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10 Jan. 2006
Skywalk Collapse
A recreation of the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse, the deadliest structural failure in US history before 9/11.
Amsterdam Air Crash
On October 4, 1992, a 747 cargo plane of Elal crashes into an apartment house in Bijlmermeer near Amsterdam killing 43 people including the 3 man crew caused by losing two engines due to metal fatigue in the engine suspension.
Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare
During a naval exercise, an exploding torpedo rips through the torpedo bow and the ensuing fire explodes cruise missiles which sinks the submarine and kills all aboard.
King's Cross Fire
A carelessly discarded match caused the worst fire in London Underground's history, killing 31 people. How did this small fire erupt into a deadly fireball?
27 Jun. 2006
American Embassy Bombing
In 1998 Al Qaeda exploded a bomb truck at the rear of the American embassy in Nairobi bringing down a neighboring office building and killing 213 people and wounding a around 4000 others.
11 Jul. 2006
Florida Swamp Air Crash
A plane takes off for Atlanta from Miami and explodes just seconds from take off. The Valujet crashes into the Florida Everglades with no survivors. A senseless tragedy that could have been avoided.
25 Jul. 2006
An investigation inti the cause of the sinking of Titanic. The ultimate cause was the use of post-war rivets that showed flaws in the metal and were unable to withstand the massive strain of the collision with the iceberg.
15 Aug. 2006
Aircraft Carrier Explosion
An accidental release of an old missile on the flight deck of the USS Forestal starts a huge fire and subsequent explosions kill a total of 134 soldiers and injure another 161. The accident came close to sinking the Forestal.
6 Sep. 2006
New York Air Crash
On November 12, 2001 an American Airlines Airbus crashed in Queens. The investigation showed that the tailfin was sheared off following fierce rudder corrections by the co-pilot.
13 Sep. 2006
Munich Olympic Massacre
An examination of the deadly terrorist hostage taking and subsequent massacre of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics.
20 Sep. 2006
Superstore Collapse
A large department store collapses in Seoul, South Korea killing 502 people and injuring another 937. Safety margins were ignored during construction and several people were jailed for corruption and criminal negligence.
27 Sep. 2006
Washington Air Crash
Potomac air disaster in which Florida Flight 90 left Washington and almost immediately crashed in to a bridge.
25 Oct. 2006
Asian Tsunami
In December 2004 the subduction fault between the Indian and Burma tectonic plates ruptured along 1600 km causing a 9.1 - 9,3 magnitude earthquake and a giant Tsunami that killed around 230'000 people.
15 Nov. 2006
Comet Air Crash
The 1954 investigation of the crashes of de Havilland Comets due to structural flaws that encourage catastrophic metal fatigue.
29 Nov. 2006
Chicago Plane Crash
On May 25, 1979, an American Airlines DC-10 loses an engine at take-off and crashes into a trailer park killing all 271 on board. The investigation shows that short-cuts at maintenance resulted in damaged attachments of the engine pylon.
6 Nov. 2006
Texas Oil Refinery Disaster
On March 23, 2005 restarting a distillation tower results in a massive explosion, destroying large parts of the Texas City refinery. The cause is relayed to short-cuts in safety procedures and generally a poor safety record over many years.
2 Jan. 2007
Tornado Outbreak
In 1974, 148 tornadoes hit 13 states causing millions of Dollars of damage injuring 5500 people and killing 330. At the time the weather service couldn't give precise warnings where the tornadoes would strike.
Jan. 2007
Montserrat Volcano
In 1997, the Soufrière Volcano on Montserrat erupted killing 17 people and destroying the capital Plymouth.
31 Jan. 2007
Space Shuttle Challenger
On January 28, 1986, Challenger exploded 73 seconds after lift-off. The official report named failing O-rings in the booster rockets as the cause of the disaster, but bad communication and decision procedures also played a role.

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