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Tragedy TV
court_TV_fan60023 January 2008
"if you are hurting innocents, breaking the law, or lying to the world, she will be your worst nightmare, should you cross her radar." Um... unless your George W. Bush, right? Nancy Grace covers the ridiculous, absurd, and obscene tabloid, tragedy TV stories. On her show... Iraq doesn't top the discussion. Its all about Robert Blake, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Natalee Holloway, the Duke rape case, sex scandals, but I guess if your looking for the latest news on the latest missing/murdered blonde... Nancy Grace is your show. The reality is, there is much more important things to talk about and much more important things to be discussed. But I'm sure Nancy Grace is among Karl Rove's favorite shows because it keeps his guys out of the news. And thats exactly what they want. They don't want the American people to know the truth about their corruption and lies. They don't want the American people to know the real number of dead Iraqi citizens and dead innocent American troops. Sure, Nancy Grace pays tribute to one dead American soldier each night. But you can you really call her show a tribute to American soldiers? And in a time of war, I don't want to watch a show thats not a tribute to our American soldiers.
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Nancy Grace is the worst reporter
aisha_mail201117 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When she was talking about the Heiliegh Cumming girl. The one that been missing. She was nice to her father Ron Cumming. He took the teenage girl with the troubled life in and did drugs with her and used her as an sex object. He did sells and did drugs and he have two kids. He probably beat his kids and wives too. But she bashed Heiliegh's mother Crystal Sheffield. She wanted to divorce him to better her life for her and her children. She also acted like Misty was the only suspect the whole time. She was convent Misty was a suspect. I'm not after listening to her jail interview. And she didn't pay much attention to Heiliegh's little brother saying he saw a man in black take her. She made Misty grandmother out to be the hero when she was probably just trying to cash in. And she betrayed her own grandchildren.

When she was talking about that Cailee Antony case, she made her grandparent out to be buffoons. George offered to help find Heiliegh Cumming. There was a picture on MySpace of Cindy crying beside Cailee's crib. George attempted suicide and Cindy still convent Cailee still alive. I feel bad for them. They was also dedicated grandparents. They even offered to raise Cailee for Casey. Casey wasn't grateful about it. Casey had a good family and dedicated boyfriend. She never realized what a great life she had.

When she was talking about Abby Obbermailer she made her out to be the criminal. She didn't even know the whole story. What if her parents was abusing her or something? What if she didn't leave within her own will? What if she was kidnapped and her boyfriend used her as a prize? She wasn't even 18 yet. She was just a kid. They make mistakes. She was a good kid. We should be happy she's alive and put her in therapy to find out why she want to leave her home so bad. Her parents throw her out and put her with her grandparents.

When she was talking about the Tiffani Calise women who they thought shake the toddler she was baby sitting to death. She claim the baby fell in the bathtub. One of the reporters on Nancy Grace said she could of bumped her head on the faucet. And she said "how do you explain bleeding to the head"? That could of happened by felling and hitting your head too. Had anyone else ever thought Tiffani was telling the truth? There is a blog for her saying she's innocent by her family. Nancy Grace was saying how she should of had the towel with her. While she was also taking care of the other baby. She was trying to put her own daughter to bed. Nancy Grace is clueless. Nobody's eyes are on your children's 24/7.

She also ignored the Tryvon Martin case. What if her 18 year old son got shot because he was white? She focused on Heiliegh Cumming and Cailee Anthony the most. When there are many other missing children. Like that teen mom that very little media attention, the baby that end up dead in the hands of two teens in Chicago, and Zahra Baker.
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Television for idiots.
OrangieTooDope3 May 2017
HLN is a news network for people who don't care about the truth.It's all about forcing opinions on the viewers and never letting them know what's really going on in the world.They have a big breasted moron reading the morning lies and Nancy Grace rounds out the day with her giant head,goofy accent and idiotic opinions.She is obsessed with telling people how qualified she is and how much she loves her ugly kids.While rambling about how much she knows and how she is so much better than you, she never gets to the facts about anything.The weirdest thing about this cow is that she constantly uses the word "tot".I have never heard that word used unless it was after the word "tater".It's so disturbing that I even wrote a song about her called Tot Mom.But this review doesn't matter.If you're stupid enough to watch this crap, my words can't help you.
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Tough and bold searching for answers and fighting for justice!
blanbrn31 March 2016
Most of us are always thrilled and interested about the latest happenings in the world of issues and when crime happens around the country we feel for the victims and their families. All of us want justice for them as the bad guys should be found. Well this program on CNN's Headline News called simply Nancy Grace does just that it fights for justice in a strong and fierce way all of this lead by a well known former Atalnta prosecutor turned TV host named Nancy Grace. Her stories are heart wrenching as it features the latest unsolved murders of missing teens and children and it spotlights abductions and highlights well known cases even of famous people. And legal guests from lawyers, detectives, and family members involved in the cases are always interviewed, with media people also giving their take. And I must say that for an ex prosecutor and now TV host that Nancy Grace is one attractive and elegant looking southern babe! I love her southern accent and her dress choice as she mostly sports silk shiny sexy colored blouses to wear on the show! All while being honest, tough and fighting for justice and for the rights of victim's.
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Hundreds of Children Found Because of Nancy Grace!
Elswet15 March 2007
Nancy Grace comes off as a cajones-busting blood-sucking ogre, and if you are hurting innocents, breaking the law, or lying to the world, she will be your worst nightmare, should you cross her radar.

However, this woman CARES. I love her show, her mission, and her ferocity in pursuing the truths of the cases before her. I would have LOVED to watch her as a criminal prosecutor! or a defense attorney. She is so passionate that I can't wait to watch her every night to see who she's championing next.

Chances are, it will be a child, a victim who can no longer speak for him/herself. Nancy Grace has saved and found hundreds of Children via her show. I don't care who doesn't like this review, or her show. She is a heroine.

She deserves the respect of us all.

The Nancy Grace Show rates a 9.6/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Great show with a lot of detail
SAMANDJEN321033 August 2006
There are a lot of court shows out there today, but if you have to see one of them this is the one to watch. Nancy Grace interviews guests involved in court cases or criminal cases in the public eye. She is very opinionated and always gives her views. She gives a lot of information on the case at hand and sometimes devotes the entire hour to one case, and in between those before the commercials she always mentions and posts a picture of a troop that was killed in the line of duty and pays respects to the family making the statement "an American hero". I wish more newscasters could be like Nancy Grace, and give us an honest view of a case without hiding behind issues!
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Nancy Grace is our friend
thejohnkramer21 November 2006
When I first saw Nancy Grace, I thought "oh no, this woman is getting on my nerves" because of her talk. Now, I'm addicted to her show! She is fabulous..I love her! She has one bad habit, not letting her guests continue their talks when she doesn't agree with them (Stop that Nancy!) Besides that, she is the best on TV. She tells it like it is, and never gives up. She always remembers a solider who died in the war, and she calls us "friend". I think she represents Court TV to the best of her ability. We call you "friend", Nancy. Your number one fan in Tennessee.

Love Martha
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Why I could no longer watch her
Sober-Friend6 September 2017
Listen I was a huge fan of hers before she got this show. I thought what she said about "California Jurors are stupid because they never convict any celebrity that is obviously guilty"

However after her never ending shows about Natalee Holloway were just a ratings ploy. There were other missing women she should have covered but they were not blonde or white. Her constant screaming at opposing views became headache inducing.

After weeks of her non stop Natalee Holloway coverage I gave up! She was now the most annoying person on television!
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