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5 Sep. 2013
Beyond the Call of Duty
The school is still mourning the death of Tom, especially Kasey, who builds her own shrine to him but is encouraged to move on with the promise of boxing lessons by Nikki. Malodorous twins Lenny and Lisa Brown are enrolled at the school by their elder brother Larry, their guardian while their mother is in psychiatric care. Audrey is shocked at the deterioration in their appearance since she knew them at a previous school and, against Christine's wishes, visits their house, where she finds Larry is selling drugs. She rings the police and he is arrested, the twins ...
12 Sep. 2013
Sue Spark's Bad Day
Seizing on her inability to keep order pupils led by Rhiannon and Dynasty taunt Sue about being an air hostess and she ends up locked in a store cupboard as the fire alarm is set off. Anxious to keep their relationship secret Simon suggests she move to another school but Sue herself makes a deal with Barry Barry. George introduces his new Mandarin teaching assistant - and wife - Princess, who is a hit with the boys, especially Kevin, whilst vengeful Lisa Brown steals and hides Audrey's cat and Nikki continues to coach Kasey in boxing. Due to financial cut-backs ...
19 Sep. 2013
The Madness of King Windsor
Simon plans the school's own version of 'The Apprentice', pitting girls against boys and financing it himself when Christine tries to cancel it due to budget cuts. The girls go in for selling cakes, the boys for selling unwanted household items donated. Barry Barry tries to sabotage the girls but Grantly comes to their aid and they win. Innocently believing Lisa has turned over a new leaf Audrey is blissfully unaware that Moira, a friend she has met online, is actually Lisa herself. Princess feels exploited by George and kisses Kevin when he comes to her house to ...
26 Sep. 2013
Text Rated
George discovers that Princess is planning to leave him to work in London. He tries to thwart her but Kevin helps her to escape. Given a make-over by Dynasty Rhiannon asks new boy Darren Hughes to an upcoming dance, sending a revealing picture of herself to his phone. Barry Barry bullies him into sending it online and Rhiannon is mortified but Dynasty organizes revenge by photographing Darren and Barry in the shower. Christine steps in, demanding all photos be deleted and announcing that any similar future action will involve the police. The dance goes ahead with ...
3 Oct. 2013
Crossing the Line
George fails to show for work and Christine visits, finding him drunk and self-pitying, though she makes him attend school. He has a run-in with Connor, who, as punishment, is made to attend the Home Economics course where he does very well but Christine realizes that George's grasp of Mandarin is poor and sends him on an evening course. Barry Barry demands more money from Sue to help her keep order so she confesses everything to Simon, who threatens the boy whilst Dynasty, having finished with Kevin over his kiss with Princess, manages Kasey and gets her a fight. The...
10 Oct. 2013
Grantly's Perfect Poetry
Grantly makes a reluctant return to work and is asked to assume Tom's project to get the pupils to write a poem. He initially believes that Harley's excellent offering has been plagiarized but is genuinely sorry when he realizes his mistake. He also offers advice to Sue, whose lack of discipline has caused students to complain about her. Kacey takes on her first fight and loses. She feels dejected but Kevin leads the school in cheering for her, which gives her confidence to carry on. Even Barry Barry, who has won money on betting against her, offers his winnings for ...
17 Oct. 2013
Lies Mothers Tell
The school turns out for Grantly's funeral, with Tariq turning up to pay his respects. The funeral over, Nikki has a difficult day. It takes a lot of persuasion for her to convince Carol Barry that Kasey should go to a boxing camp in Miami and then she has an unexpected visit from Eve, the daughter she has not seen in years and whose father told her Nikki was dead. Eve quickly sees that Nikki's maternal instincts are secondary to her professional outlook and is angry that she seems to be giving Kasey more attention than her own daughter, especially when Nikki rings ...
24 Oct. 2013
Don't Mention the War
Staff and pupils don 40s gear for the World War Two living history week, with austerity rations which annoys the kids. For authenticity the teachers organize a foraging expedition, where Kevin, helped by a military uniform and a Glenn Miller disc, wins back Dynasty. However the stupid Barry Barry and even dimmer side-kick Darren pick and eat magic mushrooms, requiring their hospital admission. Education officer - and Sue's father - Robert Bain arrives for his school inspection, which begins well. However Rhiannon faints after taking the austerity diet too seriously ...
31 Oct. 2013
Father Figure
Charismatic supply teacher Frankie McGregor arrives and impresses Christine when he defends bullied Lenny Brown against gormless Darren Hughes. Obsessed with her wedding Sue exploits him to teach her class - as he reports to Christine. However Simon is suspicious and with good cause for, after the new teacher has taken Lenny fishing, it is discovered that he is an impostor, the depressed brother-in-law of the real Frankie. He is arrested but Lenny is disappointed to have lost a man who befriended him. Christine and Simon, having worked together to catch him, declare a...
7 Nov. 2013
Happy Ever After
On his wedding eve and with his interview imminent Simon is overwhelmed when he finds Robert has bought him and Sue a house, and he reacts badly to single parent Avril Mack's complaint that her son Stevie is being bullied for his stammer by a vicious girl gang. Christine bravely details her own domestic problems with Connor in an effort to find out underlying home difficulties with the Macks and Simon is sufficiently impressed by her candour and bravery that he stands down from the promotion, endorsing Christine, who - with unexpected support from Imogen's mother - ...
8 Jan. 2014
Bad Girl
As the new term starts staff and pupils alike are annoyed by the dramatic entry, staged by Simon as part of his positivity campaign, of hunky new gym teacher Hector Reid. Equally ostentatious is the arrival of Gabriella Wark, a very bright but extremely manipulative and precocious girl who has been expelled from her last two schools and antagonizes students and teachers. She immediately throws herself at Hector and, on learning that the last expulsion was for stalking a young male teacher, Christine is ready to exclude her but is prepared to give her another chance ...
15 Jan. 2014
Sugar Daddy
Strapped for cash Carol Barry agrees to work for a day in the school kitchen. She robs Gabriella's purse but Dynasty retrieves it. Also working in the kitchen is Connor, thrilled to have been accepted for the London job. Christine initially believes he is wasting his talents but agrees to let him go after Maggie has told her it is what Connor wants. Divorced from Princess a lonely George asks Christine on a date but she prefers to remain friends. He goes to drown his sorrows in the pub where Carol works and, after punching the landlord who insulted her, he ends up ...
22 Jan. 2014
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Christine is left reeling at Conor's departure for London, and he himself seems to be giving her the brush off. Meanwhile, Simon tries to gain more support for his resilience education programme by putting on an afternoon of activities that will show the teachers just how much the kids engage with the new project. However, Christine is quick to bite as he forgets to clear it with her. Gabriella continues her ways of trouble and aims to drive a wedge between Dynasty and Imogen. After humiliating Dynasty and Imogen having hijacked her presentation, Imogen is swayed by ...
29 Jan. 2014
Suspicious Minds
Lenny Brown becomes obsessed with the idea that local newsagent Mr Kowalski is running a vice ring and, having misinterpreted George's advice, persuades dumb Darren to help him thwart it - though of course he is proved wrong. George himself gets a surprise visit from his snobbish mother, who discovers - and exposes - his relationship with Carol, of whom she disapproves. George finally stands up to her and blasts her snobbery but later learns that she has died suddenly and looks to Carol for her support. Carol meanwhile refuses to allow Barry Barry and his ridiculous ...
5 Feb. 2014
Out of Bounds
Nikki, the Lowsleys and Hector take a party of students on the 'resilience camp' weekend to hone initiative skills. Gabriella, still besotted with Hector, steals a boat and rows to the middle of a lake, where she rings him to come and save her. Hector is more interested in trying to seduce Nikki and has his phone switched off but eventually goes to Gabriella's aid. Nikki rings Christine, who cancels the weekend, making Gabriella even more unpopular with her peers, who take their revenge on her. Back at school Christine, who is struggling with her own feelings for ...
12 Feb. 2014
A Bolt from the Blue
As he is about to leave for Edinburgh to be interviewed for his university bursary Kevin collapses in class. He has had a stroke and requires an operation though he does pull through. Gabriella sees Nikki and Hector arrive at school together and reveals that they are having an affair. Nobody believes her - except Vix, who breaks up with Nikki as a result. Dynasty has an interview to join the police whilst Lula has an offer from Strathclyde university but there is bad news when her mother Cecile tells her that they face deportation. She goes to see Audrey, who ...
22 Feb. 2014
Nowhere to Run
Immigration officers arrive to deport the Tsibis, whose appeal has been turned down. Lula's mother is arrested but Lulas escapes to the school where George is standing in for Christine, who is visiting Connor. He believes Lula should give herself up but Audrey and Maggie lead the pupils in a campaign to let her stay, involving the press and local councillors, as well as a full demonstration on the school roof, during which Shaznay pretends to be Lula to buy time. However it is all in vain and Lula reluctantly leaves Waterloo Road. Meanwhile Gabriella publicly ...
26 Feb. 2014
Dynasty's Choice
Dynasty goes for her police interview, where she excels, but one of the panellists later informs her that she knows she is from a criminal family, which would seem to ruin her chances. However when she discovers that her brother is people trafficking she turns him in and, helped by Simon, gets a return interview. Audrey promises Harley she will help him try to contact Lula but is surprised by a gift from Gabriella. Meanwhile Christine returns and tears strips off George for mishandling Lula's situation. Discovering that daft Darren Hughes has been taking indecent ...
5 Mar. 2014
End of the Road
A severely hung over Christine wakes up in bed with a total stranger and, still drunk, crashes her car on the way to school. Fleeing the scene she misses a meeting to discuss Darren Hughes and makes a fool of herself in class. After initially lying to the police that her car was stolen she is arrested. As she leaves the school with them she tells Simon that she resigns and he can have her job. After Lula Skypes Audrey to say that she is safe and well Kacey returns from America in triumph. Simon asks her to give a talk, which annoys Gabriella, who was due to give a ...
12 Mar. 2014
New Highs, New Lows
As the term draws to a close Christine is summoned to the board of education and faces a possible ban from teaching altogether. Back at the school Simon is having terrible problems as acting head. Upstaged by Kasey again Gabriella has caused her to have an accident which jeopardizes her boxing future and when Mrs Wark comes to Waterloo Road Carol fights with her whilst Gabriella contrives to make it seem that Nikki assaulted her. However Christine takes charge of the situation, getting Gabriella to admit that her actions were to get her parents to notice and love her ...

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