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6 Jan. 2006
A woman goes to the NJP to ask them to look into the conviction of her husband. He was convicted to armed robbery and murder. It seems that the robber claims he's his partner so they set out to find out who his partner is. Swain gets a call from the robber's father, an FBI man who tells him to back off. When all of their suspects on who could have been his partner doesn't pan out. Swain decides to look at it from another perspective; that there was no accomplice that the robber was alone.
27 Jan. 2006
Another Country
The team takes on the case of a man convicted of murder after an alleged struggle with a pregnant woman resulted in her baby's death.
3 Feb. 2006
The Ten Percenter
Sonya and Brianna want to investigate the conviction of a paralegal who ten years ago was accused of providing information to a couple of guys who would rob the home of a couple she went to, to appraise their property for their will. And the couple were killed and investigation turns up one of the items taken from the couple in the paralegal's car. Conti is hesitant to take the case because he knows that the prosecutor who is now a judge is involved with Swain. Swain gives Conti his OK. But among the things they learn is that the prosecutor may have suppressed ...
10 Feb. 2006
Cost of Freedom
A boy goes to the NJP asking to them to help his father, who was convicted of murder. He tells David, it's his fault. Because his father claimed he never used his gun but he used it without telling him so when the police took it to test, it was used. David decides to look into his father's case. David's father opposes his political aspirations and decides to play dirty with him. Eventually they learn that someone they spoke to about the boy's father works for the ATF and they tell them to drop it.
17 Feb. 2006
The Public Burning
A mentally challenged man who was convicted and sentenced to death for killing a priest, will be executed in a week. A nun who knows him who's been visiting him goes to the NJP and asks for their help. David is on vacation so Conti does most of the work. But when David drops by to get something and sees what they are doing, he decides to represent the man.
3 Mar. 2006
A guy asks the NJP to help prove that his friend who was convicted of rape ten years ago is innocent. Conti decides to look into it but Swain and Brianna doesn't think they should. The case rests primarily on the testimony of one of the victims who swears that he is the one who attacked her.
10 Mar. 2006
Badge of Honor
Old wounds are opened for Conti when the NJP team re-investigates the case of a cop accused of killing another cop and Conti has to re-enter the world of his former, fellow police officers.
17 Mar. 2006
A pair of lovers who are also environmentalists are convicted of planting an explosive that caused someone's death. The NJP tries to look into it. Eventually Swain advises the woman to take the fall so her boyfriend can be released. But when evidence which proves her innocence is discovered, it's hard to enter it because of her confession.

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