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seen this online
jack-58828 September 2006
Hey I saw this show on one of those online TV networks after reading about it in Bizarre Magazine.

This show is whack dude! Crazy ass sh*t...but in a kewl way. I saw the one with She Haw who was a drag queen barber shop quartet. I missed the one with Matt Trample who likes women to step on him

This guy makes Graham Norton look like the Pope. It is better than some of the stuff we have in Manchester or London I like the fact that you never know who you will see next

Crazy and fun guest and Sandra Bernhard is funny as hell.

I hope this show comes to England Jack Tipperton
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It's Not About Gay, It's About Gloves
clairetaht26 October 2017
Campy. Suggestive. Ridiculous. Almost, almost - anything goes. Get ready for maximum ridonkulusness as Jack splays, displays and plays with words, people and puns. He brings out the questions and the answers, he spools you up and pools the guests in some squidlike swirl of tentacles and tenaciousness, soaking up time and spilling out laughter along with relevance and ridiculousness.

I love Jack. I love what he did for the hysterical, whacked, wonderful world that tends to take itself way too seriously.
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