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22 Jul. 2012
Norway Massacre: I Was There
On July 22, 2011, lone gunman Anders Behring Breivik emerges from a western Norwegian suburb to commit one of the worst terrorist atrocities in Europe since World War II. The massacre starts with an explosion in Oslo and finishes with the slaughter of dozens of teenagers at a youth camp on the isolated island of Utoya. But was Breivik a lone extremist or was this attack the first warning of a world terror?
Jonestown Cult Suicide
Seconds from Disaster reveals how a charismatic church leader from San Francisco, was able to lead over 900 US citizens to their deaths, in what became one of the most famous cases of mass suicide in world history.
12 Nov. 2012
Fire in the Cockpit
Seconds from Disaster reveals how a tiny mechanical fault was able to bring a modern commercial airliner crashing into the sea, killing everyone on-board.
19 Nov. 2012
Black Hawk Down
Seconds from Disaster reveals how a US mission in Somalia quickly turns from a raid to a search and rescue mention leaving 18 American soldiers are dead and another 73 are injured.
26 Nov. 2012
Into the Death Zone
Seconds from Disaster reveals the contributing factors to that made the 11th of May, 1996 the most deadly day on Everest.
3 Dec. 2012
Terrified Over Tokyo
Seconds from Disaster reveals the contributing factors that contributed to the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history.
10 Dec. 2012
Runaway Train
Seconds from Disaster investigates the sequence of events that led to a seven car Japanese commuter train to derail and ram into a nearby apartment building.
17 Dec. 2012
Nagasaki: The Forgotten Bomb
The use of the atomic bombs still excites controversy, and in particular the necessity for the second bomb on Nagasaki. The argument that it was the only way to bring a swift end to the war, and save thousands of American lives, wins the day - in public. But did President Truman have another secret agenda?
24 Dec. 2012
Sinking the Coventry
May 25 1982, The Falklands War. HMS Coventry is on operations with HMS Broadsword. They are tasked with shooting down Argentinian jets. They face a low level attack from 4 fighters which leads to the loss of Coventry. Her main weapon system, the Sea Dart missile can't engage the targets as they are flying too low, and Broadsword's Sea Wolf Close in weapon system powers down at a crucial moment. Both ships are bombed and Coventry sinks in 20 minutes. However most of the crew, although badly injured manage to escape.
31 Dec. 2012
June 2nd 1994 and RAF Chinook helicopter was engaged in a routine, although important, task transporting 25 members of the Northern Ireland security and intelligence community from RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland to Fort George near Inverness. This journey was brought to a dramatic end when the Chinook crashed into the Mull of Kintyre, the accident was one of the worst losses of life sustained by the RAF in a peacetime accident.

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