Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007) Poster

Dana Snyder: Master Shake



  • Frylock : Oh what, you've never seen a bra before?

    Master Shake : Not with the BOOB MEAT inside of it!

  • Master Shake : Now this square is the... man.

    Meatwad : Ok.

    Master Shake : This circle here, that's a uterus.

    Meatwad : That's what it looks like?

    Master Shake : Up close yes this is lifelike drawing of the uterus. See the guy takes the car after his job to pick up the uterus at her house...

    Meatwad : Mmhmm.

    Master Shake : because she doesn't work unless she's sweeping up something.

    Meatwad : Wel... and where do they go?

    Master Shake : All the way... to a hotel... which definitely has cable... and that's where this trapezoid becomes hmm shall we say... hahaha entangled with the exposed and aerated crotches.

    Meatwad : And that there is the exposed crotches?

    Master Shake : I told you that's the chair and the spatula.

    Meatwad : I knew it.

    Master Shake : Congratulate yourself my friend... you have just been laid.

    Meatwad : Ooh... that feels good.

    Master Shake : Yeah, I never tire of it.

  • [to a creaturezoid in a tank of water] 

    Master Shake : What's a matter? Too faggy to come and get me?

    [creaturezoid gets angry and starts pounding against the tank] 

  • Master Shake : And so Frylock is with us... in a manner of speaking... but he would never recover his smartness. That's why I have to cut up his food for him.

  • [Frylock has died] 

    Time Lincoln : You know, I don't advertise this, but I can bring him back to life.

    Master Shake : Ha ha! Yeah right! I bet you can't!

    Time Lincoln : Oh yeah? How much you wanna bet, bro?

  • Frylock : Shake, not all women are into muscles.

    Master Shake : Well, the beautiful ones are. The ones in Miami.

  • Master Shake : [flexing]  Hooah, lookit these guns!


    Master Shake : Oops. I just pooped a little bit.

  • Master Shake : [after beating on the Insanoflex egg with a crowbar which has hatched a baby Insanoflex]  See, I get shit done!

  • Master Shake : We're here to throw down!

  • Master Shake : That's what gets me off.

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