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Season 1

9 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.1
Acting head-teacher Jack Rimmer hires Oxbridge graduate Andrew Treneman, hoping he can improve their failing status and bring them back from the bottom of the league tables. Colleagues Tom and Lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who isn't his new wife.
16 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.2
Adam's sister Yasmin holds Donte responsible for her brother's death and gets bully Hadleigh to exact revenge on him,from which he has to be rescued by teachers,though he tearfully confesses his sorrow to Yasmin. Andrew and Kim clash over his more disciplined approach whilst French teacher Steph Haydock pursues Jack amorously,resulting in a drunken session in a toilet. Whilst everybody congratulates Tom and Lorna on her pregnancy Izzie is puzzled by Tom's advances,whilst blaming her ex-husband Jimmy for allowing Chlo to be in the car with Donte. She is also unaware ...
23 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.3
Jack has to make it clear to Steph that their one-off was down to his being drunk,though he sees she is a good teacher,even inspiring slacker Lewis. Jack,however,has a bigger problem when 15-year old Zoe starts school,claiming that he is the father of her unborn child. After Jack has had a heart to heart with Tom it becomes evident that the timing precludes his being the father and Zoe admits she was put up to it by the real father,a boy Jack expelled. Tom reconciles with Lorna for a romantic dinner,only to learn she has miscarried whilst Chlo feels she should admit ...
30 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.4
Headmaster Jack is still regretting his night of passion with flirty French teacher Steph, but is pleasantly surprised when her class improves its grades. Meanwhile, Chlo is terrified she and her boyfriend Donte will end up behind bars for the crash that killed their friend Adam. As the drama continues, the pupils think its hilarious when a fluffy bunny climbs onto the roof of the school. But Izzie is mortified when she realises its her ex-husband, Jimmy. He wants access to his kids and he's not getting down until she agrees. Tom's suspicions about Lorna's miscarriage...
6 Apr. 2006
Episode #1.5
Zak Walker is once again late for school and Head of English, Grantly Budgen has had enough of his tardiness. He confides in Andrew that he thinks Zak's problem could be drug related. But when Zak does a runner from detention, Andrew and Kim are forced to look into the matter. Could he really be an addict? Chlo is sticking to the pact she made with Donte. She insists that she was driving on the night of the crash, and what's more, she's going to tell the police. But neither the police nor Izzie believe her, so Chlo has to resort to desperate measures in order to ...
13 Apr. 2006
Episode #1.6
An education inspector pays a visit and brings bad news regarding the school's future. Jack decides the time has come to let Steph go, but his task doesn't quite go to plan when she threatens him to rethink his actions. Meanwhile, Tom and Izzie struggle to fight their feelings for each other and things eventually come to a head when they find themselves alone.
20 Apr. 2006
Episode #1.7
Jack is nervous as school inspector Heather Davenport is due to visit and throws an open day. Gay pupil Rory is choreographing it and is set on by school bully Seddon. As a result he is put in detention where he threatens Kim and terrifies her,Jack coming to her aid and expelling him. The school comes up with an anti -homophobic bullying campaign,which impresses Heather and ensures its continued running. Holly wakes from her coma and,though she cannot recall Chlo at the car rash,Chlo believes she should testify to help Donte. Lorna is given false hope by Tom and is ...
27 Apr. 2006
Episode #1.8
Shocked by her experience with Seddon,Kim considers leaving teaching and only a petition,organized by Jack and signed by staff and parents,causes her to change her mind. Chlo gives evidence on Donte's behalf and he gets a suspended sentence. Jack is taken captive by a resentful Seddon but Steph comes to his aid,causing him to see her in a new light. Heather,whom he is dating,is less impressed. There is some harmony in Izzie's household and all the staff head to the pub to celebrate their successful inspection. Lorna,however,is contemplating suicide by throwing herself...

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