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Jennifer Garner: Sydney Bristow



  • Sydney : Dad I don't know if I can explain what it's like waking up and having everything be different. My friends are gone. I have no job. I have no home. Vaughn's married.

    Agent Jack Bristow : [surprised]  Vaughn's what?

    Sydney : [hesitating, almost crying]  He got married.

    Agent Jack Bristow : Michael Vaughn is just a boy who was never good enough for you.

  • Vaughn : I came by to see how you are.

    Sydney : Are you kidding me?

    Vaughn : No, I just wanted to make sure that you're...

    Sydney : You didn't come here to see how I am. You came to see how you are, because you know what you did. You wana make sure you're okay.

    Vaughn : I buried you. Consider that for one second.

    Sydney : Don't use rational thought as a defence with me. Not after all you and I have seen. Vaughn, you and I live and breathe madness. Every day on the job there is no rational thought. I can't even pretend to have a conversation about anything else with you. What it comes down to is faith. What I was hoping you would say is, 'Sydney, I gave up on us. I lost faith.' But what you came here for was closure and there is not a chance that you are getting that from me. I'm not gonna say, 'I understand,' I'm not gonna sympathise with you and tell you how hard it must be for you. But you want to know how I am? I am horrible! Vaughn, I am ripped apart! And not because I lost you... but because... if it had been me... I would have waited... I would have found the truth... I wouldn't have given up on you! And now I realize... what an absolute waste that would have been!

  • Vaughn : We thought you were dead. They asked me to come back to... to explain.

    Sydney : Come back from what? What are you talking about? Vaughn... why are you wearing that ring?

    Vaughn : Syd... since that night... you were missing. You've been missing for almost two years.

  • Vaughn : I chose not to stay with the CIA after your death.

    Sydney : You're not with the Agency?

    Vaughn : No. I'm a teacher.

  • Sydney : Where's my father? Or... or my mom... have you heard from her since Mexico City? Vaughn said Will's alive. If there was a fire in my apartment, if he thought I was dead, then how did Will survive? Where is he?

    Marcus Dixon : Sydney...

    Sydney : And Francie... is she dead? Did they find her body, too?

    Marcus Dixon : I know you have a million questions, but...

    Sydney : I have a lot more than a million questions! I which I only had a million questions!

  • Sydney : You lost weight.

    Eric Weiss : I gave up all the foods I enjoy. I'm miserable but I look really good.

  • Sydney : They told me you were charged with resisting authority. Dad, I don't understand.

    Agent Jack Bristow : I became obsessed with your death; with finding those responsible. And at a certain point in my pursuit, I needed help. So I contacted the one person I believed I could trust, given the circumstances... your mother.

    Sydney : You were working with Mom?

    Agent Jack Bristow : At the time, she was number 6 on the CIA's most wanted list. The National Security Council, primarily... Robert Lindsey. You met him?

    Sydney : Yes.

    Agent Jack Bristow : He discovered that I was collaborating with your mother, so he threatened me, questioned my allegiance to this country. He chose to make an example of me - an NSC power play. And here we are.

  • Eric Weiss : You're not gonna like my suggestion: you should go see Arvin Sloane.

    Sydney : What?

    Eric Weiss : Sloane negotiated a pardon after your... death. He's now a consultant for the CIA. Yeah, he now runs a world health organization in Zurich: OMNIFAM.

  • Arvin Sloane : You remember the Rambaldi device? The machine designed 500 years ago by a prophet? All I did was bring all the pieces together and have it assembled. And when I turned it on, it delivered a message, as I suspected it would. I wasn't prepared for what it said. The message was just one word, one simple word: Peace. The epiphany I had at that moment... suddenly I saw all the mistakes I'd made, the pain I had inflicted on the world, the people I loved. So I chose right then and there to give information to the CIA with which they were able to dismantle at least two dozen terrorist cells.

    Sydney : I don't know how you convinced the CIA that you're trustworthy...

    Arvin Sloane : Why don't you check my files?

    Sydney : I know you too well. I don't buy any of it.

  • Bernard : Forgive me if I look shocking to you, but I was believing that you were dead.

    Sydney : I was. But now I'm not.

    Bernard : This is why I love our business.

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