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8 Sep. 2005
In 1986, we are introduced to six friends after they graduate from high school in an upstate New York town. Carla Noll is in love with her best friend Aaron Lewis, but who is in love with Jenna Moretti a fame-seeking starlet, who does not return Aaron's affections. Craig Brewster and Will Malloy are best friends despite their backgrounds (Will comes from a poor family and Craig from a wealthy family). After the graduation ceremony, Craig and Will get into a car accident when they collide with a pickup truck while driving drunk. Craig begs Will to take the rap for the ...
22 Sep. 2005
In 1987, Carla and Samantha are still in London, when a very pregnant Samantha goes in labor and gives birth to a baby girl. Samantha gives the baby up for adoption, but has a change of heart. Back in the U.S., Will has been released from prison, and needs to cope with what others think of him for taking the fall for Craig's drunk driving accident. But other problems for Will arise when his former cell mate, also paroled from prison, forces him to help him in a robbery of Craig's house in which the gun used ends up in Craig's possession... and is revealed to be the ...
29 Sep. 2005
In 1988, the competition between Craig and Will for Samantha grows, causing Will (who now works for Craig's ruthless, businessman father, Russell) to cross some ethical and legal lines. Meanwhile, Samantha has finally tracked down her baby daughter in New York. After the hostile adoptive parents warn her to stay away, she and Carla hatch a plan to keep tabs on the child by having Carla charm her way into the parents household to hire her as the baby's nanny. The appearance of Jenna's meddlesome and sexually aggressive mother threatens to overshadow her first movie ...
3 Nov. 2005
In 1989, after Craig proposes marriage to Samantha, the upcoming nuptials bring out old rivalries as Samantha must choose between marrying Craig, or staying with Will. Meanwhile, Will pays the ultimate price for the one crime he did commit when FBI agents approach him to force them to take down Craig's unscrupulous father. Aaron returns from Seattle with a secret, and Jenna puts her own acting career ahead of Carla's who's now involved in helping the Phillips with their marriage when she discovers that Paul Phillips is a domestic abuser who hits his wife, Meghan, ...
10 Nov. 2005
In the present, Marjorino is happy because he found someone important in his case and will get a statement. In 1990, Jenna is filming a movie in New York City, but has to come back home when she learns her mother is in the hospital... dying from AIDS brought on my her promiscuous lifestyle. Meanwhile, Craig has a meeting with his father's accountant about the company which is in bankruptcy due to the FBI investigation to his father's unethical business means. Craig wants to keep his father's company afloat, but things are not going to be easy. Carla is afraid that the...
17 Nov. 2005
In the present, two teenagers, who are having a few beers by the East River in New York, discover the murder weapon: a .45 pistol which was disposed by Carla... and formerly owned by Craig. Marjorino has a chat with another one of the friends: Craig who is now a Washington D.C. senator and is confided to a wheelchair. In 1991, Will, back from Kuwait, visits Jenna at her new house by the beach in Los Angeles where he has to do a favor for a friend from his army unit by bringing the bad news to his sister of his death in combat. Meanwhile, Craig and Aaron work together ...
1 Dec. 2005
Things get testy when the six friends gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1992. Aaron brings as his date, his co-worker Rachel, whom he doesn't realize that she has a motive for wanting to come: Craig. Jenna brings her movie-star husband and it quickly becomes apparent that the marriage is a sham. Samantha thinks something is going on between Rachel and Craig, and she wonders if she picked the right guy. Will brings his girlfriend Vanessa, his former Army buddy's sister, but is still carrying a torch for Samantha, while Russell Brewster shows up and demands ...
8 Dec. 2005
In the present, Craig and Will visit Samantha's grave. They are joined by a young man who claims that Sam deserved to die. Eventually, all the other friends arrive to visit Sam's grave. Back in 1993, it's Samantha's birthday, and she is now a medical resident at a hospital in New York. She has a rough day where a patient of hers dies. We later find out that she is the mother of the young man at the grave in the present. Meanwhile, Craig wants to become a state assemblyman. At Bedford High School, Jenna meets the students to tell them about her acting career, but she ...
15 Dec. 2005
In the present, Rachel is questioned by Detective Marjorino who thinks that she is a possible suspect for Samantha's murder, while Craig is revealed that he's only pretending to be crippled. Back in 1994, a hopeful Carla gets her romantic hopes crushed by Aaron and another man, named Peter. Pascale is pregnant again and Craig's old flame wants to ruin his name. Craig and Samantha are interviewed by a reporter, named Elise, concerning Craig's political life and the campaign. Of course, the reporter has dug some dirt about them and throws it in their face to see their ...

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