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11 Oct. 2006
In the present, someone tries to murder Detective Marjorino by running him over with a car in a dark alley that will send him straight to the hospital. Will is on the scene and accompanies the detective in the ambulance. Back in 1995, Samantha and Craig set Will up for a blind date with Katherine Clark. The four of them have supper at Samantha and Craig's loft. Will and Katherine seem to hit it off. But Will's smile will soon vanish when he learns more about Katherine's family... Meanwhile, Carla gets a proposition she can't refuse. Aaron and his wife, Pascale, go to ...
18 Oct. 2006
In the present, Craig learns that his mother has died, and decides to attend her funeral. Also it's discovered that Henry is the one responsible for attempting to murder Marjorino, fearing he would get too close to a strange secret... but apparently not involving Samtantha's murder. Back in 1996, Will meets with Katherine's congressman father. The three of them go hunting together, which results in a fight between Will and the Congressman when something horrible happens and Katherine's father is killed. Meanwhile, Carla and Jenna are at Samantha's house where they ...
18 Oct. 2006
In 1997, after Pascale left Aaron, it seems Jenna moved in to help take care of Chloe and Noelle. When Pascale comes back and wants custody, a court battle ensues. During the trial, it becomes apparent that while Jenna was living with Aaron, their relationship was not totally platonic. Meanwhile, Carla is at the hospital with Peter, who is sick with leukemia. The doctor informs them that the chemo is not working, but a bone marrow treatment can be quite affective. Carla meets with a medical claims offer who explains bone marrow treatment is not affective. However he ...
25 Oct. 2006
In 1998, Craig is turning 30. Aaron decides to throw him a party that will lead to unfortunate endings for both of them. Jenna finally gets a significant working proposal. Meanwhile, Samantha tries to fix things up with Will as they join forces to search for the missing Amy. Also, Carla encounters someone from the past.

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