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Season 4

11 Nov. 2009
Johnny's New Baby Sisters/Porta Johnny
Susan and Mary turn themselves into babies. / Johnny and Dukey transport into the middle of an art heist.
12 Nov. 2009
The Johnny Scouts/Johnny B.C.
Johnny is desperate for a new bike and he plans to win one by selling cookies - the only catch - he has to become a Lady Bird Scout. But before he knows it he's sold 1000 boxes of cookies and is doubling Dukey on a brand new bike! The excitement of the new bikes fades quickly when Sissy tells Johnny she was trying to sell 1000 boxes of cookies so she could donate them to charity. Johnny comes up with a way for Sissy to sell enough cookies to get bikes for charity. / After working in the extreme heat of the desert Susan and Mary decide to find a cooler and easier way ...
13 Nov. 2009
Dark Johnny/No Homework for Johnny
Dark Vegan has been stranded on earth and needs to get back to Vegandon!/Mr. Teacherman has just assigned Johnny's class so much homework that they are stunned.
19 Nov. 2009
Runaway Johnny/Johnny on the Spot
Everyone keeps telling Johnny he's a big boy until it's time to do something fun then he's too small. / After testing a black hole for the girls Johnny declares that is the worst thing he's ever tested.
3 Dec. 2009
Papa Johnny/The Johnnyminster Dog Show
Johnny tells Dad he couldn't survive a day in his shoes; Dad informs Johnny he couldn't last an hour in his. / After being kicked out of a fancy new dog park, Dukey is detrermined to prove he is as good as any pure bred dog.
15 Oct. 2009
Johnny's Trophy Case/Dukey Jeckyll and Johnny Hyde
Johnny's trophy case is empty and but he has a plan to win a trophy of his own - he's entering The Porkbelly River Jump Cup! Johnny needs the girls to give him some muscles. Luckily the girls have just invented the mega muscle-metabolism-accelerator.
7 Jan. 2010
Johnny's Amazing Cookie Company/Johnny's Big Dumb Sisters
Desperate for a cookie Johnny tests one of Susan and Mary's 100% accurate fortune cookies. These are fortune cookies where by the fortunes actually come true! / Susan and Mary have built a Uranium Cranium Mind Builder - a machine that can increase intelligence.
21 Jan. 2010
My Johnnyguard/Tom & Johnny
Bling Bling is determined to kiss Susan Test at sunset. / Susan and Mary turn Johnny into a mouse to test their "mousey-maze" experiment.
4 Feb. 2010
The Quantum of Johnny/Johnny Get Yer Gum
Mr. Black and Mr. White believe that Larius Nafarious plans to take over the world and they need Johnny's help to stop him. / Whacko is newly released from prison and has created a helium based gum called HelioBubble.
18 Feb. 2010
Old School Johnny/Johnny Degrees Below Zero
Mr. Teacherman has just told the class they have a huge history test but Johnny has a plan to get out of it. / Johnny is testing Susan and Mary's newest invention, Quad "The Magnetizer"
6 May 2010
Johnny Johnny/Double Johnny Coupons
What's gotten in to Johnny and Dukey? They are spitting meatloaf balls at Dad, destroying Mom's new car and throwing monkey dance parties in the lab! Johnny and Dukey claim they're innocent but no one believes them. / The Santa Banana winds are blowing through Porkbelly and have made the conditions perfect for Johnny to be the first kid in history to skateboard down "Suicide Hill"!
20 May 2010
iJohnny/Johnny vs the Mummy
Dad finally gives in and gets Johnny a cell phone but before Johnny makes it home from the store he's lost the phone! / What could be more boring than school? Perhaps it's a trip to the Natural History Museum to look at a bunch of old dead stuff!
7 May 2010
X-Ray Johnny/The Destruction of Johnny X?
In a cheap ploy to see the prizes inside boxes of cereal Johnny convinces his genius sisters to build him a pair of x-ray glasses. / Johnny and Dukey have transformed Lolo into a giant monkey who has gone "ape" and is destroying Porkbelly.
17 Jun. 2010
Johnny Grow Your Own Monster/Who's Johnny
The "Grow Your Own Monster" kit that Johnny ordered has finally arrived! He quickly puts the Monster pill in a glass of water. Johnny doesn't realize the girls have switched his glass of water with the side effect of their "Behavior Modification Serum" hoping he would drink it. Johnny is on the verge of giving up, when suddenly his monster gets bigger and comes to life! Johnny can't believe his luck, while Dukey can't believe this can be a good thing. The girls reassure Dukey that the monster will be fine as long as it stays small; unfortunately Johnny puts "Gammy" in...
1 Jun. 2010
99 Deeds of Johnny Test/Princess Johnny
Johnny has just received his 99th detention! If Dad finds out he is sending Johnny to Old Hickory Military Academy for wild boys. / Secret agents Black and White need Johnny's help. Princess Maribel of Muldavia has disappeared and she needs to present a treaty with Schmuldavia to end the dispute between the two countries.
15 Jul. 2010
Johnny's Amazing Race/Johnny Test in 3D
Johnny and Dukey bet Susan and Mary their Bullseye Mart Gift Cards that they couldn't beat them out of Porkbelly National Park and back to civilization. / Mom is sent to a weekend conference at a fancy hotel overlooking the ocean. The best part is that she gets to bring the whole family...except for Dukey.
26 Jul. 2010
Guess Who's Coming to Johnny's for Dinner/Johnny's New BFF
Mr. Black is devastated when Mr. White ends their friendship. With nowhere to go Mr. Black turns to the Tests for shelter. But it doesn't take long before he wears out his welcome with Johnny. / When Mom and Dad discover Johnny has no friends, they set out to find Johnny a new best friend.
12 Aug. 2010
Johnny's Big Sister Smackdown/Johnny vs. Bling Bling 4
Johnny finally convinces Susan and Mary to ask Gil on a date to see which girl he would rather go out with, unfortunately the girls can't get the nerve to speak to him. / It's Valentine's Day and once again Bling Bling is determined to have Susan Test as his Valentine.
26 Aug. 2010
Sunshine Malibu Johnny/Johnnycicle
No more teachers, no more books - Johnny is finally on summer vacation and can't wait to head to the beach to score some big, fat, tasty waves! / Brain Freezer is back in Porkbelly and wants revenge!
28 Sep. 2010
King Johnny/Johnny Re-Animated
Dad decides it's time for Johnny to stop playing video games; he can play board games or go outside instead. / Sissy is bored and decides to force Johnny to watch the Dawg and Bone 24 hour marathon with her.
4 Oct. 2010
Johnny Cakes/Johnny Tube
It is Mom's birthday and the Test Family want to surprise her. / Gil, Bling-Bling, Susan & Mary and even Dad have all been given fat Hollywood contracts after being discovered on Snoob Tube, Johnny wants to be a star too but can't seem to get discovered.
25 Nov. 2010
Sleepover at Johnny's/Johnny's Got a Wart
Johnny looks down at his hand and notices that he's developed an unsightly wart. He can't remember fraternizing with witches or handling toads, still there it is. He and Dukey sneak up to the lab to find a remedy. The girls are happy to help and give him a solution and within seconds the wart disappears! The next morning Johnny wakes up only to discover that the wart has returned and it's bigger than before. As the day goes on, the wart develops a "defiant personality" and tiny face and then it talks! Finally the girls confess they didn't give Johnny a wart killing ...
18 Nov. 2010
Johnny's Royal Flush/Johnny Test's Day Off
The Twins accidentally turn Johnny into a goldfish. While they work around the clock to reverse the process, he has to cool his jets in a bowl of water. / Johnny's had a tough week and he needs a day off!
18 Nov. 2010
Johnny and Dark Vegan's Battle Brawl Mania/A Scholarship for Johnny
The world's friendliest and nastiest lizard Repto-slicer seems lonely - and sad. / Dad wakes up in the middle of the night. Was it a nightmare? No - he just realized that Johnny is not a genius like his sisters and that means he'll have to pay for Johnny's college!
20 Dec. 2010
Johnny Boat Racing/Johnny Lockdown
Johnny and Dukey check out the wild river in the woods behind his house - and somehow end up being challenged to a boat race by Kirk. / Johnny has to create his own science project in order to pass science class.
10 Jan. 2011
Good Ol' Johnny Test/Johnny Strikes Back Again
It's school play time and Johnny is depressed - Sissy is the director once again and her plays stink like horse poots! / When another one of the girls "kiss Gil" experiments goes wrong they need Johnny X and Super Pooch to strike back...again.

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