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Film Threat
Provides a highly provocative and humorous overview of a word that, love it or hate it, undoubtedly holds more power than its measly four letters might suggest. All in all, I'd have to say that this film was entertaining as f*ck.
L.A. Weekly
Profound and joyously silly at the same time.
A lively and often enlightening documentary.
The offensive word that provides the title for Steven Anderson's penetrating documentary/social critique has either enriched or infected Western culture to the point that we're either drowning in a "floodtide of filth" or blessed with the best verbal relief valve ever devised by man.
Often surprising and thought-provoking (the urge to euphemize is characterized as a drift away from reality), "****" is as funny and cathartic as the word it celebrates, and nearly as perversely shock-happy.
The A.V. Club
The movie doesn't add much to the culture wars, beyond histrionics from a lot of people who take their causes too f*cking seriously.
It's essentially a mishmash of random ingredients, not very systematically presented and skewed to flatter its audience's presumed enlightenment.
Village Voice
Aside from the historically worthy identification of General George S. Patton as a pioneering potty mouth, the film contains little or nothing in the way of surprise.
Entertainment Weekly
Examination of one of the English language's most useful utterances and why the sound packs such a friggin' wallop.
The film is ultimately so repetitive, un-enlightening and lacking in substance, even Drew Carey seems bored by the end when he asks, "When are you guys going to make the 'c*nt' documentary?"

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