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brockmporter18 October 2005
I didn't know what to expect when I saw this show. Comedy Central has a way of releasing shows that look promising, and then disappointing me with them.

But the Colbert Report is very funny, slightly ridiculous, and definitely worth the time.

It's a parody of shows like the O'Reilley Factor. It has a host (Daily Show veteran Stephen Colbert)whose persona is very self-important and self-centered. His name is on everything, all over the set, and his desk is shaped like a giant C. (C stands for Colbert, he reminds us).

The show consists primarily of Stephen Colbert, in his Daily Show persona, sitting at a desk and giving his opinions on things. It's all done in the spirit of satire, parodying popular journalism and the tendency of people who have no expertise to get a lot of camera time, despite the fact that their opinions are basically worthless.

All in all, the show is very funny, and very edgy. I think Stephen Colbert is a good investment for Comedy Central.
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This show is surprisingly awesome!
DrFilmFalm19 October 2005
Colbert is right when he says that he has balls. He says things on his show that Jon Stewart doesn't have the balls to say for example: the "Better Know a District" in which he interviewed Jack Kingston.

"So you were raised in Ethiopia?" "No I only lived there till I was 2 so I don't remember much." "What was it like being raised in Ethiopia?" Just some of the stuff he says gets me rolling. He then went on to call the man an African American and ask how it helps him to be an African American in congress and how he helps the working class.

I also love "The Word" which is basically a moment for him to completely tear apart the issue of the night. Always on the side are random "pointers" that always have some funny connotation to them. Overall so far this show seems to be a resounding success and I hope it continues down this great path. I still love the Daily Show and think Comedy Central did what the fans wanted. Many fans wanted the Daily Show to be extended to an hour so this pretty much is what they wanted if not better.

In the end the truth is that Stephen Colbert is awesome and his show is too.
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The Best US TV Satire In History
jgkinoz21 October 2005
Colbert has made the best satirical TV show in US history.

This 22 minute show is three shows. So I'd say Stephen Colbert has made the best three satirical US TV shows. With Jon Stewart's Daily Show in fourth place.

First this is a show that spoofs the stupid US news TV. With a segment The Word which is comedy GOLD.

Second this is a talk show where Stephen walks into a set where the guest is already sitting or standing sometimes in the dark. He runs in front of them and takes all the applause. There is no time for applause for the guest. Stephen is a one of histories greatest interviewers.

Third it is an investigative reporting show which is more honest and insightful than the US "media manipulated" news and makes a genuine connection with the audience.

I wish I could buy stocks in Stephen. Two word review: "Thankyou Colbert!".
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Colbert Report
Nora-6510 March 2006
Funny to the bone. I adore the show, Steven is so appealing. My husband and I plan our evening around the Report. I cant take the news any more, it's so depressing, frustrating and totally black (the "regular" news creates bias just through how they word things - it's just inherent in language). However, both the Colbert Report and Daily show inform me while satirizing. It's a winning combination. I think Steven Colbert is brilliant. He is one of the writers for the show and all the writers seem super imaginative and right on target. His delivery is usually mesmerizing. I think this show appeals to a wide age range. I'm in my late 50s and I think there may be a younger demographic in general for Colbert. Maybe it's more of an attitude that we have in common. The show is like O'Reilly on luminescently clear hallucinogens. Steven maintains a double approach: faking a right punch, but actually hits with the left. He has appeal to clear-thinking logical folks who also love to laugh. How else can we get through this madness except with comedy?
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already looking forward to many more episodes
Quinoa198418 October 2005
Last night's first episode of the Colbert Report was a sign of great things to come. Stephen Colbert has already made his name as a correspondent on The Daily Show (sometimes under brilliantly ridiculous monachers), and branching out onto his own show I'm looking forward to more. If there is more to be expected, with more variety, it's definitely welcome, but on sight of the first episode I'm already hyped for it. Basically, Colbert is a combination of the several 'taling-head' talk-show hosts on Cable TV news networks, with huge egos in the guise of traditional journalism. In particular, one can see the lampooning of Bill O'Reilly, which whether or not you're a fan of his you'll find some humor (I'm very much not, but it may not be too deterring for O'Reilly's main base). The set-ups like 'The Word', and a competition with another TV correspondent with strange phrasing, are hysterical, and sometimes more subtle than the Daily Show material.

If you like Colbert's stuff, it's a must-see, and if you're a newcomer to the show (and might not watch the Daily Show much) it's worth a viewing. One thing's for sure, like the Daily Show, it's a breath of fresh air in the realm of the mildly outrageous.
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tamingoftheshru7 November 2005
Not being a usual Daily Show viewer (It's funny, but doesn't merit my addiction), I only found out about The Colbert Report 8 episodes into it. The first episode I saw was the one about Harriet Miers, and from then on I was hooked. Colbert is absolutely brilliant. The show is hilarious...from his ridiculous interviews, to The Word ("Quitter" on the Miers episode), to Colbert's aura of gravitas and his wicked wit, the show is nothing short of amazing. Better than the Daily Show any day. The only bad thing about The Colbert Report is the fact that it's only on four nights a week.

And, to end on an awesome quote - On Harriet Miers: "It is good you quit, because you are a quitter. Not an 'acquitter,' because only judges can acquit, and you will never be a judge, because you are a quitter." -Stephen Colbert
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Damn Funny
fuel1band-117 October 2005
The Colbert Report features The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert behind his own anchor desk on his own show. The entire set was designed to parody the sets of most newsrooms, with the name of the show appearing nearly everywhere, illuminated with bright lights. Colbert's desk was even shaped like a giant C. Anyway, onto the content.

The first show had a hilarious contest between anchor Stone Philips and Colbert, where each sought to display their "gravitas," essentially saying pointless, meaningless b.s. in the serious tone of a reporter. It also featured Colbert parodying Bill O'Reilly's talk of "elite media" on his show. Colbert's dress is even similar to O'Reilly's. I hope the mock-O'Reilly theme continues. Overall, it didn't appear as good as the Daily Show, but then again, it may be too early to tell...
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DANDEBSOF2 November 2005
I think The Colbert Report is very funny. Stephen Colbert is a very witty man as is his show. I am not sure if it will stay on the air and for how long because often times Spin-offs don't last a long time, but I enjoy watching it. I get several good laughs from it; I especially enjoy The Word of the Day! I LOVE the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. I think that when things are bad and you can't do anything about it, laughter is a wonderful wonderful thing. I trust The Daily Show to give me the best news and I have a fantabulous time watching it. Stephen Colbert has done a great job on the Daily Show and his presence has continued with his own show. Watch The Colbert Report and find out what Stephen Colbert thinks...its entertainment!
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Every bit as good as "The Daily Show"
mfrerkes13 January 2006
Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew are masters at taking bland, idiotic political bickering and turning it into some of the funniest comedy on television. Stephen Colbert has shown a similar talent with respect to political punditry. Commentators like Bill O' Reilly undoubtedly have their hardcore followers, but to most Americans these type of politically-driven TV personalities come off as obnoxious blow-hards. Colbert does an excellent job capturing the pomposity and intellectual dishonesty of what, unfortunately in this age, is referred to as political commentary. For example, he teased an upcoming segment about the Intelligent Design debate by stating: "Coming up, I'll ask a leading expert in evolution why he hates The Lord." Parody such as that is not only hilarious, but is an eerily accurate depiction of what you find on the cable TV news "debate shows." Highly recommended to anyone, especially those who think the political arena in the United States has become a sad, pathetic three-ring circus.
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Thank the heavens for Colbert ...
speckled1029 May 2009
Where do I begin with Stephen Colbert and the report - quite simply it has revived my spirits that the world we live in can still bring to us a show and a person who can deliver what no-one else in any media can.

Incredibly funny, sharp, incisive, clever, biting the adjectives are endless. Colbert's brilliance is - as others have put it - the fake punch. Pretending to oppose his interviewees while actually pointing the sharp end at the corruption & evils of the world that we live in right now.

Stephen promotes Science, Space Travel, Environmental Awareness, Equality & Racial/Religious tolerance (he is the *ONLY* pro-catholic non-Christian-bashing person in any form of mainstream media anywhere on the planet right now). And he manages all this and many more positive messages with his incredibly funny, self-absorbed on-screen persona that rightfully has the audience in stitches when they're not on their feet cheering.

I proudly bought my C.O.L.B.E.R.T. patch at NASA Kennedy Space Center (so good I had to buy two!) and will wear & display them to anyone who will notice, and try to tell as many people as I can to watch this show.

So Heroes - you are all officially mobilized to Code-Sierra-Alpha, and spread the WORD to everyone about the greatest satirical show in the history of television !!

Long live Stephen. Stephen for President. Stephen for Pope. Stephen for King. etc...

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too close for me...
obliv6 October 2006
you know, i get what he's's brilliant satire of the whole 'fox news/reporter as advocate' thing, but you know, sometimes, in his performance, he just crosses over and becomes one of those guys...i have seen him interview some people, and his satire is so spot on, it ceases to actually differ much between what guys like o'reilly/hannity do for real. i actually agree w/colbert in real life, and i think fox news deserves constant mockery, esp since weak minded people, like this lady i used to work with, fail to realize that just b/c you say you're fair and balanced doesn't actually mean you are. so i would say, go WAY over the top and make that character look as bad as hannity and o'reilly look on their shows

its funny, good stuff...i would say, just be a little MORE broad

other than that, good stuff
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Colbert: Unfunny, smug, useless, hateful
doofenschmerz18 July 2011
Stephen Colbert is a one-joke comedian who has worn out his welcome. The character he endlessly portrays is unfunny, smug, irritating and cannot be watched at length by anyone with an IQ above room temperature without the desire to disinfect one's psyche with a steam generator.

This is the Disney Channel for particularly dull-witted adults. There is simply nothing funny about the man and he clearly appeals to those who do not possess the ability to think on their own. His snarky visage and limp political jokes are designed for mental slackers who are watching from their parents' basements. Their kneejerk agreement with the America-hating Colbert in his unremitting leftism is an example of the weakling mindset that gave 20th century nations leaders like Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

In other words, the viewers of this fetid non-comedy are entirely incapable of cogent thought.
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Consistently Annoying and Unwatchable
Portrait-of-a-Statue30 July 2006
Never has any show in the entire history of television been as overrated, overpraised, and over-hyped as The Colbert Report. This show does nothing but annoy. The lead character, played by Stephen Colbert, is supposed to be a parody of a conservative newscaster. Unfortunately, Colbert does not so much succeed in mocking such conservatives as he does in becoming as annoying as they are. He is not funny or enlightening or remotely interesting. The media goes on and on about Colbert's talent and intelligence but how much talent and intelligence does it take to play the same character and the same tired comedy bits over and over until we stop watching. That is not talent, that is consistency. And to be consistently annoying does not lead to a long career, even in the fake news game. My roommate and I gave The Colbert Report a fair shot, coming on as it does after The Daily Show, one of our favorite shows. We now turn off The Daily Show early so we don't catch Colbert's promo at the end of it. That's how bad this show is. We can't even stand the promos.
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Emmy for Cobert Report
dukedorothy2626 December 2013
The reason the Colbert Report won Emmys is because the show was NOT R

or X rated. Since winning Emmys recently, the writers must have gone mad!!!

Every other word or gesture is obscene, lewd and offensive!

You don't have to be dirty to be funny---get back to the way it used to

be before the awards swelled your head to

bursting with indecencies. The show is so disgusting and in worse than

poor taste now, that my husband and i just turn it off to

watch "anything!" else.

How about hiring new writers----or is Mr. Cobert the writer himself??

Get back to the basics of satire and humor---don't trash it down to smut and offensiveness!
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One of Comedy Central's Best Shows!!!
truth-lies-in-darkness18 August 2006
Stephen Colbert can be summarized in just a few words: brilliant, satirical, and genius are a few that describe him. His views on everything, from the highest levels of government down to something as trivial as milk are things everyone can relate to at some point. With excellent recurring sketches, e.g.- "The Word", "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger", and "Stephen Colbert's Sound Advice" it's no wonder this show has earned such high ratings with Comedy Central viewers and IMDb users. Comedy Central needs less shows and comedians that try to be edgy, such as Carlos Mencia (no offense to all the fans) and get more stuff like this, that IS edgy and funny. The Colbert Report is on several times a day on weekdays throughout the day and with late-night showings as well. Catch it as often as you can!
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Not Everybody's Cup of Tea but I love it!
Sylviastel6 July 2006
Now I have something to watch from 8-9 on Comedy Central. This show and it's brother show, the Daily Show, proves to be the funniest hour on television. We love Stephen Colbert as Comedy Central's answer to Bill O'Reilly. He's not to be taken seriously but he is always funny but it's not a slapstick, vulgar kind of funny. He takes potshots at us liberals and I love it. He's the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind listening to or giving a high-five. I am so glad that the Emmys have recognized this show's humor and entertainment much like his lead-in show, The Daily Show. There are definite differences between the two shows. Stephen Colbert is the American loving conservative right handed guy that provides a voice for those people who are. Remember when we watched All In the Family and it was about politics too, there were a discourse in the voices on the show which made it interesting to watch. Colbert has a way with guests and he interviews congressmen and congresswomen who represent districts across the country. He makes them look silly and yet human too. You can't take this show too seriously. Maybe that's the point, yes we are at war and New Jersey is in a budget crisis but we can turn to the Colbert Report and get a laugh about it or two. I love the skit where he pretends to be the Chief Press Secretary and Helen Thomas is chasing him down at every turn. You can't stop laughing at that.
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Asolutely Hilarious!!
Adamhell28 April 2006
This show started out as a joke on "The Daily Show" as a 30 second promo and ran for a few years and got picked up and I am glad it was. Of all the political/talk shows to appear on cable, the "Colbert Report" is the best. It shows that all the other pundit shows are ridiculous and unnecessary. From the first episode when he uttered the word "truthiness", the first shot rang out to all other full-of-themselves pundits. Plus he exposes the absurdity of their so-called grudges with his war with bears. He tears apart the myth of the "liberal media" by showing that the right wing are more outlandish than any one else. Also, how many talk show hosts have a baby eagle named after them?
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Colbert for President
trailerbuff11 February 2007
The Colbert Report is the most entertaining, smart and sophisticated show ever. Stephen's BKAD or Better Know A District segments are the best. He's determined to interview every US Representative. He's political as hell but claims to be just a comedian. Everything he has ever done has been poking fun at the fake "moral" majority. He's a good man. Even through his irreverent and naughty acts and language the real, true, goodness shines through and is always making a point. His appearance on the White House Press Correspondent's dinner is one of the most watched clips of all time on the internet. I would love it if he ever did run for President but I know he won't. The only thing that I could wish for is that he and Jon do more things together. Lately, there's been no "toss" between the shows. I miss it. I miss it a lot.
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Problem with satirizing obnoxious people.....
kyrat24 August 2006
... is you have to act obnoxious.

Don't get me wrong. I love Stephen Colbert. I think the Colbert is second only to the Daily Show in terms of being the greatest show currently on air.

However, while I never tire of Jon & the Daily Show, I have to admit Stephen can get a little tiring. Jon has other correspondents but Stephen has to carry the show alone. Stephen is also a little stuck as sort of a one-trick pony. He has to play the same character the same way all the time. And when that character is a moronic ego maniacal bombastic rightwing nutjob a**hole (a la Rush L. & Bill O'R.) that can get a bit tiring.

The repeating segments are funny. The Daily "WORD" is hilarious. The threat down (usually BEARS!); the "better know a district"; the "wag of the finger/tip of the hat" segments are something to look forward to each week. He does rely too much on Yahoo news for funny news bits, not so amusing when I've already read them that day.

However my biggest disappointment (and I subtracted an entire star for that)is the increasing product placement on the show.

I don't know if Stephen has made some sort of deal where he's actually getting paid or what --but he has started promoting brands like (goldenpalace, kraft, etc.) at first I excused it as "he's probably satirizing Rush's pushing of Snapple", but IMHO it's crossing the line into actually advertising. And I'm getting sick of hearing about his B&J ice cream flavor.

I find the recent trend to try to do product placement so people don't realize they're watching adds to be really offensive. I hope this doesn't increase.
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The new episodes are much better than the first one! It's hilarious now, exactly as I had expected it to be from the beginning.
MovieAddict201618 October 2005
*** Included below is my original review of the program, submitted on October 18th. It was a negative review of the first episode. Since then, I have seen Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's episodes and found them to be steadily improving each time - last night's episode was a hoot! "Kim Jung Ill, give your people their vocabulary back!" It had me cracking up. I'll keep my original review intact merely as a way of keeping track of what I originally thought, and I'll leave new comments as indicated with stars like these: ***

Like many people in the nation, I dedicate my existence to "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Well, okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration - but I think it is a very funny and clever show and I watch it whenever I am able to.

Stephen Colbert, one of the "reporters" from the Daily Show, now has his own show, named the "The Colbert Réport" ("It's French, b****!"). Colbert is a hilarious man and, like Will Ferrell and everyone's favorite "40-Year-Old Virgin," Colbert has a distinct sense of absurd-but-straight humor that can make anything sound funny.

Sadly, the commercials for "The Colbert Réport" are funnier than the show itself. Having looked forward to it for weeks now, I found the first episode to be quite disappointing. People keep making fun of Adam Carolla's talk show (Colbert stole his original time slot), but "The Colbert Réport" is just as bad. * (Not.)

For one, I didn't laugh at all. I laughed at the commercials but I couldn't force myself to laugh at the show. It was just very stale. A few things were funny ("You're it-getters!") but overall it seemed sort of desperate and all over the place. * The show is still sort of frantic but it's much funnier and Stephen has a grip on the flow of the program now; before it seemed like he was overwhelmed.

At first, it was watchable, but once the Stone Phillips interview began, I could barely tolerate it anymore. * I still stand by my opinion that Phillips' interview was WEAK - Colbert makes a few funny jabs at Phillips but overall it's nothing special. It was very brief and poorly lit; frankly I think the concept of having the interviews take place away from Colbert's main desk is a mistake. It makes the show seem too wild with him running from his desk over to a chair. * And I still agree with this, too.

The theme song is a variation of the "Daily Show" theme song and you can tell a lot of money has been put into this (as Stephen points out, his name is on about a thousand items around the studio). But in the end, I found the initial episode to be a huge let-down, considering how funny "The Daily Show" is and how absolutely outrageous Stephen Colbert has been in the past. * I think it's even funnier than "The Daily Show" judging by the last two episodes.

I won't judge this quite yet, because after all, it's only the first episode. Colbert is still adjusting and dedicated a large portion of the opening segment to explaining the show to viewers. Maybe in a week or two it'll surpass "The Daily Show" and offer something more original - but so far I'm not impressed.

* It didn't take a week - this is now on par with "The Daily Show" and if it keeps improving at this rate, pretty soon it'll be one of the absolute funniest shows on television.
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Picking up where "Daily Show" has faltered, Stephen Colbert brings an invigorating full-length, straight-faced satire of the news media back to Comedy Central
liquidcelluloid-116 December 2005
Network: Comedy Central; Genre: Parody, Satire; Content Rating: TV-PG (for some language and adult content); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Series

Believe me or not, there is a small, silent, underground majority in America that - despite the endless orgasmic screams of the critical press - doesn't like "The Daily Show". Their reasons may include its insultingly transparent liberalism, that it has fallen down on the job as a media satire or that Jon Stewart is simply too hammy and spotlight-hogging. In my review of "The Daily Show" (of which I've probably received more feedback than any review - both for and against), I don't make a secret of how I think Stewart has run this once fantastic media satire into the ground. I suggested that a way to get the show back to its edgy roots would be to hand over host duties to veteran correspondent (and "Strangers With Candy" co-star) Stephen Colbert.

For me, and that small, silent, underground group, "The Colbert Report" is like an answered prayer. Though I'm amazed it took this long for Colbert's talents to finally get a stage of their own, this show was worth the wait. You may be wondering, is it really THAT much better? And the answer is a resounding "yes".

Where "Daily" has become a warped political soap box pandering to the NYU crowd, "Report" brings the focus back to the press itself - specifically, the rise of ego-maniacal political pundit shows. It is a subject where some real, smart parody is badly needed and "Report" nails it right through the heart. Instead of playing the commentator and delivering a message, "Report" is an invigorating trip back to the straight-faced, full-length parody of Craig Kilborn's "Daily Show" days.

Colbert is clearly having a blast in the character. For those who know the references, Colbert subtly mimics the attitudes and most ridiculous quirks of Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews,Keith Olberman, Aaron Brown, Sean Hannity, and the like, perfectly (although the NYU crowd will only see O'Reilly in the show).His name is plastered all over the set, he stands prominently in a cyclone of computer graphics during the intro and he hysterically struts across the stage relishing audience applause while that night's guest just sits in the wings and waits.

Obviously Colbert is what makes this all work. It is a night and day comparison with Stewart. His deadpan comic delivery is perfect for the show. His interviews are actually interesting, often going off on tangents, asking intentionally idiotic questions and easily distracted. Unlike Stewart who lives and dies by audience approval, Colbert is such a confident force he can actually be heard to tweek the audience's buttons a bit. I particularly love a "Gravitas-Off" between Colbert and Stone Phillips in the first episode as well as "The Word" segment in which Colbert is pushed to the side by a Talking Points-style graphic. When Colbert discusses the death of Rosa Parks, The Word is "overrated".

Maybe someday in the future we'll be able to watch a political comedy series that isn't chased with liberal bitterness, but not today. "Report" exists in the same niche universe as "Daily" where George Bush is public enemy numero uno and polls claim 100% of the public disapprove of the war in Iraq. The brilliance of Colbert is that by positioning himself (for the most part) in the role of a fictitious right-wing pundit, he manages to deflect the political posturing back into the comic arena. He rarely lets his politics get in the way of going for the gag and saying the unexpected. For once, we get a show that manages to be edgy, exclusively left-wing and intensely funny at the same time.

Time will tell if "The Colbert Report" will remain this sharp and fresh. Will it become as lazy as "The Daily Show" or will its closed universe of running gags become tiresome? Yeah, "The Colbert Report" is a one-joke show, but this time that joke is damn funny and Colbert is capable enough to sustain it for series length. One of the best shows of the year.

* * * * / 4
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Steven Colbert premieres in a new late night complement to The Daily Show
SuperEvilJammy20 October 2005
I love Steven Colbert, he was a terrific Senior Molestation Expert on the daily show and remains one of the greatest correspondants in Daily Show History. The Colbert Report however, simply feels forced. We really can't relate to Steven the way we can with Jon Stewart. Stewart is very good at revealing himself to his audience. He is terrific at humbling himself, whether it be mocking his own religion or comparing his height with Will Ferrall. Steven is more insulting and condesending which is terrific for a correspondant but not for a host. Plus, The Daily Show won't be the same without him, He was always at his best while arguing with Steve Carrell, make fun of prostitutes, and defend the rich and privileged. Comedy Central has been trying to field another great program to complement the Daily Show(Con, Adam Carolla, Stella, etc) but this isn't it.
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Another Emperor Without Clothes
DKosty1238 January 2010
This spin from the Daily Show actually originally had another aim- Stephen Colbert wanted to imitate a guy on FOX NEWS known for the "No Spin" Zone. Unfortunatey the idea failed for some basic reasons.

(1) Colbert is obviously a Democrat which shows quite quickly when you watch about 1 or 2 of these shows.

(2) The "No Spin Zone" will attack Democrats & Republicans who do stupid things. Colbert is strictly hands off the Democrats.

(3) The format got worn out very quickly when the Democrats took power, so the humor no longer takes chances or has a edge like when Bush & the Republicans had power.

The word got out quickly as Comedy Central moved this & the Daily show to a less attractive time slot as soon as O'Bama took power. The gig is up, and that is THE WORD on Colbert.
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Especially after what Stephen Colbert said in the White House...
lee_eisenberg28 June 2006
I have to say that I like "The Colbert Report" better than "The Daily Show", as Stephen Colbert does everything possible to parody right-wing firebrands like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Which brings us to...

The Word: Hilarious. Stephen Colbert is. (that doesn't depend on the definition of "is"). We could get all our news from this show. (Bush doesn't get his news from any media outlet). This just might bring respectability back to TV. (some people thought that "Friends" did). And that's the word. Thanks for listening.

Anyway, this is something that you just gotta see. As for Better Know a District, I'm sure that he'll eventually look at Oregon's 1st District. A great show.
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Off to a...well...a start
ajpeake-118 October 2005
I, like the audience of this new show, come from the realms of Daily Show fandom. Ergo I was not disappointed when I heard that Stephan Colbert would be receiving his own show.

The first episode proved to be made in the same vein as the Daily Show. We all expected that. Silly humour delivered with pitch perfect dryness; wry political commentary; and a general loathing for the modern "news" media.

However it all seemed a little too much. A little too over the top. But that is the Stephan Colbert character. It does seem to stretch on a little long making me wonder if there will be a more serious portion of the show. Something to provide contrast. That is what makes the Daily Show great and it seems the Colbert Report is lacking that right now; but time will help it mature and grow and in the meantime it is still funny is very funny.
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