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The fact that Pastor Fischer would probably consider the film an accurate portrayal of her mission may be the most terrifying thing of all.
Doesn't function particularly well as a documentary; it lacks a strong editorial point of view and doesn't really comment on the evangelical movement so much as it just portrays a selection of people and their views.
What most interests the directors is the way young minds are shaped by adults with clear moral and political agendas.
A fascinating glimpse of kids' role in the evangelical movement's political agenda.
Jesus Camp doesn't pretend to be a comprehensive survey of the charismatic-evangelical phenomenon. It offers no history or sociology and only scattered statistics about its growth. It analyzes the political agenda only glancingly, centering on abortion but not on homosexuality or other items.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
A frightening, infuriating, yet profoundly compassionate documentary about the indoctrination of children by the Evangelical right.
The A.V. Club
Why do Ewing and Grady feel the need to tip their hand by underscoring it all with creepy ambient music or by using Air America host Mike Papantonio as a Greek Chorus expressing the voice of reason?
May shock many viewers, especially political liberals.
It's a glimpse into a world most secular, metropolitan liberals never see, and it's likely to induce howls of both terror and hilarity from big-city audiences.
Village Voice
The doc these kids would make with flea market camcorders couldn't possibly be as ugly as this absurdly hypocritical critique of the far right's role in escalating the culture war. The classier indoctrination to which Gap-shopping urban Democrats subject their kids might look damn spooky, too, but it probably wouldn't sell.

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