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7 Apr. 2010
Episode #5.11
A new term starts and new pupil Finn Sharkey,whom Chris expelled from a previous school,proves to be a disruptive influence. Grantly allows Bianka Vale to go out with her estranged father Gary on her birthday,unaware that Gary is the subject of a restraining order from seeing his children. When Rachel follows she and Bianka are in danger as Gary plans to blow them up to spite his ex-wife and they have a narrow escape. Whilst Ruby starts stealing school property to sell to pay off her debts Kim finds she is pregnant by Max.
14 Apr. 2010
Episode #5.12
Ruby,accompanied by Steph,takes a group of pupils to a farm run by Mark Moran,older brother of Year 10 student Craig. Chaos results from the badly behaved visitors,triggered by Finn,and Josh is sprayed in the face with chemicals whilst the kids steal a pig. Craig tells Ruby that the farm is in a bad way, Mark only taking it on to please their late father and he hoped Ruby would persuade Mark to sell. Mark is desperate and wants to take Craig out of school to help him but Ruby shows that Craig is a good student,dissuading him,urging the brothers to join together and ...
21 Apr. 2010
Episode #5.13
Kim is annoyed when Chris instigates an Advanced Preparation for University course aimed solely at star pupil Ros but he feels it would be wrong to open it to all as it would unfairly build up the hopes of the less bright students. However after a protest by Michaela and the intervention of Rachel,Chris is forced to back pedal. Overweight pupil Aiden Keen accuses Kim of bullying him after she confiscates his sweets but when his mother comes to the school to protest Kim convinces her that she is not only spoiling her son by giving him unhealthy food but endangering his...
28 Apr. 2010
Episode #5.14
Josh is now living with Tom,who plans a birthday party for him. However Tom is shocked by his son's callousness to girlfriend Lauren who,in order to erase a large birthmark from her back which has caused her to be mocked by the school, steals hydrogen peroxide to bleach it out and ends up with an acid burn. Ruby organizes a clothes swap among the students but is caught by Rachel taking the best clothes for herself and warned by Rachel about her increasingly strange behaviour. Adam's new menu is a great success,somewhat to Rose's annoyance and when Adam and Rachel get ...
5 May 2010
Episode #5.15
Rachel feels Adam is trying to be one of the kids after he has been seen at a gig with some sixth formers but he tells her to lighten up as he feels she is taking life too seriously. On work experience day Finn becomes Chris's teaching assistant and tries to get his class to mutiny. Chris gets revenge by giving him total authority and standing back as he is laughed at by his pupils. In revenge Finn starts to vandalise the staff room and is stopped by Kim,who tells him he should be more adult. Sambucca runs off from her work experience in a sports wear shop,stealing a ...
26 May 2010
Episode #5.16
Finn Sharkey supplies "legal high" drugs into Waterloo Road with disastrous consequences.
2 Jun. 2010
Episode #5.17
Ros,aware that Jo is a lesbian,develops a crush on her and tries to kiss her,leading a shocked Jo to tell Rachel. However when Ros declares her love for Jo publicly and says that she has been actively encouraging her, Rachel has to suspend the French teacher. Ruby perks up when Adam gets her assisting him on his takeaway meals initiative. However when it all gets too much for her due to a surfeit of orders she panics and hits the fire alarm. Adam covers for her but gets her to promise she will be responsible in respect of her medication. Rachel takes Adam to task but ...
9 Jun. 2010
Episode #5.18
Kim and Chris find their relationship in danger of becoming more than professional . On a visit to an art gallery Finn persuades girlfriend Anna to prove her devotion by drawing their names on a valuable painting,which she does,but is caught on CCTV. Further trouble occurs when Chris's girlfriend Annas turns up and a jealous Kim goes into labour,resulting in a trip to hospital and a Caesarian. Steph meanwhile is dating Chris's father Ollie whilst Ruby has a crush on Adam,who is helping her move to a flat after a split with her husband.
14 Jul. 2010
Episode #5.19
Things are going from bad to worse for Ruby. With her husband suing for divorce and Rachel putting her in charge of the end of term prom the knowledge that her beloved Adam is marrying Rachel is too much for her and she freaks out,destroying the wedding cake before locking herself in her room. Rachel is forced to speak to her about her drug abuse and persuade her to seek help. After her defacing the painting Amy is kept apart from Finn but plays up in class and the already harassed Ruby is in no mood to be lenient,leading to Rachel suggest she suggest Amy go to ...
15 Jul. 2010
Episode #5.20
When Finn's parents tell him they are moving away with him he persuades the increasingly dependent Amy to take part in a suicide pact with him but they are prevented by Chris,who follows them to the beach where they intend to die. The prom looks to be in danger of cancellation when the hotel hosting it is flooded but fortunately Ollie comes to the rescue,impressing Steph. Despite having gone to the prom with different partners Sambucca and Bolton realise their attraction to each other and reconcile. Adam is perturbed that Rachel is still putting the school before ...
1 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.1
New head Karen Fisher replaces Rachel and new language teacher,Spaniard Cesca Montoya, turns male heads while a pregnant Janeece returns as school secretary. Marcus Kirby has been educating his children Jonah and Ruth at home but,at his wife's request,enrols them at the school. Jonah is delighted to meet a social circle but Ruth feels the school has little to offer her and runs away. She is found but the incident leaves its mark on Karen. There is trouble also for Chris,who has slept with a girl he met in a club,only to discover that it is Karen's daughter Jess. He ...
2 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.2
Ruby,now cured of her medication habit,reunites with husband John to try for a baby but her age goes against her. Karen's husband Charlie joins the staff but their son Harry sees a message on his father's mobile and suspects he is having an affair. Accompanied by Sambucca he follows Charlie,who is meeting Cesca,but when Harry tells Karen she does not believe her husband would betray. Jess,annoyed that Chris,on whom she has a crush,is getting on with Karen,publishes a piece in the school newspaper blaming Karen for the disappearance of her other daughter Bex some years...
8 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.3
Karen instigates a sexual health initiative with a confidential contraceptive service. Students Ronan and Sarah are concerned as the condom broke whilst they were having sex but she is nervous about attending and asking for the morning after pill. So too is Jess for fear that her promiscuous life-style will be exposed so she sends Vicki to get it for her. However the ruse is discovered and the girls argue in front of Chris. He is concerned for Jess's welfare but she misreads it as being rather more,given her crush on him.
15 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.4
Whilst Karen insists on marking the birthday of Bex,the daughter who ran away from home,Charlie and Jess believe it is morbid. Connor Lewis,an openly gay pupil,arrives and whilst Josh is rude to him,he later attempts to kiss Finn,leading to a fight. However he denies any such thing when brought before Tom and tries to compensate by getting physical with a confused Lauren. Vicki finds it hard juggling looking after her sick father and tries to blackmail Chris into giving her better grades after Jess has told her about their one-night stand. Janeece suggests that the ...
22 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.5
Following the attempt to kiss him Finn is hostile towards Josh though they finally make up. Janeece is irritated when Ruby tries to dictate her diet to her for the welfare of the baby. New teacher Marcus is struck by the enterprise shown by young Ronan Burley,a would-be entrepreneur who is selling DVDs at school. However when Marcus visits the his father it turns out that he is a gangster who wants Ronan to take over his business and the boy is trying to make enough money to leave home. After a showdown in the school corridor Ronan finally shops his father to the ...
29 Sep. 2010
Episode #6.6
As Karen and Charlie separate and Vicki's father is taken into a home Karen invites the girl to live with her. In the fall-out from his parents' separation Harry is being bullied and nicknamed Piggy for his bulimia but Ruth shows him how to defend himself. Following Cesca's drugs awareness campaign Sambucca attempts to expose Amy and Laured as drug-dealers but Amy sets her up to make her look like the wrong-doer and Laured must defend Sambucca and Cesca. Grantly falls asleep in class and it is revealed that he is wearing himself out caring for his wife,who has ...
6 Oct. 2010
Episode #6.7
The pressure of seeing his parents argue at school and the intensified bullying of Finn,especially after he has twharted Finn's efforts to sleep with Jess,take their toll on Harry. After Finn has pushed him into the school swimming pool he stays at the bottom and needs rescuing. Karen is appalled to learn that he kept his problems from her and tells Charlie they have failed him,though she rejects Charlie's offer to return home. Josh and Finn are suspended though Josh turns against Finn and Jess punches him. Ruth deliberately loses a debating contest to prove to her ...
13 Oct. 2010
Episode #6.8
With her father ill and her home repossessed Vicki moves into a homeless hostel but finds it hard to do her schoolwork due to noisy,drunken room-mate Chantel. She again tries to blackmail Chris to give her good grades and he does though the deal is that she move into a foyer,a hostel designed for young people. Karen is annoyed when he confesses what he did but understands his concern whilst she and Charlie recommend Harry sees a counsellor. Grantly finds it increasingly hard to cope with his wife's erratic behaviour,leaving lessons when she is in crisis,but promises ...
20 Oct. 2010
Episode #6.9
The other teachers are not impressed when Chris introduces CCTV to monitor the classrooms and Jonah and Ronan,feeling it smacks of double standards,secretly install a web-cam in the staffroom. It picks up Vicki thanking Chris but reveals his night with Jess,now dating Jonah,and the furious boy attacks the young teacher. After initially lying, Chris confesses all to Karen but Jess defends him,claiming that she made all the running, and Karen is loth to sack him. An angry Marcus tenders his resignation instead. Ruby persuades Grantly that his wife Fleur would be better ...
27 Oct. 2010
Episode #6.10
The last day of term brings mixed fortunes. Harry is in therapy doing well but the Fishers are dismayed to hear that Charlie is moving to London in line with new girlfriend Maria's teaching promotion. Steph,before leaving with Ollie,accompanies Grantly as he reluctantly places Fleur in a home but on his return to school it transpires that ,due to the stress of his domestic situation,he has been teaching the wrong A-Level syllabus. The kids are outraged though Tom and Marcus,despite the fact that he is leaving,offer extra tuition to rectify things. Steph explains to ...

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