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10 Jan. 2011
Good Ol' Johnny Test/Johnny Strikes Back Again
It's school play time and Johnny is depressed - Sissy is the director once again and her plays stink like horse poots! / When another one of the girls "kiss Gil" experiments goes wrong they need Johnny X and Super Pooch to strike back...again.
13 Jun. 2011
Johnny Goes Nuts/Johnny Daddy Day
Johnny is finally old enough to participate in Porkbelly's Annual Running of the Squirrels, but he has to get past his mom, who thinks it's too dangerous. Johnny, the twins and Mom realize it's Father's Day, and they don't have a gift. They try many disastrous attempts, making Dad wish they had never remembered.
20 Jun. 2011
Johnny Cruise/Rated J for Johnny
Johnny wins a free cruise vacation for the family in a contest that he doesn't remember entering, only to find out it's a ploy by Bling Bling to win Susan's heart by rescuing her from a sinking ship. Johnny and Dukey make every attempt to purchase the hot new M-rated video game,Toxic Battle Blast 4, proving they may not be mature enough to play this game.
27 Jun. 2011
Spotless Johnny/Johnny vs Bling Bling: The Ultimate Battle
The twins make a cleaning agent that makes dirt literally disappear. Johnny uses it on himself, and discovers the advantages and disadvantages of being invisible. The twins team up with Johnny against Bling Bling and his scientists in their biggest clash yet.
11 Jul. 2011
Cat Scratch Johnny/Johnny of the Deep
Johnny and Dukey can't get enough of the latest 3D movie so they ask the twins to make them everyday 3D glasses. They make the mistake of wearing them during the movie, causing too much D as the movie comes to life! Bling Bling uses a ring to hypnotize Susan to fall in love with him, then whisks her off to his yacht. Johnny and Dukey transform into sharks to search for the ring and destroy it, getting help from a retired underwater action hero.
18 Jul. 2011
Johnny Swellville/Johnny Irresistible
Johnny and Dukey missed last week's 10% off video game sale, so they travel back in time, but a malfunction causes them to go back too far, landing them in the black & white 1950's! Johnny's poodle-skirted sisters help them get back to the future. Johnny is envious that Gil gets free stuff because of his irresistibleness, so he asks the twins to increase his own popularity, and quickly learns it can be too much of a good thing.
25 Jul. 2011
Johnny's Rat Race/Black & White & Johnny All Over
The agents ask Johnny & Dukey to help them find their deadliest rogue agent - a cuddly robotic puppy, that will set off a neutron bomb if angered! Johnny uses a most unlikely substance to stop the runaway pooch. Johnny hypnotizes Susan and Mary's lab mouse, Montague, to help him get an A+ in Science Class, but a ringmaster kidnaps him from the school to be the star of his rundown circus. The gang saves Montague-and the circus!
23 Oct. 2011
Fangs a Lot Johnny/Johnny Testosterone
Susan and Mary discover Gil's a fanboy of the latest teenage vampire saga, so they transform into vampires to get his attention. Johnny and Dukey turn vampire hunter to rescue Gil and turn Johnny's sisters back to normal. Johnny's frustrated-everyone in his grade is taller than him. He begs the girls to give him a growth injection, which turns him into a hulking beast! Dukey and the girls must change him back before the army can capture him for experiments.
1 Aug. 2011
Lawn Gone Johnny/Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse
Johnny's simple chore turns into an all-out, souped up lawnmower race with his sisters, the agents, Dark Vegan, Mittens, and Brain Freezer. Loser mows the winner's lawn forever!! Johnny wants to prove to Sissy he has the cooler treehouse so borrows some his sisters' building clones to create the hippest teen hangout, only to find it's too popular.
8 Aug. 2011
Johnny Goes Camping/Johnny's World Prank Wars 1
A school counselor insists Johnny and his dad go camping for some father-son bonding, but to get out of it, Johnny turns Dukey into a woodlands beast to scare them back to the city, only to meet some of the other wildlife. Everyone tries to win the Super Duper Pranking World Super Cup. Johnny's Dad tries to put a stop to it, as it's destroying his tidy house!
15 Aug. 2011
How to Become a John-i Knight/The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants
Thanks to some mysterious intergalactic knights, Johnny uses newfound powers to stop Dark Vegan's plans to destroy Sirloin, a planet made of meat. A pair of pants have taken over Johnny's brain, and have made him a genius! The twins and Dukey have to find a way to destroy the pants to get Johnny back to his less-smart self.
22 Aug. 2011
Johnny's Keys to Success/Johnny's Winter Jacket
Johnny's mom makes him wear a ridiculous winter coat, but finds out it has tricks up its sleeves, saving Porkbelly from some villainous aliens from outerspace! Johnny gets a key that opens any door and lock in the city. Everyone in town discovers what he has, and wants it for themselves!
29 Aug. 2011
Johnny Two-Face/Johnny Susan Susan Johnny
The twins try to stop Johnny from lying, but they all find out that sometimes the truth hurts. In order to win a prize in a male-only science club, Susan switches bodies with Johnny.
5 Sep. 2011
Johnny Alternative/My Dinner with Johnny
Johnny and Dukey enter another dimension where they meet Joni and Dutchy, a kinda familiar girl and her dog. They have so much fun together, could they be falling in love? Johnny and his dad strike a bet that Johnny can't show proper table manners. To ensure he wins, Johnny turns to Mr. Mittens, and his butler Albert for some help.
24 Oct. 2011
Johnny Trick or Treat/Johnny Nightmare
Johnny and Dukey spend the night in a haunted house to win a ton of candy, but can they survive the night? In their latest plan to win Gil's heart, the twins invent a machine that makes dreams come true. Except their little brother borrowed it and thanks to his nightmares, Johnny now has to conquer the monsters that are destroying Porkbelly!
5 Dec. 2011
A Holly Johnny Christmas/Johnny's Snow Ball
Johnny has to move from the naughty to the nice side of the list if he wants to get the extreme snowball making machine he wants for Christmas. Johnny sends out an invitation for a Snow Ball that everyone interprets to be a winter dance. But he left out the word fight so everyone is surprised by the most epic snowball fight ever.
12 Sep. 2011
Roller Johnny/Cool Hand Johnny
Whacko's plan to imprison all the kids in Porkbelly seems to be working when Johnny and Dukey get trapped in his No Escape prison video game. Susan and Mary need to get inside the game and reprogram the Robo Guards to set them free. Johnny enters a roller derby contest to win the prize of lifetime passes to an amusement park. Trouble is, it's a girls roller derby contest so Mary and Susan have to change Johnny and Dukey's gender. When Dukey gets stuck and believes he's Debbie Demolition the girls have to find a way to change him back.
19 Sep. 2011
Lakeside Johnny/Johnny Germ Fighter
Johnny gets sent to a broken-down summer camp where pets aren't allowed. Dukey manages to stowaway anyway and it's a good thing, Johnny and his campmates will need all the help they can get in a boating competition with the rival rich kids camp lead by Bling Bling. Dad's tired of Johnny's bathroom being a filthy mess and won't let him go outside until he's made it germ-free. But when he combines his sister's Germ Destroying Foam 85 and dad's McPhobe cleaning products, the germs grow out of control and attack Porkbelly.
26 Sep. 2011
Johnny's World Record/Mush, Johnny, Mush
Johnny is determined to get in to the Stout Book Of Crazy-Inane & Useless Records. Everyone in town seems to be good at something but after 23 attempted stunts, he still isn't in. He ends up in the book for doing what he's best at-attempts to get into a record book! Johnny is challenged to a dog sled race to Porkbelly Peak by bratty rich kid Monty Butterworth III. Bling Bling, Black & White and Mr. Mittens also join the competition to determine the dogsled champion of the world. First they have to survive the ice plateau that's come loose and is hurling them down the ...
Johnny's Treasure Hunt/Extra Credit Johnny
Johnny, Dukey and the girls discover a treasure map in the attic and set off to find the lost treasure of Pie-Eyed Pat. The only things standing in their way are some tricky clues and a pesky Bling Bling. Johnny is failing in school and has to turn in extra credit in order to avoid summer school. Teacherman gives Johnny impossible tasks so he fails. Johnny's efforts cause so much damage that even though he earned the extra credit, it's going to take all summer for him to repair the damage to the school.
Johnny's Left Foot/Johnny vs. The Tickler
Johnny breaks his foot attempting to skateboard down Hospital Hill. The girls give him a robotic foot as they try to fix his regular foot in a yet-to-be-tested healing chamber, resulting in a growing disaster that they must stop before it stomps out Porkbelly! Evil Villain The Tickler discovers that the way to destroy Johnny Test is by eliminating the people who supply him with all his inventions-Susan and Mary. Johnny needs a crash course in evil to defeat him and takes the advice of all the villains in town to save his sisters.
Bugged Out Johnny/Johnny Test's Quest
Johnny finds a bug in his breakfast, so Mom contacts the company and a free case of cereal is delivered in apology. Realizing if they find more creepy-crawlies in their favorite products to get more free goodies, Johnny and Dukey go bug-hunting, only to accidentally free a special ladybug with a monsterous appetite. Johnny, Dukey and Mary go on a deep ocean quest to save Susan, the General and Bling Bling from an unexpected foe. Black and White help against mysterious deep diving vilains who seem to have it in for all of them.
It's All Relative Johnny/Johnny Rich
Johnny and Dukey use the Teacup Time Machine to go back to medieval times to visit Johnny's ancestor, Squire Fringle. When the evil king travels into the present and kidnaps Mom as his bride, Johnny, Dad and Fringle join forces to save her. One of the girls' inventions is sold and the Test family become rich, richer than Bling Bling! Johnny and Bling Bling try to out-purchase each other, but will Johnny learn that money isn't everything?
Green Johnny/Johnny X... Again?
Johnny visits the planet Razorium to visit his former lizard pet, Reptoslicer. Repto and his family steal aboard their ship and head back to Earth in search of more metal to fill their appetites. Can Johnny X and Super Pooch stop these ravenous metal-vores before it's too late? Johnny doesn't understand why everyone's so concerned about going green. The family appear as the Ghosts or Earth Day Past, Present and Future to teach Johnny to be more considerate to Mother Earth.

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