"The Black Donnellys" Pilot (TV Episode 2007) Poster

(TV Series)


Billy Lush: Kevin Donnelly


  • Tommy Donnelly : [Huey has just told Tommy that Jimmy and Kevin kidnapped Louie Downtown]  Hey, Kevin!

    Kevin Donnelly : Tommy, me and Jimmy went downtown with goodness in our hearts to work out a deal. But Louie starts threatening me, I mean, what was I supposed to do?

    Tommy Donnelly : Kevin, everybody knows who did this. You kidnap somebody, they're not supposed to know who you are.

    Kevin Donnelly : Tommy you think we're stupid? We wore masks.

    Tommy Donnelly : You went down there with goodness in your hearts, but you wore masks?

  • Kevin Donnelly : Tommy, I love you but I'd rather fight you than Jimmy.

  • Tommy Donnelly : [after leaving the bar and heading into the alleyway]  What's this, the truck you didn't steal, Jimmy?

    Jimmy Donnelly : Tommy, lighten up!

    Tommy Donnelly : Get out of the truck. The cop's here.

    Kevin Donnelly : Come on, you know Jimmy can't drive!

    Tommy Donnelly : Neither can you! Get out of the truck!

    Tommy Donnelly : [noticing a police car has parked in front of the alleyway where the stolen truck is]  Son of a bitch! Get back in the truck!

    Jimmy Donnelly : Now I should get in the truck.

    Tommy Donnelly : Get back in the truck.

  • [Kevin, Tommy, Jimmy, and Sean are walking away after the deal to sell the stolen shirts went awry] 

    Kevin Donnelly : So, anybody got any idea how to get four thousand dollars?

    Sean Donnelly : Ya hear what Bobby O and JJ McGrane did?


    Sean Donnelly : They stole an Italian. Held him for ransom.

    Tommy Donnelly : Where's Bobby O and JJ right now?

    Sean Donnelly : I don't know. Attica, I think.

    Tommy Donnelly : Right. See ya later.

    [walks away, disgusted] 

  • [Kevin is loosing badly at Blackjack to Louie] 

    Louie : You owe me $900.

    Kevin Donnelly : Okay, once more through the deck

    Louie : No, I'm not playing no more.

    Kevin Donnelly : No, no, no. I am down 900. Damn right, you're going to playing.

    Louie : You're not going to pay me, so why should I play?

    Kevin Donnelly : Are you calling me a welcher?

    Louie : So this is a real game and you're going to pay me?


    Kevin Donnelly : I'll pay you out of the ransom money.

    Louie : Fine, deal. Go ahead.

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