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28 Jun. 2005
Columbia's Last Flight
Space shuttle Columbia disintegrated at re-entry as the result of a hole in its left wing after being struck by a piece of foam at lift-off.
5 Jul. 2005
Alpine Tsunami
The Town of Galtür in Austria was devastated by an enormous avalanche, that penetrated a zone that should have been safe according to computer models.
12 Jul. 2005
Motorway Plane Crash
After severe engine trouble on a new Boeing 737-400, pilots shut down the wrong engine and crash just 900 m away from the runway on a motorway embankment.
26 Jul. 2005
Mount St Helen's Eruption
In 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted sideways instead of the expected upwards and caused large devastation and killed 57 people.
16 Aug. 2005
Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster
On March 6. 1987 a British Ferry, the Herald of Free Enterprise capsized just 1 km out of the Harbour of Zeebrugge because her bow doors were left open and let water enter the car deck.
30 Aug. 2005
Kobe Earthquake
On January 17th 1995 Kobe was hit by a 7.2 earthquake. Although the city had been build to withstand a much stronger earthquake over 6000 people lost their lives, mainly due to the Japanese wooden frame houses.
13 Sep. 2005
Crash Landing in Sioux City
On July 19, 1989, a United Airlines DC-10 experienced a catastrophic failure of the titanium fan disk in its tail engine, resulting in fluid loss in its three hydraulic systems and thereby becoming uncontrollable.
18 Dec. 2005
The Bali Bombing
Series of terrorist explosions tear through night clubs on the popular island resort of Bali killing 202 people. What made this peaceful paradise a target?
27 Sep. 2005
Hotel Collapse Singapore
On 15 March 1986, a six storied building containing a bank, a hotel and a night club collapses in Singapore killing 33 people. 17 people can be rescued. It turns out a catastrophic miscalculation at the time of construction had been made.
18 Oct. 2005
TWA Flight 800
After an hour delay, TWA Flight 800 takes off from JFK then 12 minutes later explodes south of Long Island killing all 230 passengers and crew on-board. What caused it to blow out of the blue?
1 Nov. 2005
Paris Runaway Train
On 27 June 1988, a runaway train crashes into a commuter train killing 56 people. A passenger pulling the emergency brake at an earlier station and the train driver mishandling the situation cause the crash.
15 Nov. 2005
Hindenburg Air Ship
On May 6, 1937 the Hindenburg was completely destroyed while attempting to land at Lakehurst, NJ, in stormy weather. It is concluded that sharp turns caused straps to snap rupturing hydrogen tanks that were ignited by static electricity.
13 Dec. 2005
Puerto Rico Gas Explosion
On November 21, 1996 a gas explosion resulting from a leaking line in the street destroyed the Humberto Vidal shoe shop in San Juan leaving 33 people dead. The gas company failed to detect the gas because personnel was improperly trained.

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