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Loved it!
emma_o1714 April 2006
Waterloo Road is a brilliant programme which every one should watch. It is a comprehensive school in England which is right at the bottom of the league tables and the kids there are worse than you could imagine yet pretty much jokers at the same time. Jack (played by Jason Merrells) is the head of the school and yet is drinking after three minutes of being it! Kim (played by Angela Griffins) is head of pastoral care who is an adult who actually listens, and Andrew(played by Jamie Glover) is the deputy head trying to rescue the school. There are tom and Lorna (played by Jason Done and Camilla Power respectfully) who were to be married when it turns out that Tom is in love with Lorna's best friend, Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny), the drama teacher! What will happen there? There is also Donte Charles and Chlo Grainger(played by Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths; Chlo is Izzie's daughter)who are a match made in hell. Will the relationship survive or will Izzie break them up? But the ultimate question on every one's lips is will the school actually succeed in its inspection? We'll have to wait and see! Watch it...BBC 1 Thursdays 8:00pm
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Waterloo Road - great!
xsally9027 April 2006
I was hooked from the first episode and hadn't missed a single one except from the second to last one of the first series! I was gutted! Waterloo Road had been compared to Channel 4's Teachers but I hadn't seen it - I had wanted to watch Waterloo Road because Jill Halfpenny was in it and I think she's a great actress after seeing her on EastEnders and Chicago in London.

Waterloo Road tackled many different story lines in the first series with the main one being the court case of Donte Charles. The story lines involved many different situations including bullying, homosexuality, father's rights, guilt and grief.

I found the story lines very gripping to watch especially the love triangle between Izzy Redpath and Tom and Lorna Clarkson - I was so glad when Tom and Izzy finally admit their love and they get together in the last episode! Despite this, I still feel a bit sympathetic for Lorna.

It was definitely an entertaining watch and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it before.
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I'm hooked!!!!!!!!!!
amyevans459017 April 2006
I absolutely love this programme. As a 15 year girl in year 11, it really appeals to me. But to be honest, its 10 times worse than my school. But i think it is a great school for a city school.

Anyway, its basically about a run down school, were the pupils are really badly behaved, and the teachers cant control them. The head teacher appoints Andrew as the new deputy head teacher. Andrew is a Oxford graduate, and used to teaching private schools, not bad public schools. Andrew tries to bring authority, and eventually it works... and just loads of different things go on... like Dante and Chlo's car crash story line... and the love triangle between the 3 teachers (cant remember there names... Izzy, Lorna and the guy...) Ill be sad to see this end. I hope it comes back for a 2nd series!!
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Lost in Manchester
John-39619 August 2010
Here in Australia we are now being treated to four episodes of WR a week. Perhaps it is this rapidity of going through the series (we are now well into Series 3) that reveals the major problem with this offering.

The characters don't seem to have memories; at least they can never learn from their mistakes! I suspect this may be due to the plethora of writers and directors - I haven't really checked, but there seems to be about eight of each. There seems to be no "book" outlining the major characteristics of the characters.

Consequently the characterization by the actors is all over the place, as apparently different writers and directors have different views of how some characters should behave. Some have more personalities than Tara! (As in United States of). The rapidity with which the Tom/Izzy/Lorna triangle formed and reformed in Series 2 - when seen one episode each day - was just mind boggling.

Rimmer seems to have a memory problem. When will he ever learn that Steph is a problem for him - perhaps never as every writer seems to want to do a Jack and Steph get together one last time.

There are also major gaps in the storyline which seem to defy logic. In what world is Lewis Seddon - would-be thug and general waste of space - going to suddenly (but without any explanation) going to pop up as a kitchenhand in the very canteen his family tried to destroy only two or three days (as we see the show) earlier?
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mizzbl4 February 2007
Waterloo Road is a gritty real life school drama, which I have to say is more realistic than others on T.V lately. There are many great British actors in this show, such as Jill Halfpenny, Nick Sidi, Angela Griffin and Denise Welch. This gives the show the edge over other television school shows I believe. With dramatic and sometimes even scary story lines, I cannot think of many better programs to watch on a Thursday night, and i think that if more people would give it a chance, many more thousands of people would love it! Many of my friends love this show, but we all have to agree that the story lines can sometimes be a little rushed because the series are very short. But with this series set to be longer, and the DVD box set of series one coming out in March, I am set for watching back to back episodes!
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Great show!
TheLittleSongbird15 April 2010
The show started off a little slow, but it has improved a lot over the years. It is a gritty and compelling look at pupils and teachers at a comprehensive school and the situations they get into. The series is well filmed, with excellent photography and the school itself looks imposing. The writing is engaging and well written, and the stories are compelling and well structured. And the acting is surprisingly good, not the amateurish sort of acting I have seen but it is good. Denise Welch is excellent as Steph as is Angela Griffin and the students are all quite believable with good chemistry. The music is also good, it does stick in your head and is easy to remember.

Overall, a great show. I have seen a lot of good shows and dramas on BBC and this is luckily one of them. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Well worth watching!
daisyatkin12319 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the first episode of the new series last night, and I have to say that it was absolutely fantastic - a bursting start to the new series! The series this time deals with bullying as a main issue, and this, I know is close to many people's hearts. I believe that by broadcasting stuff like this, it will get people to see just what life is like in some of the more deprived schools of the UK. The series also deals with some staff and adult bullying, as well as the slimy Lorna trying to get her ex-husband back off her best friend - SHE says she's not doing anything, Izzie knows otherwise, and feels threatened. It is going to be a shaky term at Waterloo Road this year, but after the bang of the first school day, things will, er, hopefully improve!
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Entertaining in a Scary Way
ricardo_edm11 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can see the appeal that this series had when it originally aired. I've had the chance to "binge" on it and at times it's been quite entertaining. However, maybe because I'm watching the episodes without the need for interruption, the plots are quite fresh in my memory from installment to installment. The series suffered a horrible lack of good writers. The plots didn't only push credibility but at times were completely wacky (a student gets expelled for cheating but one who poisons all his classmates isn't). It was also interesting to watch how none of the good guys seemed to pay any consequences associated with their actions and miraculously reappeared in the next season without a blemish. I also found interesting how the description claims that there is a school like this everywhere in Britain, which I found scary because if students are allowed to behave like this kids do it is no wonder Britain is having the myriad problems it's having
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Great show Thats Past Its Best
hypedupben2 October 2014
Waterloo Road is a show I've been watching since the beginning in 2006. It was about a troubled school where students were beating the living crud out of each other and the teachers struggling to cope with the students, and their own personal matters.

Now In my opinion the Series 1-4 were the shows best years, it showed the school progress from a school in special measures with a beat up everyday, to a school that went out of its way for its pupils to have a better life at school, and in general.

Series 5 was decent, but then on-wards the show seemed to take a very different turn. At first it was a pretty dark drama that I would really only suggest to parents and teenagers but it went from that to a lighthearted family show, at least that what it feels like to me.

For example, in the first few series, there were more fights, more deaths, more arguments and most importantly, more drama, now conflicts get resolved in the space of an episode and the pacing just seems really off. The show went from 8 episodes in Series 1 to 12 in Series 2 to the standard 20 Series 3 on-wards, and these series felt very well paced with a overarching story line coming to a big climax at the end of the series, you just don't get that with Series 5 on-wards, in fact I had to look up when a series had finished because the finale's after Series 5 just felt like normal episodes.

The pacing and different direction also might be in part to all the different writers, as the original writers and creators of the show stopped writing halfway through Series 3 I believe. Its still good TV, and with the series ending next year after its 10th series, its a good time to go back and re-watch the earlier series and see how the show has changed,its just a shame to see something once to relate-able become so different.
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For a school, the staff don't seem to be very clever
chuckewe20 July 2006
I like the BBC, a lot of my favorite shows over the years have been broadcast on BBC America. One of my favorite aspects of BBC productions (At least those broadcast here in the U.S.) is a series season is short, and rarely does a show outlive it's time, lingering on because the characters have become a part of our routine.

Another aspect I enjoy is the character development. With such short seasons, the pace of shows are generally much quicker and the characters fleshed out early on. However, in the case of Waterloo Road, I fear there is little direction as to what the show is about, who the characters are, and surprisingly the staff appears to be more dysfunctional then the student's. This isn't meant as a criticism of the actors, but rather of the writing and concept of the show. Were it not airing during the bleakness of U.S. summer reruns and never ending "reality shows" I'd have probably quit watching some time ago. However, unlike great BBC shows like SPOOKS *MI5) or many of the "Mystery Monday" line up like Wire in the Blood, or Night Detective, which require my attention, Waterloo Road allows me to serve the internet, check google news, or play spider solitaire while it plays in the background.

The situations of the kids, are their moronic thought processes are easily waived off, as let's face it, kids always think they are much more clever then they really are. (I know I knew more at that age then I know now)Part of adolescents is learning just how much we still have to learn.

The teachers however are another story. One would expect they would have outgrown both their hormonal imbalances and emotional insecurity. The old adage about "not dipping your quill into the company inkwell" seems to have been a missing component of their education. Having your own kids in the school you teach certainly doesn't seem to be a very good idea.

The silliness and absurdity far outweighs the occasional dramatic moment or insightful instance which stumbles off the tepid script.
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Now I Don't Know What To Think
ethan_300022 October 2012
OK I have been watching Waterloo Road for quite a long time now. Back in the day this is what everyone was watching and I could understand why. It was very entertaining with the characters having their own dedicated episode at times and other factors of school life. But from 2009 to now I don't really know what to make of the programme anymore. The characters have all changed and so had the management. The issues that came up with either too far or unrealistic. And now the programme is quite unrealistic to me. I personally don't understand why they changed so much and involved diar situations like murder, fire and freak accidents that you simply wouldn't see. Also the situations between characters are also verging on either weird or simply cheesy which I simply cannot watch because I am embarrassed for them. Overall Im still watching but I think that it is unfortunate in what is happening with the programme overall now.
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enjoyed watching it
marktayloruk24 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Teachers' overbearing attitude añnoyed me . Especially that arrogant Scottish twit Michael And the way Kim changed after getting back from Rwanda. I liked Steph Haydock and share Grantley Busgen's cynicism. Teacher friend called it crap!
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My favourite TV programme
plumtreelaura18 August 2013
I started watching WR (Waterloo road) in the 5th series because my mum suggested I'd like it. I loved it and thought the plots were very exciting!

I went back and watched the previous 4 series' on YouTube and have watched it ever since. It is now on its 9th series.

I have to admit, I found the earlier series better than the most recent, so if you want to start watching it, I would recommend you watching it from the very first episode on YouTube.

I would definitely recommend this to young teenagers, especially females, as my mum doesn't watch it anymore but me and my friends enjoy it and we're 13.
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liamdegruchy2 May 2011
I am so excited about the seventh series starting this Wednesday because Waterloo has captivated me for weeks. As a 14 year old school boy I feel like I can really connect with the story lines of some of these kids and really get a sense of the variety of issues facing other young people today. This show does the one thing Coronation Street, Emmerdale and all the other big soaps fail to do and that is really highlight the real problems young people face today.

Amanda Burton did a terrific job playing Karen Fisher, the new head teacher. Her character faced some real hard story lines and problems, which she tackled really well. I really do wish that they would bring back Angela Griffin as Kim because she really gave some amazing performances. Waterloo Road also brings up what a tough job teachers face today and how much they should be commended for it.

Like I said above, the next series I'm sure will not disappoint and continue to give the same amount of Drama and highlight young people's problems in this modern world.

Review by Liam de Gruchy
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Soapy melodrama, but entertaining
pawebster10 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have only seen the first series, being one of the sad viewers of the sad overseas channel, BBC Prime.

Poor old Jason Merrells is yet again cast as a well-meaning northern male struggling with frustrations mainly caused by the women in his life. The best character in it is Andrew Treneman (very believably played by Jamie Glover). It is good, and rare, to see an idealistic character who is not a cliché and is not ridiculed.

The four young actors playing the teenagers are also excellent.

Camilla Power, once Jill Pole in the BBC Narnia, is a wife cheated on by her husband, just as she was in Sparkhouse. She is beautiful but painfully thin.

It is not remotely realistic (e.g. the school only seems to have about ten staff and, at most, fifty pupils - Grange Hill was better) and the goings on are of the most melodramatic soap opera type, especially the love triangle and the teenage car crash story - neither of which is really dependent on the school setting at all. The way that Merrells is rescued at the last second from a fiery death is the kind of thing normally found in children's stories. Does he then have to spend hours making statements or getting treatment for his injuries? No, he just changes his shirt and heads for the pub!

It's potty, but it is entertaining and has moments that do remind me (a teacher) of life in a British secondary school.
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Waterloo Road is a drama based around a school with every day issues: in the staffroom, between teachers and students, around the school and family issues
lbaldwinsmith20038 November 2007
I gave Waterloo Road a rating of 8 out of 10 because I thought and feel it is a brilliant drama. I prefer it to all of the soaps and drama's that I have watched in the past; the drama stars better actors, it has a brilliant story line compared to the usual soap/ drama which fail to keep up a storyline. The other drama based around a school is Channel 4's 'Teachers' which was some way 'Waterloo Road'. The other TV show that is similar to 'Waterloo Road' is Channel 4's soap 'Hollyoaks' which acting is extremely unbelievable, the storyline is of a bad quality and is aimed at a younger target audience.

Waterloo Road is now on it's 3rd series, I personally feel it is the best series so far, it has the most drama, chemistry between actors has grown and could lead on to many more series to come. Taking in account all of the features: Actors, Storyine, Director(s),Chemistry, Amount of Drama and how believable the drama; taking amount good points and bad points about 'Waterloo Road' I give this drama 8 out of 10

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This what I call a cultural difference
wf721 February 2007
I feel that we are not watching the same series. The characters are very interesting and the writing has developed so that there is some level of anticipation to see what will happen next. I think the gap maybe related to how one perceives life in the US vs. life in the UK where the series is set.

In the UK, if you are a teacher it is likely that your kids attend the same school you teach at - yes of course this is not very easy but it does happen regularly. In addition, many people meet at work many have a quick fling, and many get married. These inter-relationships have bee communicated well in the series.

Waterloo Rd is a good enticing drama, that is more about the relationships between people, (peers-to-peers and authority to the masses). Probably a little more appealing to woman than men. Well regardless must be doing wall as the second series has just aired in the UK and I for one can't wait to see whats going to happen.
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Shaky start but worth watching
jeremyscholes12009 March 2006
Difficult to say whether this series set in an under-achieving inner-city comprehensive is meant to be a comedy, a drama or a comedy-drama as there are elements of all three. Jamie Glover as Andrew plays the ex fee-paying school English teacher who comes to Waterloo Road as Deputy Head and initially he's coming over as a cold fish though with indications that he will develop into the saviour of the school. Ex Coronation Street actress Angela Griffin is the pick of the bunch as the very human and humane humanities teacher and in fact the show seems to be a haven for ex-Corry actresses with Jill Halfpenny, Denise Welch and Judith Barker (the second Mrs Ken Barlow) joining Ms Griffin and I see from IMDb that Chloe Newsome will soon make it 5 unless she was in the first episode and I missed her.

This kind of drama is really done much better by US producers these days though enough was going on for me to tune in and see how it progresses.
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What a combination of unadulterated nonsense
djpl-719-84113320 December 2014
As a Uni lecturer I had heard about this so call 'drama' series and most of the comments were, not to understate the desperation of the writers, so absurd as to be dangerous. OK it's fiction, the land of make believe, problem is it is being screened to impressionable youth. Some of these will believe what they are seeing and hearing. Others will see an outlet for fantasies. No school I know of and and I meet teachers and pupils from many, none come even close to this rubbish. That the UK education authorities and Govt go along with the portrayal of teachers and pupils in such a bad light is astounding. Bullying, homophobia, bad classroom behavior is already far too prevalent in classrooms and school grounds, this over emphasis of it and the blasé' approach by some teachers in this 'drama' is an indictment on the level TV Executives will go to ensure profit. Any writer worth their reputation wouldn't touch this trash with a barge pole, the actors!! obviously the scrapings from the barrel. Research shows teachers having multiple affairs with colleagues, Principals rorting school funds, being blackmailed, on drugs and one would be sex (aging) kitten, flaunts not only her over mature parts to fellow teacher but students as well. This is TV at its worst, to average 4 million viewers steadily shows there is a dedicated number of kids living in a non existent world divorced from reality.
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Way Better Than Skins
csuperman26 April 2010
I've only recently discovered this series, after having been persuaded, for quite sometime, by people less intelligent than I to watch it (my younger cousin and other tweenies). It took persistent persuasion, on their part, because on the outside there appears to be absolutely nothing to this show. The circumstance is all too generic (Grange Hill, Teachers, Holly Oaks) and y'know ... you just can't trust British television anymore. But then I gave this show my time of day and, believe you me, it's the reason you're told to learn what you judge.

Waterloo Road is everything Skins wants, needs but will never have, starting with the writing which in comparison is EXCEPTIONAL. It's one thing to raise headline issues, it's a completely different, more skillful and admirable thing to tackle them head on, with all their complexities. And when you write at that level, where what you have to say revolves around the issue itself and not the way it is handled, then you leave yourself plenty of room for well rounded and properly developed characters. People who exist in the real world - those you cannot mold and manipulate to fit your ideals - you simply place them in a world of these ideals and watch them work their way through it. We have proper teenagers being portrayed in a way that Skins has absolutely no excuse for not being able to accommodate, and REAL ADULTS! Christ alive has this been something way over due in a show like this - I welcome it with open arms. And then we have the issues in and of themselves, which are far from fluffy and don't seem to have gone through the Sensationalizer 3000, like everything else on the box has. It's just plain good television, pure and simple, and I don't doubt I'm alone on this one.
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