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springsunnywinter14 March 2007
A very nice heart touching film that I really enjoyed although I'm not very keen in romantic comedies especially in Hollywood.

The film has six stories about six couples they are all told bit by bit all at the same time not one by one (like in Darna Mana/Zaroori Hai) and they are all linked to each other. My favourite story is Govinda's & Shannon's and the funniest story is Sohail Khan's & Isha Kopikar's. The best couple has to be John Abraham & Vida Balan. In each story the couple have their own major problem that are:

Couple 1

John Abraham Vidya Balan

Problem: Commitment but not together

Couple 2

Salman Khan Priyanka Chopra

Problem: Together but no commitment

Couple 3

Anil Kapoor Juhi Chawla

Problem: Married but boring life

Couple 4

Akshaye Khanna Ayesha Takia

Problem: Afraid to marry

Couple 5

Govinda Shannon Esrechowitz

Problem: Communication

Couple 6

Sohail Khan Isha Koppikar

Problem: Married but still virgins

But they all have one common problem LOVE!

About nearly 4 hours but all that time was worth it and I never knew that it went by & 4 hours of good stuff is better 1.5 hour of rubbish. It is said to be inspired by Love, Actually starring Hugh Grant. I've not seen it but I know that Salaam-e-Ishq is a 1000 times better than Love, Actually.

The best songs are Salaam-e-Ishq and Dil Kya Kare.
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Salute to love - Quality viewing
ikky_k17 January 2007
Salaam-E-Ishq tells an epic tale of six couples. Oblivious to one another and separated by miles of distance, they are tested by life's two eyes: Tribulation and Success. Yet somehow, through destiny and fate, these six couples are brought together by the phenomenon of love…

Shah Rukh may be the greatest start since Amitabh and Amir may be Bollywood's most authentic "actor/performer" but love him or hate him, Salman Khan has some magical element that no other ever has. His pairing with Priyanka is spot on....hopefully they do more projects together.

This is one long movie...goes over 3 hours but it is not laborous and if anything, it is needed to tell the tale of 6 couples coming together from different parts of the globe.

You would have to be mad to walk awaywith the feeling of contentment after watching this. Any movie that hasSalman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Sohail Khan,John Abraham and Vidya Balan will ensure a top viewing just by theirpresence alone. Nikhil Advani does a great job putting it all together.

The movie has everything...heart break and tears and laughter. John Abraham, Govinda and Akshay Khanna I'd have to say have given the performance of their careers. Vidaya Balan is not dolled up and the viewer can truly appreciate her acting talent here. Sohail Khan, while not having a major role, will make you laugh just with his facial expressions alone.

Guaranteed this one will have you back for more. Not a candy floss date movie but one to watch to really appreciate the good points of life and take some lessons out of it.
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Wonderfully and cleverly made and extremely funny!!!
thegenei28 January 2007
I am not an Indian, but I love Bollywood movies as I do love the Indian culture. This movie is the best Hindi I have ever seen that I just have to write this comment. The plots links to one another beautifully, It's just very clever and very advanced directing. It's somewhat similar like "Love actually", but yet it's unique in its very own way. Each plot is beautifully written for the couples, and all the stars were exceptional. The best is part is the with John Abraham and his wife, I feel. Be prepared to bring some tissues as this is a little tear jerking movie, but then hey which Hindi movie isn't right :-) ?

Go and watch it folks, I watched it last night, might watch it again today, and will also buy the DVD
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The wait was worth it!!!
masteritteshad28 January 2007
This film was fantastic. The 13 characters were all in a way important to the film. Nikhil Advani has shown that he can be as good as KJ and Aditya Chopra by doing this film.

Kkamini (Priyanka Chopra) wakes up to another scandal in the morning newspapers. The most sought after item girl in Bollywood cannot help, but get involved with all sorts of problems with the media. Problems that she attributes as the cause for not landing up with coveted heroine roles. The roles that she came to the big bad world of Bollywood for.

But things are going to change because Kkamini has devised a plot to change her image in the media, the public eye and most importantly the big producers of Bollywood. A plot that will propel her from being an item girl to being the number one heroine in India. The only thing that she did not anticipate was the arrival of Rahul (Salman Khan) into her life...

Vinay Malhotra (Anil Kapoor) wakes up in his picture perfect suburban London home every morning. He is cared for by his picture perfect wife, Seema (Juhi Chawla) and is kissed goodbye by his picture perfect daughters. He goes to his picture perfect London PR job and returns to his picture perfect wife, daughters and home.

But things are going to change after Vinay meets the not so perfect Anjali (Anjana Sukhani). Unconventional, over-confident and extremely determined, Anjali comes from a world that Vinay could only dream of. A world where the very modern single girl living in London gets what she wants, and now Anjali wants Vinay Malhotra. Shiven (Akshaye Khanna) wakes up to a nightmare. The most consummate bachelor in New Delhi is engaged to get married in the next 10 days. The most consummate bachelor in New Delhi has suddenly realized what's in store for him. The most consummate Bachelor in New Delhi wants to break off the engagement. And in the process, he hurts his fiancé to be, Gia (Ayesha Takia) but retrieving the freedom he wanted so much seemed more important. He had been dating Gia's sister and regretted it.

But things are going to change for Shiven, because with each passing day, with every agonizing hour, he begins to realize that without Gia, he is incomplete.

Tehzeeb (Vidya Balan) wakes up in the morning only to find a small diamond pendant by her bedside. An anniversary gift from her very romantic husband Ashutosh (John Abraham). They had eloped and got married two years ago. Struggling like all young married couples in Mumbai, both of them work at a news channel. Tehzeeb is a field reporter and Ashutosh is a film editor. Completely crazy about each other they find it quite difficult to keep their hands off each other.

But things are going to change because Tehzeeb is going to be involved in a tragic accident that will change everything in their lives and that will put Ashu's love for her to the ultimate test.

Raju Taxiwala (Govinda) wakes up in the morning and gets into his colourful Delhi taxi. He drives from his home in Chandni Chowk to the New Delhi International Airport like he has for the last 15 years. He joins the long queue at the airport like he has for the last 15 years. Unlike other taxi drivers, he does not complain about the ever-increasing queue. He hasn't complained about the increasing queue even once in the past 15 years. Why? Because he enjoys watching the doors of the New Delhi International Airport. Opening and closing. He enjoys watching the passengers coming out. Hoping that among them will be HER. His blonde dream girl, Stephanie (Shannon Esra). The girl that he has waited for the last 15 years.

But things are going to change for Raju because his dream girl does come from those very doors. The only problem is that Stephanie has come looking not for Raju, but for Rohit Chaddha (Kushaal Punjabi) – her boyfriend.

Ramdayal (Sohail Khan) and Phoolwati (Ishaa Koppikar) are a newly-wed couple in Haryana. He wants to spend the rest of his life with his newly married wife. He wants to spend every hour fulfilling the lust that has been building up within him towards her, all these years.

But things are going to change for Ramdayal, because no matter how and where Ramdayal tries to fulfill that burning desire, something goes wrong and Ramdayal and Phoolwati are thrown into a series of events that become tragically and comically almost fatal.

Altogether the best film outside the Johar and Chopra camp for a very long time. The music was unbelievable from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. My favourite song is the title song.

All the actors were excellent. Govinda and Salman are back to their best.
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excellent movie, don't make a mistake by not watching it
shiv_picean1 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Dear Nikhil, Congratulations to you for giving the Hindi movie world an amazing movie. I live in UK, watched the movie last night and I must say your movie is one of the best I have watched in years. I am going for it again this weekend. Ignore those idiots who are writing wrong reviews in news paper and in Internet, something is grossly wrong with them. I would say KAL HO NA HO was brilliant and Salaam e is no less, its more entertaining, more real and full of humour. And you are genius director. No scene in the movie was predictable, the angles you used to shoot, the newness and the freshness is beyond compare.I would rate the movie as 10/10 as it had everything. Everyone in the cinema hall were rolling with laughter throughout the movie. Some scenes were really exceptional, like the Bakra scene. Akshay I would say was the best. Salmaan fell below my expectations. Priyanks did full justice,Juhi Chawla is brilliant as ever. The Canadian girls last scene when she says something to Rohit' father was excellent. The train scene of Sohail khan and Isha is hilarious.Overall,Thanks for such a class act. Please make more movies in future, I cant wait for your next project. Let me know what other projects you are working on..
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Could have been better...but Good!!!
sharit_sinha27 January 2007
What to say!!!!! I was crazy about this movie since November, and when it is at last in the theaters..I am not THAT satisfied. Yes, of course, I liked the movie. But still, Nikhil Advani has a lot to learn. 6 couples, 6 nicely matched couples, could have created magic,(some of them have done already).

Well, to start,!!! You are a performer!! The few scenes, where you looked over the top, was completely a lack of proper dialogue with proper story. Govinda....its nice to have you back, sir!! You did not overdo comedy and touched our senses too. Anil Kapoor, sir, when will you forget acting?? have some expressions!!! are learning it..from action dude to boy next door...hmmm!! Salman...sorry, this was the worst part of the movie...what was the story anyway?? What was the writer thinking of?? Sohail....(You were there???? I thought its a guest appearance!!) Priyanka...I did not know you could over-act this much!! Well, at the last 1 hour, you were much better. Ayesha, looked pretty..but very less footage to you. usual...good. Vidya...hey..this girl is really going the dare and bare way..!! Isha..oops!! Shannon.....pretty good acting....and much better footage than others.

In a summary, six love stories start from six places with their normal lives, only to realize their differences and their problems. This starts to cause miscommitment, bluffing, betraying, hurting...and suddenly they start to realize, its as painful to themselves too. But if love is can be utterly healing too. Some nice comedies, excellent linking between the different stories...and some great acting...this movie should be watched by lovers once.

The worst thing in the movie was the picturisation of "Ya Rabba"...why did they stretch this too much??? It really spoiled the mood of the audience, they forgot the depth of the stories....else, it would have been a pretty good ending.
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spend those 4 hours elsewhere
liju-jm26 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
5 OK stories(the Sohail-Isha track ain't a story!!),a never before seen combo of stars, an awful screenplay and a director who thinks he's got it all right. That's how I'd sum this "tribute to LOVE".

Salman Khan - Usual ROCK STAR act but unfortunately lesser footage, his fans would still enjoy his presence(well i did ;)) John Abraham - Gaveit a sincere shot Akshaye Khanna - The best thing about the movie but over the top at occasions Anil Kapoor - Hmmmmmm.....OK....but dude whatever happens never do the clean shaven look ever again. Govinda-HERo No 1's an ol time thing mate Sohail Khan - while his brother's doing the ROCKSTAR routine, SOHAIL's done the family proud by trying hard to be PORNSTAR thruout the flick...Im glad he finally gets laid.

Juhi Chawla, Ayesha Takia, Priyanka Chopra, The Firangi babe and Isha Koppikar - sorry ladies Bollywood's an all male carnival you're all destined to be eye candies and they've done a good job that ways.

4 hours and a 150 rupees later all I'm left with is a sore back :(
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Too Long and boring
silvan-desouza19 February 2009
OK the director remakes LOVE ACTUALLY The director Nikhil Advani after debuting with KHNH does his second half and wait

He makes a 3:30 hours + film which loses on patience, time.etc The viewer seems like a 3 hrs sleep watching this film

OK they had 6 stories so it was necessary but why? 6 stories?

We have the Anil- Juhi story convincing but boring don't TV serials show such stories?

We have Govinda- Shannon story which is funny and works well

We have Akshaye-Ayesha story again believable but gets boring soon and the focus is on comedy more and that too slapstick boring comedy

We have Salman- Priyanka story which is the worst, not just acting terms, it makes no sense at all

We have Sohail- Isha story to make you laugh and the trick works at times thanks to the boredom set by most of other stories

We have John- Vidya story a good story in all respects

But then by the time all stories come in bits n pieces the viewer gets bored and sleepy The climax isn't appealing though especially The climax of Salman- Priyanka story Nikhil Advani's handling is alright at places, some stories are well handled but weak at places Music(SEL)is good, but too many songs Cinematography is nice, every story is given a different look, texture and it works

Actors Govinda rocks, after a dismissal comeback with BB he actually makes you laugh and love him in this film despite his age and weight Anil Kapoor acts his part well, though he looks out of shape and tired John excels in his part, Akshaye Khanna overacts for a change

Sohail Khan is too over- the - top and Isha has nothing to do Anjana Suknani is dismissal

Priyanka and Salman deserve an award for this film you are shocked?

Salman Khan doesn't act only, just talks like he is in his sleep and that fake accent oh god Priyanka overacts to such a standard you feel like throwing something on her, she does get better towards the end Vidya Balan is good, Juhi Chawla is okay Shannon is okay
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Salaam-e-Ishq: Snippety-snappety
tonytharakan5 February 2007
Ya, ya - I've heard all about how long this movie is. But then a monumental epic never hurt anyone - as long as it's entertaining. Nikhil Advani's Salaam-e-Ishq has all the right ingredients - an incredible cast, rocking music and six delightful stories about love. The Problem? When the theatrewallah gets into scissorhands mode, viewers are in for some trying times.

How did Anil Kapoor get his arm in a sling? Apparently, he fell down (a colleague informs me). But shouldn't I see it on screen instead of wondering why Kapoor is sling-free in one frame and sling-full in the next. Media reports suggest that Advani, bombarded with complaints of the film being unbearably long, decided to make a few cuts himself. Bad move cos there's nothing worse than bad editing.

Anyway, that's not the only problem. Advani also has problems weaving in the six love stories together - the stitches are quite visible in some cases.

My favourite couple - Govinda and Shannon. The taxi-driver falling for an American was quite an original concept. Can't say the same for the Haryanvi combo of Sohail-Ishaa though. That track could have been safely edited out.

John Abraham and Vidya Balan have done some good work too and so have most of the others (including Priyanka Chopra). But Advani lacks the finesse of Karan Johar (who btw has a phone-in cameo in the film). In Johar's hands, Salaam-e-Ishq would have been gold. In his protégé's hands, the film is not the blockbuster it could have been.

Watch out for Kailash Kher's 'Ya Rabba' number. It left several in the audience teary-eyed and is easily the best song of the film.
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Good stuff, over-stretched
yuliya-alexa26 January 2007
Salaam-e-Ishq is the second new Indian movie i have ever seen, and so I speak from a western view point. This movie is quite good, especially the first 2 hours. The characters are diverse, and so are their stories. Many dialogs are absolutely hilarious. Passages from comedy to drama episodes are done carefully, and the movie rolls by in a dynamic, entertaining way. However, towards the end of the second hour the movie starts to stretch. Some scenes are unnecessary, and some songs are too long and could have been saved for the ending. As a result, by the time the conclusion comes, one starts gazing at the watch. Also,towards the end, the drama is in some cases exaggerated and not every actor and actress manage to pull it off well. For the rest of the movie, performances range from excellent to satisfactory. This movie should have been edited down to about two and a half hours and would have been perfect. Still, it's a good one to see with your friends, or someone you love. The great comedy and the diverse issues make it worth it.
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A complete waste of time, watch it only if you want to test your patience
shreerajca27 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
We all have seen some unending epics in our times, but this one really tops them all! The movie is so long and so slow, that, just to put things in perspective, i felt a lot older when i left movie hall, than I entered it. At almost 4 hours length, it could have rather been made into a tele-serial.

What starts as a promising comedy slowly loses its pace. Nikhil advani has woven the plot around 6 love stories and he cant make justice to any one of them... There is no interconnection between them to start with, and links shown in last 20 minutes just seem to be forced to connect the story.

Situation is made worse by Silly dialogues (most of them repeated in Hindi cinema over years)and stupid cinematography.

Priyanka doesn't realise that she actually needs to play her role rather than just looking glam on screen... An utter waste of beauty without acting skills.

And then there is loud-is-humorous Govinda & my-face-twists-better-than-jim-carrey Akshay Khanna who keep belching at the top of their lungs to irritate already tired viewers.

Only good part in movie is John & Vidya's love story & nice acting/comedy by sohail & Isha. But they are so good at their roles that just these two couples could have justified the movie without jumbling it with other bunch of characters. Their brilliance gets lost in the midst of other substandard plot lines.

My guess - Director was making two separate movies(may be more!) and some beginner assistant mixed up all the records, beyond a point of sorting them out, so director was left with no choice to show it all as a single movie...

Watch it only if you want to test your patience!!!
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A Tribute to Love Sans Emotion
apant30 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The problems with Nikhil Advani's Salaam-e-Ishq are many. A one-line concept that looks good on paper (which also worked in an earlier English film - Love Actually) goes terribly wrong thanks to inept and shallow writing. A well-intentioned idea gets crushed to smithereens under the weight of its own gargantuan ambition. A director so completely besotted by his own much applauded first film goes overboard with the devices that worked in his earlier film (Kal Ho Na Ho) - try counting the number of times the device of split screens is used in this flick. The problem is - what worked fabulously in Kal Ho Na Ho were the emotional excesses of the Karan Johar school of film-making, but here, 'emotion' doesn't quite grace us with its appearance on the screen - no, not even cursorily. The writer/ director gives us 'six relationships with one common problem - love', but where is the intensity, where is the depth, where is the 'emotion'? A 'tribute to love' sans emotion? And one that goes on and on and on...... Nah, it just cannot work!

In my opinion, the basic requirement for a portmanteau film like this to work is that not only should each individual story be 'complete', it should - in some way or the other - follow the graph of the traditional three-act structure (screen writing guru, Syd Field's Paradigm). That's the real reason why Salaam-e-Ishq didn't work for me. None of the stories had any depth or a roller-coaster ride of emotional ups and downs one expects in mainstream Hindi cinema. Also, the linkage between some of the stories seemed tenuous and very forced. It's not clear what Salman Khan is doing at Ayesha Takia's wedding. If he was required to be present at the wedding scene for a neat wrap-up, why not conjure a few more coincidences and bring the other two couples also to the wedding? That would be neater.

But yes, some of the stories did have a lot of promise. For one, the Anil Kapoor-Juhee Chawla story tries to address a very real situation - mid-life crisis, but its journey is so linear that you're left wondering if it was really an issue. Similarly, the problem of commitment in the Akshaye Khanna-Ayesha Takia story is also true to life. If only it was developed a little better. I felt that the more promising stories in this mish-mash were told from the male point of view, which is fine, but it brings down the emotional quotient of these stories because the female characters - Juhee Chawla and Ayesh Takia in particular - have all the depth of a half-filled bath tub. Wasn't this film supposed to be about '12 different lives'? Now the actors. John Abraham still needs to learn acting, while Vidya Balan is dependable and endearing as ever. Anil Kapoor gets a role written just for him but sometimes overplay the boredom of his character. Since she didn't get a meaty character to portray, Juhee Chawla uses her charming smile and natural acting style to cover up for it. Akshaye Khanna is fine despite going a trifle over-the-top in a few scenes. Ayesha Takia has nothing much to do, but she does remind us that she's the same girl who surprised us with her bravura performance in Dor. Govinda tries to make up for that HUGE mistake called Bhagam Bhag, and succeeds to a large extent.

That brings me the most irritating track of the film (which unpardonably ends up hogging the maximum screen time) - Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. The track is irritating mainly because of them. But I must credit them for their consistency. They're consistently BAD all through the film. Priyanka could well be the next queen of hamming - I don't buy the crap that her role (that of an 'item girl') required her to act over-the-top. Somebody should tell her the difference between being flamboyant because the character demands it and downright hamming. If you've seen Rakhi Sawant (who seems to be the inspiration behind this role) in her interviews and Bigg Boss you'll know what I mean. I strongly feel that if Nikhil Advani had taken Rakhi Sawant in this role rather than a bigger star like Priyanka, the story would have worked better. Salman Khan's phony accent is.....well, Shannon Esra's Hindi is less accented than Salman's.

To be fair to the director, he does manage to add some good directorial touches to the film. I particularly liked the use of grey as the predominant color in the Anil Kapoor-Juhee Chawla story as a metaphor for their boring existence, and the bright colors that come into the story with the arrival of the other woman. But will anyone choose to paint their house in varying, depressing shades of grey? That's acceptable cinematic license I would say. But when the film runs almost for 4 hours, it almost feels like the director is trying too hard to give the audience a glimpse of his 'touch' in an endlessly meandering montage of uninspiring sequences.

Maybe Nikhil Advani wants us to sit in the theatre for as long as is humanly possible- pata nahin, kal ho na ho.
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sapna_oo726 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was really looking forward to this movie,watched all the promos, knew the songs by heart, had my tickets booked, seats reserved, 2nd show first day.

It started off well, it starts off with John and Vidya. For once I liked John, he even looked cute. But as the movie dragged on, it got too emotional, but I couldn't find a emotional connection with the stories.

They make a sweet pair. Akshaye and Ayeshas story was funny. Sohail n Isha only get 3 scenes...they don't have much to say...I thought sohail was funny...a extension to his Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya character.

Salman for once doesn't look tired, he doesn't have dark eyes. he light up the screen, he's looking awesome. He doesn't have a loud annoying character, and he doesn't give that 'giggle' in this movie either. A good performance from him, though he didn't have much to do.

Anil Kapoors character seemed odd. he shaves off his mustache, and he looks disgusting sorry to say. his dance sequence (whats that about?) And i'm disappointed Juhi forgave him. Be strong woman! say no. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Govindas character was so sweet. And shannon was pretty. They made a good pair. Usually foreigners are annoying in Indian movies, but not her. What ruined this movie for me was it got boring. The dialogue's too lengthy towards the end. The whole scene with Anil and Priyanka wasn't necessary and the dot-com Punjabi guy was just annoying. Priyankas character, Khamini, was a little too similar to Aishwaryas in Dhoom2. Only in the sense they refer to themselves by their name, in 2nd person (or is it 3rd?)

The songs were well picturised, but one of my favourite songs was missing. I saw the promos of it and it was looking cute. "mera dil" wasn't in the movie.

Watch it for the stars, not for the characters, watch it for the songs. But if you were as excited as I was, than a disappointment awaits you.
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Excellent Film
pinkchristi28 January 2007
I loved the film. The director has done a good job although the film is a tad too long. However nothing can beat that salute to Love. My favorite couple is John-Vidya. They share a very good chemistry on screen and their story brought some tears to the eyes.

Anil-Juhi-Anjana are not too good and they're the couple that I don't hate, but don't like either. Their story was pretty bland.

The rest were between good and very good. The music was excellent, but Ya Rabba was really boring.

Watch it if your ready to sit for 4 hours... but it won't be an agony if you are prepared to watch some good actors show their stuff on screen, in the name of LOVE!
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Salaame-e-Ishq (a valentine present)
Angelus214 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers

This was Govinda's big comeback which was widely considered to be his best by a lot of critics.

I have heard good and bad reviews, some saying that the film was a waste of time and some saying Govinda's performance was the only thing worthwhile.

Me and my family went to watch this particular movie as my father i a big fan of Govinda we were accompanied by my cousin who newcomer to bollywood films.

The film inter-wines the lives of 6 couples with their own problems.

Khamini(Priyanka) is a actress who wants to be a heroine in Karan Johars movies while Rahul (Salman Khan) plays the paid actor who is willing to help Priyanka achieve her dream by acting as a hot and up-coming couple.

Ram (Sohail Khan) and Poolwati (Isha Koppikar) are newly weds who are looking for their first night together which results in a fire and lots more humorous accidents.

Raju (Govinda) is a taxi driver who is looking for his dream girl who happens to be in he form of Steph (Shannon Esrechowitz) who is in search of her boyfriend.

Vinay (Anil Kapoor) is a man bored with life as he has everything a man could possibly have wealth a loving wife Seema (Juhi Chawla) and children yet his heart yearns for excitement and this leads him to meet a dancer named Anjali who is everything he needs.

Ashu (John Abraham) and Tehzeeb (Vidya Balan) are a couple who are separated by a tragic accident leaving one with amnesia while the other must fight for the love they once had.

And Finally Akshaye Khanna plays Shiven a man scared of commitment who has a fiancé Gia who is getting angry waiting.

The stories are beautifully inter wined I personally felt pulled into Raju's world as I am going through the same thing where a girl has no idea how much I love her. LOL.

The jokes were very funny especially Govinda's gags the songs were preety bright and colourful a true bollywood fiesta the last film I went to see on the big screen that made me feel amazed and full of excitement was Kabhie Khushie Kabhie Gham.

I felt that Shannon was brilliant in her role as the girl willing to do anything for her love.

But one thing that hit me was the mind of westernised Asian males.

I am an Asian male and felt ashamed that their were some guys out their who are willing to go out with girls whether white,black etc.

But when it comes to marriage they shy away and look to their families for a person to spend their life with.

The one thing that I felt wasn't needed was Priyanka and Salman simply because it felt overacted her whole image was mainly the issue.

simply Govinda and Shannon were the true diamonds in this film nd shined brighter then the rest.
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No "Salaam" to this one!!
subbigio29 January 2007
Its been quite a few years since the release of " Kal Ho Na Ho", the movie which had completed the troika of hits for Dharma Productions and had launched Karan Johan's assistant Nikhil Advani in the director's seat. This time around Nikhil is back with "Salaam-e-Ishq" (which incidentally is his first movie out of Dharma Productions) which lets us know that he is all set to run his own show.

As this movie is the second release of Nikhil Advani as a director and as it also flaunts of a multi star studded star-cast they are many expectations in the minds of the audiences as they expect a movie which is supposed to re-create the "movie magic" displayed in the director's previous work. But on the contrary, what we get to witness is a movie which has nothing new in it and has employed exhausted story lines most of which a normal Indian movie-goer has already witnessed on screen over and over a zillion times.

The movie keeps moving back and forth between five main story tracks (Yes!! five and not six) each of which try to portray a different shade of love. The characters of each story try to depict everyday characters who are either in love, waiting to fall in love or running away from it. Each of the stories move around in different paths in their own respective circles until fate makes them cross paths at the end.

The movie falls short in many aspects be it the script, the story telling or the pace which just never seems to be fast enough throughout the movie. Though the movie makers have taken pains to provide the movie a good cinematography and have even taken care to polish their product with new graphical techniques, they have missed out upon one of the basic building blocks i.e. the screenplay on which the progress of the entire plot and hence the movie depends upon. The end result: a three and a half hour long movie with a story which has more than a dozen characters, most of whose roles aren't well figured out

The actors and actresses have tried to put up their best for their respective roles: Govinda as the happy-go-lucky taxi driver who is waiting for his "dream girl" to materialize, John who plays the role of a concerned husband as his wife is suffering from amnesia, Akshaye as the man who gets quirky before his marriage and decides to runaway from it, Priyanka who plays the role of an item-girl dreaming to make it big one day and Anil Kapoor the middle-aged family guy who is tired of his "boring" married life.

During the movie there are certain times when the audiences gets to laugh and this helps them get rid of some of the boredom they are burdened with and thus keeps them awake. Also the main song sequences are well pictorised and choreographed, so the audiences get to see the the makers aren't amateurs and are capable of delivering quality entertainment.

But despite this in the end the movie fails to gain the approval of the audiences who find no ingenuity and uniqueness in the movie and are mostly not impressed (if not disappointed) by the poor quality of the product which the director and the story writers have created. If only the right kind of treatment would have been given to the script and the roles of the characters were better framed, the movie could have done wonders.
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Salaam-e-...Ah forget it...
Dingataca6 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
(**Some Spoilers**)

I think Nikhil Advani tried to be too clever with this one, and it backfired on him. He did everything right with Kal Ho Naa Ho, unfortunately this one does not live up to the standard he left. I have to say I expected a lot more from this movie, being a Kal Ho Naa Ho lover, I thought this would be of the same level, unfortunately not.

Salaam-e-Ishq is a poor Love Actually ripoff. Love Actually isn't the best film ever made I admit, but it is better than this and it isn't a friggin' 3 and a half hours long! And Love Actually had EIGHT couples/story lines, and managed to be much shorter than Salaam-e-Ishq, whereas Salaam-e-Ishq has SIX couples/story lines, and is SO much longer. Then again, trust Bollywood to add in like a million song and dance sequences.

The stories: Tehzeeb and Ashutosh (Vidya Balan, John Abraham) are a young couple in love and cannot keep their hands off each other, when Tehzeeb loses her memory, she forgets him and their love, and Ashutosh must get it back. Vinay (Anil Kapoor) and Seema (Juhi Chawla) who have been married for a long time. They live in London, have 2 children, and a large house. However Vinay is not content with this and his relationship with his family breaks when he gets involved with a much younger woman named Anjali. Shiven (Akshaye Khanna) and Seema's sister Gia (Ayesha Takia) are engaged, but Shiven has a commitment phobia and gets cold feet very easily. Gia loves him deeply but when she realises his cold feet she leaves him. And Shiven has to get her back somehow. Kkamini (Priyanka Chopra) is an item girl in the Film Industry but craves to be a full-blown heroine, unfortunately the media won't take her seriously and neither will film directors. Kkamini creates a phony lover named Rahul to push her into the media spotlight, but when a Rahul (Salman Khan) comes along she is forced to go with it and her lie becomes a reality. Raju (played by Govinda) is a taxi driver with big dreams of love. He believes one day his blonde, blue-eyed dream girl will step through the airport doors and into his taxi. One day it happens, but not in the way he expects. Sohail Khan and Ishaa Koppikar make small appearances every now and then as Couple Six, who want to spice up their personal life.

The performances seemed very forced, and I was not impressed. Juhi Chawla, was the only one who acted in the whole film. She was practically screaming "I am the only decent performer" throughout the whole 3 and a half hours, and I wish she had been given a bigger part. She was so wasted. Anil Kapoor, her on screen husband didn't impress me. He was so wooden and did nothing but look stoned in his scenes, which was meant to be 'love'. He also fell in love with a young girl who I found extremely unattractive, and the scenes with Juhi and Anil's kids was seriously exaggerated. But I liked the Juhi-Anil story best and found it the story which was the most real.

Priyanka Chopra looked strangely gorgeous, but her storyline with Salman was utter rubbish. Since when do publicity stunts come true? Their plot was a load of b.s and the performances of both of them were just as bad. They had the worst storyline but the most screen time in the movie, I wonder why (hint hint, director was scared of Salman)

Another story that was very well done was the Gia-Shiven story. Akshaye Khanna is a really good actor. I haven't seen many of his films but I saw Dil Chahta Hai and I loved him in it, and he was just as good here. He was in a very Chandler-Bing-from-Friends mode, but he did it well and his on screen chemistry with Ayesha Takia is memorable. They didn't have too much time together but I really liked their story.

Vidya Balan and John Abraham's try on Tehzeeb and Ashutosh was cute but not perfect. Vidya played her part well but John did not seem to match up to her. Not only did he seem very fake all through the movie but his performance was really over-the-top. He needed to tone it down a little and be more natural.

Govinda was extremely good as Raju but I didn't like his partner Shannon Esrechowitz. Her attempt to speak Hindi was an a poor attempt to be like Alice Patten from Rang De Basanti. On the other hand she had a good chemistry with Govinda and some of their scenes together are the most memorable in the film. Ishaa Koppikar and Sohail Khan just embarrassed themselves throughout and made me cringe every time they came on screen. Since when people get intimate like that I do not know. Thank God their parts weren't big or I would have been extremely irritated.

Salaam-e-Ishq is commercially successful but there is barely any substance. This would have been a great film if it had been executed correctly.
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Love Actually
BiswajitSince20051 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Six different couples. Six different love stories. Six different love angles. Eighty numbers of audience in the movie theater. Looking at the eighty different parts of the silver screen.

I am sitting in somewhere between them looking at the center of the screen to find out what's going on in the movie. All stories have got no link with each other, but somewhere down the line Nikhil Advani trying to show some relation between them. I tried to find out a few lines I could write as review but at the end of 3 hours 15 minutes found nothing to write. The movie is a poor copy of Hollywood blockbuster LOVE ACTUALLY.

My suggestion. Don't watch the movie if you really want to watch a nice movie.
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Brilliantly executed
kabirhussein30 January 2007
This is one film you could watch over and over again, i personally enjoyed it so much i cant wait for the DVD. It has some really funny, heart warming moments that really stay with you.

All the stories were very diverst and interesting how they were played out. The end was probably a bit cheesy but hey this is an Indian film lol A throughly enjoyable movie which the whole family could watch

John And Vidya story very cute then tragic, made my friend cry,

Anil and Juhi story was good though you could see what was going to happen,

Salman and Priyanka very interesting story in that not sure why this happened till the end.

Akshay and Ayesha story very cute and funny and realistic Sohail and Isha very very funny

Govinda and sorry cant remember her name was also very good and funny at times

The end was really sweet

Cantwait for the DVD
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worst and longest movie of the decade
writetoneha25 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My sincere advice to all: don't watch the movie.

Don't even go near to the theater where this movie is being played!! even a glimpse of it is bad for health. serious. no jokes. it's 3.30 am in the morning. and i returned from this crappiest movie on this universe. FOUR HOURS DAMN!!! I am proud that i survived after all of it! If this is called survival.

i am highly frustrated. annoyed. disappointed. it was sheer waste of time! money went in drain! no plot. Hope i wake up tomorrow sane and with no memories of this night!! RUBBISH MOVIE.

Happy Republic day to one and all :)
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Third degree torture
nipun-mehra27 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I know the subject line sounds extreme but to be honest its been 15 hours since I saw the movie and I am trying to find a worse movie that I have seen at the cinemas.

Much hyped, much awaited, this three hour forty minute multi starer becomes quite a dud with a poor script, inconsistent story line and poor editing. Towards the end the entire hall of people was actually laughing and clapping at the stupidity of the drama. The most entertaining couple of the six happens to be Sohail and Isha who have no role or story to speak I'd suggest giving this movie a miss. If you really do want to see it, wait for the DVD but that too would be a terrible waste of time and money.
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Nikhil Advani is a genius!
hellisotherpeople9 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was somewhat apprehensive about Nikhil's ability to make the 5 stories hang together and flow and boy did he do that and then some! This is the work of a director at the top of his game, at the peak of his creative prowess. This is the ultimate directors movie( and to some extent the editor) and Nikhil deserves major props for taking something that had huge potential for disaster and creating something extraordinarily interesting.. He has created the ultimate Bollywood Masala potboiler but in a non cheesy manner,taken the rules of bollywood convention and turned them upside the head, to create something fresh yet familiar -complemented by the self referential humor and self reflexive editing . Nuff said about the director!!

The editing was key to the success of this movie and except for about 20 minutes in the middle,I didn't find the movie dragged at all.It was great how each segment lasted for not more than 5 minutes at a time. The pacing was perfect and the climax was raucous, rousing and irresistible and definitely left one with an emotional high .

The actors acted their guts out (which was to be expected from good actors like Anil, Juhi, Govinda, Akshaye, Ayesha and Vidya), but John and Priyanka did a good job too,and Sallu was Sallu- which was perfect for the role he was playing:) I loved all the individual story lines and the extent to which the director was able to develop them so that they felt complete.

If I had to choose a favorite ,it has to be the Govinda story.His Delhi cabdriver was one of the most lovable characters in the movie. The language barriers between him and the American gal and how they overcame it was extremely fun and poignant at the same time and they were given great lines to speak .This section was extremely well written.

Priyanka was a surprise package, I loved the back-story of her character ( seemed a little inspired by Mallika Sherawat) and the unpredictable way her storyline with Sallu proceeded. She did a great job contrasting the "diva" scenes ( necessarily overdone) with the scenes where her real self is revealed ( to Rahul). The one scene where she is supposedly crying for the cameras when Rahul "dies" was heartbreaking , because she was tapping into the " tragedy queen" thing while at the same time grieving the loss of the love of her life. Sallu was camp-ilicious in his trade mark fashion and looked good enough to eat! His mannered or "fake" acting was needed for the role since he was playing a mysterious poseur and nobody really knew what he was all about.

Anil and Juhi did well in the standard "mid life crisis" storyline. This was probably the least interesting subplot because it has been done to death before, nonetheless the 3 main players brought this story to life .

Ayesha and Akshaye's pre-marriage commitment blues story line was well done too and funny.I loved Akshaye, despite his facial contortions .

The John Vidya story was very interesting in that it tackled a very sensitive subject( inter faith romance) but the woman's accident proneness was getting a little out of hand! Thankfully the director spared us the agony of her getting "cured" by a second bang on the head - a favorite bollywood convention from the 70's .This is a segment which could have been shortened a bit. The scenes with Ashutosh's Dad were unnecessary and there was way too much crying on the part of John which got repetitive.

The Sohail-Isha storyline was strictly for laughs , aimed at the B and C centers but it was funny as hell! I enjoyed the songs and dances much more on screen with the visual reference than just listening to them cold.

Overall this is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.

You will laugh! You will cry! You will come to terms !!:) A whopping 9/10!!
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This film is amazing
bhavikapattni2 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my gosh this film has everything comedy,romance,adventure,action,songs oms this is what bollywood films are about people. Salman and govinda did some very good acting n i was bloody impressed with john's acting as he was the best guy in there and oh my gosh when that English girl was speaking Hindi at the end loll That was too funny oh my gosh and salman has some weird phone telepathy with karan johar's mob and akshay is a weird drunk and anil kapoor and sohail khan are bloody per vs! wow this film is amazin and definitely one to watch oms this film is wicked its amazing its lovely its great. OK god they have to make these comments long. anyway this film was really good and i enjoyed it and i went to watch it with my friend and we had popcorn and stuff and the film was so good that afterwards we talked so much about it
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having to agree with almost everything already commented
AInK28 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
this might contain spoilers - not really - but just wanted it said...

I have to agree with a lot of what has been commented already:

  • yes, there barely is any main story-line

  • yes, the movie was too long

  • yes, they should have cut some stuff between 2:20h and 3:40h as it drags along; maybe indeed some of the "song"-parts (if you can call them that) that were just basically slide-shows between the different couples

  • yes, this wasn't Salman Khans best performance


  • yes, this was a great Tribute to Love!

  • and yes, Govinda, Akshay, John and Anil were a pleasure to watch

Let me explain: the reason why there was hardly any storyline was, that the only purpose of the main-storyline was, to bind the various sub-stories together! The whole idea of the movie was to show the various aspects of Love, the various shades of Love and also the various emotions of Love. With it a whole barrage of decisions in life in regards to Love:

  • am I going for my career, or am I going for a lifetime-partner?

  • am I going to leave my wife, because marriage has gotten stale?

  • am I going to marry, albeit that I enjoy being a bachelor?

  • am I going to stay unmarried, if my partner doesn't want to marry?

  • am I going to chase after my partner, when (s)he decides to marry someone else?

  • am I going to help someone I love, to get married to someone else?

  • am I going to let go, when my partner has amnesia and doesn't remember me anymore?

  • AND: am I going to get laid after the wedding? ;-)

the last one being more of a joke, but how could you leave out "making love" when you do a Tribute to Love? and after all they will be in the Tunnel of Love.

a lot of the scenes ended up being very symbolic: How many bridges do you have to cross in life?

What really comes out from Thazeebs story is the pain and anguish that one can go thru because of love... when it seems that there neither is a tomorrow nor today without the one you truly love.

In the end all that comes to mind is: - does love pay off?

It turns out that Love always finds a way, and to that: Salaam e Ishq!
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No good
upen726 January 2007
this movie has lot of downsides and thats all i could see. it is painfully long and awfully directed. i could see whole audience getting impatient and waiting for it to end. run time is way over 3 hrs which could have been edited to less then 2 hrs.

transition between stories is average. most people confessed being on seating expecting something better to come out.

its funny only in pockets. ambitious project and a below par execution. govinda does a fair job, anil kapoor disappointed me, rest we as expected. if u r expecting anything close to babel or love actually then its no where close.
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