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Anchor #4: [On TV] Honolulu is bracing for the impact of what is being refereed to as a massive tidal wave. The tidal wave created by the 10.5 that destroyed most of Los Angeles is predicted to hit the islands within the hour.

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President Paul Hollister: What do you have for me Sean?

Sean Morris, Hollister's Aide: Evacuation plan for Hawaii is in place Mr. President.

President Paul Hollister: Good, good. It looks like they'll be ready when it hits.

Sean Morris, Hollister's Aide: Yes sir.

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Dr. Samantha Hill: [Dr. Hill picks up her cellphone] Mr. President, this is Dr. Hill.

President Paul Hollister: Thank goodness you're alright Dr. Hill you had me worried.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Yeah uh, it's good to hear your voice sir.

President Paul Hollister: I look forward to the day we can finally meet in person. Hopefully under more favorable circumstances.

Dr. Samantha Hill: I'd like that.

President Paul Hollister: It's been a hell of a ride for all of us. How's Dr. Fisher?

Dr. Samantha Hill: We're relieved it's over.

President Paul Hollister: I'm afraid it isn't Samantha, I don't know what kind of news you're still getting out there, but Mount St. Helen's has erupted again.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Mount St. Helen's?

President Paul Hollister: In less than an hour ago. The USGS is also tracking signs of significant seismic and volcanic activity in Idaho, Utah and the Wyoming area.

Dr. Samantha Hill: You're talking about an area that's over a thousand miles.

President Paul Hollister: I know, if you're up to it, I want to fly both of you to Denver to head a USGS task force work to look into this new development. This country already owes both of you an enormous debt for your extraordinary work during the West Coast crisis. I hate to ask even more, but we need to stay on top of this situation.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Of course sir, I understand.

President Paul Hollister: You and Dr. Fisher will be picked up within the hour.

Dr. Samantha Hill: I'll be ready.

President Paul Hollister: I have complete faith in the both of you.

Dr. Samantha Hill: I hope we can live up to your confidence Mr. President.

President Paul Hollister: I'm sure you will.

[Dr. Hill hangs up her cellphone]

Dr. Jordan Fisher: It's not over.

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Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: One of you guys is Brad Malloy.

Brad Malloy: I am.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: Hell's going on out there.

Brad Malloy: What are we talking about?

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: You're the guy that pulled off that rescue by crawling through the wreckage of the Mountain Glen Inn right?

Brad Malloy: Yes sir that was me.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: You deaf or just stupid!

Brad Malloy: What?

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: I know you and your brother are relatively inexperienced like a lot of the guys out there but that's no excuse for what you did!

Brad Malloy: I called for backup! Nobody showed up, what was I supposed to do?

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: You were supposed to wait like I told you! They were on their way! I thought I made that crystal clear to you guys before I sent you out there!

Brad Malloy: That guy was dying!

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: So your brilliant idea was to crawl in the wreckage and die with him!

Brad Malloy: I saved his life.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: You were lucky! You were very, very lucky! Are you aware of the rescue victim mortality ratio?

Brad Malloy: No.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: There's a number of rescue workers who died in the act of trying to save a person in comparison in a number of people who are actually saved! You follow me?

Brad Malloy: Yeah.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: So in urban search and rescue operation like ours, the mortality ratio could be as high as a 2.2 rescue workers dead for every person saved by guys like you. Big part of my job is to do a hell of a lot better than that!

Brad Malloy: I thought my job was the same other people's lives not my own.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: You're not looking at the big picture Brad! I only have so many rescue workers out here. If you had died due to your idiotic attempt out there, how many people still trapped would then die because you weren't around to save them! Did you ever think of that?

Brad Malloy: No I did not.

Roy Nolan: FEMA Director: No you did not! So the next time you want to attempt a high risk rescue, you damn well clear it though me! I'm the one who decides where we take risks, when and why! Not you, and if you can't do that, you can pack up your gear and get the hell outta here! And you, you should've kept your brother from doing something so stupid! You get the hell outta here, both of you! Do some good!

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Dr. Earl Hill: [Dr. Earls cellphone rings and he picks it up] Hello.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Dad, hi it's me.

Dr. Earl Hill: Sam!

Dr. Samantha Hill: Yeah.

Dr. Earl Hill: You alright?

Dr. Samantha Hill: Yeah I'm okay.

Dr. Earl Hill: I've been seeing your name a lot in the news lately. I was going to call you but I figured you had your hands full. You still out in California dealing with that deadly 10.5 they had out there?

Dr. Samantha Hill: Um no, actually I'm in Colorado, doing some work for the USGS.

Dr. Earl Hill: The USGS? What are you doing with those scoundrels?

Dr. Samantha Hill: That's why I'm calling dad, um I need some advice.

Dr. Earl Hill: Yeah, well get out while you still have a soul, that's my advice Sam.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Dad, I need you to listen for a moment.

Dr. Earl Hill: Look, I don't have anything to do with the USGS anymore you know that.

Dr. Samantha Hill: I know you don't.

Dr. Earl Hill: Those days are long gone for me.

Dr. Samantha Hill: There's something I have to ask you about.

Dr. Earl Hill: Sam what's this about?

Dr. Samantha Hill: It looks like we're headed for more trouble and I thought you might be able to help me figure something out.

Dr. Earl Hill: Hah me? I don't know about anything what's going on.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Do you remember the accelerated plate movement theory you came up with a few years back? You nicknamed it APM.

Dr. Earl Hill: Sam, I don't do this anymore!

Dr. Samantha Hill: I think it's happening. Dad you still there?

Dr. Earl Hill: Sam listen to me, I don't want you going, messing around with any of my old crazy ideas, it's going to bring you nothing but heartache.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Dad, there are some points I don't understand and I...

Dr. Earl Hill: Will you listen to me? You're doing very well without me Sam! We don't need to screw things up by getting involved with this you understand?

Dr. Samantha Hill: Dad please!

Dr. Earl Hill: No!

Dr. Samantha Hill: Please just listen for a second.

Dr. Earl Hill: I gotta go.

Dr. Samantha Hill: Dad wait!

[Dr. Earl hangs up his cellphone]

Dr. Earl Hill: Dammit.

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