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One of the best, funniest and most refreshing shows currently on television
MovieAddict20169 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), and Charlie (Charlie Day) are all the owners of an Irish bar in Philadelphia, and "Sunny" essentially follows their awkward lives - each episode revolving around some type of political or social issue such as gun control, abortion, steroids, underage drinking, health care, and the handicapped (just to touch on a few issues already addressed in the show).

It begs comparison with "Arrested Development," "The Office," "Seinfeld" and "South Park" in its broad humor and wit, but it is completely original in its own right. The pilot was filmed on a low budget by a few friends and was picked up by FX after wards, so the show retains its low-budget feel - giving it a gritty, down-to-earth edge.

"Sunny" does border on the edge of bad taste sometimes (hell, what am I saying - it crosses the line every time) but it contains enough satire and wit to get away with it. For example: in one episode Mac and Dennis decide to pick up girls at an abortion rally. Mac pretends to be pro-life just so he can be around an attractive woman, whom he ends up sleeping with. Later, she tells him she's pregnant. "You need to get an abortion," he says. This type of irony runs throughout every episode.

The banter between the characters in the show is what tends to be particularly funny. The actors - although novices - are all great. Charlie Day in particular has me laughing like crazy every episode. And his interaction with Danny DeVito (who's been brought in for season two) is hilarious. Season two is more polished so far in terms of the mechanics of the show - the characters have all been setup now and they know what they're doing - and in that regard it is seeming to get better and better with every episode.

You do have to have a very sick sense of humor to like some of this - DeVito's character, Frank, is the father of Dennis and Dee, and his reason for being in the show is that he is getting a divorce and wants to relive his glory days as a youth. He tries to re-ignite a relationship with an old girlfriend of his from high school - but when he finds out she's a grandmother and not interested in doing anything wild, his attention instantly turns to the waitress and he tunes her out. It's cruel, sick and hilarious. DeVito is playing another ruthless character (same as in "Taxi" all those years ago) and it works splendidly.

Overall this was a delightful blast of fresh air - after seeing so many stale sitcoms, this proved to me that FX really is becoming the new lead in character-driven comedy-dramas (such as the equally superb "Rescue Me" which isn't quite as funny, however).

My only hope is that "Sunny" doesn't become so popular that it attracts controversy and sells out and dumbs down its humor. Right now it's on par with the early episodes of "South Park" and "SNL" in terms of how irreverent its humor is - and personally, in my opinion, its plots are better than most comedy films I've seen within the last few years.

If you want to see something new, different, and funny, check this out. I have a feeling it could either become huge, like the next "Seinfeld," or - more realistically - it will become a cult phenomenon. Either way, I'll be watching.
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The best 'dark comedy' on TV
I_saw_it_happen22 June 2010
This is a genuinely funny show, well worth watching, and deserving of it's high ratings on this site. It's compared to South Park for a number of reasons, most notably the enthusiasm with which it tackles socially sensitive issues and assaults them with the most extremist brands of political incorrectness --- but whereas South Park always tries to tidy up it's mess and make sure the audience knows the distinction between right and wrong, this show revels in the depravity and insanity of it's sociopathy. And it works amazingly well.

Since it's a situational comedy, there's not much to say about it without giving away the goods, but the actors all work better than any cast I've seen in a long time. It really seems like half the show is improvised and that the cast is talented enough to make it work without a hitch. The first few episodes are definitely the weakest, but still stronger than just about any comedy out there.

Highly recommended.
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My new favorite show
nkb_junk3 August 2006
Now that Arrested Development has been laid to rest (RIP), I have found the next best thing.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is different and funny, in a crossing-moral-lines kind of way. Good for FX that they have the cojones to put this show on.

How can you not laugh when story lines involve trying to take financial advantage of a religious miracle, or considering sleeping with your fiend's mom to get even, or tea-bagging (not the actual act, but, 'nuff said)?

I can only hope this show stays on the air long enough to gain sufficient viewers to not get canceled.
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Can sociopaths be considered as funny?
gusdanjaq5 December 2011
Well TV sociopaths can indeed. In the same fashion as Seinfeld and Arrested development, this show deals with a group of unlikeable misfits while they engage in moronic adventures based in equally moronic impulses. The difference with those spiritual predecessors is that Sunny takes it a step further. As the tagline of the show indicates ("Seinfeld on a crack) the writers of this show not only embrace the selfishness of their characters but takes it a step further by completely severing their social awareness and empathy towards other human beings. The result, needless to say, is not only sometimes disturbing, but utterly hilarious. Here is a small introduction of each one of the characters:

-Dennis Reynolds: A malignant narcissist in its truest form. Dennis believes he is the closest to physical perfection a human can achieve. A reputed ladies man, he is not above using alcohol, lies, emotional abuse and even the implication of danger (if they say no) to get girls in bed with him. He shows great amusement by watching how other people might get hurt by his actions, even if those people are his friends or his sister (who he constantly refers to as a bitch).

-Mac: Dennis's best friend and roommate, he equally enjoys to be part of the gang's plans even if that means hurting or offending innocent people. He even benefits from Dennis's system to pick up and seduce girls, because Dennis let's Mac hit on them when he gets bored with them. Mac believes himself a skilled martial artist (Even if he has not taken one lesson in his whole life) and enjoys resolving problems with violence or vandalism.

-Charlie: Although equally impulsive and alcoholic as the other's in the gang in many ways, he is the only one who has shown he has some empathy for his fellow human being. He spends his time drinking beer or huffing glue (yes, he huffs glue). Being the most naïve from the group he is easily manipulated by the others, although he has shown he isn't above manipulating them either. He is highly resentful and is prone to violent outbursts.

-Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds: Dee is as manipulative ad his brother and has been shown as only motivated by her own agenda. She is heavily picked on by the others on the gang because of their misogynistic views. Although as the other characters of the group, specially his brother, she shows no regard for how other people might be getting affected by her actions. She is highly vindictive and she goes to great lengths to make sure her schemes and her lies are being bought by the people involved.

-Frank Reynolds: An impulsive, violent and eccentric ex-millionaire he is highly delusional and carries a gun all the time. His likes include prostitutes, drugs and ham (Yes, ham). He is highly irrational and is always looking to crazier and more idiotic ways to deal with the possible issues that might arise for the gang.

This show appeals to your inner child in the way that this characters really have the mental development of a child, and you will find hilarious how they will impulsively engage in idiotic plans without showing any preoccupation of how the consequences could be for them, their friends or for the people unfortunate enough to get involved with them. Is a refreshing show because it is one of the first comedies that embraces the darkness of its characters and the comedic possibilities of having a group of alcoholic, impulsive, borderline criminal, but dim witted protagonists. These are highly unlikeable people, and their humor might offend you in one way or another, but mark my words: You will enjoy every minute of it.
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Pure brilliance
steven-nebel11 August 2006
While I am typically not a fan of television, I can't get enough of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

As a resident of Philadelphia and one who enjoys the more scenic and luxurious aspects of life here, 'Sunny' doesn't exactly shine a great light on the city, but it IS without a doubt one of the most brilliant works of ensemble comedy I have ever seen.

It's irreverent, self-serving characters without a doubt suggest a bit of a naughty Seifeld. Yet dare I say it, it's more than that. The subtle interplay of class politics, ivy-league pomp, and south-philly street smarts go far beyond Seinfeld's tried-and-true model.
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All time great
jakecrowley19912 March 2019
I am a huge fan of comedies, I count the US Office, Parks & Rec amongst some of my favourite shows of all time. This is on a par if not even above. When it gets it right it gets it so, so right. For a relatively small cast they are incredibly talented. The chemistry between the 5 is amazing and they have truly nailed it. It's testament to the show that it has ran for so long without ever truly losing steam. Will be a sad day when it finally does finish but we will be left with a comedic masterpiece.
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One of the funniest shows on television.
lnvicta15 August 2016
There hasn't been a show in the world that makes me laugh as hard or as often than It's Always Sunny in its prime. Seasons 1 through 5 have some of the best, sharpest comedy writing in ages. Since then, the show hasn't been as consistently brilliant, but there are gems in every season. The premise is very simple. It's about the life of four Philly bar owners. At least until season 2 brings in the father of siblings Dennis and Dee, Frank Reynolds, played to perfection by Danny DeVito, where it becomes a fearless fivesome of hilarity. The thing is, these aren't your ordinary people. They're delusional, narcissistic, borderline-psychotic idiots. The show has been described as "Seinfeld on crack" and that's about as good a descriptor you can get. The gang are always coming up with ridiculous schemes and stupid ideas which consistently result in awkwardness and belly laughs.

One of the best parts of the show is the characters themselves. They come across as shallow douchebags most of the time, because for the most part, they are, but they each have their own distinct personality that mesh so well with the others. Dennis Reynolds is about as close to an everyman that you can get from the gang, and he's a manipulative, insecure, raving sociopath. His sister Dee is almost as depraved but with more self-loathing and less psychopathy. Their father Frank is a rich businessman who traded that life away for living in the slums as a lascivious alcoholic. Specifically, he shares a bed with Charlie, the illiterate, idiot savant wild card of the group. Dennis' roommate Mac is an oblivious closeted homosexual that favors badassery above all else. To put it lightly, they get themselves into some interesting scenarios. Whether they're all together or broken into various group combinations, you can guarantee laughs are to be had.

The chemistry between the actors really sells the whole thing. Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day are geniuses. Their writing, their acting, it's all so natural and infectious that you can't help but get immersed into any zany idea they come up with just to see how the gang comes out the other side. Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito are just as much necessary pieces to the cast. The humor ranges from uncomfortable to terribly politically incorrect, and that's the beauty of the show. It takes these "delicate" topics and shines a light on them that many people are afraid to address. The first season alone deals with racism, abortion, transsexuals, and child molestation. And no matter the topic, they find a way to make it hard-to-breathe hysterical.

I can boast about this show for days, but the fact is you either enjoy the humor or you don't. There's a lot of yelling and plenty of curse words, and it may be grating for newcomers to dip their toes into something like this, especially if they don't know what they're getting into. But for those who do and appreciate clever unrestrained comedy, treat yourself to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Great intro episodes: (#3.9) Sweet Dee Is Dating a Retarded Person - (#2.4) Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom - (#2.3) Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare - (#4.10) Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack - (#4.12) The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Make Over Edition - (#6.3) The Gang Buys a Boat
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Actually Funny
snortin_php5 August 2005
I've been a big fan of FX ever since my wife coerced me into watching an episode of Nip/Tuck. I then got sucked into the various other dramas like Rescue Me, 30 Days, Over There, etc.

I was a bit worried about FX trying to do comedy. I didn't think it would work out at all.

And yet, I was completely wrong. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a fantastic show. It's about three guys and a girl that own an Irish pub in Philly. You might be thinking that you've heard similar plot lines, but this is completely different.

The show is politically incorrect, vulgar and hilarious. The first episode deals with racism which is a pretty lofty subject to start with, but it handles it with ease.

This is by far one of the best comedies on TV. Well worth checking out.
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kevinhmj0829 June 2006
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the greatest shows on TV right now. It is daring and hilarious. It was created by three guys on a budget of less than $200, which I find very admirable because I am and aspiring actor/writer. Its raucous stories that run the gamut from cancer to abortion to Nazis to pedophilia are written by the cast. Their devotion to the show is very evident and I hope we will not lose this great show to politics of Hollywood. Heading into is second season I am excited to see what we are going to tackle this summer. I am ready to be shocked and amazed at the lengths these guys and a girl will go to to get over. And with Danny Devito joining the show we are really seeing how "sunny" it is in "Philadelphia"
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The best show currently on cable TV!
jellyneckr21 August 2005
I have said it before, but one of the joys of summer is watching summer shows , knowing that they aren't being given even the slightest chance of survival. In most cases, these shows are being deservingly dumped in the summer because most of them are terrible. Surprisingly, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", which premiered earlier this month, is not terrible. Even though it seemed like it might have been, it ended up being one of the better shows to come along so far in the 2000s. The show is about four friends who own a bar in Philadelphia. At first glance, it doesn't seem like anything special. The owning a bar scenario has been done several times before in a variety of other sitcoms including "Cheers" and the recently canceled "Grounded For Life". However, since the show is more clever and much funnier than the previous sitcoms who have used the device, one can forgive the lack of originality.

What makes "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" better than any other of the sitcoms that are on today is the clever writing. The writing on sitcoms these days is beyond awful. The writing on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is great. In fact, if the show doesn't receive an Emmmy nomination for writing, there is no justice in the world. The three episodes that have aired so far have been incredibly well written and unlike with most sitcoms, the dialogue doesn't seem like typical sitcom dialogue. The dialogue comes across as natural as opposed to coming across as forced like on network sitcoms and other cable comedies. The writers are also the stars and executive producers of the show, which gives them almost complete control. Let's hope the writing staff doesn't change. I'd give "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" 9/10. It's one of the best shows one is ever likely to see on cable.
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Hate to say it, but it is "Seinfeld on Crack"
ukpedro12 February 2012
As much as I hate lazy "its X on Drug" descriptions for shows, the FX tag line is probably the most accurate I've ever heard. Sunny is packed with brilliant jokes, witty lines, great set-ups and surprising twists, all anchored in a manically dark setting. In a real running time of 20 minutes, the average episode has more laugh out loud moments and darkly intelligent plotting than most sitcoms manage in a season.

The whole show has an insane energy, with simple but unique characters dragging you along their genuinely bizarre trains of thought into very odd situations.

Arguably the First Season is the weakest but only in comparison. I loved it and was impressed it seemed to get stronger and stronger as it progressed, with Danny DeVito's addition being a god send.

This show is also refreshing in that it mainly avoids the fashion for a strong running plot that many modern comedies are using. This means a more old fashioned style of a 'wacky' adventure a week, with the occasional recurring support character. This in my opinion keeps it fresh, where a lot of other 'mature' sitcoms get dragged down by soap opera style baggage build up, Sunny can pick and choose. If proof be needed it has been optioned for a 10th Season despite its relative cult status.

Best American Sitcom I've seen in some time, and there's plenty of strong contenders (Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Community) so I don't say that lightly.
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This show is great
sbills8931 July 2006
Seriously, The true show that begs comparison to Seinfeld. Like the tag says its Seinfeld on crack, weirdest crazy situations that you can oddly relate to in some psychotic parallel universe.

Awesome show i also like how its made by a few buddies and then FX picked it up and it took off.

Try it, You'll LOVE IT

Also i love the group of friends in it their personalities reflect so funnily on each other which makes it seem like Seinfeld in such a likeness.

Also begs comparison to friends but friends was never this funny.
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Always Sunny - Always Funny
goldiemcg15 August 2005
The show is great! I love the edgy humor and how they're addressing everyday issues and finding the hilarity in them. I think what I enjoy the most is that they're not tip-toeing around issues, gay, abortion, underage drinking (no, they're not promoting these, they're just addressing them). The way they have the real life situations and the true reactions within a set of friends sets this show apart (Seinfeld anyone?)...there's no following the lives of multi-millionaire brats as lead characters (fill in the blank for that show, there's only about 5 on air right now), none of the worn out "the city is going to blow up unless you catch the bad guy in 5 minutes" plot's real situations and almost everyone can relate...and laugh at.
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It's always Sunny...
lancegreenz28 July 2006
Think South Park in South Philly. Danny Devito does just enough to anchor the cast but still allows the younger and lesser known co-stars to develop their characters around him. Often times, a more established actor with Devito's credentials will wash out the co-stars and smother the show. This is not the case with Sunny. Put simply, this show works. It may take another solid season for this show to cultivate a substantial core audience. But it seems FX is willing to stick with it long enough to find out. Even if FX decides to run this show up against the big boys (CBS' "Without a Trace") in the fall, Thursdays at 10pm is a perfect time slot. Sunny is gritty and dark at times, but in a harmless and smart kind of way. Kudos, FX...This show is a winner!
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Crude, rude, funny, hilarious and far out pushes the comedy limit. Shows you don't have to be serious in life, one of TV's best!
blanbrn20 December 2009
Over the years on FX I would tune in and catch an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" from time to time. Only eventually it would be just like getting hooked on something as now I'm a faithful viewer of the series it's just like a religion. And who wouldn't be hooked the series it pushes the envelope it's far out funny and crude and rude as it just doesn't give a hoot and all of the characters are risk takers and speak it like it is about the world as I agree with them it's time we come down on this society more as it's became to much of a yes man and politically correct one. And the chemistry between the actors and guest is top notch. As it's a watch for the legendary Danny Devito who shines here as he proves he's not to good to do a cable comedy sitcom after being in many big screen movies it doesn't affect his legendary status.

Anyhow it was created by Rob McElhenney(who plays Mac)and many episodes were directed by Fred Savage("The Wonder Years")as it's set in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, PA. And always the opening sequences get you into the mood well by showing city landmarks from Market Street, the Rocky statue, and Lincoln Financial Field. So you feel that Philly freedom! The plot and storyline aside from just four grown friends having a ball of fun, is centered around Danny Devito who as Frank Reynolds is still in Philadelphia with his two grown kids Dennis(Glenn Howerton)and Dee(Kaitlin Olson)and they hang out with Charlie(Charlie Day)and Mac(Rob McElhenney)who are two grown slacker men who've been friends since childhood. And all four of the grown adults gets their kicks and meetings together at the Irish pub bar they run called "Paddy's".

And thru the years the series has provided some funny and crazy moments of themes that center around road trips, medical problems, relationship problems, alcohol contests with rival bars, stalking, protest, crazy inventions, illegal immigration, and just down right good old funny fashioned fun with the gang pushing the limits and rules of not only just the law but society also. Overall this series is never boring or dull with it's wacky and crazy far out themes that's what makes it so watchable and likable is that it's different! Really a wonderful series one of the best on TV as it proves with it's comedy and raunchy fun that it's okay to be crude, rude, and outspoken in a crazy and envelope pushing way! Glad to see a show that speaks to society in a blunt and feel good fashion proving not to take life serious as it's okay to have fun your way. So be ready and remember "It's Always Sunny in Philadlephia" as it's good and nice to look at the cool and crummy side of life!
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side splitting at times
davedawes22 March 2012
I can only only assume the negative reviews for this show comes from the people who find such programs as 'mike and molly' 'big bang theory' and '2 and a half men' funny and rely on canned laughter to tell them when something just funny has happened. I must admit i stumbled across this program whilst in bed in Vegas wishing i hadn't started drinking in the day and it made me vomit with laughing...i'm not usually a huge fan of US comedies as they are few and far between but when one comes along like this it baffles me that there is that much crap on US TV?!?! The characters are perfect together and whilst at 1st was dubious about DeVito's role i've grown to him and think he's perfect too. More like this America and you'll be forgiven for the amount of terrible alleged comedies you roll out and 'reality'....if you can call them reality rubbish.
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Best comedy programme
brummieboy11 February 2019
It's always sunny is the funniest sit com I've come across both well written and delivered. I rate in higher than peep show, the office and the young ones. In each series all the characters have their own amusing personalities and from season 2 onwards it gets better and better. I must have watched each series four or five times over and it still leaves me in hysterics. I honestly think doctors should prescribe this as a form of anti depressant!
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A hilarious and satirical riot
max_caskie23 December 2011
This is my first ever review on IMDb but I felt compelled to write a review on such a great TV series.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is comedy gold, with a great cast (Charlie Day often stealing the show) and always an interesting plot. What I think people love so much about this show is how the writing manages to incorporate extremely taboo themes (racism, paedophilia, etc) and miraculously turn them into hilarious episodes. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments in the show but what I believe the show excels in is the dry satirical comedy which not everyone can fully apprieciate. If you enjoy a good laugh and aren't easily offended then I can almost guarantee that this show will have your sides splitting.
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Hilarious show
pablo-178-4384235 October 2011
The series follows "The Gang", a group of five depraved underachievers: twins Dennis and Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds, their friends Charlie Kelly and Mac, and Frank Reynolds, Dennis and Dee's adoptive father, who runs Paddy's Pub, a run-down bar in South Philadelphia. They are dishonest, egotistical, lazy, manipulative and vengeful. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against one another and others for personal gain, vengeance, or simply for the entertainment of watching each other's downfall. Their tactics often rely on inflicting emotional and sometimes physical and psychological pain on individuals both deserving and undeserving. They regularly use blackmail and manipulate one another and others outside of the group.

Much like in Seinfeld, the plots and schemes hatched by the Gang rarely result in lasting success; indeed, oftentimes, the plans backfire to adversely affect the group or at least, leave the Gang back at square one with little to no gain.

This show is hilarious. Watch it now.
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The most complete comedy, ever.
d-mac-1314 April 2010
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a unique comedy. The show's humor can range from subtle and intelligent, as seen in shows like Arrested Development, to outrageously, raucous, and to some outright offensive.

Much like Seinfeld, IASiP is a show that takes a normal situation, and, with it's hilarious characters, creates an insanely, original ending. Much to the show's own benefit, the actors,aside from Danny Devito, started as basically nobodies. In fact, the original four were friends before the show, and their chemistry shines through their performances( however this isn't to say that Devito doesn't mesh with the original four ). One of the show's few downsides, however, is that the character's need some getting used to in order to establish their places in the show and understand their sense of humor. On the other hand, this sacrificed time period will result in the best viewer to character connection a person can find in a comedy.

I hear tons of people say that IASiP is "Seinfeld on crack", but, as accurate a statement as that is, I would much rather say it's what you would see if the brute, crudeness of the Chappelle's Show was juxtaposed with Arrested Development.
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Perfect Show for anyone having a bad day
Strictclybiz30 January 2011
These guys have made me a happier person for 6 years. I honestly can say no other TV show makes my day like "IASIP" for 6 years people have shunned this show and doubted the actors. Well, IMDb show that many people rate this show as a piece of art because that's what it is. People that don't find this show funny are just plain dull. That or they don't like todays comedy. All the other comedies on TV don't amount to this. Sure, maybe they do in awards but "IASIP" isn't built for the popularity contest, in the DVD's the actors come out and say they like the fans the fans are what moves them. That is the truth many, many, many people love this show. And they keep it moving currently 6 seasons going strong! Keep up the good work Mac, Dennis, Dee, Frank were watching.
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Funniest Sitcom EVER
bobcolganrac13 November 2008
My hat is off to these folks. This is by far the funniest sitcom I have seen. Obviously, humor is idiosyncratic; not everybody is tickled the same way. But this one works for me. I mean I love Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I love Seinfeld, and MadTV, and loved Upright Citizen's Brigade, Monty Python, Second City, and others, but I have a special feeling for IASIP.

I'm not going to go into details about the characters and what I like or don't like. Others here have done that well already and I agree with most. What I want to cite is the extraordinary attention to detail that actually goes into this show which often looks like impromptu mayhem: there is a video which shows how Rob went to pitch a request to Danny Devito to come on board, and Devito agreed------ but he could only schedule filming with the cast for 20 days. So they wrote every screenplay for the entire second season: every change of nuance of character, costuming, makeup, set, other characters in the scenes----ALL of it, some 450 pages of scripts for the entire second season's 10 shows----and filmed in that 20 days with Devito all of his scenes. They did this, and thanked him, and then had to go back and shoot every other continuous scene for each of the shows, all the costuming, and lighting, and character changes and retain consistency for dovetailing into Devito's scenes. It is amazing that they pulled this off so well! It is seamless. You would never suspect that they had pooled their energies so collaboratively, so faultlessly. It is remarkable too that the references to events in preceding shows are also consistently maintained throughout this season, so that the jokes feed off scenarios form earlier shows. They decided to change this format in the third season so that every show stands alone, maybe partly because of an unwillingness to exert as much effort as they had to that second season and to not re-experience that marathon of holding everything together... I don't know. It was a Herculean effort to do that second season.

What I do know is that this show works so well! The cast complements one another. They all work as an unselfish ensemble. There is hope for TV humor after all. It is interesting that they went with FX----who offered them freer rein artistically than the other networks----and may not be able to work quite as blue as they could've on HBO. I can only imagine the number of times the F-bomb would be used!! They'd probably devote an entire show to it in which every other word in the dialog would be f_ _ _! Or the sex scenes which would put the ultimate 'X' back into 'sex.'

They're that kind of group. They take their humor to a madcap level, misfit psychopaths out to destroy anything that interferes with personal ambitions, mutually colluding and abetting to tear down whenever any of them seems to be on the verge of success while the others aren't. Racist, sexist, misanthropic, misogynistic, narcissistic backstabbing at the highest level....! I love them!
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What more can you ask for?
farhangpark-40-6637129 April 2011
A cheap show, a crazy gang, a lot of guts to say whatever they want, what more can I ask for? I came across sunny the first time on IMDb and was really surprised with the rating it had. beforehand the title seemed a little too lame for me to care for, but man, if I'd known what I was missing out on...

Sunny is interesting in a many ways, the production doesn't stand out as perfect especially for the first couple of episodes and it's almost like a bunch of good friends just talking nonsense for quite a long time, but then the comedy kicks in, the racial jokes, the waitress, Charlie's illiteracy, Mac's karate moves, Dennis' pride and Dee being ignored over and over again, they all seem to make sense after a while and God, are they funny! The beginnings have always been a favorite point for me when the gang starts talking about nothing and they start screaming and everything.

And also let's not forget about Danny Devito and his sick twisted way of treatment of others.

So don't miss out on this great little show!
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I don't remember ever crying laughing before this show
katchei-675-4488184 April 2010
OK, maybe Arrested Development but I just watched a basketball game on the show and after wiping the tears from my eyes I felt compelled to review the show only to help the rating grow.

Easily the most consistently funny show I've ever seen in my life. I have laughed aloud every single episode.

To all the people who gave this show a 9 or lower, what are you thinking? This show is completely original and hilariously funny. What more could I want in a comedy? Some people it compare it to Seinfeld which I find insulting. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the only thing that comes close.
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Nothing scares gays and black folks like Irish crap
DiSTuRBeDx16 June 2012
I love it. I absolutely love it. Any time I watch one episode I say, "OK, just one more," and three episodes later I'm saying "one more." All the characters are very well played by each actor, especially Frank who is played by Danny Devito and Charlie who is played by Charlie Day.

The show is consistently funny and very smart. Every episode is a good episode and provide, at least, about 2 laugh out load moments and it's trickled with titters and "that was cool," moments.

I thoroughly enjoy it and is my favorite comedy TV show in a long time and is probably the funniest viewing pleasure I've had in terms of TV shows AND movies. I'd highly recommend it, although Season 7 is very, very comedy of the black nature and you'll cringe. Although I prefer Season 7 to all the rest of them.
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