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6 Apr. 2012
Johnny O's/It's Du-Kay, Johnny
Johnny's tired of the lame toys found in cereal boxes, so he launches his own Johnny Os with a real alien blaster found in each box. Porkbelly is now protected against space invaders, but who will save the town from it's citizens? Dukey's starting to behave too much like a regular dog, so Mary and Susan decide it's time for a DNA upgrade, but it turns him into sophiscated Du-kay, who would rather spend time at the country club then hang out with Johnny.
10 Apr. 2012
Magic Johnny/Dolly Johnny
Johnny becomes Johnny the Amazingly Amazing magician, thanks to the girls Magi-nator. His success takes him to Paris where he makes the Eiffel Tower disappear, but his magical talents unexpectedly go poof! and the French want their landmark back! The girls use DNA to create a Johnny doll that can control any of Johnny's actions. Johnny and Dukey get the doll away from them, but throw it away before realizing that doll is headed straight for the incinerator!
31 Mar. 2012
Johnny McCool/It's an Invasion, Johnny
The girls transform Johnny to look like Speed McCool so he can land his dream job as a stunt double. Agents Black & White send a distress signal from outer space, and the General needs help from the Test kids to rescue them. The gang gets beamed aboard a mysterious space ship, with some seemingly sinister inhabitants.

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