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3 Jan. 2013
Bad Boy
As the new term starts Sian learns that she is to be a prosecution witness against Michael when he stands trial for killing his father. The opening of the referral unit,run by Nikki Boston, presents a problem as the unruly Barry children are enrolled,spawn of a jail-bird and his mouthy wife. Barry,the son,is soon at odds with fellow pupil Jack McAllister as he has had sex with Jack's needy mother and posted photos of it around the school. Barry also steals Nikki's car but she suspects Scout,with whom she has fallen out over a misunderstanding. At least Barry's younger...
10 Jan. 2013
Whole Lotto Trouble
Christine brings a reluctant Connor to school though he is too ashamed to face Imogen. The Taylor brothers win two hundred thousand pounds on the lottery,which brings their father Nelson to the school. Phoenix believes he is only there for a hand-out as his company is failing but Harley persuades him that they should invest in Nelson's business and Phoenix leaves to work with his father. Michael and Christine get close after he learns that he will not face court action over his father's death but the feud between Scout and Nikki grows as Nikki sees Scout with her ...
17 Jan. 2013
A Woman's Worth
On Connor's birthday he takes Kevin's advice and reconciles with Imogen but does not admit to starting the fire. Imogen is annoyed that Dynasty is considering breast implants to work as a pole dancer in a local club when she herself can have no further plastic surgery. Audrey attempts to block Dynasty's efforts to work at the club,leading to a showdown with Carol,but Dynasty eventually realises that Carol is exploiting her and turns the job down in favour of staying at school. As a result she and Imogen become friends. Things hot up between Christine and Michael ...
24 Jan. 2013
Sins of the Father
Christine is shocked when ex-husband Joe turns up,wanting her to sign a document relinquishing her right to a legacy from his father. She reluctantly lets him see Connor,who,in view of his mother's past lies,wants to go with Joe but it turns out that Connor is not his son as Christine was in fact raped by Joe's father. After being told this Joe leaves without the boy and Connor also finds out as he overhears Christine telling Michael. He also plucks up the courage to tell Imogen the truth about the fire but she is appalled and rejects him. After Lorraine's car is ...
31 Jan. 2013
Mr Chalk's Waterloo
Daniel is annoyed that Kevin went behind his back to enter - and win - a contest to design a robot. Disharmony between the two leads Kevin to log onto Daniel's computer and find that Daniel changed his name from Gareth Dinsdale,following a sex scandal at a care home. Kevin initially believes Daniel to be a paedophile but discovers that he was one of several boys abused by the home's supervisor whilst in care. A contrite Kevin vows he will help Daniel in his court case against his persecutor. Rugby star Austin Healey comes to the school to present Kevin with his prize ...
7 Feb. 2013
Connor is put on probation and transferred to the P.R.U. but feelings run high against him and a girl gang,led by Dynasty,set on him,Imogen coming to his rescue after which they finally reconcile. Former pupil Bolton Smilie,now a soldier who has served in Afghanistan,comes to see Tom and is asked to give a speech to the school. He is however very nervous and it is a disaster. In fact he is a deserter,scared by his experiences in Afghanistan,and,when the military police are alerted,he takes Grantly and his class hostage at gunpoint though Grantly defuses the situation ...
14 Feb. 2013
Baby Be Mine
Maggie is dismayed to learn that the heavily pregnant Jade Fleming has put her unborn child up for adoption by restaurateurs Sarah and Kaz Winters and over-reacts,lying to Jade that the child's father,the imprisoned Drew,is against the adoption. An angry Jade runs off to the Winters,who return her in time for the P.R.U. presentation,where she delivers an impressive,impromptu rap and indeed the whole presentation goes well,with even Barry Barry behaving himself. Connor admits to Christine he knows she was raped by her father-in-law and this brings them closer,though ...
21 Feb. 2013
Man of the Match
Connor gives Imogen an engagement ring but she is not keen for them to go public and instead gives him a necklace as a love token. They also contrive to get Christine and Michael back together. Kacey is due to play for the soccer team in a cup final but Michael discovers that mixed teams are nor allowed and orders Tom to pull her from the team. Tom defies him but after Kacey has scored the winning goal tomboy new pupil Zoe - who had previously mistaken her for a boy - kisses her,leading Barry Barry to make an ignorant outburst exposing the deception. However Zoe has ...
28 Feb. 2013
Sian calls the Barry family in for a discussion on Kacey's gender issues but with only Dynasty being positive it is a failure. Barry Barry,having broken into Sian's flat and stolen a photo of her kissing Michael,posts it around the school which goads Sian into slapping him. Although the other pupils take her side and claim that they hit him Sian resigns though before she goes she encourages Kacey's mother to be more understanding of her daughter. Christine,annoyed that Michael still appears to have feelings for Sian,is further displeased to find Connor's hidden ...
7 Mar. 2013
Paradise Found
Final exams loom on the last day of term. Michael has stayed the night with Christine but,to her annoyance,does not want their affair to be public knowledge. Christine decides she needs more time with Connor and organizes a trip to Paris,unaware that the boy is secretly marrying Imogen. Scout's mother Tina is taken ill,having stolen items from the school house which she aimed to sell to finance a flat with her daughter. She dies repentant and Scout,seeing her in a different light,is inspired to sit her exam and do well. Lorraine arranges a meeting with the head of a ...
2 May 2013
Nowhere To Run
Returning from holiday with Christine - who is still unaware that she has a daughter-in-law - Michael is annoyed that Lorraine has gone behind his back to appoint Nikki as the new deputy head. After Lorraine has confided monetary problems regarding the school to Nikki the two women become rather more than friends. Grantly,on dialysis but anxious to keep working,is displeased that Maggie has told everybody of his kidney failure but they are sympathetic. He needs a transplant and Maggie is a willing donor but her diabetes causes a problem. Snide Barry Barry is typically...
9 May 2013
Princess of Spices
Lorraine brings in budget cuts which could well mean a depletion in staff. Maggie is angry that,as part of the cuts, she will be forced to tender for the canteen contract,her rival being Usman Haq,whose son is dating Rhiannon. Maggie believes that the Haqs are using Rhiannon in order to find out her strategy for the tender and angry words are exchanged. Granthly however acts as peace-making reconciling Rhiannon and Maggie - who gets the contract whilst the Haqs become her suppliers. Christine and Connor move in with Michael but Connor is frustrated that Imogen is not ...
16 May 2013
Thuggish Steve-O Malone,Dynasty's former boyfriend,just out of gaol,arrives at the school and takes over Barry Barry's usury racket. He wants Dynasty to return to Liverpool with him. She is tempted but when she catches him stealing school computers she changes her mind,returning the computers and dumping him in favour of Kevin. However Malone sees them kissing and threatens Kevin to stay away. Lorraine calls a meeting where she proposes cut-backs,with under-subscribed subjects being axed. Audrey's history course seems a likely casualty but Audrey works hard to keep ...
23 May 2013
Sonya visits her mother,Alzheimers sufferer Maureen in her care home and is upset when she calls her Lorraine. Things get worse when Ndale tells her the kiss was a one-off and he really loves Audrey (who later accepts his marriage proposal) and her attempt to peddle beauty products to pupils ends in disaster. She gives notice but Audrey - unaware of what happened with Ndale - talks her out of it and ultimately she accepts that she would rather be herself than try to emulate her sister.After Lorraine visits Maureen,who tells her that,although she is confused over ...
29 May 2013
Love Hurts
Dynasty stays over with Kevin but they get a rude awakening when Malone breaks in and threatens Kevin. To spare her new boyfriend being beaten up Dynasty reluctantly returns to Malone but is very unhappy. Michael pays off Connor's debt but Malone breaks into the house and discovers Connor's marriage certificate . New science teacher - and vegan - Esther Fairclough strikes a chord with Lula as both are into animal rights. However Lula organizes a protest which gets into trouble before Esther tells her that Lorraine has money invested in a local laboratory which does ...
6 Jun. 2013
Audrey asks Sonya to help organize her wedding to Ndale - unaware that Ndale has told Sonya he is only marrying Audrey to stay in the country. Lorraine tells Michael she wants drastic budget cuts and to make Waterloo Road a fee-paying school,shocking him when he sees that she intends to take in pupils from private schools. When he protests she replaces him as head with Nikki. Kevin realizes that Malone has put pressure on Dynasty to stay with him by forcing himself on her sexually. He persuades Connor,terrified that Malone will expose his marriage to Imogen,that they ...
13 Jun. 2013
Sugar Mummy
Michael approaches the local council to take over and fund the school in the wake of Lorraine's plan to make it fee-paying,a move which causes a mass walk-out by staff. Chaos ensues. Newly-appointed head Nikki opposes Lorraine's view that Lula be suspended for protesting against the Nox pharmaceutical firm whilst Esther plots with Lula to tour the premises and find its weakness. Sarcastic supply teacher George Windsor annoys Lula and Nikki and Michael persuades the strikers to return to work. Sonya sends Audrey an anonymous note to reveal her fling with Ndale but ...
20 Jun. 2013
Journey's End
Director of education Robert Bain is impressed when Michael gives him a tour of the school but,as it is not in financial difficulties,refuses council funding. Michael tries to remind Lorraine how the school was successful in giving opportunity to bright pupils,herself included,whose parents could not afford fees but she is adamant in sticking to her plan,alienating staff,including Nikki who resigns as head. Eventually Nikki persuades Lorraine to accept the take-over,by which time Michael decides to leave the school,to applause from the students,and Christine is ...
26 Jun. 2013
Dirty Laundry
On Christine's first day as head teacher the obnoxious George Windsor,now a permanent staff member,ruffles feathers whilst Imogen's mother Sally,irate at her daughter's marriage,threatens to take her out of school. Half the sixth form absent themselves as Dynasty challenges her mother's attitude on a live TV discussion programme. Carol tries to whip up feelings against Kevin but when his unpleasant mother Daisy is brought in and it transpires that she threw her ten year old son out to make way for her boyfriend Carol is incensed and hits Daisy. Chaos ensues before ...
4 Jul. 2013
As Grantly is released from hospital the school prepares for a charity auction with proceeds going to kidney research. Grantly is reluctant to accept Tom's offer as a donor but changes his mind when Maggie threatens to leave him.Kyle Stack,discharged from a young offender unit,arrives at the school,claiming that he wants to complete his education. Christine and Tom vote to exclude him but Simon wants to give him a chance. Needless to say Barry Barry,believing himself to be a hard man and sensing a rival,picks a fight and Kyle runs away.On the evening of the auction,...
5 Sep. 2013
Beyond the Call of Duty
The school is still mourning the death of Tom, especially Kasey, who builds her own shrine to him but is encouraged to move on with the promise of boxing lessons by Nikki. Malodorous twins Lenny and Lisa Brown are enrolled at the school by their elder brother Larry, their guardian while their mother is in psychiatric care. Audrey is shocked at the deterioration in their appearance since she knew them at a previous school and, against Christine's wishes, visits their house, where she finds Larry is selling drugs. She rings the police and he is arrested, the twins ...
12 Sep. 2013
Sue Spark's Bad Day
Seizing on her inability to keep order pupils led by Rhiannon and Dynasty taunt Sue about being an air hostess and she ends up locked in a store cupboard as the fire alarm is set off. Anxious to keep their relationship secret Simon suggests she move to another school but Sue herself makes a deal with Barry Barry. George introduces his new Mandarin teaching assistant - and wife - Princess, who is a hit with the boys, especially Kevin, whilst vengeful Lisa Brown steals and hides Audrey's cat and Nikki continues to coach Kasey in boxing. Due to financial cut-backs ...
19 Sep. 2013
The Madness of King Windsor
Simon plans the school's own version of 'The Apprentice', pitting girls against boys and financing it himself when Christine tries to cancel it due to budget cuts. The girls go in for selling cakes, the boys for selling unwanted household items donated. Barry Barry tries to sabotage the girls but Grantly comes to their aid and they win. Innocently believing Lisa has turned over a new leaf Audrey is blissfully unaware that Moira, a friend she has met online, is actually Lisa herself. Princess feels exploited by George and kisses Kevin when he comes to her house to ...
26 Sep. 2013
Text Rated
George discovers that Princess is planning to leave him to work in London. He tries to thwart her but Kevin helps her to escape. Given a make-over by Dynasty Rhiannon asks new boy Darren Hughes to an upcoming dance, sending a revealing picture of herself to his phone. Barry Barry bullies him into sending it online and Rhiannon is mortified but Dynasty organizes revenge by photographing Darren and Barry in the shower. Christine steps in, demanding all photos be deleted and announcing that any similar future action will involve the police. The dance goes ahead with ...
3 Oct. 2013
Crossing the Line
George fails to show for work and Christine visits, finding him drunk and self-pitying, though she makes him attend school. He has a run-in with Connor, who, as punishment, is made to attend the Home Economics course where he does very well but Christine realizes that George's grasp of Mandarin is poor and sends him on an evening course. Barry Barry demands more money from Sue to help her keep order so she confesses everything to Simon, who threatens the boy whilst Dynasty, having finished with Kevin over his kiss with Princess, manages Kasey and gets her a fight. The...
10 Oct. 2013
Grantly's Perfect Poetry
Grantly makes a reluctant return to work and is asked to assume Tom's project to get the pupils to write a poem. He initially believes that Harley's excellent offering has been plagiarized but is genuinely sorry when he realizes his mistake. He also offers advice to Sue, whose lack of discipline has caused students to complain about her. Kacey takes on her first fight and loses. She feels dejected but Kevin leads the school in cheering for her, which gives her confidence to carry on. Even Barry Barry, who has won money on betting against her, offers his winnings for ...
17 Oct. 2013
Lies Mothers Tell
The school turns out for Grantly's funeral, with Tariq turning up to pay his respects. The funeral over, Nikki has a difficult day. It takes a lot of persuasion for her to convince Carol Barry that Kasey should go to a boxing camp in Miami and then she has an unexpected visit from Eve, the daughter she has not seen in years and whose father told her Nikki was dead. Eve quickly sees that Nikki's maternal instincts are secondary to her professional outlook and is angry that she seems to be giving Kasey more attention than her own daughter, especially when Nikki rings ...
24 Oct. 2013
Don't Mention the War
Staff and pupils don 40s gear for the World War Two living history week, with austerity rations which annoys the kids. For authenticity the teachers organize a foraging expedition, where Kevin, helped by a military uniform and a Glenn Miller disc, wins back Dynasty. However the stupid Barry Barry and even dimmer side-kick Darren pick and eat magic mushrooms, requiring their hospital admission. Education officer - and Sue's father - Robert Bain arrives for his school inspection, which begins well. However Rhiannon faints after taking the austerity diet too seriously ...
31 Oct. 2013
Father Figure
Charismatic supply teacher Frankie McGregor arrives and impresses Christine when he defends bullied Lenny Brown against gormless Darren Hughes. Obsessed with her wedding Sue exploits him to teach her class - as he reports to Christine. However Simon is suspicious and with good cause for, after the new teacher has taken Lenny fishing, it is discovered that he is an impostor, the depressed brother-in-law of the real Frankie. He is arrested but Lenny is disappointed to have lost a man who befriended him. Christine and Simon, having worked together to catch him, declare a...
7 Nov. 2013
Happy Ever After
On his wedding eve and with his interview imminent Simon is overwhelmed when he finds Robert has bought him and Sue a house, and he reacts badly to single parent Avril Mack's complaint that her son Stevie is being bullied for his stammer by a vicious girl gang. Christine bravely details her own domestic problems with Connor in an effort to find out underlying home difficulties with the Macks and Simon is sufficiently impressed by her candour and bravery that he stands down from the promotion, endorsing Christine, who - with unexpected support from Imogen's mother - ...

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