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I LOVE Chris
flex49822 September 2005
Tonight I saw the first episode of "Everybody Hates Chris". It is the first time I have seen a "situation comedy" in years that made me laugh aloud. I do not recall there being any laugh tracks which can be so annoying, especially when the track is the only laughter.

"Everybody Hates Chris" was so cleverly written that what could have been somewhat disturbing, like the schoolyard fight,was hilarious. The characters delivered their lines brilliantly. Chris's Mom has unique and rich lines that are not only funny, but they help define her character and the situation in which Chris lives. Somehow the writers manage to keep the adversaries from being hate objects - they simply move the funny storyline along.

I LOVE it. At last a REAL comedy.
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A show that deserves a larger audience
garrard18 April 2006
Airing on UPN, Chris Rock's "autobiographical" sitcom doesn't get the viewers that it so richly deserves. Besides being one of the best acted series in production today, the show has a stellar writing staff that supplies not only laughs but biting commentary about society, the mark of a good production team.

The performers are impressive, especially Tyler James Williams as the title character. His expressive face and on-time delivery makes him one of the best child stars in the business. The other kids in the cast (Taquan Richmond as younger, but larger, brother, Drew; Vincent Martella as Chris's friend Greg, and Imani Hakim as younger sister Tanya) are equally gifted, never appearing to be acting, just being youngsters.

Adult actors Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold as Chris's parents bring about the right balance of humor and authority to their roles. If there is justice in the Emmy Awards next year, Arnold should walk away with a statue.

Chris Rock's off-camera narration is another plus for the series, along with the musical soundtrack, featuring hit songs from the era.
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A show about Chris Rock's childhood
SonicStuart22 September 2005
"Everybody Hates Chris" is another one of the best new comedies of 2005! The show is about Chris Rock's life as 13 year old and how he thought being a teenager was going to be fun when it turns out that it wasn't what he expected it to be and it shows on how he grew up in Brooklyn, New York with his younger brother and sister and his strict, hard-working parents. At first when I heard about this show I thought it was going to be a show where Chris Rock was playing a TV sitcom dad or something. It's really funny! Chris Rock is in the show but he is narrating the show while Tyler James Williams plays the 13 year old version of Chris Rock. Looks like UPN could have hit with this one. This is a hilarious show about most of Chris Rock's childhood life. At first when I read about this show before I saw ads for the show, I thought it was going to be a typical sitcom where it's based on a comedian who's a family man or something similar to any other sitcom that revolves around a comedian, but this is more original.
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Almost EXACTLY like the real thing!
imdb-82123 January 2006
This show had me laughing out loud in several spots throughout the season so far. It's set in Brooklyn in 1982 and follows Chris Rock and his Stingy penny pinching dad, his nickle millionaire mom, his younger "better looking" brother, and his bratty little sister as they try to fit in in a better neighborhood. It's not The Jeffersons, but more Good Times with most episodes covering conflicts within school or kid social interaction.

What really got me interested in this show is this: It reminds me of exactly the same thing I went through as a kid, except reversed. I was a white kid in a Ft. Worth, Tx. black school in 1982. Daily beatings were the norm. Just like Chris though, you grin and bear it and use it as a racial life lesson learned. Kudos Chris! Hope your show lasts a long time.
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Everyone loves Chris
bookertkilla6 April 2006
This show should be called Everyone Loves Chris because Chris Rock is the funniest comedian alive.This show is what was missing on our TV's. We needed a family comedy sitcom that is a bit offensive and racial.When I first saw this show I thought it was so hilarious but as it goes on it keeps getting funnier and better.Chris Rock is the only guy that can find something funny out of his old horrible past.E.g. He make jokes about racism and him getting beat up when it actually happened to him.If he turned this show into a drama it will be just as good it will be full with emotion and pain.But this sitcom doesn't focus on the pain.It makes us look at the funnier side of life.
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No,Chris,everyone DOESN'T hate you...
KUAlum264 May 2007
...in fact,I'd say that most people who get to know Chris Rock should end up loving him. Or at the very least,liking him.

Sort of a 80s,urban take on "The Wonder Years",this is also an era show(since I grew up during this period,I am very glad to see a show like this),with the early to mid 1980s and Brooklyn,New York as the backdrop. Chris Rock,circa 1983 thru 1985,is hardly the Chris Rock we seem to know now: he's a very average,neurotic kid who worries about impressing the girls,being a good student and NOT incurring the wrath of his parents(among other things).Rock narrates as an adult,and Tyler JAmes Williams plays him as the pre-teen. Being a sitcom,of course there is plenty of the easy,comedic rhythm that you'd expect out of a show of its make,only the just a touch of sharp,knowing sass and a 21st century sensibility to it.

A very fine supporting cast sports Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold as CHris' dad and mom,Imani Hakim as his younger sister and Tequan Richjmond as his older(?)brother,and Vincent Martella as is his best friend. I've only FINALLY nailed down when this show runs(and where the local CW is located on the dial),so I must confess that I've only seen a handful of shows,but what I've sen is quite good. Perhaps its' Rock's guidance that makes this show wise,sharp yet gentle,but I think all the right elements are at play here. I think I can say that I've ran across a show that's set in the '80s that actually gets the cultural and time elements right,not merely smoosh them together so as to create instant recognition("That 80s Show",anyone?). Worth the half-hour investment.
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Funniest show on TV........period!!!!
drtturner8 October 2005
I've seen two shows and it is decided that It is my favorite comedy presently. I didn't even think I would like it. Pam is great in her understated role of Chris's mother. In actuality, no one really hates the boy, although it would be a comical spin seeing that there are some kids who teachers and neighborhood adults hate and chastise for no apparent reason. The father, best known as the Jungle Fever muscle man from White Chicks does his usual visual comedy. The theme song "EVERYBODY HAA ATES CHRIS" is adorable and peppered throughout the show at cliff hangers right before commercials. As the show gets slammed by critics I see it as a gem that appeals to me taste whereas Everybody Loves Raymond never did. I could so relate to the coach who heavily woos the young strapping buck to be the star player as it happened to me at age 9 with basketball 15 with wrestling and even 19 with the military track and field team. I was laughing out loud as the coach hunted him down. I look forward to seeing more episodes of this.
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Great for kids and good for adults who can relate
edesir-128 October 2005
I'm in the same wavelentht with Chris, being 40 and busing to my own "Corleone JHS" mines was Brooklyn's Hudde JHS. In reality the crap that Chris would have endured would have been between 1978~80. The racial tension was heavier then. My 14 y/o son enjoys the show and so do I. Why do I think they chose to use 1982 as the main time line? Is because before 82' nothing was really going on in sense of music and fashion. We were more into the funky wear and funky music like the Commadores. Chris does a great job reminding us of what Brooklyn was like. I hope it stays on for awhile.

Do or Die Bed Sty! :)
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Move Aside Cosby!!
ian-purnomo30 June 2006
I love this series! At first, my friend told me that it's the visualisation of Chris Rock's stand up comedies. It got me thinking if it's still going to be as funny as what I listened. But yeah it is. It delivers and delivers well indeed.

Let me break down what's so good about Everybody Hates Chris: The fantasy scenes. Most of them are taken from Chris Rock's thought that he performed in his stand ups. Obviously the one that finally got made in the series are the tame ones. However I like this feature because normally in the sitcoms, they just talk about it, not really showing the funny possibilities it ala the Simpsons or Family Guy. Although it take out some of the funny point that you have while imagining it, but so far Everybody Hates Chris shows the funniest non-cartoon fantasy scenes on TV.

A black comedy which is not that black. Without being racist, this comedy is not that 'black' I mean everybody can watch it, enjoy it, and relate to it. I don't think Everybody Hates Chris only applies to a specific race group. I am an Oriental dude and I still laughed my ass off watching the show.

A black comedy which is not being white. Now this is very important. Remember the Cosby Show, anyone? But I just think that it's too white, similar to Fresh Prince from Bel Air. Those shows were kind of like white people's comedy, but they have black actors. Without being racist again, the series shows a natural and honest look of African American family, where the father is not a doctor or a lawyer. They barely made the end's meet, not living in a house with ten bedrooms. But above all they are happy.

Chris Rock as the narrator did a great job in connecting the show with us in this time period. Many of his comments are showing the results of the trends or what happened in the period that affects popular culture in our period. For examples are the many hip hop references Chris narrated.

The soundtracks are awesome. The songs are in the same time period when the show is supposed to be set.

The kid's expression. The kid actors in the series are top-notch. They act naturally and I love their expressions. They seem to be innocent and their faces show a willingness to learn and to know new things, which are very typical kids' reaction to the new stuffs they experience.

Everybody Hates Chris is a great sit-com. If My Name is Earl is a great sit-com about white-redneck Americans living in a small town, Everybody Hates Chris does the same thing about African American living in a big city.
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Better then I Thought.
General_G2 October 2005
Finally, Chris Rock came out with something funny and finally UPN has a great show! I love Everybody Hates Chris. I'd say its better then Everybody Loves Raymond. Classic black comedy. Its a good thing Chris didn't take this to Fox or they would have canceled after two or three episodes because they don't know what there doing. So far the second episode is my favorite. That crazy guy who kept saying fool was funny and that guy that was on fire, literally! I love stuff like that. Comedy you don't have to think about. Just some guy running down the street thats on fire and you cry laughing because its so funny. I hope they have plenty of that in this show. Way to go Chris Rock!
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Everybody Hates Chris
tinka-5115719 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really like the characters. I think they are perfectly cast, but I get depressed watching it because it never has a happy ending for Chris. No matter what he does, it doesn't turn out right. If Chris Rock's life was really like that, I'm surprised he could even get out of bed. It could have really been funny, but let the kid come out a winner sometime!
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You can add us to the list of Chris Haters
fredreiland3 March 2016
My wife and I watched most (if not all) of the Everybody Hates Chris episodes when they first aired on broadcast TV. We now own the entire series on DVD, and at first were very much enjoying the show - but lately, not so much. They surely could not have chosen a better cast; everybody does such a great job (everyone but a certain Caucasian boy, anyway) and each of them were over-the-top hilarious in the first season... but things seemed to taper off rapidly in the second year, and got even worse in the third. One factor which worked for the show's benefit was that it did NOT actually star Chris Rock - clearly one of the most obnoxious, loud-mouthed fools in Hollywood - though, surprisingly, his voice-overs blended well with the action as we got to know the characters and learn their idiosyncrasies. But in the second season the various actors mostly seem to be firmly "stuck in their ruts", simply doing and saying the sort of things we have come to expect from them. Did the writers get lazy, or is this just the way things must naturally play out? And then, rather than giving us occasional, amusing insight into the lives and behavior of his family and friends, the Chris Rock narration has become one loud, intrusive racial or political "joke" after another - which is often completely unnecessary and annoying. Sometimes it seems like Rock's big mouth intrudes after nearly every spoken line, and his personal racism is on prominent display while he regularly blurts comments like "Not if you're black!" or "Not if you're white!" - which have NOTHING to do with the plot, and only serve to illustrate what an ignorant (and wealthy) fool he is. (Sure, "black" people have NO chance of making it big in The USA... strange how some of the most affluent ones are endlessly beating that drum.) Many of his other remarks are "digs" at President Bush as well as other political figures and celebrities who have long since faded from the scene, so the jokes usually fall flat. We certainly aren't watching an episode or two every night like we started out, and are wondering how much more of this annoying mess we will bother to sit through.
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Series 1: A great sitcom set in a convincing world with wit, imagination and a refreshing lack of sentimentality
bob the moo19 April 2006
Recalling his childhood experiences growing up in a black neighbourhood in Brooklyn, comedian Chris Rock narrates this comedy series. Growing up is never easy but in Chris' case it is even harder because he has to attend a 99% white school a long bus ride away; his father works two jobs and tries to save every single penny that comes his way; his mother is tough and domineering; his younger brother is cuter and more popular than him and his baby sister is pretty much his responsibility but takes every chance she gets to land him in trouble.

Along with "My Name is Earl" this sitcom landed in the UK being hailed by critics as the saviour of the sitcom in the US. As someone who has been left uninspired and bored by the bland flavour of Friends, Raymond, Just Shoot Me and countless other safe, studio-bound sitcoms this was an offer I couldn't turn down and I'm very glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. Taking liberties with reality is the great strength of the show as, seen through the eyes of a child, it is twisted and blessed with imaginative touches and asides. The basic plots generally avoid easy sentimentality and as a result it is a much more convincing sitcom world than the all-white, all-middle-class worlds of the majority of comedies, which generally leave me feeling like they exist in no world I have ever seen. The sibling squabbling, penny-pinching, fighting and conflicts are all much more realistic and the fact that the plots are rarely contrived makes them all the better. The simplicity of them would be a problem though, but this is where the asides and narration come in, because they both inject outlandish laughs and wit into the material.

The cast are generally pretty good. Rock's narration is hardly his best material but he delivers it well, although ironically the biggest laughs are on the screen, not in his dialogue. Williams does a great job as the young Chris; he is likable, convincing and fun – really able to carry the show to the point that he makes it look easy. Crews is really well cast and I enjoyed his character a great deal. Arnold dominates the best lines with a character that is always skating close to being a bit of racial caricature but she keeps in the realm of character (just about) with a good performance. Richmond is solid but has the least to do on a regular basis. Hakim is a very simple, finger-snapping cliché but my God is she funny, she reminds me of a similar girl I know who has a very similar background and character, so from that all I can say is that she is convincing and realistic. The direction is good and visually the series feels like it is set in a real world rather than a studio – the streets are real, the classrooms feel real and the family home itself feels very real. The selection of music is generally very good (and well used) and the sense of period is well judged. Needless to say, the lack of canned laughter was only ever going to be a massive plus point.

Overall a consistently amusing sitcom that mixes imaginative touches with down-to-earth tales of growing up to good effect. Mostly it avoids sentimentality and this is to its benefit because it takes away the bad taste that I often got with stuff like Friends etc. The cast are roundly good and the material is consistently funny and engaging. Well worth a look and head & shoulders about the standard set by other sitcoms.
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A Cross Between The Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle
hfan7720 December 2009
I remember watching the first couple seasons of "Everybody Hates Chris" and i thought the sitcoms was a cross between "The Wonder Years" and "Malcolm in the Middle". It reminded me of "The Wonder Years" since it was set in a nostalgic period, the early 80s and Chris Rock, who created the show and whose real-life experiences contributed to the scripts also served as the show's narrator while Tyler James Williams played the younger version of the popular comedian.

It also reminded me of "Malcolm in the Middle" since Tichina Arnold's portrayal of Rochelle resembles Jane Kaczmarek's Lois. Both are strict disciplinarians who yell at their children a lot. As for former NFL player Terry Crews, who plays Julius, the father, he was more of a worry wart than Bryan Cranston's Hal, especially when it came to things about money. He also had several jobs throughout the show, including one episode when he came home from work smelling like a fish.

The other young actors on the show, Tequan Richmond, Imani Hakim and Vincent Martella did an outstanding job in their roles. I also remember Chris' frequent battles with the bully Caruso as well as appearances by guest stars such as Jason Alexander and Whoopi Goldberg. "Everybody Hates Chris" was loved by the viewing audience for four years and was the last successful UPN sitcom before the network merged with The WB and became the CW.
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One of the funniest TV series ever made
mohamod7913 August 2012
Seriously how is this only a 7/10? This is much better than the garbage we have to watch today. I use to watch this as a kid all the time don't know anyone who hated at the time even tho the title was "Everybody hates Chris"! I mean it had Chris Rock in it as the directer-arguably one of the funniest comedians ever to live. The story was brilliant based around a 13 year old Chris (representing Chris rock when he was a child) who is poor has to live in a poor area of Brooklyn with his 2 younger siblings Tacha and drew along with his two hardworking parents. What really made the progamme stand out was Julius the father of the family played as Terry crews. He played his part so diligently that it made it believable that hulk sized Terry Crew is indeed a poor man working 2 jobs to keep his family surviving. What makes this a classic and up there with the greats i. e Fresh prince of belair, Friends etc. is the laughter. Everybody Hates Chris was simply always funny to watch. Every episode had more unique laughter to bring. So if you didn't get to witness this brilliant show like I did then get watching ASAP wherever it be online illegally! or buying the box-set or maybe You tubing for some episodes.
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"Everybody Hates Chris," except me, that is...
dee.reid18 April 2010
I'm just going to get this out of the way: comedian Chris Rock is probably my favorite comedian of all time. When I was 14 in 1999 and although my mother was initially against it, she eventually caved and let me buy Chris Rock's hit comedy album "Bigger & Blacker," and it's probably my favorite spoken-word/comedy album. When I heard that Rock was going to be behind a semi-autobiographical show about his early life growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I got all giddy with excitement.

Somehow or another, I watched the first episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" when it first debuted, and I immediately thought it was hilarious, and then somehow or another I never watched another episode for five years. Recently I've been continually watching re-runs of the show on various different cable stations (BET, Nickleodeon, UPN 20) and I have no idea why I never watched this show again after its 2005 debut.

Rock narrates "Everybody Hates Chris" and co-created it with Ali LeRoi, which is centered around his childhood growing up in Brooklyn in the mid-1980s with father Julius (Terry Crews), mother Rochelle (Tichina Arnold), younger brother Drew (Tequan Richmond), and younger sister Tanya (Imani Hakim). As a teenager (played by Tyler James Williams), Chris is the only black student at Corleone Junior High School and is also its most hated student. His daily quest for survival at Corleone includes having to deal with racist bullies, culturally illiterate teachers, and an ineffective administration. His only friend is a nerdy classmate named Greg (Vincent Martella). Hilarity quickly ensues.

"Everybody Hates Chris" is an entertaining and funny show that manages to be both incredibly funny and have some valuable life lessons about growing up. But one of the great things about watching the show is that it manages to maintain a balance in being suitable entertainment for both children and adults. Rock's narration is also quite biting, smart, funny, and instantly reminds fans of his usual stand-up routine and why he was once proclaimed the "funniest man in America."

The show doesn't just fall on Chris, though. All of the supporting characters are given their own time and place in every episode to shine. Many of the supporting actors are well-chosen and are quite colorful themselves and provide many of the show's best and most additional laughs. A lot of today's shows don't really have that anymore.

"Everybody Hates Chris" is one of the funniest shows on television right now. And now you know why Everybody LOVES Chris.

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Loved the actors, hated season 4
rougeurs18 February 2019
Loved the actors. They were almost perfect. Didn't like the last season and especially season finale but that was writers' fault. I also felt like Chris cheating a second time in exam was because someone forgot it had already been a plot in one episode. So I would have given this serie a solid 8 but because of the last season I had to drop 1 star. Between I just watched this serie for a first time.
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Uncreative and weak
abillionews13 March 2015
This is a very lazy attempt to create a comedy show. But I also find it very pretentious of Mr. Rock to do something like that. I don't want to explain myself too much, but I had to use IMDb to show how bad I think this show is. It's very predictable The characters, besides MAYBE "Chris", are very unrelatable, flat and boring. Jokes are bad - less than mediocre. Acting is bad and overdone - that is the only thing I could oversee if not everything else was that bad. Music is annoying. Sceneries seem even more fake than at other "Sitcoms". The topping is, that Chris Rock is NOT important/creative/funny enough to have his own show. One can clearly see, that he overreached here.

Unnecessary piece of television.
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Chris is hated by virtually everyone. Everything he does people find something that is wrong with it and call him out on it.
realteenreviews16 July 2010
My sister recently started recording these episodes on Nick@Nite because she was wondering what the show was about. I was also curious and so I decided to try it. I absolutely hated this show and dread having to listen to it when my sister is watching it. All of the jokes are extremely offensive because they are very racial and aren't even that funny. The only good part about the show every episode has one or two jokes that make me chuckle but besides that there are really no funny jokes and most times I find myself questioning why this show was put on air at all. Besides the jokes the acting isn't good. All of the characters are completely over-acting and are not believable in the slightest. All the girls are always pouring themselves over the brother and he isn't even that attractive and Chris is always talking about hot girls and that is usually the only thing that is ever on his mind. I am going to stop ranting and say that no one should ever watch this show unless you want to suddenly gain the urge to hit your head against a wall!
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The endings suck
covergirl1045221 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After watching Everybody Hates Chris, I hate the endings on a lot of the episodes. Plus, I see why things end badly for Chris. Mostly, he does stuff to get himself in trouble, especially when he got a bad grade on his report card and tried to hide it from his parents. I had a feeling they were going to find out about it. He's lucky he didn't get whipped. Plus, when he got a dog, I liked the part when he was training it and trying to get the attack out of him. That part reminded me of Mulan when she was going to war. She still kicks butt up to this day. Anyways, I didn't like the way that episode ended. When Blackie wanted to attack Chris, he didn't know enough Spanish to avoid being attacked. Personally, he should have gotten a rottweiler since it understands English. Plus, whenever rottweilers sense something good or bad, they act on it immediately. It's like being on Fear Factor in the end. So far, two other episodes I like are when Chris and Drew skipped school so Drew could meet Wayne Gretsky and when Chris called in a bomb threat when there wasn't going to be one. It was similar to crying wolf because in the end, someone cried wolf for real and no one came to help. In other words, when someone called in a bomb threat for real, no one came to help. As a results, the school got blown up. Now, the kids have nowhere to go during the day until their parents enroll them somewhere else. Plus, the ending on Everybody Hates Gretsky was funny. When Chris and Drew got out of the limo, their parents were furious, especially their mother. They were getting whipped big time. Dead Boys walking. Picture both of them having difficulties walking. That would be funnier. Although, the final episode wasn't as good as Malcolm in the Middle's. I can't believe Chris dropped out of school and it didn't show whether or not he passed the GED. After that episode was over, I took the earphones out of my ear and threw them on the desk. That is just wrong.
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The funniest!!!
amnakhan8919 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
EHC is the funniest show on TV atm. It really describes Chris Rock's funny, eventful and darn right hilarious childhood well and makes me laugh during every episode. I think the secret to its success is its truthful yet humorous approach towards life growing up in a black American neighbourhood. The directors of this show have explored pressures put on children well and discovered a perfect balance between reality and comedy. All characters have distinctive personalities and qualities that we can all relate to ourselves....trust me, once you watch the first episode, it will leave you wanting MORE CHRIS.

P.S. Chris Rock is a comical GENIUS!!!!
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everybody hates Chris well i love him
tommy_mc9 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
What a show! Having just recently been introduced to the 'real' humour of Chris Rock I feel like even though I grew up thousands of miles away, I know exactly where the guy is coming from.

Now onto the show.

The show itself is a basic biography of what it was like growing up in Chris's shoes. Set in Brooklyn in '82, The show has the same premise of other such shows before it, e.g '8 simple rules' and 'home improvement'. With the format two parents three kids etc, but that is where the similarities end. Instead of all the characters being hip and cool in their own way, with problems that can be solved with just punch line after punch line. Here we have something that has not been done in my opinion since 'the wonder years', and that is a strong, (dare i say it) realistic comedy drama. We have his father Julius who is that tight he wouldn't part with last weeks paper (isn't/wasnt everyone's dad like that.) We only have to see where he tells his kids ' there is 49 cents worth of spilt milk on the table and somebody is drinking that,'just how thrifty he is. We have his mother Rochelle who for me is hilarious as she has '100 different recipes for whooping ass', and is not afraid to use them. A real no nonsense woman who can wind the Father round her little finger with just one line of dialogue (god its awful being a bloke). That is the adults dealt with now this brings us onto the children Chris's younger brother, Drew. Now he is a cool guy 'getting women at ten that Chris couldn't get till he was thirty.' A typical smart outgoing kid something Chris isn't. Then we have Tonya the baby sister. If your the middle or older child in your family need I say more? she gets Chris into as much trouble as possible and leaves him firmly in it at any available opportunity.

That leaves us with our main character Chris. Chris is a typical eldest child with responsibility placed upon him whether he likes it or not. He's not the coolest kid in school and is constantly being bullied. He fits in with the nerds only because a) he cant play sports so no point going with the jocks, and b), he just cant picture himself in the theatre group. That leaves him the nerds which being the only black kid at an all white school tells us something as the nerds are the only ones who don't judge him, which makes a valid point about equality even at school. He is constantly having to clean up the mess of other family members and generally wants a peaceful life. He has some real depth to his character, which is further deepened by the voice over of Chris Rock which tells us how things are, how he felt, and what annoyed him at various times etc.

Finally I have tried and hopefully succeeded in keeping this comment vague (even though I know its long) As I think that you all need to watch this show as I bet you will watch it and think 'hey that used to happen to me' try the show once bet you enjoy it.
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Cute..but not cute enough to help the UPN Network.
lambiepie-223 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First and foremost...you have to want to KNOW about Chris Rock's childhood and in turn...find that interesting. If you do, you'll like this show and see enough similarities in your own childhood to like it. That depends on your childhood.

Chris has a lot to say...but so far...there isn't anything here I haven't already heard from his stand ups. That may be a slight hindrance to his fans, like me, who may have been seeking something a bit more 'fresher'...but for others who may not have seen all/any of his stand-up routines over the years this many be interesting.

This is a nice little show about a kid in the 80's going through MANY growing pains: environment - family - being the oldest sibling with increasing responsibilities - school - discipline - etc., and trying to find his place in the world. Will this help the fledgling UPN network out of their slump? Not alone. But you've got to start somewhere.
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i hate chris rock, but terry crews rocks
angre1-119 April 2009
I have never seen chris rock in a movie or a show that i cared for. Well, the TV at work only gets one channel, and so I watch it on weekends. Just so you understand. Since I have been watching the show, I have become a huge Terry Crews fan. I hope when the show is canceled that he continues to find success in TV and movies, and I would recommend the show to anyone based on his performance alone. In fact, mute the parts about chris, and you can still enjoy the show. So, 5 out of 10. Because it still centers on Chris. Of course, I also loved jack benny, so maybe i just love cheap penny pinching characters. Anyway, if you haven't watched the show, try to get some face time in with it before it goes away.
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I do hate Chris!
Angelus213 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen Chris Rock's stand-up comedy and let's just say he's amazingly funny. But this show is terrible, we the audience are meant to believe that this happened to Chris...I know it's all fake! But come on, name it something else like...'Everybody hates me!' without tying the show to a particular person....I find Julius, played by the hilarious Terry Crews to be the only likable character, the story-lines are pathetic...with a unconvincing actor playing the role of Chris Rock..One of my friends told me that this show was funniest television show ever..I laughed and pointed out Fresh Prince, My wife and kids, Friends....Not very funny at all...
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