out about his origin and why he chose the bat for a costume. We see him fight his own personal demons and the scary Scarecrow and put the criminal underworld out of business. He allies himself with LT. Gordon of the police, gets gadgets and car from Lucias Fox (Morgan Freeman) and even dis-thrones the head of Wayne Enterprises (Rutger Hauer.) This Batman is more emotional than his predecessors (Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney) and got back to the dark and grittiness it should have, after the two films (forever/&robin) were a failed attempt at keeping Batman alive. This film buries the last four all put together!
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By far the Best Batman game Availiable
landryt16 June 2007
This is the top of the line Batman we've been waiting for. Following the very succsessful movie "Batman Begins", the video game adaption captures the feel of batman and what he really has to do to be a sucssessfull hero, he can't just jump in and beat up the guys with machine guns and knifes. Here in this game, you use a fear technique by scaring your opponents to drop their weapons in fear. It works very well and stays solid throughout the game. The Grapics are also outstanding. Great graphics, and solid gameplay throughout, make this an obvious pickup, for any batman fan.

9 out of 10
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The best Batman game EVER!!
zach-6929 November 2007
Well, for starters, I'm not a big fan of Batman. My hero is Spider-Man! I also like Superman, thanks to Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling (Smallville). Every Batman game I have played has been a major disappointment. Bad graphics, bad gameplay. Not until this AWESOME game! WOW!! I've never had so much fun playing the Dark Knight. Great graphics, great gameplay, (takes getting used too.) The voice talents are of the movie's cast: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Micheal Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Cilian Murphy as Dr. Crane, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and so on and so forth. The levels aren't too hard to work you're way through, it just takes some patience. This game is pure stealth. Unlike other Super hero games: Spider-Man, Superman, etc. Where you fight you're way through areas, this game is stealth, but, yes, you can fight, DUH! He's a crimefighter for crying out loud. Good storyline. Kinda hard to follow along with comparing it to the movie, which was AWESOME!! Great game for gamers everywhere! Although, no tight donning man can EVER beat Spider-Man!
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One of the ten best video games ever made
hchais21 May 2007
This game is great! It is so fun to play. It was never meant to be a hard to beat game. It was made for one reason. For fun. It is a long game. There are many levels. It is just such a fun game. Now, in my opinion, this is one of the ten best video games ever. This is what I think the order goes in my opinion. Mercenaries, Indiana Jones and the emperor's tomb, Grand Theft auto: San Andreas, Call of duty 2, Batman Begins, Jak II, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Star Wars Battlefront II, and then Call of Duty: Big Red One. Now you probably don't agree with me on this, but I think that is how it is. It is a very fun game. There is lots of action and it is just very fun. There is also a very good story. This is one of the best video games ever. 10/10.
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Not very good.
Sunswipe15 July 2007
I think that the movie this game is based on is fantastic. Sadly, the game is nowhere near as good. The highlights are that it has most of the movie cast providing voices for the game characters, and the two Batmobile driving sections are pretty good.

What sucks is the total lack of choice given to you. There is only ever one way to proceed. You get no choice in how to get somewhere, or where to go. For example, you can only attach your grapple to certain points. This linearity takes a lot of fun out of the game. You have rather anaemic punch ups with a couple of villains, then find the next door to walk through. Dull.

Basically, this game is only recommended if you rent it for a weekend, or get it VERY cheap. I got my copy for £5, and that was a little more than I think it's worth. There's simply no reason to replay the game once you've finished it.
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all too easy
theoneandonlyultiman-114 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Title: Batman Begins

Tagline: Fear Ends, Justice Prevails...

Rated: 'T' for Teen for Violence and Foul Language

Genre: Action/Stealth

Directed By: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale Katie Holmes Cillain Murphy Micheal Caine

Characters: Bruce Wayne/The Bat-Man- a mysterious figure of the night

Rachel Dawes- The love interest

Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow- the terrifying villain

Alfred Pennyworth- The friendly-faced butler

Comments: The game is really too easy, as you always have a radar to tell you where everyone is and you can easily beat the crud out of your villains. There are no bosses- you get to play in the Batmobile too! But, all in all, too easy...

Compliments of The_Chef
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A So So game !!!!
fearsx1 November 2005
when i first got the game i had high expectations of it after just watching the film i thought yeah i can have a bit of that but when playing the game i thought my god this is crap the way batman moves in the game is just awful he moves like he is drunk all slow and sluggish when the part came on with the batmobile i knew straight away it wasn't gonna be good and it wasn't you cant really do owt apart from turn right and left and accelerate thats about it this game could have been so much better could have been 1 of this years best games but it wasn't

Ea get urselfs sorted out man

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