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Season 2

14 Jan. 2007
Episode #2.1
Former pupil and local entrepreneur Roger Aspinall offers financial sponsorship to make the school an academy in return for being made a governor. Jack and Kim are not happy but Andrew supports him,even though he spitefully causes Grantly Budgeon,who once taught him, to offer his resignation. Andrew and Kim go on a date and kiss but she is less than happy to hear Andrew has been appointed acting head by Aspinall. Brett,Aspinall's son,causes rivalry between Mika and her friend Leigh-Ann,who photographs Mika in a compromising pose. Lorna,having survived her suicide ...
21 Jan. 2007
Episode #2.2
Andrew is a disaster as acting head,suspending popular Janeece and being indirectly responsible for Seddon and his gang threatening the school. Lorna takes over as head of English to replace Grantly and Aspinall unsuccessfully tries to sack Kim,causing Andrew to step down and allow Jack back into his old job. Whilst school secretary Davina tells Jack she is not sure where Aspinall is getting his funding money,Leigh-Ann starts an Internet hate campaign against Mika,posting the topless picture of her and leading to the girls fighting in the play-ground.
28 Jan. 2007
Episode #2.3
Jack reinstates Grantly,making it clear that he has no desire to be part of Aspinall's plans. At the same time Davina is shocked to find that Brett is still at school as they had previously has a brief fling and she thought he was older. Andrew and Lorna,who now has her own flat and seems more secure,start dating but the hate campaign against Mika ends up with her attempting suicide before a contrite Leigh-Ann reconciles with her. Chlo sneaks out to have sex with Donte,but is followed by Seddon.
4 Feb. 2007
Episode #2.4
Seddon robs Donte but Donte,armed with a spanner,persuades him to return his belongings. Davina is still pursued by a love-lorn Brett,whose behaviour gives cause for concern but whose academic record is good for the school league tables. Ultimately Brett confesses that he hates his father for having an affair whilst his mother was dying but the father and son eventually reconcile. Jack finally gets one over on Aspinall when he discovers his funding comes from a porn website. Whilst Lorna is suffering from dizzy spells Steph is mugged by drug-addicted ex-pupil Maxine ...
11 Feb. 2007
Episode #2.5
Whilst a serial attacker is in the area the school starts self-defence classes. Steph reconciles Maxine with her family but Lorna verbally attacks Kim,warning her off Andrew and it is clear she is not taking her anti-depressant pills. When it is discovered that Lorna has M.S.Izzie is extremely supportive,which angers Tom. He gets drunk and ends up in bed with Stacey,a pupil who has a crush on him. Kim has a confrontation with Seddon,whom she believes is the serial attacker whilst Izzie,pregnant by Tom,in attempting to calm a distraught Lorna,suffers a miscarriage.
18 Feb. 2007
Episode #2.6
Thanks to Janeece Stacey and Tom are found out though Stacey swears that Tom never touched her. Andrew and Kim feel he should be suspended but Jack defends him and keeps him on. However Izzie throws him out and,drunk and pathetic,he turns up at Lorna's,where she tells him she has M.S. Stacey is the serial attacker's latest victim. She escapes and runs into Seddon,who swears his innocence. However the culprit would seem to be Maxine's step-father Kevin,and Steph helps her convince the police of the fact.
25 Feb. 2007
Episode #2.7
Russell Millen,a former policeman and friend of Kim,joins the staff as a trainee teacher but he has discipline problems and finally quits,after admitting that he is an alcoholic. Jack and Davina's romance progresses but she refuses to give up her independence by moving in with him whilst Steph,following Kevin's arrest,finds that she is both Maxine's guardian and landlady. Tom is impressed by Lorna's reaction to her illness but Izzie is unhappy and,following a row at the school between the two women,Lorna tenders her resignation.
29 Mar. 2007
Episode #2.8
Stacey returns to school after her attack and tries to match-make Kim with her single father Terry,whom she believes is lonely. Following Year Eleven's work experience at a local factory a purse is stolen and found in Maxine's bag. However the thief is Stacey,who stole money to send flowers to Kim,supposedly from Terry. Mika and Brett start dating but Mika lets slip to Steph that the boy had a relationship with Davina. Lorna and Tom,after getting drunk,relive the passion of their former relationship.
5 Apr. 2007
Episode #2.9
Lorna has remained at the school and proves herself to be invaluable at discovering why young Dale Baxter is persistently truanting. It transpires that he is incontinent due to an over-active bladder and Lorna's involvement leads to its cure. Jack is being interviewed for the post of permanent headmaster. His rival is the sleek careerist Lyndsey Woodham,and she gets the appointment. However she admits that she would find it hard to handle the likes of Dale and withdraws,leaving Jack not only to celebrate his success but the fact that Davina is moving in with him.
12 Apr. 2007
Episode #2.10
When Lorna inexplicably walks out of the school Davina proves that she is an excellent teaching assistant and it is suggested that she train as a teacher. However Steph maliciously informs Jack of Davina's illicit relationship with Brett,ending things between them. Whilst Mika and Brett find their romance flourishing Izzie and Tom are surprised when Lorna,who has been to a health spa and seems fine,invites them to a country cottage for a weekend to reconcile them. Things are going well but,as her M.S. is worsening,Lorna deliberately takes an over-dose and Izzie and ...
19 Apr. 2007
Episode #2.11
Tom and Izzie fulfil Lorna's last wishes by getting engaged and Jack,aware that Davina was seeing Brett before they started at the school,relents towards her. He is starting a healthy eating campaign at the school canteen but this is jeopardised when Seddon and his family set up a burger van down the road. They are also selling home-made Es,which put one pupil in a coma. To add to Jack's worries Jerry Preston,the American investor who has taken over from Aspinall,turns out to be part of a fervent religious group,the Creationists,and Andrew is about to leave ...
26 Apr. 2007
Episode #2.12
Jerry Preston continues to indoctrinate the school with his Creationist group. However the final straw comes at Lorna's funeral when he tries to make capital out of her death for his own ends and Andrew stands up to him. This gives Jack his wake up call and he decides to get rid of Preston and regain control of his school. Lewis Seddon has a falling-out with his drug dealing brother Jed after Chlo is accidentally doped,as a result of which Lewis informs the police where the family's drug factory is. Jed Seddon comes to the school armed with a knife,spoiling for a ...

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